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A page for notable quotes from Red Dead Redemption II.

"More and more of civilization, what a mess we're making of things...'
Arthur Morgan, PC trailer

"We're more ghosts than people."

"We are not criminals. We are outlaws."

"I have a saying, friend: we shoot fellers as need shooting, save fellers as need saving, and feed 'em as need feeding. We are going to figure out what you need."
Dutch to captured Kieran

Arthur: I feel like you should take your woman and child... and get lost.
John: Do you?
Arthur: You can... you could give something to Jack. It's that or... well, I don't see no way outta this.
John: Well, what about loyalty?
Arthur: Be loyal to what matters.
John: What are you gonna do?
Arthur: I-I'll be okay... but do it, for me. And it would make me... feel... good, if that makes any sense.
John: A little, but...
Arthur: Listen to me. When the time comes... you gotta run and don't look back. This is over.
Arthur and John discuss the inevitable, if the player has high honor.

Sister Calderón: What's wrong?
Arthur: I'm, uh... I'm dyin', Sister. Yeah, I got TB. I got it... beatin' a man, to death... for a few bucks. I've lived a bad life, Sister...
Sister Calderón: We've all lived bad lives, Mr. Morgan. We all sin... but I know you.
Arthur: You don't know me.
Sister Calderón: Forgive me, but... that's the problem. You don't know you.
Arthur: What do you mean?
Sister Calderón: I don't know... whenever we happen to meet, you're always helping people and smiling.
Arthur: I had a son... he passed away. I had a girl who loved me... I threw that away. My momma died when I was a kid, and my daddy... well, I watched him die. And it weren't soon enough.
Sister Calderón: My husband died a long time ago. Life is full of pain. But there is also love, and beauty.
Arthur: What am I gonna do now?
Sister Calderón: Be grateful that for the first time, you see your life clearly. Perhaps you could help somebody? Helping makes you really happy.
Arthur: But... I still don't believe in nothin'.
Sister Calderón: Often, neither do I. But then, I meet someone like you, and everything makes sense.
Arthur: Heh... You're too smart for me, Sister. I guess I... I'm afraid.
Sister Calderón: There is nothing to be afraid of. Take a gamble that love exists, and do a loving act.
Arthur confides in Sister Calderón

Rains Fall: Stop! Everyone, stop! My son... my last son... don't. When I was your age, I fought. I saw death. I have killed. The men I knew were slain. My first born, your brother, had his head smashed by a drunken soldier. My wife had her throat slit. We made peace. I knew not to trust, yet I had no choice. Maybe you were right; maybe the slow death is worse than a fast one. Maybe none of these men are good. Maybe a world in which they came to us is a world that we cannot endure. But endure we must.
Eagle Flies: Father, you are tired.
Rains Fall: Do not die for pride, my son! We have suffered too much in this trick! The earth, the water... they have no pride! They endure! And we must endure. My only boy... my precious boy... do not mistake my strength for weakness. As your chief, I implore you.
Eagle Flies: Your words mean nothing to me, father.
Rains Fall begs his son to make peace.

[Arthur and John reach the summit of Grizzlies East]
John: [looks around] Alright, Arthur. Come on, let's go.
Arthur: [coughs] You go.
John: Keep pushing, Arthur!
Arthur: [coughs some more] No... no. I think I've pushed out all I can!
John: [frustrated] Come on!
Arthur: [weakly] You go.
John: We ain't got time for this, not now!
Arthur: [coughs] ...we ain't both gonna make it. Go. Now. I'll hold them off. [takes his hat as he continues] It would mean a lot to me... please. [He places the hat on John's head and pats him on the shoulder.] There ain't no more time for talk. Go.
John: [still in shock] Arthur...
Arthur: Go to your family.
John: Arthur!
Arthur: Get the hell outta here and be a goddamn man!
John: [saddened] But... you're my brother.
Arthur: I know... [coughs] I know. [John takes one final look at him before running off]
Arthur helps John escape from the Pinkertons if the player chooses to do so

"I gave you all I had... I did."
Arthur to Dutch, as he lays dying.

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