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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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  • The level of detail is absolutely mindboggling if the previews are to be believed. For example, during rainfall, footprints your horse (and presumably Morgan as well) leave on the ground will be filled with rainwater, turning them into puddles.
  • (At least) the first three trailers consist mostly of actual gameplay recorded from unusual angles; not cutscenes. For example, it's possible to miss Hosea's story about his first meeting with Dutch, unless the player actually is nearby.
  • The September previews that ended the news-drought. To name a few things, Arthur's weight can be altered by eating, you can hijack trains, NPCs remember your actions... There's way too much information to add a full list here.

  • Seeing the gang at their prime is a sight to behold. Think that Javier and Bill are Dirty Cowards because they spend most of the last game running from John? No, that's not the case. Those two are perfectly competent gunmen and can pull their weights in a fight. Javier won't hesitate to chase after a speeding train full of guards. Bill is perfectly capable of fighting by Arthur's side against overwhelming odds. These two are no cowards, John is just that good in comparison.
  • A lot of the mission challenges (Get X headshots, 80% accuracy, no damage for example) has the implication that if, like Assassin's Creed that the challenges are canon, then Arthur Morgan is one of the most dangerous badasses in the Old West as well as John Marston.
  • Pretty much every time the group rides together, they get to show how much of a Badass Crew they are, taking on forces much more numerous than them and still winning.
    • After Jack gets kidnapped, the whole gang rides out to save him, storming the manor and stronghold of the Braithwaites, a local Southern clan that does not lack men or gun at all. In the ensuring fight, they kill nearly 40 men together. Truly a family of outlaws.
      • Special mention to the standoff leading up to the fight. Dutch demands Jack's return, and the Braithwaites come out of the woodworks, with one of them telling Dutch in no uncertain terms to fuck off.
    • In Guarma on which the gunfighters of the gangs are stranded, they participate to a full military battle, repelling waves upon waves of soldiers storming the beaches near an old fort that the local rebels use and with whom Dutch works. Arthur even gets to use a real cannon and sink a warship.
    • Late in chapter 6, the gang has caused so much trouble they're in conflict with the US Army. They're so badass they maul an entire regiment.
  • A shout-out must be given to a random bystander when he intervenes to stop Arthur from beating a man to death in the middle of town. Think about it. He’s just a random townsfolk who likely never had a day’s experience of fighting in his entire life, yet the minute he sees a clearly violent and angry man savagely punching his victim, he decides to put his own life at risk and jump in to save the victim. Even better, you know who that random bystander is? Mr. Downes, aka the man dying of tuberculosis. He is literally on his last legs succumbing to the disease, yet still intervenes in the fight that he has no chance of winning even without the sickness killing him.
  • Uncle of all people manages to come up with a solid lead on a payroll being transported by wagon. It being Uncle, the whole thing goes south and quick: the payroll in question being owned by Leviticus Cornwall and his personal paid security soon give chase. Arthur, Uncle, Bill, and Charles hole up in an old barn on a (seemingly) deserted farmstead to lie low. After nightfall, the agency men find the outlaws and a gigantic firefight ensues, as the Van Der Linde boys not only hold off the Cornwall agents, they do so while the barn is on fire. The entire seqence and the party's escape is one gigantic moment of awesome.
  • At one point Arthur is captured by the O'Driscoll gang. Shot, tortured, and beaten nearly to death, Arthur not only manages to free himself from his bonds, not only cauterizes and seals his wound with a heated file, buckshot, and a candle, but he kills his would-be torturer, gets his gear, and escapes on horseback. All while nearly half dead. Arthur Morgan is tougher than old leather.
  • If you get arrested, the gang will occasionally break you out. Even better, their way of releasing you early may not even involve violence or property damage. For example, Hosea may come to the police station with several bottles of booze, and either bribes or tricks the guards to let you out.
    • Or Dutch will come over acting like the kindly uncle picking up his wayward nephew, complete with you promising the guards that you’ll rethink your life and act better.
    • If you get arrested in the epilogue it's possible that Abigail will barge in, demand that the guard hang you right then and there, and then knocks the guard out by pistol whipping him after he responds that that's not quite how they do things.
  • Sadie comes up with a fairly ingenious plan to break John out of prison: scout the island prison via hot air balloon. You get to fly the balloon and the view of the surrounding countryside is absolutely stunning.
  • Props to Uncle for managing to get John to do something about Beecher's Hope instead of just constantly complaining about his family leaving. We finally find out why the Marstons keep him around; the farm would not exist without him.
  • The late game mission "Jim Milton Rides Again?" gets an extra special mention for one reason: once the shooting starts, the music launches into an extremely triumphant sounding remix of The Shootist from the first game. It's fitting since this is also the point in the game where you start playing as John.
    • One thing that makes this part even more awesome for fans of the first game? The moment where John shoots Laramie gang member after he threatens to go after his family (see page image) is a direct recreation of the cover of the first game.
  • Watching Colm O'Driscoll hang. The look in his eyes of desperation as he realizes his escape plan has gone into deep shit thanks to the gang's fast thinking is nothing more than satisfying. Once the cutscene of him getting hanged is done, do the world a favor and shoot him in the genitals for all of his rape crimes too.
  • Arthur's last stand with Micah, all in the middle of the night. Having saved John and given him a chance to live a better life, Arthur will make one last hopeless fight with Micah. We know Arthur won't survive. He's too weak due to his disease and injuries, but yet, we're still trying our damn best to at least take Micah with us for being a manipulative rat. Unfortunately, it doesn't work and Arthur is either executed (low honor) or gets to live to watch the sunrise one last time before succumbing (high honor), all to the fantastic theme track reprise of "Unshaken", which is here called "Crash of Worlds".
    • What makes this even more awesome is that Arthur puts up a hell of a fight, despite the fact that his TB has almost killed him. Yes, he gives Micah the mother of all brawls while dying from a crippling disease. It's abundantly clear that if Arthur had been at his best, he would have folded Micah faster than Superman on laundry day.
    • The song that plays during this final battle is simply fantastic as well. Beware of spoilers in the comments.
    • Double the awesome is Arthur’s taunts and insults to Micah during the fight.
      Arthur: “...Can't even kill a dying man.”/“In the end, Micah... despite my best efforts to the contrary... it turns out I've won... Goddamn you.”
      • Even better, if Arthur chose to go for the money in High Honor mode, the knife fight will end with him aiming for Micah's left eye and slashing it out, rendering him nearly blind and unable to attack him in a frenzy (as he would have if Arthur was at Low Honor), and biting Micah in the hand and punching him in the face before getting stopped by Dutch. Though Micah getting nearly blinded by the knife attack doesn't stop him from taking the money from Arthur and getting away, it does, however, make Arthur's payback bit all the more satisfying.
  • Getting back from Guarma and riding to Shady Belle to the sound of "Unshaken". One of the most memorable moments from the entire game.
  • Upon finding Mrs. Downes in Annesburg, Arthur offers his feeble apologies and explanations for what he did to her family, and she shuts him down.
    Arthur: This country is man unleashed, that's the thing, and it ain't my fault any more than is anyone else's-
    Edith Downes: Man unleashed!? Then unleash goodness! Not just hell's feeble brother, sir.
  • A handful of Wapiti braves, Charles, Sadie, and Arthur at the point of a V formation riding to rescue Eagle Flies from the US Army.
  • The mission where you assault an oil field with an army of natives is pretty epic.
    • It turns out it was all part of Dutch's plan for the natives to keep the army busy so they could raid the office for state bonds worth thousands. Despite Arthur's constant doubting of Dutch for the past few missions, he can't help but sound impressed that this time Dutch actually did know what was he doing after all.
    • In the same mission Eagle Flies saving Arthur's life by single-handedly killing three army soldiers with little effort, only to take a bullet from Col Favors, Arthur then returns the favor by finally slaughtering that evil bastard, his death is arguably one of the most satisfying in the whole game.
  • Abigail saving Arthur by putting a bullet in Agent Milton and finally ending him.
  • In the last of the story missions, John, Charles, and Sadie fight their way up a snowy mountain seeking revenge, facing resistance from an outlaw gang all the way up. Knowing the predecessor, you get a sense of foreboding regarding the later two, and sure enough, the later two get gravely wounded on the way at separate point, leaving John to face Micah alone. Both Charles and Sadie end up getting back in the mix at crucial moments, and not only that, but they make it back down and make it out of the story alive.
  • Fleeting Joy. How awesome is this song? Well, it has Colin Stetson on the sax in it. Yeah. The mission it plays in is equally as awesome. Just after Arthur finally reunites with the gang after their trip to Guarma, the Pinkertons storm their new hiding spot and attempt to finish them off for good. Arthur, almost completely enraged, takes on an army of Pinkertons almost entirely by himself and sends them back to Hell with their own Maxim Gun!
  • A villainous shoutout to Micah. Not only does he face death with dignity, but he can literally walk off 6 bullets to the head.
    • Hell, say what you will about Micah. But he is quite the badass in general.
    • A great example of his badassery is when Sean gets sniped, he immediately whips out his handguns and kills the sniper and two other gunmen, with the last one behind him.
  • The Marstons' narrative arc is awesome. Throughout both games, John and Jack need to prove their relationship as father and son to each other, and eventually, Jack becomes the gunslinging hero he wanted to be as a young child, a wild-west hero just like his father. What is the pinnacle of Jack’s narrative? Killing Agent Ross, the catalyst for all of John’s trouble and the game’s overarching villain. He does that to avenge his father and the trouble and heartbreak that John’s death brought on himself and Abigail, but it’s not John who has a history of killing the game’s villainous detective. That’s Abigail, who shoots and kills Agent Milton without a sweat to save Arthur. Basically, all of the Marstons can kick ass.
  • Abigail is awesome even when she isn't killing Agent Milton. For most of the game, she spends her time at camp, caring for Jack and tending to the other camp chores. The main exception is the Saint Denis bank heist, where she and Hosea create the distraction so the other men can sneak into the bank. Then, at the very end of the game, not only does she remind Arthur that she’s a damn good thief, she proves it by telling Arthur that she seems to be the only one who knows that Dutch has hidden the gang’s money in the caves, and then she steals the key without anyone knowing.
  • Uncle calls out Dutch to his face for being a hypocritical Control Freak. [1]
  • One shout-out must go to one camp interaction: Micah starts antagonizing Charles by sneering, "Hey redskin, go get me something to eat!" Charles, usually stoic, dares him to repeat it again, and Micah does repeat it...only for Charles to flat-out grab him and toss him into the mud before pointing at it and growling, "Eat that!"
    • Similarly, Micah starts hassling Javier by telling him to "fuck off back to Meh-HEE-co". Javier, who calmly stands up and approaches Micah, immediately socks him and gives a chilling Bond One-Liner: "Why don’t you fuck off back to hell?"
  • A moment that definitely seems to have delighted the fans is when Arthur and Javier go to rescue John very early in the game. When Arthur begins carrying him, a very familiar whistle can be heard from the soundtrack as if to say "Our boy is back."
  • One camp interaction shows that, while Hosea is the voice of reason for the gang, he is not one to be trifled with when he puts a drunken Bill in his place.
    Bill: So what's wrong with you, you old fool?
    Hosea: Go sleep it off, you drunken buffoon.
    Bill: (Trying to sound threatening) Excuse me?
    Hosea: (Getting up and pointing a gun at Bill) I've excused you quite enough! Go sleep it off, you drunk, is that clear!?
    Bill: (Backing away) Okay!...Okay.
  • In a meta sense. The way Arthur became just as interesting and beloved, as John. Maybe more.
  • As dark and disturbing as they are. There is something a kinda badass about the Skinner gang. Sure they go down as easy as anybody else in the game, but that doesn't mean they are always easy to defeat them. And their feared history, downright insane behavior, and shockingly brutal kills. Does make for some of the most interesting villains of the game. Never know what they're do next.
  • The missions in Red Dead Online compensate for the little story by having much more intense action during them.
    • We have a mission about robbing the Saint Denis bank! Complete with a shootout through the streets, a quick wagon chase and a grand finale of hopping on a moving train and escaping from the city guns blazing!
    • Also from the same update, we have an interesting Valentine defense mission against the Del Lobos, where you help the whole town fight off a massive invasion of Del Lobos wanting to save their leader, all culminating in a stand-off between you and your posse versus a war wagon.
  • Let's just say that Rockstar has not held back with the clothing in the game. You want to be a legendary Badass Longcoat wearing cowboy? Go ahead. Want to ride a donkey while wearing a poncho, sombrero and a bandana? Go ahead. Wanna wear a nice suit and a top hat while toting two sawn-offs? Go ahead. The possibilities at this point are endless!
  • As flawed as the character creator might be, the community still managed to make some pretty interesting characters. Shall you play online, you'll find a nice variety of creative characters, from old men and women, to young and ambitious cowboys, to Django Unchained look-alikes. Hell, some are even making their characters Native Americans!
  • Griefers are an unfortunate problem in every online video game, but Red Dead Online players have reportedly been having a field day fighting them back with various different measures. Here's an insanely satisfying compilation.
  • In Red Dead Online, you can pick up stew from certain spots on the map to eat. While holding stew, you cannot draw your weapons and neither you can run without dropping the bowl. A player saw this as a challenge rather than an obstacle and decided to walk from Valentine all the way to freaking Saint Denis while holding the bowl of stew in their hands, in the wild lands of Red Dead Online. Watch the whole journey here.

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