Make Boss Subtitles for your characters.:

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1 MajorTom6th Oct 2010 05:05:42 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Test your creativity and understanding of your works' characters by making Boss Subtitles for them. (Japanese kanji/katakana translation is optional)

Interpretations of each title are up for speculation as for what they may mean.

I'll begin with a number of mine from Endless Conflict.

Lost Child Turned Samurai
Mathias "Mat" Watkins

Unbreakable Blades Of Friendship
Tenchi Yamanaka

Mysterious, Unapproachable Sniper

Guiding Captain In The Storm
Admiral Mei Lin

Healing Hands Of Love
Samantha Watkins

Father Of Fine Steel
Master Matsui Yamanaka

The Fiery Daughter of Rio Azl
Jessebelle "Jessie" Marietta Noland

Swordsman Living In Another's Shadow

Bannerless Warrior

Drunken Masters Of Demolition
Sasha and Viktor Ivanov

Queen In A Queenless Society/Wandering Regretful Mother
Mistress Bellah

The People's Father
Swordmaster Khornan

Boisterous, Persistent Commander
Colonel Barry Smith

Lovestruck Sniper
Elensa the Sniper  *

An Ordinary Pilot
Colonel Roy Jansen

Passionate Flame Of War
Nees the Crimson Blade  *

The Girl Enamored With The Sea
"Captain" Sera  *

Ghost Of The Past
Mikhail Voronov  *

The Long-Grieving Student
Supreme Commander Atrexis  *

The Vengeful Judge
Judicator Jornal

I'll probably think of more in time, now add some of yours!

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An accurate depiction
Universal Butcher
Moren Gant

Colorless Reaper
Isako Itou

Endless Undead
Ben Holz

Scoping eye
Julia Le Gran

Jerusalem Two-Apples\\ Harry Dage

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3 Edmania6th Oct 2010 05:36:41 PM from under a pile of erasers
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What if you don't want to give out the names of your characters?
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4 JackMackerel6th Oct 2010 08:30:57 PM from SOME OBSCURE MEDIA
Canada, Eh? Gordon Smith

Ol' Faithful Commander Sharp

Worse than a Barracuda Commander Fish

Push it to the limit! Commander Razor

He's everywhere! Commander Thanatos

Also does orchestras. Commander Alto Clef

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5 Voltech446th Oct 2010 09:46:03 PM from Alongside a Virtual Weasel , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Funny, I was just thinking about making some of these for my own characters. Well, let's see where I stand...

Guts Swordsman

Deias Landrover

Gentle Monk

Arden Landrover

Iron Man of the East

Dodge "Sully" Sullivan

Beauty of the Skies

Zera the Thunderbird

Wild Dancer

Gabriel Cooper

Man of Science

Cyrus D. Fleetwood

Fangs of the Dragon

Kale Integra

Hot-Blooded Soldier

Miri Mustang

That's it for the heroes. I don't have any for the enemies (yet), so I'll leave this post as-is. Also, fun fact: everyone in the story has the name of a car model/brand in their names.

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An accurate depiction
^^ commander Alto Clef's made me laugh. As did Commander Fish's.
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7 Tre6th Oct 2010 09:56:02 PM from Starlight Plaza , Relationship Status: Singularity
One, Two, Tre Listman (be warned, his last name isn't revealed until near the end of the book, so if you're planning on reading it, DON'T DO IT)

She's Something Else Nora Irving

tap, tap, taptap click, Grassy Scott

He-Man-Woman-Eater Todd Levesque

Moo. Carl Ollins "Cow" Weisgerber
8 NickTheSwing6th Oct 2010 10:01:53 PM from Ya really wanna know? , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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The Triumphant Example of Loyalty...and Extremism... Cartarus Ve Ovelscuro

Nihilism in a Physical Form Ein Woe

The Man who loves combat alone. Karado Zekki yes, Karado is an Expy of Kenpachi.

The Sarcastic Devotee Nasosuke Jinnou

The Lovely Form, the Cruel Heart Talona Arcada Creedborn.

Encroaching horror...slowly...encroaching... Bargon Alvuinister

Hell hath no fury like a woman in pursuit of her love Liana Hellish

Cruel, handsome, genius, disturbed Vonh Trever Phiristarion

Vengeance made to a gullible, young, wrathful form Connor Tsuyoishi

Is he lazy? Or does he seek a more worthy foe? Jacobin Styvler

A smirking incarnation of death Gigio Vardaste

The Unfettered Lord of the Wastes Vallegrave Baalarked

Dark, perverted, untamed, purely foul Veraste Golgarth

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9 FeoTakahari6th Oct 2010 10:33:18 PM from Looking out at the city
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Ooh, fun!

In the "story I'll probably never publish":

Kyle: Stunted Healer

Gale: Scholar of Magic

Rose: Winter Wolf

Frederick: Clever Talker

In another story that actually has a chance (tentatively titled The Nature of Ice):

Erin Donovan: The Realist (later, The Knight)

Shannon O'Connor: The Idealist (later, The Poisoner)

Mia Manning: The Sadist (later, The Beast)

Aria: The Fatalist (later, The General)

Yes, it is intentional that three out of four characters in the latter story wind up very different from how they start out.

(BTW, I'm disappointed that the lack of a bluelink means I can't sum up Aria's eventual self as a Bald Black Leader Girl.)

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Sorry, I got stuck at "Commander Fish."

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Daxam S. Loken (Which my forum handle comes from, and it has nothing to do with Superman, darn it.)

The Medic (later), The Saint of Swords

Talis Maine

Serial Traitor or Lady of Chaos

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12 DrFurball7th Oct 2010 04:36:51 PM from The House of the Rising Sun , Relationship Status: Tongue-tied
Two-bit blockhead

Electric-Powered Idiot: Dr. George Furball III

Heroic Gamer: Dr. Phillip Pain

Popularity Seeker: Dr. Elizabeth Red

The Interestingly Inky Squid-Man


Foxy Feline: The Catgirl

Squid-Man's Rival: The Shoepervillain

Head of the Dairy Syndicate: The Don

Emperor of Darkness: King Lawn Gnome
13 AnnoR7th Oct 2010 06:41:42 PM from Honnouji Academy
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."

Swat Officer: Alexander Hanson

Psychic Spirit: Lucy

Vengeful Psychic: Lucy


Armored Goliath: Heavy Mercenary

Titan of the Seas: Krakan

Frozen Maniac: The Cryokinetic

Insanity Given Form: The Madness Creature

Psychic Tyrant: Richard Dwyer

Psychic Abomination: Richard Dwyer

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Just a few examples that were easy to come up with ones for without spoiling much -

Doubted Ascendant: Aiden "Hazel'' Frost

The Pink-Haired Princess: Power

Undying Fandom: Rin "Rin Otaku" Ukata

Mother of Disorder: Sera O'Hara

Fabulous Frenchman of Fashion and Fame: Sylvain Levesque

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15 Nomic8th Oct 2010 01:05:32 AM from beyond the Void
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One for all of the seven Demonic Overlords (most don't actually have names yet). They'd make pretty good videogame endbosses.

Lord of the Burning Blade (lord Maladath): The iron-fisted overlord.

Lady of the Annihilation Edges (lady Shianamira): The lady of war.

Lady of the Black Hand (lady Naxana): Mistress of the blades.

Lord of the Crimson Wand (lord Kurzan): The mechanical lich.

Lord of the Skull Bulwark: The immovable force.

Lord of the Bright Staff: The master of deceit.

Lady of the Bloody Spear: The immortal hunger.

Plus Bonus Boss!

The Grand Hierarch of Dis: True ruler of the Netherworld.

Since I'm doing this, I might aswell include the main villain in LHP, even if he has no connection to the Demon Lords.

Herald of the Outer Gods: Doom has come.

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16 Edmania8th Oct 2010 11:46:51 PM from under a pile of erasers
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I'll do something similar to Nomic.

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17 NotSoBadassLongcoat9th Oct 2010 04:42:41 AM from People's Democratic Republic of Badassia
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Lex Vincent
258 cu in, 150 hp, .40 S&W, 35D

Mike Sterling
Forgot how to die.

Half Man, Half Vampire, All Awesome

Bjorn Westlander]
Agent Retriever
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18 Nomic9th Oct 2010 08:58:38 AM from beyond the Void
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Cast of LHP:

Howard Waite: Wizard of Rock

Phil Derby: A perfectly normal person. With a slightly unusual weapon.

Zaran: Daughter of an Overlord. Demon Princess Zaran! (scrawled over the original text with a red marker)

Victor Nephrenka: Mask of the Herald.

Zaran's Unknown Rival (doesn't have a name yet): Zaran's rival (self-proclamed).

Professor John Armitage: Expert of esoteric lore.

The Herald (first appearance): ???

Edit: Might aswell add the non-Zaran, non-Lord M recurring characters from Zaran's spinoff comic.

The Chancellor: Probably evil.

Legionnaire Concripts: Mooks.

Legionnaires: Slightly better Mooks.

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Count me in! And I gotta state my love of Commander Fish too. XD

  • Mage of the Flowers: Hanami
  • Runaway Ronin: Zeromaru Takaichi
  • The Thief of Hearts and Riches: Faun Reinaka
  • Warrior Scholar: Ashpaw Longstripe
  • The White Enigma or The Packless One: Drake Who Walks Alone


I'll probably make more of these as more chapters come out, they're a lot of fun!

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20 RedneckRocker12th Oct 2010 08:41:34 PM from None Of Your Business
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These are characters I play in Mutants & Masterminds settings.

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21 snowfoxofdeath12th Oct 2010 09:03:26 PM from San Francisco Suburb
Thou errant flap-dragon!

Haha, that was kinda fun.

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23 MajorTom18th Oct 2010 08:13:22 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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I just thought of a couple more for characters I missed.

The Survivor From The Desert
SSgt. Benjamin Sharon

Brooklyn Rage And Leadership
General James Jay Jameson

A Simple Soldier
Captain Nathaniel Hawthorne  *
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24 MadassAlex18th Oct 2010 08:28:48 AM from the Middle Ages.
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Shadow Seraph On A Mission From God Father Franklin Kennedy

Sky Revolver Siegfried Herlock Zankrieger

Undead Wielder Of An Ancient Text Cornelius Isador
25 AwayLaughing18th Oct 2010 08:54:14 AM from Soviet Canukistan , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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From Door

Keeper of the Keys as of yet unnamed bad guy

Blue Ocean Walker Airi

The Rose's Prodigal Son Edgar Avery

King Borne of Broken Sky Fly

General Winter Lost Ivan Mikyta

Red Book Mountain Charlie

Childless Mother Yarnya Mikyta/Olzanski
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