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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    In General 
  • In the previous game, you could shoot NPC hats and they'd fall off... now it can happen to you. If you lose your hat and you leave it, it's lost. But you can always retrieve your hat from your horse, no matter how many times you lose it. This is also true in the clothing options at your tent.
  • The sheer amount of detail Rockstar put into the game can be described in one simple line. "Horse testicles change size depending on the weather".
  • Arthur is Rockstar's most customizable protagonist since CJ. As a result, you can play the game as a fat (or extremely skinny), long-haired and bearded, blood-covered weirdo. People likely won't want to interact with him, but it's possible.
  • Due to the amazing ragdoll effect, it’s hilarious to see Arthur Morgan slip, slide, and tumble whenever he runs into a tree, boulder, or even a carriage while riding a horse. You’d be forgiven for deliberately inflicting this on Arthur just to watch him stagger.
  • As this video shows, it's possible to fire a shot from your gun into the air to scare someone... and randomly kill a bird flying overhead in doing so!
  • In an art gallery in Saint Denis, there is a room that contains nothing but nudes, highly reminiscent of an old caricature.
  • Birds will die instantly if they come into contact with any object while they're flying. This happens to include Arthur, who will not react in the slightest to a duck bouncing off the side of his head while on the back of his horse at full gallop. Even better, since this results in a clean kill, it's possible to get a good profit by running into various birds about to take off, and selling their undamaged remains to the nearest tanner or butcher.
  • If you are wanted in one state, have just dealt with bounty hunters there and then go hide in a state where you're not hunted in, one of the "Greet" lines Morgan may ask from passersby is among the lines if "Hey, uh, have you seen any bounty hunters around here?" and if you then greet them again, he'll continue "Err, just wondering."
  • Given the number of outfits that Arthur, and later John, can buy at the various stores, and can be crafted by the Trapper, once he has been given the required materials, to say nothing about the regular clothing items that aren't in a particular set, and the fact that he can mix-and-match different parts of the different outfits, Arthur could end up wearing a bear hat, skunk boots, a sheepskin vest, leather gloves, a gambler's shirt, cowboy pants, a Winter coat, and a tie. Might be a little warm.
  • You often get the best comments from Arthur if you greet someone before antagonizing them, as Arthur will often have a snarky follow up to the greeting. Some gems with a random NPC include:
    Arthur: (Out in the wilderness) [GREET] Ah, it's so peaceful here, ain't it?
    NPC: Sure is, friend.
    Arthur: [ANTAGONIZE] So, take the hint and get the hell outta here.
    • Meeting someone on horseback:
    Arthur: [GREET] That's a mighty fine horse you have there.
    NPC: Why, thank you.
    Arthur: [ANTAGONIZE] How long have you been married?
    • John gets some of these funny moments too.
    John: [GREET] That's some kind of animal you got there.
    NPC: (on horseback) Thank you.
    John: [ANTAGONIZE] I was talking to the horse.
  • The thought of John reading Arthur's journal after his death is pretty funny, saying how he says a lot of stuff in there that he never voices. Specifically the part about how maybe he should have married Abigail. [1]
  • Arthur’s attempts to talk to the girls that give him the premium baths are hysterical in a Cringe Comedy sort of way. He can tell them about Mary and that his dog Copper used to take baths with him. Nothing kills the mood like talking about your ex and your dead dog. There’s also the fact that the bath girls are mostly reused character models from other (younger) women characters in the game. Arthur can awkwardly be chatting up anyone from Mary to Mary Beth to Charlotte.
  • Related to the Clothes and Outfits mentioned above, buying every outfit, coat, shirt, vest, hat, pants, chaps, boots, gloves, spurs, and accessories, in every color, to say nothing about the saddles, and saddle accessories, plus getting them in every color, along with the various gun accessories, is going to cost Arthur, or John, around $20,000 at Low Honor.... Luckily, catch-and-release styled fishing can increase his honor, so by being nice to the fish, one can get a Hero Discount, and only spend around $10,000. Still, come Red Dead Redemption, John is flat broke.... so where did the rest go? John could have used that money for things like gambling, buying lots of food and ammunition, going to the theater and movies, and all of those deluxe baths with those lovely ladies helping him scrub himself - let's hope that Abigail doesn't find out about those ladies, as she might get a little jealous, and she might kill them.

    Story Missions 
  • John isn't very bright before the event of the game, so when he suddenly comes up with a plan that impresses Arthur, Arthur quickly chalks it up to John's recent injuries.
    Morgan: You might be the first bastard to ever have half his brains eaten by a wolf and end up more intelligent.
  • Pretty much everything about Arthur and Lenny's drunken adventure. Highlights include a brawl followed by a Smash Cut into a line dance with the brawlers, an out-of-nowhere slapfight with Lenny, and Arthur getting so hammered he sees everyone as Lenny, with jumbled button prompts as the icing on the cake.
    • When Arthur sees everyone as Lenny, he can accidentally open the door on a couple while they are having sex, and Arthur will run away screaming. Better still, Arthur's reaction if he opens that door, just before everyone looks like Lenny. The couple will scream at him, still, only for Arthur to close the door, and chuckle as he walks away.
    • And then there's Arthur's reaction when he wakes up in the middle of the woods the next day.
      Arthur: Oh, you moron, Morgan...
    • Alternatively, if Arthur gets arrested, he wakes up in jail with Lenny, and has a funny conversation with the guard:
      Deputy: You pair of degenerates... there's a fine for drunken violence in this town. You're just lucky no one was killed.
      Arthur: Hey, we didn't start a thing!
      Deputy: Yes you did.
      Arthur: Well... I don't remember.
    • If you get drunk after this mission and go around greeting people in town, Arthur may do a callback to the mission:
      Arthur: Lenny!!!!...oh not again...
  • Reverend Swanson's drunken antics in the mission that introduces the poker minigame, up to and including wandering in front of a train, and Arthur's frustration at having to bail him out at every turn.
    • When a drunken Swanson gets his foot stuck in the railroad of an oncoming train:
      Arthur: What have you done with your FOOT?!?!
      Swanson: It appears to like this place, and wants to stay.
    • This gets even funnier if you play it after the "drunken adventure" listed above (and because Arthur wakes up relatively close to this mission, you probably will), since we now know that Arthur is no less susceptible to Alcohol-Induced Idiocy.
  • Arthur and Uncle's exchange in Polite Society, Valentine Style.
    Uncle: You are a sad man, Arthur Morgan. But I know you love me.
    Arthur: Desperately. You're my favorite parasite. [Beat] No, wait, ringworm's my favorite parasite, you're my second-favorite parasite.
    Uncle: Very funny.
    Arthur: I lied. Ringworm, then, rats with the plague, then you.
  • Uncle gives this absolute gem of a roast when Marston first bought the Beecher's Hope ranch in its initial pitiful state.
    Uncle: Oh darling Abigail, I’ve changed! Come live with me in this outhouse I wouldn't ask my worst enemy to take a shit in!
  • After John, Uncle, and Charles finish building Beecher's Hope, they celebrate with a night of drinking, singing, and shenanigans overlaid with some drunken singing.
  • When the gang rescues Jack, you can be forgiven for assuming the Braithwaite did horrible things to him. Truth is — they didn’t. Indeed, little Jack gushes over them as if they were simply his babysitters rather than, y’know, his kidnappers. This leaves John bewildered by Jack’s calling Mr. Bronte ‘Papa Bronte’.
    John: Don’t call him that, please.
  • When a shipwrecked Arthur finally finds the remnants of the gang on Guarma, it's initially a very heartwarming moment. The group has been through shitshow after shitshow at this point with no end in sight, and are just happy to see each other. Things are so dire that for once Dutch doesn't even have the makings of a plan, but they're happy. Cue the group finally noticing the armed men the audience has been able to see creeping onto the scene the whole time. By that point, the group seems more resigned than worried, as evidenced by this gem from Dutch.
    Arthur: What do we do now, Dutch?
    (Armed men arrive.)
    Dutch (sounding extremely exasperated): Now, I guess we're gonna get shot.
  • The entirety of the mission "An Honest Mistake". Full of banter and ribbing between Arthur, Uncle, Bill, and Charles as they discuss and go through a robbery that goes wrong.
    • When Uncle tries to get out of actually participating in the robbery.
      Uncle: I got a serious medical condition.
      Arthur: Yes, you are a compulsive liar.
      Uncle: No need to be like that. Charles, have I ever lied to you?
      Charles: I hardly know you.
      Uncle: Exactly.
    • Arthur doesn't seem very fond of Uncle either.
      Uncle: I bring a gift. The great gift of information.
      Arthur: So you got some tip-off, so now I can risk my neck and make you some money while you lounge around.

      Arthur: As long as we get paid, or you get shot, I'm happy.
      Uncle: You are a sick man, Arthur Morgan. A very sick man, indeed.
  • Early on in Chapter 3, while working on making Rhodes' law enforcement like Dutch's gang, one of four escapees who climbed on a moving train stands up and gloats at Arthur, who is pursuing the group on horseback. He promptly hits his head on a bar, knocking him off the train and under Arthur's horse, if you feel so inclined. The cop riding with Arthur is fine with this.
  • Though the mission to rescue Jack is wholly serious, you can’t help but chuckle when you see Dutch literally dragging Missus Braithwaite down the stairs by her collar and she thumps down. Every. Single. Step.
  • In the mission "The Bridge to Nowhere", John and Arthur prepare to smoke a cigarette each... until they realize they're next to a wagon filled with dynamite. Cue throwing the cigarettes away at the same time.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, either the world's hardest cigar or the world's strongest thrower. Beware that the video may contain a minor spoiler.
  • When helping Marston work around his new ranch Charles may pull the race card in an epic bout of snark.
    Charles: Working for the White man for no pay. How did it come to this?
    Marston: Oh. Uh... do you need money? Because I can give you money.
    Charles: [laughs] No, I'm just messing with you.
  • If you get arrested while playing as Arthur, there's a chance Dutch will come and bail you out of jail, playing it off like you were just drunk and that's why you did what you did to get arrested. Topped off by Arthur responding that he must (and this is a direct quote!) "reassess his relationship to wine." You can't help but think Arthur might be making fun of Dutch a bit.
    • It's also pretty funny how Hosea can get Arthur out by bribing the guards with bottles of booze.
  • Arthur getting arrested is actually kind of funny. He pouts in his jail cell like a child in time out.
  • In the epilogue, if you get arrested in Blackwater there is a chance that Abigail will storm in, understandably pissed, and ask the deputy if the pair can just hang you together right then and there.
  • In the epilogue, John will be working at a ranch and asked to help a the rancher's wife deliver a foal, and a bit later invited him to the main house for a drink. John is oblivious to her intention, even as he casually reveals he's married, prompting the lady to backpedal.
  • The treatment of Millikens during breaking John out of prison. Between Arthur asking him to continue the countdown, and his honest curiosity if he should restart from one or go from four, the whole thing is perfect pitch Black Comedy.
  • In a nice bit of thematic Soundtrack Dissonance, heroic military brass music plays as you kill members of the Army as you escort an officer to a train so he can escape the wrath of his superior officer who wants to send him to the gallows for helping the Wapiti.
  • Colm O'Driscoll is about to hang, and his smug demeanour evaporates when he realises Dutch and Sadie have his men dead to rights. Then we get some hilarious black comedy when he looks to the rooftop for his sniper, only to spot Arthur waving cheerily at him.
  • Though the final train robbery is played as a mostly serious and climactic mission, there is one bit of comedy gold toward the beginning as the gang realizes that the train is showing absolutely no sign of stopping at the station like they expected.
    Arthur: (as the train is barreling past him) Should I just... sneak on now?
  • During the mission "Urban Pleasures" after the robbery goes south(due to the station having barely any money) and the gang crashes the streetcar they were escaping in, Arthur expresses his exasperation at the whole thing:
    Arthur: We each made 15 dollars, oh, and a quarter! Don't forget the quarter!
  • Though the scene where Arthur finds out he has tuberculosis isn't played for laughs, there's his response to the doctor asking him if it's possible to get somewhere warm and dry where he can rest, as if the gravity of the situation hasn't really hit Arthur and the denial's setting in.
  • During the mission "That's Murfree Country", when Arthur initially asks Charles to ride with him, Charles initially holsters a Cattleman's Revolver. However, upon finding out where they are heading, he swaps the revolver for the Sawed-Off Shotgun. Must be he figures those Murfrees need to be shot with a bigger round to kill them.
  • When Arthur returns to camp on his final ride to expose Micah as the traitor, Micah is far from amused to see him.
  • When Arthur takes Jack fishing, they encounter the Pinkertons looking for them and the rest of the gang. Upon hearing how much he's worth, we get this gem from Arthur.
    "Five thousand dollars? For me? Can I turn myself in?"

    Strangers and Side Missions 
  • You can run across the Ku Klux Klan in the game as they welcome a new member and burn a cross. The newbie accidentally sets himself and another member ablaze and the rest of the klan run off as the grand wizard calls after them.
    • If you loot the burned Klan member, you'll find a letter from him to his family, where he condemns them for their tolerance of others while justifying his own racist views by calling himself a "man of science." Again: this "man of science" could not light a cross without setting himself on fire.
    • Even better, there's more than one possible encounter. Another one involves three members trying to set up a cross to burn... only for it to fall on them and crush two of them to death. If during either encounter you then beat up their leader, you can pick up a note, which has hilarious and petty details about them; For a few examples, they are trying to figure out robe materials that won't set ablaze so easily, and that they don't serve Spanish food on their meetings.
    • In another encounter, four Klan members get angry when they learn that they are the only ones at the rally, throw their torches onto the ground and stomp on them. Two are set alight and the other two flee in panic.
  • A random event outside the gunshop in Rhodes has a man showing off his gun to his friend, only to accidentally shoot him in the face. Shocked at doing this, he immediately runs and hitches his horse in an attempt to pull a Karma Houdini. Better yet is that you can easily and immediately hogtie him and put him in jail for a few bucks.
  • One random encounter you can come across in Valentine sees two men standing by a window and laughing at something they see on the inside. Have Arthur chase them away and look inside yourself, you're treated to a chubby man on all fours on his bed, being spanked by a woman as he keeps shouting for her to spank harder. Eventually he'll see Arthur peeking and freak out, telling the woman to shut the blinds and that he'll kill Arthur if he tells anyone.
    • Another random encounter is if you approach a window with three men gawking inside, you’ll see a couple high as a kite in bed, with the husband crawling around and falling over himself as he mumbles sweetness in his wife’s ear before passing out on the floor.
    • The third and final variant is simply peeking on a woman getting undressed. If you stare too long, she sees you and shoots a shotgun at you alerting the whole town making you wanted. As you run away, Arthur says that he deserved that.
  • The sidequest "He's British, Of Course", introduces you to "Margaret", a woman animal wrangler... who happens to be a mustachioed man who pretends to be a woman on stage to sell more tickets. Margaret has just lost his circus' zoo, and sends to fetch his zebra, his tiger and his two lions. Turns out, the zebra is a mule painted with stripes, the tiger is a cougar painted orange, and the first lion is a dog. So the last animal should be another dog, right? Wrong, it's a genuine lion who's caused quite a carnage inside Emerald Ranch, and Morgan is forced to kill it when it charges. Between Margaret, his airheaded assistant (who actually is female and wonders why she can't be the "lady animal tamer" of the show), and their wild animals, this mission is one of the most ridiculous ones in the game. A special mention has to go to when you find Margaret’s zebra. The game tells you to get the ‘zebra’ to follow along behind you, but if Arthur climbs on, get ready for a painfully slow ride with every person you bump into ruthlessly mocking you, as a banjo plays sarcastically in the background.
    Morgan: ...Your stripes better not rub off on my pants.
  • Walk into the bar at Valentine and you might bump into a man with a Hair-Trigger Temper that challenges you to a duel for doing so. Accept the challenge and walk outside with the man and, while you stand opposite each other and prepare to duel, the challenger starts fumbling his words and then just passes out drunk at the ground.
    Drunk: WHOAH! Whoah... Ground's comin' up real fast... (Whump)
  • One random encounter you likely won't be spared of even if you're trying to play a good Arthur is when you come across a man checking his horse's leg. The man will be distracted by you showing up and as he looks at you, his horse freaks out and kicks him dead.
  • A truly black comedy begins when you cross the path of Professor Bell in St. Denis. His goal is to create a painless method for euthanizing criminals. Of course, his invention turns out to be the electric chair. He recruits Arthur to obtain 100 gallons of moonshine for him, then obtain the permit (out of Arthur's own pocket no less), and track an outlaw near the Grizzlies to obtain a "volunteer" for the device. He then invites you to attend the demonstration, which you can a day or two later. To say it goes poorly would be gross understatement, with both the convict and the Professor being electrocuted to death. The clincher, while one bystander states it looks horrific, another states it looks just fine.
    Man: That... don't seem humane.
    Woman: I think it's mighty fine.
    • The ride back to St. Denis with the captured outlaw in tow has great Black Comedy of its own. Arthur fills him in on the situation, before happily describing in great detail what lightning does to livestock; to the outlaw's horror as he can only repeat "No!" in an increasingly terrified tone. Arthur's cheerful tone makes it even funnier: while it first it almost looks like he's actually trying to reassure the poor guy, it quickly becomes clear that he doesn't actually have much faith in the humanity of the procedure and is just getting some kicks trolling him instead. Especially when McDaniels is reduced to Inelegant Blubbering, and Arthur still won't shut up. If Arthur gets ambushed on the way to the Professor, Athur displays a mock concern for his welfare after the assailants are evaded or dispatched. Arthur can also submerge McDaniels' face under the water of the surrounding swamp, and all he can do is struggle to grab an occasional breath.
    • The outlaw himself - McDaniels is amusing on his own, being one of Rockstar's textbook depraved weirdos. He's wanted for murder, bigamy, and "immoral animal husbandry," to which both Arthur and the Professor both express confusion and a desire not to know. When you capture him, you find out: McDaniels has pledged himself to the pursuit of freedom: that is, the freedom to marry as many of his livestock (plural) that he wants and murder anyone who tries to stop him. When you find him, he's assembled a cabal of followers all dedicated to his vision of "living free." It's like a bizarre, bestiality-themed version of Dutch.
  • In one mission, Arthur encounters an incredibly weird couple in Bray and Tammy Aberdeen. Then they start mentioning that they grew up on the farm together and talk about "our" ma and pa. Arthur's face as the realization kicks in needs to be seen to be believed.
  • The stranger mission "Oh, Brother" is full of this. Basically, two twin brothers are trying to demonstrate that their manliness is superior to the other's alleged complete lack thereof to show off to a local woman. In doing so, they ask you to perform a number of...tests on them. This involve things such as shooting bottles off their heads (with the bottle becoming increasingly smaller, and their footing less stable), punching them in the chin, chest, and groin all while they insult each other and encourage you to keep on abusing them/putting their lives in danger.
    • The final part of the mission is the icing on the cake. The siblings' final challenge to each other is to hurl themselves over the Cumberland Falls in barrels. As they go over, Arthur and the woman speed downstream on horseback to find them. When they find the two brothers lying on the shore near their broken barrels, they react to their harrowing near-death experience by renewing their sibling friendship, vowing never to let anything come between them again and leaving the woman to stand there in disbelief.
    • If you start their mission as Arthur, but don't finish it as him, you can come back as John to continue it. This means that their puerile spat can continue unabated for years.
  • If you shoot Herbert Moon in the head, he just appears later with a bandaged head and tells you "As long as America lives, I live!". Sure, they could have come up with a way to prevent you from shooting him altogether, but not having the option to see Moon suffer a bit wouldn't feel right. There is however a darker explanation for this, namely that he may be immune to disease and could be unkillable thanks to a Deal with the Devil.
  • The escalating absurdity of an NPC's dedicated search for someone named Gavin. First, his nasal accent is mildly humorous, with some assistance from the word Gavin. Then, you see him again, still looking. Then you see him looking in the woods, far from where you first saw him. And then he can still be found looking for Gavin after the years-long Time Skip. In a bit of a Deconstruction, he has forgotten who Gavin is and what he looks like; he is disheveled and half out of his mind; and he complains of how he has wasted his life looking for him. But after he tells you of how he has wasted his life, he continues to ask about like he used to. He is basically the Logical Extreme of a Flat Character.
  • EVERYTHING about Charles Chatenay. From his lewd paintings that results in patrons fist-fighting each other (Arthur laughing his ass off all the while), to cross-dressing and casually mentioning he shat on someone’s bar because he needed to go to the restroom to flat out frenching Arthur as a sort of distraction. Although the last part becomes a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when you realize that Charles possibly could have contracted TB from doing this.
    • He even gets hit on by a random passerby; Charles seems receptive to the man's advances, but the man realizes what he's dealing with (a hairy Frenchman in a dress and sporting some deep cleavage) and disgustedy backs off. Charles' response? A simple shrug, as if to say, "Oh well, his loss."
    • And shortly after that interaction, he spots one of his mistresses out with her husband, and tries to avoid them As he walks past, the husband checks him out, almost recognizing him, and his wife misreads it as him checking out another woman, slapping him and stomping off, complaining that all men are the same.
  • One stranger mission has you try to interview several famous gunslingers to get information about the life of another gunslinger, Jim "Boy" Calloway. One of these gunslingers, Emmet Granger, makes you shovel pig shit in exchange for a story. When he refuses to tell a story about Calloway, Arthur decides that since he cleaned the place up, he can mess it up. He sets off a stick of dynamite in the manure pile, covering the whole property, along with Granger, in pig shit.
  • There's an unreachable treehouse in a large tree on the cliffs overlooking Mexico in Hennigan's Stead. Someone actually lives there, and is clearly voiced by a man doing a poor old woman impression. Not only does she/(he?) tell you to bugger off, they'll obviously object if you start shooting their home; the whole situation is so odd it feels like it's a setup for a Monty Python sketch: "Cowboy meets old lady living in tree."
  • The whole side-quest where you help out a pair of escaped convicts(both of whom are implied to be wrongly convicted) named Mr Black (who is white) and Mr White (who is black). The two of them both hate each other yet decide not to abandon each other and they bicker like a married couple, it gets especially absurd in the final part of the quest where Arthur finds the two of them living together and squabbling.
  • The side-quest where you help a woman researcher locate dinosaur bones all over the map. As you work your ass off finding all the 30 bone locations, you're probably thinking, "Sweet, I'm helping this lady prove dinosaurs existed" since you know it's proven today. Then after mailing her every location in the epilogue, John is invited to her home a few days later to which she introduces him to her discovery... which is a bizarre creature she's composed out of every single bone you found for her, leading to a mix-and-match dinosaur creature she believes could swim, fly, had walrus teeth and so on. John will look at the skeleton with a dumbfounded face as she proudly describes it, then as she says she will share the credit with him, replies that he'd rather not be given any credit, and tries to excuse himself. At least she gives you a cool knife for your troubles.
  • The Hunting Requests side quest ends with the benefactor giving John a taxidermied squirrel dressed in John's default outfit from RDR1. Funny in itself, as is John’s bewildered interaction with the utterly deranged taxidermist, but what follows really sells it. John takes it back to Beecher’s Hope and puts it on the mantle, and the sight of it stuns Abigail. Pretty much any time you return to the ranch from then, the squirrel statue is missing, hidden in increasingly odd places around the ranch, until finally it disappears completely and can be found atop Mt Shann. The mental image of Abigail furiously heading all the way to a snowy peak the next state over just to get rid of the thing boggles the mind.
  • Mary’s the only important person in Arthur’s life that you can’t meet in the epilogue as John. What’s funny is the member of her family that you can indeed find, her dad (whom Arthur hated and treated Mary and her brother like crap). You can find his body a little outside the church in Armadillo just laying in the middle of the road with no explanation. He’s marked as a stranger.
  • The live shows you can go see in Saint Denis are hilarious. You can even cheer them on or antagonize them which adds to the hilarity. The more you do it (either positively or negatively), the more Arthur gets into it.
    • The longest show you can see is when you go on a "date" there with Mary in Chapter 4 (since it's the only time you go there in an actual mission). Arthur can antagonize the performers while she just sits politely watching the show and makes normal observations about what's going on. The first section is a song and dance about the various locations in the game. He can say such gems like, "Ain't nobody wanna go to Valentine!' and, "Stop singing about geography!". The next section is a fire dancer (whom the crowd loves) and he can tell her, "Catch on fire!". See it here. [2]
    • The snake dancer always gets bitten by said snake
    • If you run into the aforementioned dwarf side mission, they'll invite you to come see them. The show involves people trying to beat up Bertram and Magnifico exposing Miss Marjorie's breasts.
    • You can get invited to participate in some of them. One of them is a bullet catching act where you're supposed to shoot the guy in the mouth, you can shoot him wherever you see fit. Another is where you can fight the world’s strongest woman and boy does she put up a tough fight.
    • The normally pretty progressive/respectful of women Arthur (meaning he's likely just being a Troll) can tell the female snake and fire dancers some variant of "You should be making someone supper!" He'll also say "Women shouldn't be doing this!"
  • If you go back to the park in Saint Denis and talk to the Chelonian guy as John, he'll tell you there's a new prophet and you should go to the initiation. Once you go back to the location where you first found them in Chapter 2, they all shout "CHELONIA!" and jump off the cliff. In a bit of Black Comedy, once they're all dead John will also shout "CHELONIA!". You can choose to jump off the cliff or not.
  • A subtle one but in Chapter 4 there a string of Stranger Missions for a man named Algernon who asks you to collect some exotic materials for him. The majority of these items are orchids, 92 in total for the whole quest chain. In other words, you're collecting flowers for Algernon!
  • Going back to the gunsmith in Rhodes after rescuing the guy from his basement gets...awkward.
    ''Arthur: Ah, well we've all kidnapped somebody.
    Gunsmith: (Hopefully) Really?!
    Arthur: (Horrified) NO!''

    Camp Interactions 
  • If Arthur walks around in camp Covered in Gunge, Miss Grimshaw will scold him and orders him to wash himself up. When Arthur refuses, she slaps him in the face and forces him to wash his face clean while she watches. It’s like watching a mother making her child take a bath.
  • In Chapter 2, one of the antagonize interactions with Kieran has Arthur say “I just heard that Adler woman wants to cut your dick off and feed it to her horse. I told her it wouldn’t be much of a meal.”
    • A similar one to Sean if you talk to him on guard duty, "Don't shoot your pecker off, Sean. You're really going to have to aim to do that though."
  • Uncle actually managing to score a date with Miss Grimshaw. He immediately screws himself by asking her for ten dollars, roughly $275 today, to look nice for their date.
  • Gang members can randomly fart while in just hanging out in camp. Seriously. Uncle will own up to it, but most of them just casually let one rip and fan it away.
  • During the gang's celebration of Sean's return, Arthur can witness Karen and Sean drunkenly arguing, with Sean trying to make a pass at her. This culminates in the two deciding to do it in one of the tents, and they're not exactly subtle about it. A lot of Sean's dialogue makes it even more hilarious, but what really seals the deal is whose tent they were doing it in. It was John's.
  • If Arthur hangs around inside Dutch's tent for too long, Dutch will get irritated and ask you to get out. If you keep on ignoring him, a cutscene will have Dutch shoving Arthur out of his tent.
  • Have Arthur walk around camp and antagonize his fellow gang members enough times, a cutscene will prompt one of the gang members punching Arthur so hard he's knocked out! When you wake up, you're lying outside the camp, implying that they literally threw you out of the camp while you were unconscious.
  • When the gang holds up in Shady Belle, spend some time with the Marston in their bedroom. John will repeatedly ask you to leave them alone. If you ignore the request, a cutscene plays showing John shoving you out of their room. You can then proceed to the hole in the wall and simply watch them from the outside.
  • If you have a mission that requires Arthur to speak to Dutch, and you make Arthur ignore him, he'll get frustrated and occasionally say the line "Yeah well, fuck you then!"
  • If someone beats you at dominoes or five finger fillet, they’ll gloat anytime you talk to them over the next few days.
  • A random encounter that happens in the morning is Uncle mooning Reverend Swanson by opening the back of his pajamas.
  • Micah may challenge Arthur to a game of Five Finger Fillet, prompting this exchange:
    Micah: Sit down, my dearest friend, and show me just what you got.
  • Uncle's attempt to make conversation with Charles.
    Uncle: Read any good books lately?
    Charles: No.
    Uncle: You seen any plays?
    Charles: No.
    Uncle (somewhat desperately): You heard any good jokes?
    Charles: ...Yeah.
    Uncle: Well, alright! Fancy sharing it with me?
    Charles: No.
  • As Dutch and Molly's relationship starts worsening by the middle of Chapter 2, they start regularly arguing, with some things they say fire back at each other being pretty funny.
    • Molly while arguing sometimes will loudly complain about their sex life, accusing him of "not knowing anything about a woman's needs" and being too tired for sex. Dutch is not amused.
  • If you have Arthur antagonize Sadie enough, she will slap him so hard his hat falls off, unlike the other gang members who either walk away and choose to ignore him or will shove him after he's antagonized them enough.
  • If you get the "Thank you for all your work" when you greet Pearson, you can follow up with a "You'll make someone a fine wife someday" antagonize.
  • Combined with Moment of Awesome: The part when Javier sees Micah looking at a newspaper he's holding to his face.
    Micah: So what you starin' at?
    Javier: [beat] I don't know... you tell me.
    Micah: Yeah, well, the devil punishes people who stare.
    Javier: [confused, nods] That so?
    [Micah gets annoyed, puts down his newspaper, and gets up to bug Javier]
    Micah: Why don't you... [makes a mock heavy Mexican accent] fuck off back to Me-HEE-co? Eh?
    [Javier gets pissed, then approaches Micah, looks around, and socks him in the face]
    Javier: Why don't you fuck off back to hell? [walks off somewhere]
    Micah: [gets up and rubs his mouth, snickers] You hit like you dress... all feminine. [gets back to his seat, then takes the paper and looks at it]
  • Speaking of Javier, we get this little tidbit when he is genuflecting and praying behind a barrel when Rev. Swanson approaches:
    Swanson: You know... it's not too late to repent, my Mexican friend.
    Javier: Oh, well, in that case, I'm sure there's priests who will happily take your confession. [makes the Sign of the Cross before praying again]
    Swanson: You're doomed. [chuckles and looks at Arthur while pointing to Javier] He's doomed.
    Arthur: We're all doomed, Reverend. [Swanson rolls his eyes and walks away with an "I don't get it" look on his face, and Javier gives a thumb-up]

    Red Dead Online 

  • In one interview, Roger Clark reveals that he's a fan of the first game, and by extension, a fan of John's. When he first showed up to work, he was almost instantly asked to start insulting John and had to carry his actor on his shoulder.
  • Noshir Dalal is a big guy; Steve J. Palmer (Bill's actor) once told a story of Noshir accidentally backing into him without noticing. Palmer fell sending his facial capture helmet flying. The end result was Palmer on the floor, Noshir wondering what just happened, and the animators laughing their asses off as on their monitors, Bill's head just went flying without explanation.
  • While filming one scene, Milton's actor John Hickok repeatedly called Dutch "Butch"; this turned out to be contagious, as after a while Rob Wiethoff accidentally started doing so as well.
  • Clark had to rerecord several lines of Arthur talking to mare horses, as the original lines sounded way, way too sensual.

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