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  • Literally every time a building collapses in Guerrilla and you get to see the awe inspiring destruction physics is pure bliss. There's nothing like frantically running through a building while tanks blast at you from all sides and the walls get blown out in random directions.
  • In a meta sense, Nordic Games "saving" the PC version of Guerrilla. When THQ went out of business in 2013, many worried the PC version of the game would suffer due to the original publisher going down, and the announcement that the Games for Windows LIVE servers the games multiplayer ran off of would be shut down in 2014. When the franchise rights were bought by Nordic, the company released a series of updates throughout 2014 to help PC players continue to enjoy the game. Updates included: removing the despised Games for Windows LIVE DRM and moving the game to Steamworks servers, replacing the infamously broken Direct X 10 API with a new DirectX 11 API that gives players the visual fidelity of DirectX 10 but without the worry of constant crashing, regular multiplayer updates to keep things balanced, new multiplayer maps released for free, and in a heartwarming sense they even kept the old THQ logo still present in the game's intro out of respect for the original publisher.
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  • Incur a high enough wanted level in Guerrilla, and the EDF will send tanks after you. In later areas, some will have giant missile launcher arrays attached to the top. If you hijack it and use the secondary fire, the tank will fire off a rapid fire barrage of missiles that home in on whatever you're pointing at. It can decimate all but the most invincible structures in seconds.
  • In Guerrilla, getting your hands on construction mechs, especially heavy ones. You can quite literally just walk through bases, destroying everything in your way, and EDF will most likely lack any anti-armor weaponry to counter you until it's too late.

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