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  • Stephanos has a spider motif, completely with Arachnid Appearance and Attire, and Yoni has a wolf motif, bearing a long scarf that resembles a wolf's tail and can transform into one. Their symbols match this (Yoni's one faintly). The fact that Stephanos has a spider motif might be because he frequently was/is the person who likes to be and was in control. The wolf motif of Yonathan is probably reflective of his brash and savage nature. The wolf also represents loyalty, which is fitting to the fact that he only is being evil because his best friend is. Stephen has a bird motif, specifically, a phoenix.
  • In Koan of the Day, the tortoise represents being lost in thought or in a dream state.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court has several animals associated with particular characters:
    • Antimony is associated with Wolves. She carries a stuffed wolf doll around with her, and she's named after an element that the alchemists of old associated with the wolf. Others often find her hard to approach (the 'lone wolf' idea). And she keeps running into supernatural canines.
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    • Kat has decorated a few of her possessions with cartoon felines. Also, not to be Captain Obvious, but her name is Kat. And she has an unhealthy obsession with birds.
    • Alistair was associated with birds. Besides the obvious connection, both his room at the Court and his old home had artwork of birds on the wall. Since his departure, Kat had developed an interest in birds (perhaps too much of an interest).
    • Zimmy is associated with insects and spiders. She was first introduced beneath a sign that read (in Greek) "Danger: insects", and her anger tends to be visualized by symbolic swarms of bugs. When she gets energetic, she likes to pass time by hunting spiders in the library.
      • After Jack is accidentally transported to Zimmy's bizarre mental Dark World, his astral body gains a spider image on its face. The two hairs on his forehead look an awful lot like spider fangs, too.
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  • Trash Talk has Mr. Mudo, one of the teachers in the school, who doubles as a disgruntled security guard. He is compared in-series to a rabid police German Shepherd. Complete with the attitude.
  • El Goonish Shive has a little bit of this.
    • There's a minor character named Catalina Bobcat, whose character design and choice of hairstyle (along with her personality) does make her seem rather catlike. Word of God states that this was intentional and that no, she cannot transform into a cat. Until Pandora gave her a magic mark, something she was reluctant to do because it was so obvious and boring what powers she'd get.
    • Grace has a much more obvious squirrel theme, but this makes sense: thanks to Bizarre Alien Biology and LEGO Genetics, she's actually part-squirrel.
    • Rhoda has a puppy theme. She's naive, loyal, and rather timid, and Diane even specifically refers to her as "pup." Surprisingly, she gets along quite well with catlike Catalina, and squirrel-like Grace.
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  • Sister Claire is absolutely obsessed with cats, even beyond the obvious fact that one is the Big Bad. Claire herself is a Friend to All Living Things who loves playing with the local strays, her room is decorated with cat posters and dolls, the chapel has banned all cats, and Sister Catherine seems to be a bit too connected to the animals...
  • The Beast Legion universe involves characters who transform into powerful beasts with Awesome powers.
  • In Sakana each of the primary characters' design is based on some kind of seafood: Jiro has hair similar to a shark fin, Taro's design is based on a whale, Taisei's hair looks like jellyfish and Yuudai resembles an eel.
  • Several of the trolls in Homestuck have animal motifs, associated with their lusus and their Zodiac sign. Karkat - crabs, Nepeta - cats, Terezi - dragons, etc. Vriska's spider motif is the most obvious though, working its way into her typing quirk. John seems to be picking up on it. The kids (with the exception of John) each have one as well, relating to what their sprites were prototyped with: Dave's crows are the most obvious, constantly flocking around his house, in addition to his hair vaguely resembling the profile of a crow as well; then there are Rose's cats (in addition to her affinity for all things tentacled), and Jade's radioactive god dog. Among the alpha kids, there's Roxy's cats, Dirk's seagulls, and Jake's "frightening fauna".
    • You could argue that John has a rabbit motif. One of his recurring possessions is the plush rabbit from Con Air which he first receives as is from Dave, then restitched via knitting by Rose, and finally as a battle bot from Jade. The latter two incarnations were the prior incarnation given to Rose and Jade respectively by John when they were babies. Given John's innocence, buckteeth and kooky worldview, this fits.
    • Calliope and Caliborn, the Cherubs, have a slight snake motif—their appearances are quite reptilian, complete with fangs and forked tongues, and their species reproduces by transforming into massive, crocodile-headed serpents.
  • In Moon Crest 24 a few of the characters, namely the female ones so far, have showed signs of having a motif when it comes to the things they wear. But the only ones to actually have an animal motif are Lucy and Rachel - them being Ladybugs and Rabbits, respectively.
    • Non animal motifs: Dory's is moons and stars; Liz's is skulls and hearts.
  • The protagonists of Panthera can turn into different big cats. Most notably, the team's leader is a lion.
  • Many of Judecca's inhabitants are animal-themed. Sharky is a Shark Man, Frederick Dickenson is a rabbit, Lilith turns into a bird, and Cleo is a snake lady.
  • In Alice and the Nightmare, Edith has a strong rabbit motif going. Her ribbon looks like rabbit's ears, she's easily scared and Word of God is that she's the Expy of White Rabbit.
  • In Drowtales, most of the major clans are associated to some degree with a specific animal, often riding an oversized versions of it as mounts. The Vel'Sharen have dragons, the Val'Shargress wolves, the Val'Illhar'dro birds, the Val'Beldrobbaen spiders, the Val'Nar'sarkoth yaks or oxen, the Val'Kyorl'solenurn unicorns, the Vel'Vloz'ress snakes, and the Val'Sullisin'rune cats. The extinct Val'Dutan'vir clan had deer-like animals called ligrs, the Balvhakara and Jie'yen of Nuqrah'shareh have the crab and a separate breed of dragon, respectively, and the Kavahini of Mimaneid have the owl.
  • Tiger Telematics from Consolers has, appropriately enough, a tiger motif, with an orange tiger-striped suit, Cat Smile and fangs.
  • Buwaro in Slightly Damned is nice and friendly to anyone not obviously hostile to him, is incredibly loyal to his friends, likes hugs, has a bad habit of trying to eat nearly everything he discovers for the first time, even rocks and crystals, and is a simpleton in general. Add his muzzle and pointy teeth, and his tongue constantly sticking out of his mouth in flashbacks of the time he was a baby, and you would swear he is a dog just by this description.
  • All magicians in Never Satisfied have a familiar, whose species typically means something significant about the magician's personality. Oftentimes this extends to Uncatty Resemblance, and husks take this to an extreme.

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