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Nal'sarkoth clan symbol

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     The Clan as a whole 

Background Information:

The Nal'sarkoth are originally from another underground city called Mimaneid, which is why they appear somewhat darker than standard Chelians, as well as seeming to have shorter ears than other drow. In some ways a rival to the Val'Illhar'dro as both clans hold a monopoly on trade, but they also work together for their mutual benefit and are on friendly terms with each other. It also helps that their trade links are mutually co-operative, the Illhar'dro mostly focus on underworld contacts and expansion, whereas the Nal'Sarkoth specialise in overworld trade and settlements as explained by the writers in the Nal'Sarkoth clan podcast.

  • All There in the Manual (the clan's history, as written by the clan's creators)
  • Animal Motifs (their clan mount appears to be some type of yak called a Haledri)
  • Bodyguard Betrayal (According to the Daydream story set in Mimaneid, the Nal'sarkoth were originally allied with the Kashyra, a clan they had hired to do mercenary and security work for them, but this became an example of Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal since the Kashyra didn't feel appreciated by the Nal'sarkoth, so they were eventually overthrown, the original leader killed and only Rel'lumia and a few others escaping to Chel.)
  • Contest Winner Cameo (a variation, in that they were created by two fans as part of a contest and then added to the series' official canon, and as a fairly major player in Chel's political scene, too)
  • Elemental Eye Colors (most members of the clan seem to have Green Eyes, which fits with the fact that they tend to have wood affinities)
  • Everyone Went to School Together (its not canon that the two clans would recognise each other, but it has now been confirmed that the Jaal'darya also once lived in Mimaneid)
  • Green Thumb (the clan's hat, since they're among the only people in Chel who know how to work with plants, have affinities for wood and have major ties to the surface, and because green dye is expensive and hard to get they use it as their clan's color)
  • Hufflepuff House (so far they've played this role in the main story, but they're very important in the Path To Power and Relic Hunters games)
  • Intrepid Merchant (Like the Illhar'dro they have many ties to the surface and trade is their main source of income.)
  • Noble Fugitive (the entire clan became this after having to flee their home city of Mimaneid before they settled in Chel)
  • Odd Couple (Their house is made up of various races not just drow. This is due to a need to bulk up their numbers and the fact that their trading covers a vast network area. Some dwarves and even halmes head minor sub-houses but when entering Chel are almost always accompanied by a drow.)
  • Properly Paranoid (they designed their home in Chel so that an attack like the one that drove them out of Mimaneid couldn't happen again, and they actively cultivate positive relationships with other clans to avoid the jealousy and discontent that caused it)
  • Self-Made Orphan (Rel'lumia's second daughter attempted this but failed)


Rel'lumia Val'Nal'sarkoth

The Illharess of the Val'Nal'sarkoth clan.


Ini'riia Val'Nal'sarkoth

Rel'lumia's eldest daughter and heir. She knows Kel'noz from many years ago, appearing in early chapters chronicling Ariel starting Orthobbae. She has also appeared in a Daydream story chronicling Mel'arnach's own years at Orthobbae.

  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished (notably averted during chapter 38. Her hair is very frizzy, likely from the heat, and she seems to have a burn on her right cheek. Amusingly, her white dress seems to be spotless, meaning it got off better than she did.)
  • Curtains Match the Window (though her hair is almost certainly dyed)
  • Giant Poofy Sleeves (on her dress in Chapter 38, though a bit lower down than most, and her actual shoulders are bare, leaving them as semi-detached sleeves)
  • New Old Flame (for Kel'noz if you take the Daydream story where she has a crush on him as canon)
  • Number Two (of her mother)
  • Reasonable Authority Figure (Was concerned with the fate of one of the landlords in her district in Chapter 38.)
  • Simple Staff (Carries a staff around with her. This is said by Word of God to be seen as redundant in Chel and Nuqrah'shareh, but this might be a remnant of her roots back in Mimaneid; said to be a very traditional minded city which still considers duels to be a appropriate way of determining strength.)
  • Woman in White (In Chapter 38 she wears a pure white dress that somehow manages to escape damage)


Gailen Val'Nal'sarkoth

Ini'riia's youngest son, and a classmate of Ariel's. He is put in the spotlight in the maybe canon contest story Disharmony. The first time we see him since Ariel was at school is in Chapter 39 where he is waiting for Shinae to give birth.



A Nal'sarkoth tax collector, currently in service to Snadhya'rune. Also heavily implied to be a Nidraa'chal agent.

  • Bouncer (He takes this role very seriously as Mel'arnach and later Chrys'tel found out.)
  • Dramatic Ellipsis (He frequently punctuates his sentences with these to give himself a more ominous tone.)
  • Evil Debt Collector (Or rather, an evil tax collector to be precise)
  • Insult Backfire (When Lulianne (actually Khaless in disguise) calls him a creep, he says that hearing it from her, he considers that a compliment.)
  • Knife Nut (When first introduced, he keeps holding one behind his back the entire time he is talking with Mel'arnach and Lulianne. Then in Chapter 44, he upgrades this into a sword)
  • Obviously Evil (So much so, it appears to be deliberate on the creator's choice.)
  • Psychotic Smirk (Sports one of these when he insists on escorting Mel'arnach and Lulianne.)
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning (He has the red eyes of a tainted and is decidedly creepy.)

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