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Literature / The Cup of the World

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The cover of the Paperback edition
The Cup of the World is a novel by John Dickinson first published in 2004. It is set in a unnamed fantasy world that bears a resemblance to medieval Europe...with magic. The protagonist is a 15 year old girl named Phaedra who has reached marrying age but is unwilling to accept any of the candidates her father proposes. As the pressure on her to marry increases, she turns to a man whom she has only ever met in her dreams, who appears to have supernatural powers and offers to rescue her. This decision turns her life upside down and causes consequences that threaten the stability of the entire kingdom. However, war seems to be just the start of Phaedra's problems, as it becomes apparent that her saviour may not be as benevolent as she first thought.

Has two sequels (The Widow and the King and The Fatal Child).

The Cup of the World contains examples of:

"Did you wish me to bless your marriage, or to annul it for you?"


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