Shout Out / Mortal Kombat

Here it goes- every reference in the Mortal Kombat saga which isn't a reference to other MK games.

Characters and stuff introduced in Mortal Kombat

Characters and stuff introduced in Mortal Kombat II

  • Jade's main outfit in Deception is a very similar imitation of that worn by Black Orchid in Killer Instinct.
  • Jax's fatality in Mortal Kombat 3 in which his arms turn into blades is likely a reference to the T-1000.
    • In MK vs DC, his ending is very similar to Cyborg's origin story.
    • In 9, one of his fatalities is a shot-for-shot copy of Tak's Fatality in War Gods, another Midway project. If you remove the kick at the end, it's also a shout-out to one of Superman's Heroic Brutalities in M Kv DC.
    • In X, if his Carl Weathers-inspired costume is chosen and his opponent is Johnny Cage in his "Commando" costume, they recreate the handshake from Predator, complete with "You son of a bitch!"
      • In one intro in X with Ermac, he seeks revenge for having his arms taken, saying, "Call it my pound of flesh."
  • Kitana's Animality in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 turns her into a white rabbit. She then proceeds to attack the enemy in some savage manner.
    • In 4, her facial features are modeled after Talisa Soto, the actress who portrayed Kitana in the theatrical adaptations.
    • In 9, her chapter during story mode contains a scene very much like one found in Alien: Resurrection where she finds a lab filled with progressively more human half-breed clones of herself.
      • Her Arcade Ladder ending has three Edenian women re-united to fight for justice all over the realms; as the narrator explains this, the three characters are posed in silhouette over an orange background and as the ending fades to black, the music closes with the iconic jingle from the show.
  • Kung Lao's weaponized hat gimmick was inspired by Bond's villain Oddjob.

Characters and stuff introduced in Mortal Kombat 3

  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the SNES has the Konami Code as a Classic Cheat Code.
  • Cyrax and Sektor seem to be ripped right out of Predator. If you ever had doubts about this one, Cyber Sub-Zero from 9 and Predator himself in X makes it even more obvious.
    • Cyrax's self-destruct fatality has him typing some kind of sequence in a panel in his pulse, like the Predator himself. Later games show that Sektor and Cyber Sub-Zero have similar panels.
    • Cyrax uses a "Sabre of Light" in 4. In the PS2 games, Sektor also uses that and was renamed as "Pulse Blades": A blue one (green in Armageddon) for Cyrax, and two red ones for Sektor.
  • If Ermac gets knocked off Raiden's Sky Temple in Deception/Unchained and Armageddon, and sent plummeting to his death, he's got two words for ya: "SUCK IT!!!" note 
  • The gas mask Kabal wears? A tribute to Tusken Raiders.
    • Speaking of Star Wars, Kabal was burnt alive, horrifically scarred, and forced to wear a respirator & hide behind a mask the rest of his life, a possible reference to Darth Vader.
    • One of the game over messages in Shaolin Monks is "Kabal says thank you very much." Aside from referencing the mission in which you can rescue him, Kabal's voice acting appears to be modeled after Elvis Presley.
    • Kabal's ending in 9 features a cyberneticist who rebuilds him "Better. Faster. Stronger."
  • Rain's costume is purple, there's also his name, and Armageddon reveals that he's a Prince.
  • Sheeva's namesake is Shiva, the (male) Hindu destroyer god with multiple limbs. Like Shiva, Sheeva has extra arms and is turned into a destroyer goddess in her Armageddon ending.
    • Her arcade ending in 9 involves the Shokan taking control of Australia with the permission of world leaders. This is a possibly reference to Lex Luthor in Superman II. This may also be a reference to the fact that 9 is Banned In Australia.
  • Stryker's design in 3 has him resemble Woody Harrelson to a good degree.

Characters and stuff introduced in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero or Mortal Kombat 4:

  • The original Quan Chi is somehow similar to Spawn's demon-in-the-guise-of-an-evil-clown, Violator.
  • Reiko's original design in Mortal Kombat 4 bears more than a passing resemblance to Nightwing.
    • In the X comics, he suffers a superpower meltdown due to not being the chosen one of an ancient legend. Now, replace the ancient legend with the Orochi legend and you have the MK version of Rugal Bernstein.
  • Shinnok is an expy of Yan Wang.
  • The Nepalese character Kai has a strong resemblance to African-American retired professional basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (given that Kai's prototype was originally to be a Black American instead of Nepalese), who was also student of Bruce Lee and also starred along with him in Game of Death.

Characters and stuff introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

  • When you win a Test Your Sight challenge, the announcer will say "You chose... wisely". However, he says "unwisely" rather than "poorly" if you fail.
  • Bo 'Rai Cho's Krypt Comedy Commercial endorses a vomiting-inducing drink called Peptic Thunder, a clear knockoff of Pepto-Bismol.
  • Kenshi draws heavily from Zatoichi, the blind swordsman; one of the main differences between the two is that Kenshi wears a blindfold.
    • One of his combos in 9 is named "Blind Justice", a reference to Daredevil, a likely inspiration for the character.
    • In his "Possessed" variation in X, he uses what's practically a Stand.
  • Mokap is a tribute to Carlos Pesina, the guy who did some of the MOtion CAPture for Deadly Alliance.
  • Nitara's character design is a tribute to Vincent Valentine.
    • Many of her Konquest mode messages in Deadly Alliance are references to different rock bands and songs performed by them. What's more, her alternate costume surely brings to mind KISS...
    • Her Blood Energy Drink promo is a parody of most energy drinks in general.

Characters and stuff introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deception

Characters and stuff introduced in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

  • In Kreate a Fighter mode, available features and accessories (though with some minor modifications in some cases to avoid potential lawsuits) include the following:
    • "Cyborg" face: It resembles that of the T-800 from the Terminator franchise.
    • "Skull Tattoo" face: A face tattoo that resembles the face paint skull warn by Image Comics character Chapel from Youngblood and Spawn.
    • "Eye Stripe" face: Based on face paint worn by Pris Stratton in Blade Runner.
    • "Anime 1" hair (female): Based on that of Ryoko Habuki, though the default color is light green rather than aqua.
    • "Anime 2" hair (female): Based on that of Sailor Moon's odango-and-twintails (though the default color is blue instead of blonde). In addition under Head Accessories is "Tiara" which strongly resembles those worn by the Sailor Senshi.
    • "Anime 1" hair (Male): Based on Cloud Strife's (though default color is light blue instead of blonde).
    • "Anime 2" hair (Male): Based on Goku's. In addition, there is also under Torso "Layered Gi" which is based on his and Krillin's most common outfit though without any Kanji on the leftside chest or back.
    • "Devil" and "Wave" hairstyles: Based on Akuma and Guile rspectively.
    • "Feral" hair: Based on Wolverine.
    • "Swoop" hair: Based on Kazuya Mishima.note 
    • "Space Hawk" helmet: Based on Ken Washio's helmet.
    • "Space Ninja" helmet: Based on the Red Power Ranger's and Geki's helmet from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger respectively though with some antennae added. The additional antennae also doubles this as an allusion to Kamen Rider, which is Super Sentai's brother show.
    • "Crew Neck" torso and "Striped Running" pants: Based on the outfit warn by Bruce Lee's character in Game of Death. Clothing for female characters includes a similarly designed "Track" torso and pants which is modeled on The Bride's whose outfit in turn is based also on the aforementioned Game of Death one.
    • "Harness" torso: Based on that worn by He-Man (including lacking any other shirt or clothing aside from the harness) though without any sort of heraldry on it.
    • "Suspenders" Torso and Pants: Based on outfit of Vampirella. In addition "Wrap" (also under torso) is also very similar (minus any sort of collar).
    • "Daisy" Torso and Pants: A rather obvious reference to Daisy Duke.
    • "3 Knives" glove: Based on the claw worn by Mr. Han, the main villain of Enter the Dragon.
    • "Utility" belt: Based on Batman's (minus any sort of Bat symbol).
    • "Punk Glasses" head accessory: Based on the Visor of Geordi La Forge's and/or that of Cyclops.
    • "Shield" chest accessory: The shield is placed on the back and also has a design that looks like a turtle's shell. In addition "Trident" under helmets is a holdover of the helmet of Sub-Zero in Deception, but it was in turn based on that of the Turtles' archnemesis The Shredder.

Characters and stuff introduced in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Characters and stuff introduced in Mortal Kombat 9

  • The "X-Ray" effect used in certain brutal moves from the game will be quite familiar to any fan of Sonny Chiba movies.
  • The Challenge Tower, being composed of non-canon mini-games, is choke-full of Shout-outs.
    Stryker: Draw on the count of 3, partner!
    CPU-controlled Stryker: I'm not your partner, buddy!
  • The City Stage Fatality (having the opponent run over by a car) bears a striking similarity to the ending of Final Destination 4, complete with an X-ray view despite not being an X-ray attack, and leaves a twitching beheaded corpse similar to the first death in that movie.
    • Also, the Subway Stage Fatality might be a reference to The Matrix, where Agent Smith attempts to kill Neo by throwing him onto the path of an incoming train.
  • The new Test Your Strike mini-game has a concept similar to the test given to Frank Dux in Bloodsport, where he had to break one brick out of a pile.
  • Freddy Krueger has several Fatalities that are reminiscent of the most infamous kills of his home franchise:
    • In one, after stabbing his opponent with both sets of claws, he drags him down into a hole that has just appeared. This is then followed by a geyser of blood, similar to how he killed Glen, Nancy's boyfriend, in the very first movie.
    • Another has Freddy throwing his opponent into a boiler to be burned alive. This references both his own origin (Freddy was burned alive by vigilante parents who wanted to make him pay for murdering their children) and how he killed the former Final Girl from the third movie as his second kill in the fourth movie.
    • Many of his combos are named after lines from the movies, such as "Now You're Playing With Power" or "Never Sleep Again."
    • If Stryker finishes Freddy with his Secret Fatality move, Freddy will have a bomb in his body and will explode, much similar to the ending of Freddy's Dead.
  • Kratos' pre-fight quote is taken from his speech to Zeus early on in God of War III (Kratos' words in 9 are in boldface):
    "The hands of Death could not defeat me. The Sisters of Fate could not hold me. And you will not see the end of this day! I will have my revenge!"

Characters and stuff introduced in Mortal Kombat X

  • One of the modifiers for Test Your Luck, which spawns random portals in the match, is called "Portal Kombat". The icon for the modifier is inspired by 300.
  • Intro dialogue references:
    • Johnny Cage vs. Ermac:
    Johnny Cage: The mummy returns.
    Ermac: You annoy us, Earthrealm fool.
    Johnny Cage: That supposed to make me feel bad?
    Johnny Cage 1: Is this for real?
    Johnny Cage 2: How many of us are there?
    Johnny Cage 1: "There can be only one!"
    • Johnny Cage vs. Kitana:
    Johnny Cage: Hello nurse!
    Kitana: You're gonna need a nurse!
    Johnny Cage: Hot, but can't trash talk!
    • Kano vs. Cassie Cage:
    Kano: Over here, sweet girl.
    Kano: Here's how the story ends.
    • Kano vs. Kung Lao:
    Kano: I love a good hat.
    Kung Lao: Do not provoke the Shaolin.
    • Kung Lao vs. Johnny Cage:
    Kung Lao: Why are you here, Cage?
    Johnny Cage: To tell you Zorro's mom wants her hat back.
    Kung Lao: Any hope for mercy is lost.
    • Bo Rai Cho vs. Reptile:
    Bo Rai Cho: I sensed a Zaterran.
    Reptile: The last Zaterran.
    Bo Rai Cho: No, there is another.
    • Tanya vs. Kung Lao
    Kung Lao: I do toss my hat.
  • The Alien has a fatality called Killer Queen, which also serves as a Mythology Gag to Bishop's bisection in Aliens.
    • Having either Alien perform the "Alien Baby" Brutality or letting it go to the default win-pose against Predator will result in a Predalien coming out of the latter's chest.
    • One of the Xenomorph's fatalities, the Alien Queen impaling the opponent from behind and then bisecting them, is directly taken from the scene in Aliens where it dispatches John Bishop.
  • Cassie Cage by way of being the Pop-Cultured Badass she is:
  • D'Vorah has several cues towards Sarah Kerrigan. She commands an army of insects (mutated insects in Kerrigan's case), many of her attacks involve some kind of Body Horror, two of her variations are called Brood Mother and Swarm Queen, the Comics show how she was killed, with the implication of being resurrected by an evil force, mirroring the ending of the next-to-last mission of the Terran campaign in the original Starcraft, the Story Mode has her starting in the "good" side and then showing her true colors (mirroring Kerrigan's actions in Brood War) and her ending has her declaring herself Queen of an insectoid species who conquers every other realm and slaying a powerful being, similar to the ending of Brood War.
  • Erron Black, anachronistic Wild West gunslinger, is a blatant Expy of Clint Eastwood's character in A Fistful of Dollars, and has several cues towards John Marston. He also has a combo string named Firefly and a Brutality named Serenity.
    • His gun twirling is reminiscent of Ocelot. Considering his voice actor in MGS V...
    • When he uses his X-Ray on the Predator, the bullet he fires has Ugly Mofo written on it.
    • In the comic, he mentions that the rescue operation feels more like a Suicide Squad.
  • The duo of Ferra/Torr have a very Master Blaster-like dynamic going on, something that has not gone unnoticed by fans or commentators at E3 2014. Johnny Cage goes so far as to call them Master Blaster in pre-match intro dialogue.
    • Their playstyle in general note  also calls to mind Chang and Choi in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Torr does the brunt of the brawling and Ferra issues orders, though several specials (especially in the Vicious variation) have her jump into the fray (and off of his shoulders) to help out.
  • Jason Voorhees' alternate palette gives him blue marks on his hockey mask after the copycat killer from Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning.
    • Jason's "Unstoppable" variation allows him to resurrect via a lightning strike, which was how he was revived in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. Said variation also gives him a chain on his neck that stuck with his appearances from that film onward.
    • Jason's Relentless variation gives him a chrome mask.
    • His second fatality is reminiscent of the numerous sleeping bag kills in the franchise, according to the developers.
    • One of Jason's Brutalities has him punching the head off of his opponent, similarly to how he killed Julius in Jason Takes Manhattan.
    • His Arcade ending features him killing Liu Kang after he brings him to the Netherrealm, making it a literal case of him being in hell.
  • Kung Jin has a costume which makes him the game's version of Green Arrow.
  • Leatherface displays an attraction to Cassie in his ending similar to his interactions with Stretch in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 while Drayton is mentioned.
  • Predator has six human skulls hanging in his trophy room during his win outro. The skulls of the six members of Dutch's team that the Predator killed in the first movie.
  • One of Tremor's brutalities involve him turning the opponent to gold (While also impaling them in the chest with a spiked gold ball,) is called "It's Me." This is a reference to both the phrase "It's me" and Golden Freddy from the Five Nights at Freddy's series, as the two are commonly linked together by fans.
  • A brutality for the Cyber Sub-Zero variation of Triborg shoots a continuous stream of ice, freezing his opponent in an ice block with only their face, hands, and knees poking out.
    • Speaking of Triborg, it is a robot with a rouge A.I. seeking the end of organic life that it deems as inferior to itself and also inhabits multiple bodies simultaneously. Sounds eerily similar to Ultron in yet another tribute to Marvel Comics.