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Awesome / Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

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  • John coming back from the dead at the end. Best literal use of And Then John Was a Zombie EVER!
    • To add onto it, right there waiting for John is the Pale Horse of Death. It's as if the reaper himself chose John to be its advocate.
  • John beating back Undead Uncle with his bare hands.
  • As in the main game, Landon Ricketts is a walking one of these. There are three safe zones in the game that can never be overrun. Two are heavily fortified military strongholds, the other is a whorehouse with wide open gates and Mr Ricketts sitting with his feet up in the courtyard. Also, his plan on ending the zombie menace is just "lure them all together and blow their brains out". Badass, thy name is Ricketts.
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  • According to Outside Xbox, the best part of the game was getting to ride a freakin' unicorn.

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