Characters: Power Instinct

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    Debuting in Power Instinct 

Reiji Oyama

A serious, straight laced martial artist dedicated to his training. His entire gimmick is that he's a run of the mill karate guy in a game full of oddballs.
Tropes associated with Reiji:

Keith Wayne

A cocky young American man from the streets, he enters the tournaments for fun and to meet beautiful women. The tournament would introduce him to Annie, his eventual fiance.
Tropes associated with Keith:

Annie Hamilton

A young woman from a rich family. She loves animals, and eventually meets and marries Keith.
Tropes associated with Annie:

Saizo Hattori

A dark, brooding individual who speaks a language only understood by dogs. He's a satire of the countless ninjas from fighting games.
Tropes associated with Saizo:

Angela Belti

A strong, muscular woman who is surprisingly sweet and gentle. She's a satire of power characters such as Zangief from Street Fighter.
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A sleazy, corrupt monk, he only practiced the sacred arts to obtain mystic powers. A greedy man addicted to women and money, he does whatever necessary to get what he wants. He's a clear satire of pure, wise monks who have purged their desires.
Tropes associated with Chinnen:

White Buffalo

A strong native American man who does not speak much.
Tropes associated with White:

Oume and Otane Goketsuji

The titular sisters, they don't get along very well, to say the least. Allegedly while they were in the womb, Otane kicked Oume out, and since then the two have had a very bitter, very constant rivalry.
Tropes associated with the Goketsuji sisters:

    Debuting in Power Instinct 2/Legends 

Kanji Kokuin

A strong, muscular old man who transforms into a feeble, scrawny version of himself.
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Kinta Kokuin

Kanji's obnoxious and hyperactive great nephew, Kinta fights alongside his animal friends.
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Clara Hananokoji

A young girl who obtained magic powers after befriending a wizard.
Tropes associated with Clara:

Oshima Goketsuji

Tropes associated with Oshima:

Sahad Asran Ryuto

Tropes associated with Sahad:
  • Demoted to Extra: Appears in the fifth an NPC.
  • Literal Genie: He summons this in one of his moves.
  • Put on a Bus: Like Oshima, he has not been playable since Legends. Of course, it does make some sense that he wouldn't be in Matrimelee, since he already had a love interest in Angela (not that pre-existing romantic ties stopped Kieth, Annie, or, in the home version, Angela herself)
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: The bread and butter of his projectile attacks.


Tropes associated with Chuck:

    Debuting in Power Instinct 3: Groove On Fight 

Chris Wayne

Son of Keith and Annie, he is a rebellious youth who leads a gang. Unlike his dad, he is by no means a good natured individual.
Tropes associated with Chris:

Larry Light

A young, idealistic man and Chris's tag team partner. He believes that he can help Chris and once saved him from arrest.
Tropes associated with Larry:


An charismatic old gambler defeated Oume in a very one sided game of poker. After completely and effortlessly dodging her attacks, he was invited to the Goketsuji tournament.
Tropes associated with Falco:

Oume and Otane

See entry in first game for more info

Hizumi Yukinoue

During a certain night at a summer festival that was held near his neighborhood, Hizumi Yukinoue witnesses all the activities carried out by the master of ceremonies. Feeling admiration for the job of that man, Hizumi waited till the festival was over to talk to him. The man introduced himself as Sujiroku Tenjinbashi, "Japan's master of ceremonies, number one". After a while of talking, both men recognized each other as lovers of the Japanese traditions. Suddenly, Hizumi had an idea and told Tenjinbashi about a tournament that was going to be celebrated soon, and that if they signed in for it they would be able to propagate the beauty of the Japanese culture outside of Japan. Delighted by the Idea, Tenjinbashi accepted the team up with Hizumi for the Goketsuji tournament.

Tropes associated with Hizumi:
  • Anime Hair: Turns out he uses a hairdryer to achieve the effect.
  • Expy: Of Saizo.
  • I Know Mortal Kombat: In fact, all of Hizumi's fighting techniques are based on characters from various anime series, and he based his hair style on a character from a manga.
  • In the Blood: His love for the ninjas was influenced by his father, who is also a ninja-maniac. So much so, that during his childhood, he was attempting to walk on the walls and used medical bandages as bandannas.
  • Otaku: Hizumi is a young man obsessed with ninjas, and he is fan of manga and anime. Aside from his otaku hobbies, he likes video games and collects rare soda cans.

Sujiroku Tenjinbashi

Sujiroku is the eldest son of the leader of the Tenjinbashi family, but when his father died, he had to assume the role of leader at a very young age. Tenjinbashi enjoys the celebration festivals and has participated in many important cultural events all around Japan. He usually travels with a mask and a pair of drumsticks that has been in his family for many years; his father had told him that 8,000,000 spirits of their ancestors reside in them, so for Tenjinbashi they are very special to him.

A certain night after his participation in a festival, Tenjinbashi saw a young man that seemed to have been waiting for him. The man introduced himself as Yukinoue Hizumi, and told him how much he liked his work and also told him that he was a ninja and showed some of his techniques.

After a while of talking, Hizumi proposed to him to participate in a martial arts tournament and in that way promote the Japanese traditions. Tenjinbashi did not refuse.
Tropes associated with Sujiroku
  • Cool Mask
  • Gentle Giant: He is a benevolent, chivalrous, and straightforward man, but he tends to irritate his family and friends with his obsession with having a muscled body.

Popura Hananokoji

Popura Hananokoji is the daughter of Kurara Hananokoji, sharing many of her traits. Popura has learned from her mother all of her magic tricks and fighting techniques.

Tropes associated with Popura:

  • Companion Cube: Popura always takes with her a very special Teddy bear (Her father sent her that Teddy bear some years ago). If she doesn't meet her dad, she will earn the money to buy new friends for her teddy bear.
  • Disappeared Dad: Her father has been traveling since she was a baby. Her dream is to see her father, so she decided to travel around the world with the hope to find him. Popura remembered that sometimes she heard her father was a martial artist. She hopes that by participating in the tournament, her father will recognize her on her journey.
  • Identical Daughter: Popura is Kurara's daughter, but only shares her magic powers and a similar outfit. Her powers are totally different of her mother, not like Chris Wayne from the same game, who shared powers with his father. One time, Clara told Remi and Popura about her youth and the times when she participated in a tournament where the prize for the winner was a huge fortune.

    Thrilled with the story of her mother, Popura investigated about that very tournament and found that the date for the next one was very close and that the rules said the tournament is for teams of two people. She immediately thought of Remi and asked her to participate with her. Remi refused, but Popura was eventually able to convince her.
  • Light Feminine and Dark Feminine: Popura and Remi study at the same school, and are very popular among the all students due to their magic abilities. However, they didn't know each other much at first, so some of their classmates introduced them to one another. Since then, they have been very good friends.
  • Magical Girl

Remi Otogiri

Remi is the only daughter of a high class family, and her family is descendant of an evil witch that lived in Japan several years ago (a secret kept by all the family members). Remi's father is a famous musician and her mother is a prestigious fashion designer. She is calm and classy and her motivation to fight is show the world the power of music.

The living note that follows Remi is a demon that was created by her mother to be her bodyguard, named Kuroma.
Tropes associated with Remi

  • Cute Witch
  • Dark Is Not Evil: She's against violence, but Popura found Remi's weakness and told her that if they became the winners of the tournament she will have the money to create concerts around the world and in that way she could help the poor people. With that as her dream, Remi finally accepted Popura's proposal.
  • Expy: Plays like a female version of Guile.
  • Light Feminine and Dark Feminine: Remi is one of the most popular students in her school, not just for her beauty, intelligence, or refined manners, but for being able to use magic. Some of her classmates introduced her to a girl named Popura Hananokoji, who also has magic powers, and since that day Popura and Remi have been very good friends.
  • Meaningful Name: Remi's first name is the union of the Solfege music notes Re (D) and Mi (E).
  • Musical Assassin: Remi's specialty is Sound Magic.
  • Shapeshifter Weapon: Kuroma
  • Sweet Tooth: Her favorite food is a Cake set from her family restaurant

Solis R8000

Solis is a young police woman from the year 2115. She was assigned to investigate the activities of a powerful organization of which is suspected of changing some events in the past for its convenience; in her investigation she discovered that this organization was responsible for the disappearance of some important families and financial groups 100 years ago; among these the Goketsuji Clan.

Tropes associated with Solis:

M.A.D. (Max Ax Dax)

Rudolph Garthheimer

Damian Shade

Bristol Weller

    Debuting in Power Instinct Matrimelee/Bonnou Kaihou 

Buntaro Kuno

Tropes associated with Buntaro:

Shintaro Kuno

Tropes associated with Shintaro:

Hikaru Jomon

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Olof Linderoth

Tropes associated with Olof:

Princess Sissy

Tropes associated with Sissy:

Bobby Strong

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    Debuting in Power Instinct 5: Goketsuji Ichizoku 

Elizabeth and Sandra Belti

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Takumi Hattori

Tropes associated with Takumi:

Rin Oyama

Tropes associated with Rin:

Shinjuro Goketsuji

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