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Funny / Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

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  • MacDougal says the most Genre Blind line ever just before he gets eaten by a zombie Nastas, and it is obvious that even he thinks what he's about to do is a little stupid, but he does it anyway.
    MacDougal: I'm going to wander down that lonely deserted street and get my bag.
  • That's actually his second (and last) one. His first one is slightly earlier than that. When asked about the situation, he describes himself as a man of science, a man of great learning, and tops it off by saying he hasn't a "fucking clue".
  • "Have you ever met a Jewish person? [...] Or a British, Catholic homosexual?"
  • When John leaves Abigail and Jack who have been turned to zombies, he tells Abigail to teach the boy right from wrong and Jack to look after his mother. Also, he leaves them supper.
    • "Both of you, stop biting chunks out of people!"
    • And he thinks it's all probably just a fever.
  • The first time you whistle and an undead horse comes along.
  • An undead John picking up an undead hooker.
  • Marston trying to assure a Blackwater survivor that it's safe to come out:
    Marston: I don't bite. (beat) Bad joke.
  • "You eat babies!"
    • The scene in question, while depressing as hell, gets considerably easier to watch once you've seen Rockstar parody it in-house with Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Seth all the way. While everyone else are terrified and trying to either flee or fight the zombies, Seth plays poker with them!
  • Meta-example: You can have John Marston fight hordes of the undead in his underwear; no one will take notice of this and act like it's no big deal.
    • Same can be said once he becomes a zombie. Unfortunately, the underwear becomes unavailable at this point, so we can't have both.
  • Riding the Death horse. This one allows you to simply run into one or several zombies at once and *boom* their heads explode on contact. Saving a town from the hordes and running low on ammo? Just mow the brain eaters down while sitting comfortably in the saddle (just make sure you keep a decent speed, lest the zombies will pull you off the horse and quickly have you surrounded).
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  • The zombie prostitute from this cutscene. It's a Funny Background Event throughout the cutscene until Ricketts kills them in spectacular fashion.
  • Bonnie gets some nice Gallows Humor when her father turns and must be put down. "I'd like to say he died doing what he loved, but he never was one for eating folks."
  • Mother Superior's reaction to shooting a zombie.
    Mother Superior: Well, I'm alive, señor. Although, come to think of it, I've committed a mortal sin.
    Marston: Claim self-defense. Always works for me.
  • In Blackwater, a young woman gives you the mission to cleanse the graveyard. Before doing so, she mentions how her mother rose from the grave and ate her father, insisting he was a good man... even though she lists off a very long description of his sins in the process. John, of course, just rolls with it. The capper is as he's leaving:
    Young Woman: If you see my uncle Mordecai: burn 'im! Burn 'im real good, y'hear?!?
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  • John once again encounters the incorrigible charlatan Nigel West Dickens, attempting to hawk his 'miracle tonics' as undead repellent. Let's just say that Ol' West Dickens managed to do the complete opposite. When you encounter him again, he's hiding atop his wagon, trying to fend off an Undead and pleading for John's help.
    West Dickens: Hello John. *swats at zombie* Poor fellow can't get enough.
    John: As I see.
    West Dickens: Get rid of him, would you?
    John: ...Why?
    West Dickens: Well, because we're old friends?
    John: ...Nah.
    West Dickens: Uh, because we'll team up and fight the forces of darkness together?
    John: No.
    West Dickens: Because I've got something you want! Trust me you cynical bastaaard!
    John: *gives a long-suffering sigh and delivers a Boom, Headshot! to the zombie.*
  • Many players had a good laugh when they first got the blunderbuss. From the game telling you it uses stuffed zombie parts as ammo to the over the top way zombies explode. Executing zombies with the blunderbuss in particular is just hilarious because John stuffs it under their chin and somehow causes their whole body to turn into mist.
  • According to one woman, the Zombie Apocalypse is because of the government opening up the borders to foreigners. Then she decides it's her husband's fault that people are coming back to life and eating the living. When he leaves, John applauds the husband for being a "man of great patience."

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