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Hi, I'm Tre. This is my page, but you already knew that.

I'm nineteen, black, autistic, a college student at the University of Kentucky, a radio DJ, male enough (he/his and they/them pronouns are both fine), a writer, a technology junkie, a purveyor of platformers, and a pop culture aficionado. I also make Electronic Music as Trevor Whatevr, with four EPs and three albums under my belt.

My radio show is called Whatevr Works, and it airs live on WRFL-FM on Fridays from 2-5 AM EST. (On summer hiatus, but it'll be back in the fall, probably with a new timeslot!) Since barely anyone is actually up around then my past shows are available here.

I ran a blog called American Style Buffoonery and had a novel series in the works, but at this point in time both of those projects are kind of dead (though I'm not ruling out the possibility of coming back to them).

I was a Troper (initially joining in 2010), then I wasn't, and now I am again. I left because I was bored with the site, but the time away gave me enough distance that I felt like coming back to see how things evolved would be worth it.

Drop me a line!

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The pride and joy of my old page, my avatar machine! Back from the dead (or Darth Wiki, as it were) because I missed it, now with updated pics. :D (Click the folder to turn it on/off.)


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     Don't trip over the tropes 
  • Autism: Better believe it.
  • Asexual: Somewhere in the relative area; I'm not completely dismissive of having a relationship with a lady at some point, but it isn't a priority of mine.
  • Black and Nerdy: An example for the textbooks.
  • Characterization Marches On: Before I left TVT I was pretty much "that gonzo self-promoting writer dude" and had a tendency to play up my weirder traits; getting older and having taken a break gave me a bit of time to evolve and move past that, though. (I still self-promote, of course, but not to a point where it could be considered a defining character trait as it was before.)
  • Extraverted Nerd: -shrug- Maybe? (At the very least I'm not the Urkelian stereotype this implies.)
  • Fan Nickname: Not really a fan type of thing, but my Rayman fanaticism gave rise to the nickname Treman with my friends. It stuck.
  • I Have Many Names: Most of which are variants of the names Trevor or Tre, neither of which is my legal name but both of which I identify with anyway.
  • Lovable Nerd: Hopefully.
  • Must Have Caffeine: I'm a teenager in the 2010s. This is pretty much a given.
  • Myers-Briggs: I'm an INFP.
  • Nerd
  • Proud to Be a Geek: Embrace the nerdery!
  • Put on a Bus: A self-imposed one, out of an unshakable boredom with TVT. Lasted just under two years.
    • Commuting on a Bus: I read the wiki a lot, but only occasionally drop in to edit and at the forums these days.
  • Self-Deprecation: Old habits die hard.
  • Shout-Out: Frequently pop up in both my works and my overall presentation.
  • Writer's Block: My biggest foe.

Tropes about my music have been moved to Trevor Whatevr.

     and some quick things before you go 
Until next time, tropers. ^_^