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Animal Motifs / Western Animation

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  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Zuko's sister, Azula's, motif is the snake.
    • The Earth Kingdom has as its motif the badgermoles, who like the dragons were the ones who taught humans the art of earthbending.
  • Egyxos: The heroes have several, including the falcon-headed Horus. Among the villains are Anubi, a humanoid jackal and Sobek, a humanoid crocodile.
  • Ever After High:
    • The Cheshire Cat's descendant is fittingly enigmatic and manipulative, in addition to having a cat's ears and tail.
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    • In the Hale novelizations, each character is able to summon a familiar: Raven summons a powerful, intimidating dragon. Apple summons a fox, which is sly yet adorable. Darling summons a white horse.
  • Moral Orel has a blue bird appearing in key shots throughout the two-parter "Nature." The bird also appears in Beforel Orel. Dino says the bird represents Orel's innocence.
  • Mummies Alive!: Each mummy has an animal motif for their Powered Armour - falcon (Ja-Kal), cat (Nefertina), ram (Armon) and snake (Rath). Big Bad Scarab also has one in his (much less friendly-looking) transformed state.
  • The main characters of Motor City all have Cool Cars named and designed after animals:
    • Mike: Mutt (dog)
    • Julie: 9 Lives (cat)
    • Dutch: Whiptail (scorpion)
    • Texas: Stronghorn (rhino)
  • Adelaide from Over the Garden Wall has a black widow spider theme: she has a red hourglass pattern on the back of her shawl, has a web of yarn strung all over her house, and traps Wirt and Greg by wrapping them bodily in yarn.
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  • SilverHawks
  • The Simpsons:
    • Homer loves primates, has been portrayed as an ape, and has been compared to a gorilla by Bart. Attempts by scientists to determine his species have been... inconclusive. "He is either a below average human being, or a brilliant beast."
    • Chief Wiggum has been called a pig for more than just being a cop. He even appeared as a pig man in a WoW parody.
    Wiggum: Sideshow Bob has no decency! He called me "Chief Piggum!"
  • Steven Universe:
    • Steven's favorite ice cream treats are Cookie Cats, he has grown cats on his fingers, has a Leo horoscope, spawned a wrestling persona named "Tiger Millionaire", and even got a pet lion.
    • Quartz gems seem to be associated with felines in general. Amethyst has a cleft lip resembling a cat's mouth, frequently shape-shifts into a cat, and has a wrestling alter-ego known as the "Purple Puma". Jasper's striped form, golden-stilted eyes, and cat-like gem-nose makes her resemble a tiger. Rose Quartz seems to be associated with lions, stated to be a deliberate allusion by the creators to the goddess Ishtar who was said to have seven lions pulling her chariot. Smoky Quartz is explicitly modeled on a Maneki Neko.
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    • Because of her beaklike nose and panicky nature, the fandom have nicknamed Pearl "Bird-Mom".
    • Peridot reacts to being captured in much the same way as a cat: hiding in corners, clambering over furniture, and developing a fascination with mirrors. The metaphor fits well with her cunning, distrustful nature.
    • More cats- in the crossover episode with Uncle Grandpa, he pulls out a checklist of other Cartoon Network series he's visited. Smack-dab in the middle are the SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. (They were likely included because Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, stated in an interview that she watched the show back in the 90s. Perhaps that's why there are so many cat motifs in this show, then?)
    • Sardonyx, the fusion of Pearl and Garnet, produces an aura that takes the form of a swarm of dragonflies. Sugilite, the fusion of Amethyst and Garnet, produces an aura that takes the form of a dragon. Garnet herself has the animal motif of the butterfly, another flying creature, as seen in “Mindful Education”.
  • Megatron in Transformers Prime has rather shark-like facial features, which fits into his powerful, bloodthirsty and frightening character.

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