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     The Clan as a Whole 
The Kyorl'solenurn were one of two Drowussu clans making up the Council of Nine until the Val'Dutan'vir fell and were replaced with the Vel'Vloz'ress. Although both clans were made up of the drowussu minority there was mutual enmity between the two based on each clan's respective ideology. The Dutan'vir saw their place as beside the drowolath (indeed many members were Nonhuman Humanoid Hybrids) whereas the Kyorl'solenurn desired separation from the drowolath and saw themselves as on a mission from Sharess to keep their cousins pure. The Kyorl'solenurn were the younger of the two drowussu houses and unlike most other Chelians they continue to practice the Sharess religion and claim to carry out their "purges" on her behalf. Unlike other Chelian clans, the Kyorl'solenurn divide themselves into religious orders rather than by sub-houses. There are seven orders in total, of which six have been named in the main comic. Each order is run by a Judicator (many if not most of whom are really Light Elves, but this fact is unknown to most Kyorl'solenurn), whose deputy is known as an Inquisitor; the latter are highly trained empaths who provide "cleansing" for drow who associate with tainted individuals. Individual members of the clan are further sorted by roles, males are either "templars", "crusaders" or "blades", females are either "wardens" or "inquisitors".

The Clan as a whole

  • Animal Motifs (The unicorn, which in the DT universe is called a Dawmere and resembles a goat)
  • Black and White Morality (this is essentially the Kyorl philosophy, with you either being with them or against them with very little in between. Probably not coincidentally the Kyorl colors are black and white.)
  • Blind Obedience (When Oba'ja, one of the Judicators, worries that The Coup could be disrupted by a single person acting on their own, Sek'kyou reassures her that unlike their drowolath cousins the drowussu know obedience. He's dead wrong.)
  • Broken Base (In-universe, the Kyorl are deeply divided on the subject of racial purity and how to treat their Drowolath cousins. Chapter 42, appropriately titled "Schism", is when this brokenness comes to a head.)
  • Better to Die Than Be Killed (the standard procedure for when someone becomes tainted. Some submit to their fate, while others, like Tira'de, run away)
  • Bodyguard Crush (its not hard to infer that most of the Kyorl Orders' warden/blade relationships probably end up like this)
  • Boomerang Bigot (They hate light elves and "impure" people but not only are several if not most Judicators light elves, but every drowussu is the descendant of one)
  • The Cassandra (The Kyorl generally believe that tainted can only speak lies. Kyuusei takes advantage of this belief to discredit any possible evidence Petri'cho could have against him and his co-conspirators.)
  • Child Soldier (though children seem to fight in every clan, the Kyorl fit best, as seen here)
  • The Coup (One of these is launched in chapter 42 by at least 5 of the Judicators, lead by Kyuusei.)
  • Cult (viewed a such by the majority of the non-Kyorl populace, especially as they've grown more zealous over the centuries)
  • Dark Secret (many, if not most, of the Judicators are really Light Elves, and this is why they cover themselves in public. It seems only a few Kyorl know the truth about their heritage)
  • Defiled Forever (a non-sexual variant, but some of the language invoked by the Kyorl when discussing the tainted, such as Yakuise describing how Vy'chriel tried to preserve her purity seems to invoke this idea)
  • Emotion Bomb (part of what Inquisitors do while "cleansing" people, similar to the real life practice of Love bombing)
  • Fantastic Racism (towards light elves and half-bloods, though they have accepted a few of the latter into their ranks such as Sang'oro)
  • Foil (They were this to the Dutan'vir before the latter clan's fall. This can even be seen in the choice of animal used for their mounts- the Dutan'vir had the stag, whereas the Kyorl'solennurn have the unicorn.)
  • Foreshadowing (the first words spoken by a Kyorl, Judicator Kyuuse, in the comic are "We are the guardians of the children of Sharess" cue chapter 15, where it's revealed that the drowussu are descendants of light elves, and you'll notice that he never said anything about them being the children of Sharess, since they're aren't)
  • Gender Is No Object (compared to their Drowolath cousins the Kyorl seem to have a more even gender ratio among the higher ranks, with male Judicators perhaps even outnumbering the female ones. Justified as their ancestors as Light Elves originally had a patriarchal culture.)
  • Genghis Gambit (Implied to be part of the reason drowussu are made unaware of the fact that they are all descended from light elves.)
  • Genocide Backfire (their attempted purge of those of Dutan'vir blood in chapter 42 appears to be heading in this direction for them.)
  • Holy Child (they revere the "Holy Eyes" aka Awares like Zhor and by extension, Ariel)
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl (unlike drowolath, who have taller females than males, female drowussu are built smaller than males, and Word of God is that one reason female Wardens have a male Blade with them is to compensate for this)
  • Jerkass Has a Point (their extremism against the Tainted is surprisingly justified, especially with the revelation about the intentionally faulty seeds. Doesn't stop them from being jerks about it.)
    • Also their strong desire to keep a united front to the point of banishing or executing those who rebel in light of the fact that ssu are either second class citizens or enslaved in most other areas of the underworld such as Nuqrah'shareh, and the fate of the Dutan'vir after their fall is an apt demonstration of what can happen without a united front.
  • Kick the Dog (during the Nidraa'chal War, they took some of the surviving Dutan'vir children back with them, but left the others to slavers. Their treatment of Abyte is also pretty disgusting, especially since the warden who was actually responsible apparently got off scot free.)
    • And then in Chapter 42 they get a double dose of this, first by torturing and then tainting Petri'cho to discredit her and any possible evidence she could have against Kyuusei and his co-conspirators and then allowing Cas'nihlus to be captured and tortured as a scapegoat, in addition to Kyuusei's unconcerned reaction to the whole thing. Overlaps with Asshole Victim in the latter case.
    • And all of that gets topped in chapter 49, when Vala'drielle collapses an entire district just to deal with a group of rogue Dutan'vir. Even many Kyorl are left in shock.
  • Kill It with Fire (seems to be S.O.P. when it comes to dealing with demons, as seen during the Nidraa'chal War)
  • Knight Templar (some more than others, but virtually every Kyorl is this to some extent, even the more moderate ones)
  • Light Is Not Good (It isn't entirely evil either, but the Kyorl clan isn't as righteous as they would like to believe they are.)
  • Mark of Shame (a heretic mark, like the ones seen on Itan'sha and Aby'te, denote that someone has been cast out, with the mark representing that they've closed their third eye to the Goddess. Aby'te's story also indicates that the marks are carved in with a knife, though in Kyo'nne's case when she was being held for "cleansing" her mark was with paint.)
  • Mind Manipulation (the process of "cleansing" is just a fancy word for this, along with Brainwashing)
  • Mission from God (they see it as their mission to protect the "Children of Sharess" from their own flaws)
  • Never Be Hurt Again: (One reason why the Kyorl'solenurn are so overly militarized is because they are pretty much the only group of the Ssu culture left intact in the underworld; the other groups were either wiped out, assimilated or enslaved, and the Kyorl'solenurn have no intention of letting the same happen to them.)
  • Nonhuman Humanoid Hybrid (Their clan has a few of them, but they strongly disapprove of Drowussu and Drowlath interbreeding due to fear that their race will be assimilated and wiped out, as it already has been in some regions.)
  • Not So Different (what Lulianne came to believe after she saw what they did to those that survived the Dutan'vir charge)
  • Puppet Queen (The Drowussu have a patriarchal culture, but are surrounded and outnumbered by the Drowlath, who are matriarchal. In order to have leaders who can maintain their respect, they use females as figureheads.)
  • The Purge (the Kyorl regularly do this in an attempt to deal with those they perceive as threats, and in Chapter 42 outright admit to using Shimi'lande's assassination as an excuse to get rid of those Kyorl who have Dutan'vir blood, including one of their own Judicators, Cas'nihlus. And then they make a purge of the Order of the Twin Eyes when they prove uncooperative with The Coup.)
  • Pure Is Not Good (generally any time the word "purity" gets invoked someone is about to die)
  • The Remnant (while the Sharess religion used to be widespread among both 'Lath and 'Ssu, by the time the story starts the Kyorl are the largest remaining group who still practice it)
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons (the Kyorl's extreme opposition to tainting, especially at Orthorbbae, is based on religious grounds that may or may not have any truth to them, but most of the seeds given out at Orthorbbae are in fact faulty and designed to kill their users)
  • Secret Test of Character (visiting Lioshi's fort turns out to be one of these, since some Kyorl, after hearing that they're descended from Light Elves, attempt to throw themselves from the balcony. Luckily it's a short drop so all that happens is a few bruises and some embarrassment.)
  • Secret Legacy (all drowussu are descendants of Light Elves, aka Vanir, but only a few know this)
  • Shrouded in Myth (the Judicators, who comprise some of the oldest characters in the DT universe to the point that some knew Sharess herself, are this both metaphorically, in that the only ones who know their entire history and that of the Kyorl itself are the Judicators themselves, and more literally, in that they are almost always shrouded in heavy robes that obscure their features to the point that you can't even tell their genders unless they speak. And then there's the fact that many if not most of them are actually Light Elves, giving them a very pragmatic reason for the shrouding.)
  • Succession Crisis (The Kyorl are the only known clan who periodically change their Ill'haress, with the previous Holy Mother choosing her successor. Shimi'lande was the tenth such Holy Mother, and when the Judicators attempt to appoint Vala'drielle rather than Shimi'lande's chosen successor tensions start to boil over. The assembled Seers manage to calm the crowd, but as the clan continues to schism, those suspicious of the true circumstances behind Shimi'lande's murder attempt to use chosen successor anyway.)
  • To Be Lawful or Good (In Chapter 42, all of the Kyorl are forced to decide whether to protect their comrades, obey Shimi'lande's legacy, or maintain unity and order.)
  • Unperson (if you get tainted and run away because you want to live, rather than either take your own life or allow someone to take yours, you become this, as Abyte and Tir'ade demonstrate)


Shimi'lande Val'Kyorl'solenurn

The Ill'haress of the Kyorl, Shimi'lande is relatively new to the position. Whilst not being particularly strong or tall she is noted for her ability to lead the clan and maintain the peace between opposing factions amongst the Kyorl'solenurn.

  • Comfort Food (She is said to have a chocolate addiction to deal with the stress of leadership. This is even mentioned as an endearing vice of hers in her eulogy.)
  • Curtains Match the Window
  • Face Death with Dignity (In Chapter 42, she is confronted by a sinister figure vaguely resembling Kiel'ndia, who asks why a skilled Seer like her didn't flee her imminent assassination. She responds that the figure would have killed her sooner or later anyways no matter what she did, as well as every witness to the deed, and asks the assassin to do as its masters command. It is implied that she knew Chiri would see this, and left her a final message.)
  • Facial Markings (has the nine-eyed Sharess symbol on her forehead)
  • Foreseeing My Death (It is arguable that she saw this coming even before the events of Chapter 42, judging from her dialogue in her last appearance pretimeskip in Chapter 18.)
  • Improbable Age (early character info mentions that she's incredibly young by the standards of most Ill'haresses and it was actually one of the points made against her by the Council of Judicators in Chapter 18.)
  • Ironic Counterpart (with Zala'ess, another in-universe mama bear. Both have children they care deeply for and both have cases where their biological child was killed by their adoptive child. The difference is in how they react to the situation. Whereas Zala'ess was infuriated to the point of wanting to kill Yaeminira for killing Vy'chriel, according to the Rebirth sidestory Shimi'lande instead adopted Chirinide (then known as Mrid'harini) as her daughter and gave her the original's rank and title. Zala'ess never forgave Yaeminira for her actions and arranges Yaeminira's death whereas Shimi'lande has practically taken Chirinide under her wing. The difference in reaction is odd due to the Kyorl'solenurn desire for blood purity and the Sharen obsession with strength and obedience to authority.)
  • Killed Off for Real (In Chapter 42.)
  • Mama Bear (though she never had any children of her own, she's this to her adoptive children, in fact, Vy'Chriel was counting on this reaction to kick off a fight between the Vloz'ress and the Kyorl, which is why she gave Kharla a Kyorl to dollify)
  • Puppet King (implied, and it seems she knows)
  • Seer
  • Thanatos Gambit ( She left behind a set of missives she ordered sent to the Sarghress, Sullisin'rune, and Belddrobbaen clans, just before she was murdered. The messages conceded all formerly Dutan'vir land over to the Sarghress-Sullisin'rune alliance and told all three clans the identity of Shimi'lande's planned successor. She also left behind a set of messages for her adopted progeny, leaving them with advice to help them choose their own path in life)
  • Treachery Cover Up (Several of the Judicators and those loyal to them consider her a despicable, heretical traitor for leaving behind messages that granted the former Dutan'vir lands to the Sarghress/Sullisin'rune Alliance, but give her a hero's funeral to avoid disorder)
  • Reasonable Authority Figure (pretty much a given since she has to keep the fanatics and more moderate Kyorls in line, best demonstrated here. This is pretty much why she gets assassinated; without her stabilizing presence and the existence of a more aggressive replacement, the Kyorl will inevitably march to war. Ironically enough, a conspiracy of "moderate" Judicators are the ones hinted to be responsible for her murder, while one of the fanatics is the one who enacts justice.)


Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn

Shimi'lande's adopted daughter who shares her ability to see the past and the future.

  • Blessed with Suck (her ability to see the future and past, the catch is that they're very very vivid and it's implied she feels what's happening in them as if it was happening to her. After the timeskip she refers these happening to her every night, and the vision that opens Chapter 42 turns out to be Shimi'lande's death which would be traumatic for anyone)
  • Blood from Every Orifice (displays this when Yuh'le attacks her)
  • The Cassandra (has visions, but Ariel tends to dismiss them)
  • Character Development (her character arc has been made up of her becoming more tolerant and open to understanding, especially after learning the truth about drowussu and light elves and after the timeskip Word of God explains that her near constant visions have shaped her into the person she is now)
  • Close-Call Haircut (while escaping Vanaheimr, she uses her fire powers to fight off a moving tree, and her hair becomes much shorter)
  • The Comically Serious (through traveling with the bubbly Kyo'nne and Melodia's love of her cloak, she gets a lot of moments like this because of her overly serious demeanor)
  • Curtains Match the Window
  • Fake Mixed Race (technically, though she was originally unaware of it until Chapter 17) invoked
  • Foreseeing My Death (Sort of, since it actually turns out to be Shimi that dies, while Chiri sees herself in the vision)
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold (played with. While she's clearly a character with a strong sense of right and wrong and does her best to do what's right in tough situations, her personal issues make her prone to making mistakes and getting in over her head, and she can be myopic to the point of not considering other arguments. After the timeskip and her Character Development she is more open and willing to accept alternate views.)
  • Holding Hands (with Shan'naal when they're younger, which is noticeable in that it's the first time she does this with anyone, and after the timeskip seems much more open about it)
  • How Do I Shot Web? (When she was young, she tried to control a fire, but lost control and was horribly burnt. It has been implied that this accident resulted in the deaths of her parents.)
  • Humiliation Conga (gets put through one by Kiel'ndia in the Netherworld TV series of flashes, which were confirmed as canon in story. Also acts as an odd sort of Pet the Dog moment for Chiri, since despite this experience Chiri immediately expresses doubt that Kiel was the one who killed Shimi'lande since it didn't fit her previous behavior, and she points out that while Kiel could have easily killed her during their encounter she chose not to.)
  • Lethal Chef (She tried to surprise Shan'naal with a roasted bird. She did not know that a bird should be gutted and plucked before being stuck in the oven. She then tried to light it with fire sorcery. Everyone in the vicinity was both amused and appalled by the results.)
  • Mukokuseki (deliberately averted with her, since from the beginning she's been intended to look Asian with more or less success that the artist admits to)
  • Nonhuman Humanoid Hybrid (due to her Light Elf father, she grew up calling herself this, though she's the only one who seems to care and it is later subverted when we find out that light elves are to drowussu what dark elves are to drowolath, meaning she technically is a pure blood drowussu)
  • Not So Above It All (repeatedly, and it's pretty obvious that her stoic persona is largely an act. Her tendency to stick to this persona seems to have lessened post-timeskip)
  • Pass Fail (for a self described half-breed Chiri really looks no different than the other drowussu. This is actually a big hint as to the origins of the drowussu as a whole)
  • Pintsized Powerhouse (Word of God describes her as the smallest and thinnest of the main female cast, compensating for age, though it's hard to tell since she pads out her armor so much)
  • Playing with Fire (has a fire affinity)
  • Principles Zealot (she's even willing to kill herself to keep her "impure" blood from spreading through the clan, though Shimi'lande convinces her that this isn't necessary)
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni (with Shan, as the red oni)
  • Replacement Sibling (for the original Chirinide, assuming the "Rebirth" story is still canon, though at least part of it has been referenced in the main comic)
  • Seer
    • Unhappy Medium (one of the reasons that Seers in this universe tend not to be the happiest bunch, especially when their visions involve things like horribly dying. Repeatedly.)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork (with Kyo'nne)
  • To Be Lawful or Good (In Chapter 42, the Judicators replace Shimi'lande with their own choice, instead of Shimi'lande's choice like they were supposed to. She decides to support their decision in favour of unity, but shortly after, she uncovers the message Shimi'lande left her, which advises her to follow her own path.)
  • You Are What You Hate (initially, but she grows out of it)


Shan'naal Val'Kyorl'solenurn

Chirinide's blade (i.e. protector/bodyguard) who travels with her wherever she goes. Somewhat more playful and cheerful than Chirinide he still demonstrates a strong devotion towards her and is quick to defend her against anyone he feels might have slighted her. Kyo'nne has an extremely obvious crush on him.

  • Bishōnen
  • Conflicting Loyalty (he was torn between his duty to the clan and to Chiri. He chose the latter.)
  • Determinator (even Yuh'le seems surprised at his tenacity)
  • Facial Markings (Word of God says that the mark on his forehead represents how he shields Chiri and that's why it's larger and bolder)
  • Knight Templar (more mellow than Chiri, which isn't saying much, but he's still one of these, best demonstrated here. Much less evident after the timeskip, see To Be Lawful or Good)
  • Let's Split Up, Gang (in chapter 49 reluctantly agrees to go with Kyo'varde to search for Kousei. Unfortunately, Chiri and the rest are almost immediately attacked by Yuh'le)
  • Mr. Fanservice (both in universe and out)
  • Multicolored Hair (has black hair at the front and his bangs but the back of his hair is kept blond or white. After the timeskip he ditches the black parts and is just a light blond now.)
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni (with Chiri, as the blue oni)
  • To Be Lawful or Good (His meeting of Kyo'nne challenged his perceptions of the Lath people. As his life continued on, he has continued to experience conflict between what he has been taught is right, and what he feels is right. This conflict only continues to grow more strenuous with the cruel orders he has been given lately. In Chapter 42, a Judicator orders him to kill commoners that are getting in the way of one of the Kyorl's projects. He obeys, but he ends up regretting this and hopes that Chirinide will choose differently.)
  • Use Your Head (when Chiri is attacked by Yuh'le, Shan keeps fighting even after she breaks both of his wrists and eventually resorts to headbutting her)

The headmistress of the drowussu section of Orthorbbae. First appears in chapter 10. As of Chapter 42, becomes the new Ill'haress of the Kyorl after Shimi'lande is assassinated.

  • Disability Superpower (It's said that her third eye is a gift from Sharess to make up for her being born blind.)
  • Eyes Always Shut (At least two out of three are.)
  • Knight Templar (The reason Kyuusei and his co-conspirators were so eager to replace Shimi'lande and Shimi'lande's intended successor with her. Fearing that the surviving Dutan'vir pose a threat to their unity, especially when a group of them retake their old territory, she and her backers decide to subjugate them to The Purge. When another Kyorl tries to recommend starving them into submission, she claims them to be lost beyond redemption and orders them wiped out.)
  • Shrug of God (Stated in early character material to be Shimi'lande's sister, but it's not certain if this is still canon. Word of God on the subject is he doesn't think it matters at this point.) invoked
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes (though gold is not an uncommon eye color for drowussu, her third eye notably has gold sclera, or "whites" of the eyes.)
  • Third Eye (She has a third eye on her forehead that is said to be able to see through stone, flesh, and soul)
  • Unexpected Successor (in Chapter 42 she is the pick for the new Ill'haress, in place of Shimi'lande's chosen successor, who is still on the surface where she's being trained by the Order of Serenity.)


Tir'ade Kyorl'solenurn now Mae'yukir Sarghress

A young templar, he accompanies Chiri and Shan'naal into Chel, and winds up tainted. He has since run away and is now with the Sarghress.

See this character's entry under Nidraa'chal on Drowtales Other Clans.

    Order of the Holy Eye 
A moderate Order made up of Seers and their Templar protectors. Candidates for Ill'haress are chosen from this order.

Yakuise Val'Kyorl'solenurn

A girl of Shimi'lande's adopted lineage, she lives in the basement of the Sharen fortress. First appears in Chapter 31 and then shows up again in chapter 42 after Shimi'lande is assassinated.

  • Basement-Dweller (by virtue of literally being in the Sharen's basement, and also fits in that most of the Sharen, especially Zala'ess, don't like her being there but let her stick around mostly to keep the Kyorl happy)
  • Big Eyes Little Eyes (her eyes are drawn noticeably large in comparison with the rest of her face, possibly to denote her as an ingenue-type figure. Word of God also says that she's small for a Ssunote )
  • Curtains Match the Window (mostly, since her eyes and hair are slightly different shades of gray)
  • Funsize (she has to be this when standing if she is even smaller than most of the already standardly small drowussu)
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals (if her room is anything to go buy, she loves plushies)
  • Gray Eyes
  • Mis-blamed (In-universe, Zala'ess blames her for the original Vy'chriel's refusal to get tainted, but Yakuise says she had nothing to do with it)
  • Proper Lady
  • Seer (and it's implied that this is how she knew Chrys'tel was looking for Valerian tea to help her sleep)
  • Yamato Nadeshiko (everything about her appearance screams this trope; as the Kyorl'solenurn are heavily inspired by Japanese culture and dress. Her speech, decorum and willingness to move away from her family home into that of a foreign clan, suggest that fulfilling her duty is the most important thing to her, much like a traditional yamato nadeshiko. She even offers Chrys'tel tea sitting in the seiza style, by kneeling with her legs folded and with her buttocks resting on her heels)
    • Silk Hiding Steel (by implication, since she's lived as long as she has in the Sharen's basement, essentially the middle of the hornet's nest as far as tainted go. The only thing more badass would be living amongst the Vloz'ress.)
  • Unwilling Pawn ( For Kyuusei's schemes. Its implied that she knows the truth about Shimi'lande's death, but is forced to go along with the Judicator's choice of new ill'haress anyway.)


Yakuise's blade aka protector. He used to live with her in the basement of the Sharen fortress.

  • Bishōnen
  • What Happened to the Mouse? (Not seen on panel again after his initial appearance in Chapter 31. Presumably he was simply off-screen in Chapter 42, since the first scene where the seers meet over Shimi'lande's death was explicitly said to not include the seers' blades (aka their bodyguards).)


Chime is one of Shimi'lande's adopted daughters, and much like her other adoptees, seems to share her talent to see the past and future. She is first seen in Chapter 42.

  • Happily Adopted (as one of Shimi'lande's many adopted children)
  • Hime Cut
  • Revenge (The end of Chapter 42 strongly suggests that this was her motive all along)
  • Seers
  • Shy Blue-Haired Girl (She doesn't speak a single word on panel)
  • Small Role, Big Impact (As seen above she doesn't say a word on panel, only calmly nodding in agreement in the Judicators' assembly but it is strongly implied that she had her own agenda for publically towing Kyuusei's line; as she is seen with Kousei shortly after he has Ky'ovarde kill Kyuusei)
  • Spanner in the Works (the end of Chapter 42 heavily implies that she was the one who clued in Kousei about Kyuusei's treachery)


A young and rather eccentric seer. More information can be found about her here. She is not present with the other seers at the Judicator gathering in Chapter 42. This is initially dismissed as part of her quirks, but later on her actual whereabouts prove to be beneficial in messing up Kyuusei's plans)

  • Ambiguous Disorder (Merril'lin is extremely odd, to say the least. One character even refers to her as a retarded kid. Word of God suggests it to be a side effect of her otherwise traumatic visions.)
  • Catch Phrase ("Uwah!")
  • Cloud Cuckoolander (She is described as a prankster, detached from worldly concerns. When involved in a very dangerous situation, she casually walks in, introduces herself, and tells a torture victim that she's there to help, right in front of the torturer.)
  • Creepy Child (She gives a dramatic warning about everyone dying with a creepy smile on her face. One of the people she gives her warning to proceeds to describe her as one.)
  • The Prankster (She likes to go about causing mischief.)
  • Seers (She is one of the Kyorl'solenurn's seers. Unlike Chirinide, even though this exposes her to a lot of suffering, it doesn't seem to affect her perpetually cheery mood much.)
  • Spanner in the Works (Her interference prevents Petri'cho from dying under torture, though it winds up not being a complete example since Kyuusei just has Petri'cho tainted, which is essentially A Fate Worse Than Death for a Kyorl, one that relegates her to being an Unperson in the clan's eyes.)
  • Wild Card
  • You Gotta Have Purple Hair


A Kyorl'solenurn inquisitor from the Order Of The Holy Eye first seen in Chapters 12 and 13. She is sent by Shimi'lande to monitor the heretic hunting party led by Ky'ovarde against the Vloz'ress. It's also been implied that she might be Kaito's sister, which would make her a former Dutan'vir, but this has not been confirmed on-page.

    Kyuusei and the Order of Purity 


The Judicator of the Order of Purity.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing (He pretends to be devoted to Shimi'lande, but in actuality, he and his allies are just using her image and martyrdom to further their own political agenda.)
  • Chekhov's Gunman (Kyuusei actually narrates some of the Prologue, and first appears in person in Chapter 18. He then plays a critical role in Chapter 42.)
  • Complexity Addiction (The Coup and his Evil Plan to reinforce the Kyorl clan's unity hinges on far too many variables. One of his co-conspirators Lampshades just how easily their scheme could unravel and even backfire. Another one of his allies has faith in the Blind Obedience of the Kyorl, but sure enough, he overestimates it.)
  • Dark Secret ( He is, like most of the Judicators, actually a Light Elf.)
  • Evil Chancellor (He is one of the Judicators and is responsible for a coup in Chapter 42. It is also hinted that he had Shimi'lande assassinated towards this end.)
  • False Friend (ends up as this to Cas'nihlus and he was also this in reality to Shimi'lande in hindsight; in the Pre-timeskip Chapter 18, he was one of the few Judicators who advocated for keeping Shimi'lande as ill'haress despite the others complaining that they needed a more aggressive approach to current Kyorl policy. After the fifteen year timsekip he clearly changed his tune.)
  • He Knows Too Much ( It is hinted that he was the mastermind behind Shimi'lande's murder. He worries that Shimi'lande's attendant, Petri'cho, might have seen too much and tried to manipulate a third party; Kousei, into killing her. Thanks to Merril'lin's intervention, she survives, so he has Petri'cho tainted and thrown out of the Kyorl sector of the city to discredit her.)
  • Hoist by His Own Petard (One of his co-conspirators Lampshades how doing so much harm to their own people for the sake of unity is bound to come back to bite them. Sure enough, not only does his plan fail to reinforce the Kyorl clan's unity, it results in a schism instead. Then his attempts to use Kousei as his Unwitting Pawn backfire when Kousei catches on to his Evil Plan and has him killed.)
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice
  • Karma Houdini ( Averted and Word of God is he specifically added the pages of Ky'ovarde stabbing him and then throwing his body onto the rocks below because otherwise the readers would have felt cheated if he had got away with his Evil Plan.)
    • Karmic Death ( Gets killed not only by one of the people he intended to use as an Unwitting Pawn, but also gets impaled by a stone sculpture in the courtyard that represents the fires of a purge, the very same sort of purge he intended to subject all the Dutan'vir descended members of the clan to.)
  • Kick the Dog (He planned to have Shimi'lande's attendant, Petri'cho, killed by a third party. Thanks to the meddling of one of the Seers, she survives, but Word of God says that he has an indirect hand in getting her tainted, allowing him to have her kicked out of the clan. He also tries to wipe out the Dutan'vir portion of the clan, since he believes that they are less loyal than native born Kyorl.)
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch (Cas'nihlus isn't exactly the nicest individual, but the completely callous way Kyuusei abandons him is definitely this.)
  • Killed Off for Real (He gets killed by Ky'ovarde on Kousei's orders as punishment for his betrayal.)
  • The Man Behind the Man ( He masterminds The Coup in Chapter 42, which results in a schism in the Kyorl clan.)
  • Multicolored Hair (The upper parts of his hair are blond, but the lower parts seem to be either a lighter shade or white.)
  • Pure Is Not Good (Again, he heads The Order of Purity. Now check how many villain tropes he has listed under his entry.)
  • The Purge ( He tries to get rid of the Dutan'vir, since he believes that they are less loyal than native born Kyorl.)
  • Smug Snake (He has a great deal of confidence in his Evil Plan, even though his own allies point out that it is too complex and bound to fall apart.)
  • Snipe Hunt ( He tries to send Kousei out on a hunt after Kiel'ndia, his scapegoat for Shimi'lande's murder, to get Kousei out of the way. But before he can do this, Kousei figures out the truth and has Ky'ovarde kill him.)
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist (He believes himself to be doing what is necessary for the survival of his people. Far too many of the Light elves and their Drowussu children have fallen prey to drowolath, ending up as slaves. His Evil Plan seeks to reinforce their unity, their strongest advantage against the drowolath. Yet the means by which he is doing so are inexcusable and liable to backfire.)
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness ( He allows Cas'nihlus to be captured by his enemies as a disposable pawn, so that he can have an excuse to purge the Kyorl clan of those of Dutan'vir descent.)
  • You Monster! (One of his co-conspirators calls him a "sly bastard" upon learning that he indirectly had Petri'cho tainted to discredit and exile her, which under the Kyorl belief system effectively damns her soul for eternity. He responds by saying that it is a Crapsack World, and that sometimes, sacrifices must be made for the sake of unity.)


A fencing instructor responsible for training Chirinide and is also a cleanliness fanatic.

  • Covert Pervert (enjoys overpowering drowolath females, according to his concept art)
  • Effeminate Misogynistic Guy (though not as effeminate as some drow, definitely comes across as this due to his love of overpowing drowolath females)
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy (like most wealthy drow males)
  • Neat Freak (to the point that any sight of dirt offends him; when Shan'naal and his colleague arrive from a mission bloodied, his response is to cover his nose and comment to Chirinide about how "filthy those boys are".)
  • The Unsmile (has what's called a creepy frog smile in his concept art)


A Holy Lance and member of the Order of Purity who questions the decision of the Judicators to appoint a new ill'haress over Shimi'lande's chosen successor.


    Kousei and the Order of the Twin Eyes 


The Judicator of the Order of the Twin Eyes.

  • Chekhov's Gunman (He first appears during Senekha's execution. His order plays another role in Chapter 42, acting as Kyuusei's Unwitting Pawn, but also investigating Kyuusei's Evil Plan.)
  • Due to the Dead (Gives Kyuusei a farewell salute after Ky'ovarde kills him on Kousei's orders.)
  • The Faceless (So far he's the only Judicator whose face has not been seen. As such it's not entirely certain if he's a Light Elf or a drowussu.)
  • Red Herring ( His Order is infamous for being comprised of fanatics and they do participate in some rather suspicious activity in Chapter 42. All this helps Kyuusei to draw attention away from the real conspiracy. In fact, in spite of them initially being portrayed as antagonistic, his faction is the only one actually seeking out the truth and ends up executing Kyuusei for his betrayal.)
  • Unwitting Pawn (He is very suspicious of his fellow Judicators and their possible role in Shimi'lande's murder, but much of what he does plays right into Kyuusei's hands. Ironically enough however, in spite of starting out as Kyuusei's Red Herring, he eventually catches on and has Kyuusei killed)


One of the wardens in the Order of The Twin Eyes. She takes her job of demon slaying very seriously.note 

  • Depower: She was once a seer, but her power was taken away.
  • The Empath: She was once one of the Kyorl's seers, though she is one no longer.
  • Eyepatch of Power: She keeps one eye blocked, and latter lifts it to show her destroyed eye and marking when she reveals that she is a former seer.
  • Fiery Red Head (more orange in shade, but still fits the trope)
  • Jerkass Has a Point (in Chapter 42 she suspects that Shimi'lande's assassination is part of some larger scheme designed to use the Kyorls as pawns, and all indicators point to her being right. The Jerkass still applies since she carries out her investigation with her usual level of tact and civility She later stabs Kyuusei after she and Kousei correctly guess that they're being used.)
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch (normally, stabbing someone out of the blue and then throwing their body out a window on the rocks below would get you major Kick the Dog points. Not so much when the victim is Kyuusei)
  • Knight Templar (even among the already fanatical Kyorls she's one)
  • Not So Different (Sene'kha points this out when she sees that Ky'ovarde uses demon summoning to fight her and accuses her of being a Hypocrite, but Ky'ovarde justifies it as fighting fire with fire)
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill (just watch what she does to Sene'kha and it becomes obvious that the Kyorl do not fool around when it comes to making sure people stay dead)
  • Unpopular Popular Character (in-story characters who aren't in her Order are suspicious of her, and Ky's actions don't exactly help, but she was popular enough with the fans that someone sponsored her with real money to come back after the timeskip.)invoked


A Warden of the Order of the Twin Eyes and a fellow colleague of Ky'ovarde. She is tasked with finding out the culprit behind Shimi'lande's assassination with the assistance of Ky'ovarde and the rest of her Order.


A defector to the Kyorl'solenurn from the fallen Dutan'vir clan. She acts as clan torturer.

Miner'a Kyorl'solenurn*

A Warden of the Order of the Twin Eyes.

Mili'ani Kyorl'solenurn

A Kyorl'solenurn warden of the Order of Twin Eyes. She is present in Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 where she fights Qui'ja Vloz'ress. Also makes a cameo appearances post Chapter 30 in which it is hinted that she was the warden responsible for Abyte Maeyukir Sarghress' tainting and eventual estrangement from the clan.

Ae'theriss Kyorl'solenurn

An Inquisitor for the Order of Twin Eyes. She has a very frail, delicate appearance and needs the support of Ano'toti to get around. First appears in Chapter 12.

Ano'Toti Kyorl'solenurn

A Crusader for the Order of Twin Eyes. He is paired with Mili'ani when on missions but also provides emotional support for Ae'theriss. First appears in Chapter 12.

    Cas'nihlus and the Order of Salvation 


The Judicator of the Order of Salvation. Considered a zealot even by Kyorl standards. Also the father of Tsuris'lok (see the Vloz'ress character sheet for his entry). More information can be found here.

  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil (The sponsor of this cameo states that Cas wasn't always so dangerous and fanatical. His paranoid mate at the Dutan'vir clan banished one of their sons, Tsuris'lok, to punish Cas for allegedly scheming against her. After failing to find his son, Cas joined the Kyorl clan, who decided to "cleanse" him. Due to a combination of his empathic powers and his troubled emotional state, the "purification" caused him permanent mental damage and left his temper on a hair trigger.)
  • Berserk Button (Kyorls with Dutan'vir ancestry, due to a general hate of the Dutan'vir. He left them 36 years before the Nidraa'chal War after what was done to his son, and during The Purge of the tainted Dutan'vir after the war he happily participated, including the execution of his own former mate. Ironically, he himself is targeted in another Purge in part because of his Dutan'vir ancestry in chapter 42.)
  • Creepy Blue Eyes
  • Dissonant Serenity (He remains chatty and cheerful even as he knows that Chiri is psychically experiencing the results of his tortures, and stays smiling even as they are standing over Shimi'lande's body.)
    • He also starts singing one of Kyo'nne's songs as his own torture begins though this may be part of Too Kinky to Torture.
  • The Empath (Though unlike most empaths who become Nervous Wrecks around people in pain he actually seems to relish the pain of others. His creator explains this as the result of his own "cleansing", see Being Tortured Makes You Evil above.)
  • False Friend (turns out that Kyuusei was this to him)
  • In the Blood (Tsuris'lok inherited his empathy, and apparently some of his mental instability as well, at least the parts that can't be explained entirely by the tainting.)
  • Ironic Hell ( Enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on others, then gets unceremoniously discarded by Kyuusei and tortured himself.)
  • Mask Power (Most Judicators settle for a veil in public, but Cas ups the ante with his stylized mask. Winds up being kind of appropriate since his son also used a mask in the Vloz'ress.)
  • The Scapegoat (He is little more than one of Kyuusei's pawns. Kyuusei allows him to be sacrificed so that he can have an excuse to get rid of the former Dutan'vir within the Kyorl clan.)
  • Too Kinky to Torture (The reason why Kyuusei isn't worried about Cas spilling the beans after several suspicious Kyorl capture and start interrogating him.)
  • Torture Technician (Believes that atonement, and by extension pain, is the way to salvation. Chiri obviously disagrees.)
  • What Happened to the Mouse? (Readers do not find out about what happened to him after his torture. With Kyuusei dead, we don't know if the other Judicators continue his plans or if Kousei put a stop to it who knows what his fate after Chapter 42 was.)

    Lioshi and the Order of Serenity 


The Judicator of the Order of Serenity, his outpost is on the surface. First introduced in Chapter 15, he is actually a very ancient Light Elf.

  • Cool Old Guy
  • Elderly Immortal (His noticeably aged appearance is implied to be the result of mana deprivation from living on the surface, since he's probably around the same age as the other Judicators and the rest of them still look relatively young.)
  • Info Dump (Gives one to Chiri at her request explaining the real reason the Kyorl do what they do.)
  • The Obi-Wan (To Chiri and Shan, helping them understand the Kyorl's mission and reassuring Chiri about her Light Elf heritage since he's not only one himself but they all technically are.)
  • Only Sane Man (By far the most level-headed Judicator of the bunch seen so far. Given that he runs the Order of Serenity this comes with the territory.)
  • Reasonable Authority Figure (Compared to the other Judicators, and it's implied that one reason he stays on the surface is to avoid the strife caused by his fellows. He's also implied to serve as a sort of refuge, since he turns out to have a former Ill'haress staying with him and Shimi'lande's chosen successor is being trained by him.)

Se'tewa Kyorl'solenurn

Shi'fe Kyorl'solenurn

The 9th elected Ill'haress of the Kyorl, she now lives with Lioshi on the surface.

  • Curtains Match the Window
  • Foreshadowing (her brief appearance in Chapter 20 foreshadows two later plot points, mainly that the Kyorl change their Ill'haress, and one line in particular where she explains "not all of us [Ill'haresses] die before retirement" becomes very significant after Chapter 42.)
  • Puppet Ill'haress (implied that this may have been her fate and why she was sent away)
  • Reasonable Authority Figure (implied to have been this during her term)
  • She Knows Too Much (presumably the reason she's kept on the surface away from the rest of the Kyorl, since she knows about their Light Elf heritage)

Myou Kyorl'solenurn

One of the many drow and light elves imprisoned in the dungeons of Nagyescsed with Faen by the Halme King and Queen. Myou used to work for the Order of Serenity on a Kyorl'solenurn surface outpost before she was captured by Halme raiders. After Ariel and her gang free them, she travels with Chirinide and Shan'naal to reunite Freyja with her family in Chapter 29.

Anahid Kyorl'solenurn

A would be Holy Mother and Shimi'lande's chosen successor.

  • Facial Markings: Noticeably lacks this, which Chiri immediately points out.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: When brought to the Underworld, she shows a great deal of idealism in contrast to the normally Knight Templar attitude of the clan, and is rather naive to the ruthless cutthroat nature of the Underworld.

     Other Judicators 

Sek'kyou Kyorl'solenurn

The Judicator of the Order of Truth and one of Kyuusei's fellow conspirators in his coup d'etat.

  • Blondes Are Evil / White Hair, Black Heart
  • The Fundamentalist (In pre-timeskip Chapter 18 he is very vocal about spreading the word of tainted purging across the Chel population)
  • Improbable Age (Is surprisingly more youthful looking and less lined than the rest of the Judicators, despite presumably being as old as the rest of them.)
  • Tempting Fate "Have more faith in our grey children (whilst speaking to Obaja). They know obedience." ( In the following panel readers see Belphaegor rescuing his Dutan'vir descended comrades from their prison cell.)

Obaja Kyorl'solenurn

The Judicator of an as yet unnamed Order, she is notably the only female judicator seen in the Council.

  • Blood Knight (she's hinted to be this. Her first appearance in Chapter 17 has her actively calling for more crusades against the tainted to bolster spirits among Kyorls and she is notably more lined and muscular than the other Judicators, not to mention other female Light Elves and drowussu.)
  • The Cassandra (she accurately guesses and tells Kyuusei how his plan will fall apart but her advice is ignored)
  • The One Guy (Is the only female Judicator seen in the Council of Judicators)
  • Scars Are Forever (has multiple scars on her face)

Unnamed male Judicator

     Servants and Miscellaneous Characters 


An attendant of Shimi'lande. She is very devoted to the ill'haress and was the last person to see Shimi'lande alive before her assassination. Unfortunately she ends up a pawn in a political conspiracy.

  • Big Eyes Little Eyes (her eyes are drawn to take up a third of her face making her look even more innocent)
  • Break the Cutie (the entirety of her arc during Chapter 42)
  • Foregone Conclusion (those familiar with her role in the Relic Hunters game where she originated, weren't all that surprised when she wound up getting tainted and thrown out of the Kyorl though the in-comic circumstances were slightly different)
  • Sacrificial Lamb / The Scapegoat (her ultimate fate)


A dawmere trainer and friend of Petri'cho, who helps Merril'lin intervene to save Petri'cho from further torture.


Present in Chapter 42 to deliver the eulogy for Shimi'lande after her death.


A Kyorl'solenurn Warden who was formerly a member of the Dutan'vir clan.


A former Dutan'vir enlisted as a templar in Kyorl'solenurn ranks. He begins to question his loyalties after witnessing a troubling turn of events during Chapter 42.

  • Berserk Button (Hates zealots according to his concept page)
  • Fiery Red Head (His personality is this, though his hair color is slightly more orange than red)
  • Green Eyes
  • Mixed Ancestry (As a former Dutan'vir and mixblood)
  • The Purge (He and his fellow Dutan'vir descended compatriots are targeted for one of these in Chapter 42)
  • Tragic Keepsake (He notably wears an earring in one ear depicting a stag. The stag was the symbol of the Dutan'vir clan before it fell.)


A fellow stable boy in the Kyorl'solenurn fortress who helps Sativah look after the clan's dawmeres. He is a person of few words who gets on better with animals than with people.

  • JerkAss (After Petri'cho is tainted and being exiled from the Kyorl fortress he throws rocks at her and calls her a traitor)
  • Not Good with People (Prefers dawmeres to the company of other drowussu)
  • The Fundamentalist (hates anyone who does not fit into Kyorl'solenurn standards it is suggested that this is why he helped alert guards to capture Petri'cho before she could deliver Shimi'lande's final messages)
  • The Quiet One


A blue haired inquisitor first seen in Chapter 42.


An Inquisitor first appearing in Chapter 42, she is part of the group who come to escort Chirinide and relay to her the news of Shimi'lande's death. Her concept art can be found here.

  • Blindfolded Vision (to augment her empathic powers, similar to how Ae'theriss wears her own blindfold)
  • Cynicism Catalyst (the "death" of her sister Nuru'lara, who later turns up alive and well, if tainted, among the Sarghress. It's left ambiguous if Ari'nara was told Nuru'lara had died or if her "death" was meant more in the Fate Worse Than Death way the Kyorl use when referring to the tainted)
  • Drowning My Sorrows (after the death of her sister)
  • The Empath (she is an Inquisitor)
  • Fragile Flower (fell into an alcohol and chocolate fueled depression after her sister's "death")
  • Living Lie Detector (part of her job)
  • The Mole (chapter 49 has her reveal that she's kept up contact with her sister and has been passing her information, which she feels incredibly conflicted about)
  • Strong Family Resemblance (unsurprisingly, to her sister)

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