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Fridge Brilliance

  • The structural damage you inflict in Guerrilla is permanent, as noted in Destructive Savior on the main page. In the Origins film, a primary problem the Red Faction now faces as the rulers of Mars is a lack of efficient infrastructure. Now whose fault might that be?
    • That's not what infrastructure means. Infrastructure is the most basic framework of a system, not physical structure. It is most likely referring to the organization of the Red Faction, which worked well enough for a resistance group, but does not have the organizational capability to run the entire Mars colony as a government.
      • Many High-Importance targets are key pieces of civilian infrastructure being co-opted by the EDF, such as the Ark power plant in Oasis, Tharsis Point Wind Farm and the Town Hall in Dust, and Harrington Memorial Bridge in the Badlands. Many others could have been converted to civilian or economic infrastructure if captured intact, such as the EDF Executive Housing and the entire strip mine complex in Dust, the Ore Processing Plant in Parker, or the Convoy Dispatch Station in Oasis, but they were destroyed.
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  • Alec Mason is able to smash down buildings with a sledgehammer because he's new to Mars. He grew up under Earth gravity, the buildings are designed to stand up in Martian gravity, which is a third of that of Earth. He is, literally, superhuman by martian standards.
  • In the ending of Guerrilla, the heroes destroy E.D.S. Hydra to save the population of Mars from being completely obliterated by it... and presumably kill the crew of 200,000 people that was onboard according to the Voice of Mars propaganda broadcasts. But after the end of the game, all Guerrilla Actions are reactivated, and many of the EDF bases and undestroyed infrastructure objects are repopulated with EDF soldiers. And given how right before the Hydra is hit, the people onboard are readying to deploy the troops, it would be easy to assume that some of the soldiers carried by the ship have managed to survive its destruction.

Fridge Horror

  • In the first game, the EDF assisted with the rebellion against Ultor. In Guerrilla, they're the antagonists. As for Red Faction, considering some of the murkier actions they commit throughout the game, how they were OK with downing an EDS that contained about 200,000 people, some of whom might not even be in combatant roles, and the outcomes of some real-world revolutions, who's to say that Red Faction won't become the antagonists of a future installment?
    • Because the alternative, to what was left of the Red Faction leadership, was submitting to the most powerful warship in humankind's history and an admiral who has shown no brooking for mercy. At least this way, the EDF will have no ability to militarily force the Martian settlements to come under their aegis. War is hell.

Fridge Logic


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