Tropers / Nick The Swing

This page used to be filled with the immature ramblings and half baked boasting of Nick the Swing, since then, I have decided to become less of a whiny little bitch and grow up.

Real tropes will now be added here.


  • Attack Drone: On the forum roleplays I frequent which involve Humongous Mecha, most designs I come up with in the later game tend to involve a lot of these. I blame it on watching clips of Awakening of the Trailblazer.
  • Berserk Button: I confess I perhaps have too many.
    • However, it seems to me that anger lasts for a short time, but that certain things can tend to cause somewhat more intense anger.
  • It Amused Me / For the Evulz: Gnawing boredom is a part of the sociopathic package, thus, I tend to amuse myself with whatever is available.
  • Lack of Empathy: Par the course.
  • The Sociopath: A diagnosed sociopath, I was usually prone to blame my own problems on other people, I lack empathy (this part is slowly being dealt with), I find it difficult to form complex emotional bonds beyond a certain point, and I have some talent in emotional manipulation. However, I recognize this problem exists for me, mainly because its caused me a lot of trouble growing up.
    • Uh huh, how were you diagnosed?
    • Family got a psychologist due to some...issues. Formally diagnosed.
  • Troll: I have decided that, given the above, every day I will find someone new to troll. I don't really hate individual people, its just hating them some days would seem fun.
    • in fact, its obvious now that I have been playing with some common tropes associated with the above. My Knighting behavior was, now that I look back, not an issue of "care", but more an issue of "I am bored."



Hey, man. - Schitzo
  • Hey Schitzo.

You do realise that the words "Nick" and "Swing" don't really rhyme, right? - Ajardoor
  • Yeah, I do not know what I was thinking when I chose this username.
    • Hey, I think his username is a pretty cool guy, eh sounds like an Awesome McCoolname and doesn't afraid of anything… In fact... Renagade
    • Maybe you were trying to parody Nicolas the Slide? - Speedchesser
    • And Speedchaser is correct!

I'm not sure if I agree with your interests or somesuch, but I think I like your style. - [[Rexila]]
  • Uhh, thanks, Rexila...

HA HA HA, OH WOW - Altimeter

An incredible GM who, unlike some, knows there are lines that shouldn't be crossed, I.E. treat your players with respect, Stop Moving The Goal Posts and the like. He sets a standard, sticks with it, and has a no trolls policy. Just don't ever say he can't write a villain... -Dragon573

He can't write a villain.

A GM who taught me what i needed to know and insert amount of time later, i'm G Ming and R Ping like some of the best of them... of course that last bit was a bit exaggerated, but still. - InfiniteParagon

A nice guy who has potential but still has a ways to go before he can properly utilize it. - Zelenal

You know what? You're an alright guy. Really sorry about the way I treated you before. -Bindlestick

Ahahaha...! Thanks for the award xD! - Akiyoshi