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  • Divorced Installment: The first game started development as Descent 4. When Descent's developer Parallax split into Outrage and Volition and Descent 4 fell into Development Hell, Volition recycled the GeoMod technology, anti-gravity vehicle sections, Mars setting, and protagonist intended for Descent 4 into Red Faction.
  • Follow the Leader: Some have criticized Red Faction: Armageddon for taking a lot of cues from Microsoft's Gears of War and EA's Dead Space franchise.
    • It also takes some cues from Singularity.
  • Franchise Killer: After a successful revival with Guerilla, Armageddon received a lukewarm critical reaction and sold so poorly that THQ stated that they no longer had plans for more Red Faction games. Koch Media pointedly did not acquire the rights to the Red Faction series when they purchased Volition after THQ's bankruptcy. However, the rights were eventually bought by Nordic (now renamed THQ Nordic) and they re-released the first two games digitally for the PS4 and a remaster of Guerilla for Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC.
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  • The Other Darrin: Averted in Origins and Armageddon, where Big Bad Adam Hale (the only recurring character) is played by the same guy in both the movie and the game, and his in-game character even looks like an older version of the actor.

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