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Actually has been around a while. Don't ask me since when, because I'm not sure,note but I do remember when I Am Not Making This Up wasn't all over the place, or deleted. (Wasn't here before The Great Crash, but was around when two hackers vandalized TV Tropes in succession.) May have had an account or two here long ago.note 

Annoyed FORKer.

Used to be known as WhiskeyJack, but I forgot the password. It doesn't matter, anyway, I only edited YKTTW with that.

If you're going to ask about my fabulous username,note it's the not-Spanish name for a type of fish. Subtract an "l" from my real first name and you get the Spanish word for Jack Mackerelnote (hint: they're these, surprisingly enough, fish). (Figure that out yourself, I'm not good at explanations.)

Yes, I do use TOR. No, I'm not a vandal.

Currently under the name of Jackerel, due to weird site filters.

A Fancy Place Where You Can Put Your Tropes About How Ugly And Unfunny I Am


Right, enough of that

  • You have been ____________________________________________________________________________Solstace 
  • Compassionate Sadist says hello and wonders why this page doesn't have more vandals.

  • SCP-294 Input: A cup of [DATA EXPUNGED]


  • Your page has been conquered by wannabeotaku
    • Solstace got here first >:|

Yeah, what do you expenct?Dr. Neryon


how am i supposed to know your ugly jack?-fringeman

Dude, what the hell is up with your avatar gallery? That one... with the face... looks like Creepy Richard... ~ Beary Scary

Alternative Title(s): Jackerel