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    The Clan as a whole 

Background Information:

A clan of mercenaries united around Quain'tana as a figurehead. They came to Val status with the help of the Sullisin'rune and replaced the Val'Egan'dar clan (note .)

  • Animal Motifs (The wolf, which are larger than regular wolves and required Rosof to search the Surface for wolves of the right size.)
  • Asskicking Equals Authority How individuals move up in rank.
  • Badass Army ( The single largest fighting force in Chel. The Fallen Legion are badass Special op units , the Fang Legion ride giant wolves and the Highland Raiders are skilled elites who comb the world for treasures, fighting anyone and anything that gets in their way.)
  • The Clan (Due to them recruiting from all over Drow society the Sarghress clan is one of the largest in Chel)
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience (Originally, Sarghress armor was painted red to help the readers distinguish the Sarghress from the other clans. But as the artists grew more confident in their skills, they felt this was less necessary and got in the way of creating more custom designs for different characters. They took advantage of the Time Skip to explain away the removal of Sarghress red as Quain'tana wanting to save money on paint.)
  • Cycle of Revenge (The main cause of Dysfunction Junction in the Val house. Kel'noz even directly says that Ariel shouldn't be burdened with the grudges they've carried for centuries.)
    • Also blatant in one scene, with Word of God confirming it was on purpose, where a young Quain sits at the bottom of a pit with an injured arm, the exact same fate she would inflict on Mel years later.
    • In general, Sarghress females seem to have an unfortunate history with arm injuries, with Ariel being the latest case and losing her left arm completely
  • Dishing Out Dirt (Foci are special gems that allow Fae without a given elemental affinity to manipulate that element. Quain'tana made earth foci standard issue for her clan.)
  • Everyone Is Related (Through a complicated series of adoptions, descent and baby switching most featured characters in the Sarghress are related to each other on some level. In Ariel's squad alone the only one not related as far as we know is Faen (note ), while Kau and Shala are Quain'tana's grandchildren through adoption and Sarnel is Kel'noz's grandson, not to mention a second cousin to Ariel herself. And then Kalki throws a gigantic, spoilerific wrench into the whole family tree.)
  • Gambit Pile Up (There are hints that the multiple interests making up the Sarghress are a weakness that could cause the clan to implode. Lulianne, a former Dutan'vir clearly has her own plans to bring back her old clan and now thanks to Khaless' possession is also a spy for Snadhya'rune; as do Sker, Minka and Mikilu as seen in a pre-timeskip cameo. Sil'lice is also hiding within the Sarghress, and while its not known what her exact plans are, she still doesn't exactly follow the Sarghress party line. Then there's the fact that sleeper Nidraa'chal agents are in the clan as they are in apparently every major clan and even Kel'noz, Quain'tana's own son and the person she seems to trust most, has his own agenda. The only thing holding these people together is their mutual dislike of the Vel'Sharen, and it's uncertain if even that'll be enough.)
  • Generation Xerox (Both deconstructed and invoked, since the fact that the same patterns are being repeated across generations is not a good thing, and Quain'tana's specific desire to have an heir who's a Generation Xerox of her has caused many more problems than it has solved.)
  • Half-Identical Twins (Mel and Kel were this initially, to the point that they could successfully pull Twin Switches when at Orthorbbae, but by the time of the main story they're definitely not this both physically and in terms of philosophy.)
  • The Hecate Sisters (The female members of the family can be seen as variations on this, and the trope is also played with in regards to their roles, which may not be as clear cut as they appear at first. The cover of the first chapter even poses them like this see below):
    • Ariel: Child (in the first arc) / Maiden (in the second)
    • Mel'arnach: Witch (in appearance) Mother (in reality, especially after the timeskip)
    • Syphile: Maiden (when younger) Crone / Witch (in her role as Ariel's guardian)
    • Quain'tana: Mother (officially to Ariel) Crone / Matriarch (as the official leader of the clan)
  • Horse of a Different Color (The Sarghress use wolves as their primary mounts, and Rosof's Wolfriders in particular have a special bond with their animals.)
  • Kick the Dog (For all their claims of being 'for the commoners', some of the less scrupulous members are not averse to chopping up those who annoy them for wolf food - such as those who were protesting about their homes being knocked down to build a blockade... )
  • Oddly Shaped Sword (The Sarghress clan's symbol. In the older version of Drowtales, this was the symbol of the god the Sarghress clan worshipped. In the current version, Quain'tana received the inspiration for it when she slashed through the tattoo of her first Val victim and it became a symbol for how Vals can be taken down in spite of their claim to blood supremacy.)
  • Private Military Contractors (This was what they used to do, and even after becoming a Val clan they kept it up until they gained a lot of territory in the Nidraa'chal War aftermath.)
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy (The clan philosophy.)
  • Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits (The entire clan is mostly made up of commoners and exiles with no real ties between one another except for uniting around Quain'tana as a figurehead leader.)
  • Reality Ensues (in chapter 47 the logistics of feeding such a large army reach a critical point, especially after their plantations on the surface have gone silent/been attacked by the Nidra'chaal.)
  • Royally Screwed Up (The main Val house in spades. Any family where the mother feels justified in breaking the arms of her child is this and then some.)
  • Theme Naming (All the members of the main Val house save for Quain'tana and Syphile have names beginning or ending with "...el". Whether this is just a quirk on Quain'tana's note  part or if there is a more meaningful reason behind this is unknown)
  • The Three Faces of Adam (As a Spear Counterpart to the above The Hecate Sisters trope, the main male members also fall into this trope, especially since Kel'noz and Rosof both have a mutual descendant in Sarnel.)
    • Sarnel: The Hunter
    • Kel'noz: The Lord
    • Rosof: The Prophet / Mentor, which is emphasized even more by him actually looking old.
  • Slave Liberation (The Sarghress originally practiced slavery as much as any other clan, but as of the Timeskip, the Sharen have been enslaving many of their citizens to retain control and reward their Black Sun allies. Since the Sarghress see commoners as "their people", they have launched a number of operations to rescue said slaves. Whether the slaves are actually released depends on the circumstances, but even the slaves that are simply looted are given the choice to win their freedom through service, and according to Ariel, her clan has been gradually working towards ending the practice.)
  • Slobs Versus Snobs (On the slobbish side. The Sarghress favor pragmatism over decadence. They accept males as officers, they are willing to use goblins as soldiers, and their buildings are plain and tasteless, as noted by Chrys'tel, using this to hold them in disdain. The Sarghress believe that everyone should have the right to prove themselves, regardless of their background, and have taken great pains to force the other Val clans to acknowledge them. The Sharen and the other Blue Blood clans take great offence at this, wanting to keep all the power in their own families, and justifying the caste system as a goddess assigned state. They regard the Sarghress as an upstart clan and take great alarm at their rise to power. They have made many attempts to crush them.)
  • Wolf Versus Dragon (The Sarghress are currently seen as the bitterest rivals to the Sharen for power.)
  • Zerg Rush (One tactic of the "War Meat" squadron, which is made up of non-fae, is to charge in and take out demons and nether summoners because they have no auras to be possessed by, allowing the regular troops to come in later and avoid being tainted.)

Main Val Family

    Quain'tana Val'Sarghress 

Quain'tana Val'Sarghress

Originally a street rat, Quain'tana turned the Sarghress clan from a ragtag bunch of mercenaries into one of the most powerful militaries in the world setting. Not a very good parent.

  • Abusive Parents (Offenses listed on the main trope page)
  • Amazonian Beauty / Brawn Hilda (In the past she was definitely more of the former, but is now more of the latter.)
  • Ambiguously Gay (Quain displays zero interest in sex with men, except presumably for procreation in the past, and given her status and the number of people who admire her she probably could have her pick of lovers among her men if she so desired. By contrast, it is all but outright stated that she and Ash'Waren are lovers and Ash is one of the only people Quain displays anything resembling gentleness and affection towards.)
  • Anti-Magic (Quain'tana is immune to most mana arts, and it is likely this ability is the reason Quain'tana is never seen to use any mana based techniques of her own. This ability is extremely rare and has been called legendary by one of her enemies.)
  • Badass
  • Barefoot Poverty (as a young woman)
  • Best Served Cold (When she was a young thief, living on the streets, she was mercilessly struck down by a Sharen Dragon Knight for stealing bread and left for dead. After centuries of determination, she finally succeeds in bringing down most of the Sharen clan and ends their rule over Chel.)
  • Big Damn Heroes (plays this role to Zala'ess, of all people in chapter 47)
  • Braids of Barbarism (starts wearing her hair this way in chapter 31)
  • Broken Pedestal (Ariel found out the hard way that Quain'tana is not the kind mother she imagined)
  • Celibate Hero (Implied, though this part of her life has not been focused on in the main story at all. Though the presence of her children clearly indicates she has had sexual relationships in the past these may have been solely for the purpose of producing children and not anything else. Not to mention she can't have kids anymore and thus may not bother. The partially-canon Daydream story about her and Ash'waren also has Ash asking if she sees sex as a duty more than anything, and though her relationship with Ash seems to have started as simply a matter of politics it seems to have developed into something deeper later)
  • Character Development (it's still early, but there are indications that she might be starting to soften, especially this)
  • Dark and Troubled Past (Quain'tana grew up an orphan, living on the streets. She had to steal food to survive and was nearly killed by a Sharen dragon knight for her trouble, having to dodge slavers shortly afterwards. She has received little mercy throughout her life, and for this reason has no mercy for weakness on the part of her descendants.)
  • Designated Hero (in universe and out)
  • Determinator (When she was a young Street Urchin, she was nearly killed by a Sharen Dragon Knight for stealing loaves of bread. Severely wounded and desperate to have her revenge, she struggled through the depths of Chel to survive, whatever the cost. When speaking of her desires to other street dwellers, they told her it was impossible, since none of them could ever have anywhere near the power to fight the Vals. This only made her all the more determined to see the downfall of the Sharen clan, a task at which she eventually succeeds.)
  • The Dog Bites Back (her very first kill was an example of this when she went after the Sharen Dragon Knight who had previously wounded her for stealing loaves of bread and left her to die in the street)
  • Drowning My Sorrows (Did this after being rendered barren)
  • Enemy Mine (Makes a truce with Zala'ess's faction of the Sharen, agreeing to work together against the Nidraa'chal. She also comes to Zala'ess's rescue when Ni'bai tries using Kharla'ggen to bring about The End of the World as We Know It.)
  • Face Palm (as seen above, her family seems to have gotten this from her)
  • From Nobody to Nightmare (from the perspective of the Sharen, since she started as a no-name street rat and eventually effectively ended their domain over Chel)
  • Freudian Excuse (her past as a street rat who was shown no mercy by authority figures is the main reason she's so ruthless now)
  • Heir Club for Men (Quain is willing do anything — and we do mean anything — to make sure she has an heir. Except, apparently, make a deal with the Jaal'darya, either due to even Quain having standards, since the process is described as horrific, or simply not being willing to shell out the absurd amount of money it would require, which is pretty likely considering that a similar procedure is said to have drained Snadhya'rune's assets for nearly a year.)
  • Heroic BSOD (For a given definition of "heroism" anyway. As seen in a flashback, she did not take being rendered barren thanks to a battle wound inflicted by Sarv'swati very well. It's one of the reasons she leans so hard — to put it lightly — on Mel to bear an heir)
  • Hypocrite (see also Not So Different, and a big theme in the comic is that despite publicly being against the Sharen Quain is willing to do many of the same things in order to gain power, especially when it comes to her Control Freak tendencies over her family, which Mel lampshades)
  • I Want Grandkids (To Mel, in the most horrific way possible)
  • Jerkass Has a Point (has several moment of this, adding to the Grey and Grey Morality of the setting since while she's not a particularly nice person, she's, well, right about a bunch of things)
    • Most of her criticisms of the Sharen are shown to be pretty spot-on, especially when it comes to how the Sharen underestimate the people they rule over. And during the Nidraa'chal War, it turns out that she was dead on about it really being an inside issue for the Sharen, since the Sharen daughters themselves were behind it.
    • Pulling Ariel out of Orthorbbae when her true gender is discovered by Snadhya'rune is this, especially since we find out that Snadhya explicitly planned to bring Ariel in to control her.
    • Her reaction to Mel in chapter 32, where she says she doesn't trust her due to Mel having threatened to kill her not two months ago, made doubly so by the fact that the audience knows that Snadhya'rune put Mel up to it and that the whole thing is a lie. Even so, she lost a lot of sympathy when she proceeded to restrain Mel and break her arms with a hammer.
    • In general, her disapproval of Mel'arnach and Snadhya'rune's relationship, since the latter has very much started showing her true colors. Though in this case it may be Right for the Wrong Reasons on Quain's part.
    • Also, her anger at Syphile tainting herself becomes this in hindsight with the revelation that many if not most of Snadhya's seeds are intentionally faulty and designed to kill the user within 50 years, and it's very likely that Syphile was carrying one of those seeds.
  • Karma Houdini (Not unlike much of the cast.)
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude:(a Running Gag in the comic and fandom is how she can easily be mistaken for male given her body-builder like physique, such as here, and the creator specified in one side comic how she was to be drawn, but depending on the artist this is or isn't followed)
  • Large Ham (if there was ever any doubt... And earlier, her verbal spar with Zala left toothmarks all over the set)
  • Law of Inverse Fertility (got hit by this hard)
  • Maternally Challenged (one interpretation of her bad relationships with her children is that she's not so much intentionally cruel as much as having no idea how to properly treat them, and among her children Laele'aell seems to have been treated best)
  • Memetic Badass (In-universe. To her great annoyance)
    • Unwanted False Faith (to the people who see her as some sort of Messiah. Especially since her biggest opponents the Sharen used the image of Sharess to create a religion as a system of control, and Quain is openly disdainful of this tactic)
  • Might Makes Right (A lesson she says she learned from the Sharen.)
  • No Sell (though we don't know much about her abilities at this point, Kel'noz at one point says that she can effectively do this with mana attacks that are directed at her by absorbing the mana into her own body)
  • Not So Different (with Diva'ratrika. Both are obsessed with continuing their bloodlines and pressure their daughters to have children, both are Control Freaks, both of their children wind up hating them, and they both share a descendant in Kalki)
  • Offing the Offspring (surprisingly, this has only occurred once that we know of, with Syphile who attacked her first)
  • One Head Taller: (as seen here, Quain is one head taller than her ally/partner Ash'waren)
  • Parental Abandonment (cause and victim)
  • Pet the Dog (her relationship with Ash'waren, and the fact that when one of her dev'esses, Sang, was tortured by the Sharen and lost all of her limbs Quain'tana got her all new golem limbs and had her re-trained. One golem limb, much less four, are expensive in the DT world. The case can also be made for Moral Myopia in terms of her relationships with her children. She gets another one in chapter 30 where she finally tells Ariel that she makes her proud, with the slight pause suggesting that she's not really sure how to even say it.)
  • Red Baron (Has often been referred to by her enemies as "The Big Bad Wolf")
  • Reluctant Ruler (she really doesn't want to be a figurehead ruler, and even says that if she manages to defeat the Sharen she'd leave the role of Empress to Ash'waren and go adventuring again, which has shades of Cincinnatus)
  • Satisfied Street Rat (deconstructed, since we see exactly how messed up a person raised like she was can become)
  • Scars Are Forever (the author has produced NSFW art that shows that Quain has a wicked scar on her abdomen from when Sarv'swati made her barren)
  • Screw Destiny (Sharen propaganda states that only they and people from similarly established lines have the right to any kind of authority by divine decree. To do anything else is seen as a defiance of fate and their rightful place in life. Quain'tana has been described as someone who has fought everything to defy her destiny. She grew up as a common thief, and seeing the rough lives lived on the streets, vowed to end the rigid caste system. In time, she eventually built up enough power to threaten the entire Val class.)
  • Shipper on Deck (In the worst way for Mel. In the most hilarious way for Ariel.)
  • Shut Up, Hannibal! (in chapter 47 she makes it abundantly clear that Zala's bullshit has no effect on her, using only two fingers to shut her up)
  • The Spartan Way (how she seems to view most things, especially child rearing. As for the results, well, see above.)
  • Street Urchin (Her origin. She and her companions lived out on the streets and were forced to steal food to survive.)
  • Strong Family Resemblance (the young Quain looks a lot like Ariel despite actually being her grandmother rather than her mother)
  • Super Strength (She can shatter a pillar of stone with her fists.)
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl (tomboy to Ash'waren's girly girl)
  • Troubled Backstory Flashback (the middle part of chapter 45 is one for her, and shows what's presumably her very first kill, when she kills the Sharen Dragon Rider who previously cut her down in the street)
  • 24-Hour Armor (to the point that we've only seen her outside of it once so far in the main archive.)
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid (though we don't get much of a sense of her personality, the young Quain'tana was a cute young woman who showed Tears of Fear when confronted by a dragon knight)
  • Vague Age (like her children, Quain's exact age is ambiguous, and given the circumstances she grew up in Quain herself may not even know the exact year of her birth. Context and Mel's speculation on her own age suggests she's at least 300, possibly 400 given that the Sarghress were officially acknowledged in the 700s according to the series timeline.)
  • Who Wants to Live Forever? (something she actually fears, stating that she'd rather die on the surface due to mana deprivation than wind up trapped in the city like Diva'ratrika was)

    Ariel Val'Sarghress 

Ariel Val'Sarghress

The main character, daughter of Quain'tana (or so she thinks) and heir of the Sarghress clan.

  • Amazonian Beauty (after the timeskip. Just check out her bicep in a shower scene, and though she's usually wearing long sleeves several pieces of art make it clear that the girl is ripped. It's also made clear that she's found attractive by several characters in-universe.)
  • An Arm and a Leg (Kalki stabs her hand into the table. Shortly after Ariel gets her hand free, Kalki "helps" her by chopping off her arm completely. Ariel eventually steals Kalki's to replace it.)
  • Anti-Hero (swings back and forth, but seems to have settled into a Type IV, or possibly even a Type III after the timeskip, where she's willing to Shoot the Dog and essentially force a man into slavery despite not personally wanting to because the Sarghress need the support of his accuser to help hold the district.)
  • Appendage Assimilation (steals Kalki's arm as payback for her half-sister chopping off hers)
  • Badass Adorable (as the story goes on she increasingly becomes this.)
    • Badass (After the timeskip as a young adult. She not only fearlessly chases after a guy to get a nether gate out of his chest and helps take it out with her bare hands but later takes out a Vloz'ress Scourge and kills the wielders of a Black Sun cannon.)
  • Berserk Button (Monster!.
  • Black Mage
  • Blade on a Stick (her primary weapon after the timeskip, likely taking inspiration from Vaelia.)
  • Blow You Away (besides her shapeshifting, she also has an affinity for air sorcery.)
  • Boobs of Steel (notably averted. Despite being one of the tallest characters around she's modestly endowed (NFSW) by the standards of most drow females and identified as a B cup, which is clearly one trait she got from Quain)
  • Book Dumb (shows signs of this, including not knowing her clan's history outside of the romanticized versions she read though this makes sense considering Syphile's lackluster teaching and the fact that she only spent about 5 years at Orthorbbae, and much of the time she did spend there was spent trying to avoid being attacked again, and she's explicitly said to have not gotten very good grades as a result.)
  • Boys Have Cooties (In a chibi, when asked if she has ever attempted to use her shapeshifting powers for a Gender Bender, she asks, "Why would I do that? Boys are gross.")
  • Break the Cutie (pretty much since day 1.)
  • Broken Bird (showed signs of it, but seems to have mostly avoided becoming this trope after the timeskip.)
  • Cain and Abel (the Abel with Kalki Nidraa'chal, who goes so far as to attempt to kill her by chopping off her arm when they meet in chapter 46)
  • Character Development (much of the story has focused on her developing from a little kid with no clue how the outside world works into a Little Miss Badass with her own crew of badasses at her back. Which is exactly what Quain'tana wanted to happen.)
  • Cheerful Child (originally, though she's not completely broken yet.)
  • Children Forced To Kill (happens to her pre-timeskip, first when she's forced to kill Mir'kiin)
  • Chronic Pet Killer (has been Flanderized into this by fans even though she's only had three, but she is still 1-2 on their survival since Melodia the feral isn't dead yet and survived the timeskip.)
  • Creepy Child (She has her moments, and one forumgoer's response to this page was to post a picture of Samara from The Ring.)
  • Determinator (Word of God is that this is what qualifies her to be a protagonist.
  • Dramatic Irony (for most of the story the audience and several other characters have known that her mother is really Mel'arnach, not Quain'tana, but she doesn't yet know. This makes a lot of her interactions with both Mel and Quain that much more interesting.
  • Et Tu, Brute? (she's visibly shaken when she realizes that Kyo'nne has lied and delivered her straight to Snadhya'rune)
  • Expository Hairstyle Change (when last seen before the timeskip had red streaks in her hair, but these have changed back to the same purple she used when Mel first taught her how to change her hair. This may represent accepting her true heritage, at least on some level.)
    • In Chapter 46, she changes her purple streaks to Sarghress red to disassociate herself from the too-friendly Sharen who notes that she's wearing 'their' colors in her hair.
  • Expressive Hair (post Felde, her hair visibly reacts to her moods, such as puffing up (fifth panel) when she realizes whatever she's eating is definitely not fish)
  • Face Palm (after the timeskip she seems to have picked up some habits from Kel'noz.)
  • Face Stealer
    • Technically averted. Her shapeshifting powers don't work that way. But Shinae infers the same meaning and uses the exact words as an insult.
    • Kalki incorrectly perceives her to be doing this when she takes on her form, due to her knowledge of Khaless, who plays it straight.
  • Famed In-Story (She apparently has gained a reputation among Sarghress enemies if one of them can identify her by her abilities. This Vloz'ress Summoner also knows Ariel. Other people within the Sarghress ranks also seem to know her by name.)
  • Freak Out (did not react well to Faen's disappearance at all.)
  • Gender Bender (According to one of the chibis, she once attempted this with her shapeshifting powers, but she can't manage more than the appearance.)
  • Gender-Blender Name (both in-story and out. No one seems to bat an eye at the name when she's in Orthorbbae, and in the real world the name Ariel previously was used mostly for males but has only become associated more with females in the past century. When the author pronounces the name he also pronounces it as the more masculine "R-E-L" rather than the more feminized "Air-E-L")
  • Generation Xerox (Played with in a few ways. Quain'tana wants this to happen and have Ariel have a similar upbringing to herself, believing it will produce a strong heir, but Ariel also doesn't want this to happen when it comes to her and Mel her biological mother and this is the main reason she tells Faen they should be "just friends" since she knows that Mel's relationships with women was a major source of conflict between her and Quain, but she eventually gives in)
  • Glamour Failure (though only the audience and possibly Kiel seem to notice, there are a few things off about her Kalki disguise, the main one being that her pupils are a monotone red as opposed to the white spirals in the pupils the real one has. And it was shown much earlier that while she can change her irises to the red color of a tainted drow, they lack the glow a real tainted has on close inspection)
  • Hair Wings (She can shift her hair into wings for gliding.)
  • Handicapped Badass (losing an arm less an hour before does absolutely nothing to stop her from decking Yuh'le in the face and giving Kalki a well deserved punch. Evidently she gets this from her biological father, Zhor who himself showed this in the same incident. Unfortunately it wears off after a time and Kalki manages to knock her unconscious)
  • Healing Factor (Can easily stop bleeding superficial cuts with her shapeshifting powers, but Word of God and Ariel herself explain that the damage is still there, making it something of an aversion since all she's doing is shifting the skin, and it's still painful. An internal wound would do just as much damage to her as it would anyone else. It does give her an edge in combat by making it look like she can simply No Sell her opponents' attacks, which at the very least takes them off guard or flat out panic.)
    • Also subverted in chapter 46, when her attempts to reattach her own arm fail miserably, though it's implied that this might have worked had Kalki not run off with it and they'd tried sooner.
  • Heroic BSOD (she's understandably pretty upset to find her own severed arm lying on the floor where Kalki dropped it.)
  • Heroic Resolve (mostly on account of being a Determinator. Also subverted in that while she manages to walk off less serious injuries and can use her shapeshifting to at least keep herself moving until she can get proper treatment, she's several times been injured to the point of needing immediate medical attention. After her fall from the Orthorbbae tower in chapter 2 it's heavily implied that she would have died from her stab wound if Faen hadn't been there to heal her, and in chapter 40 her fall from the top of the fortress wall is implied to have broken several bones and possibly cracked several vertebrae, leaving her unable to get up, and it's obvious she'll be out of commission for some time after this)
    • Also displays this in chapter 46 by continuing to run around and even punch out Yuh'le after losing her arm and nearly bleeding to death and it's quite clear from the bags under her eyes and her overall body language that she's exhausted, in great pain and moving mostly because of adrenaline and willpower.
  • Holy Child (Chirinide and the rest of the Kyorl'solenurn seem to think she's this and call her the "Daughter of the Holy Eye" (read: Zhor, an aware), but Ariel is skeptical, to say the least.)
  • Informed Attribute (Ariel apparently has a very nice butt. We only know this through other character's reactions to it since the "camera" doesn't place that much emphasis on it, at least in the main archive)
  • It Gets Easier (soon after killing Mir'kiin she accidentally kills Maya when she shields Yafein from a mana blast during an argument the two are having, and Ariel is horrified by how easy it was for her to take another life. See My God, What Have I Done?)
  • I Will Find You (to Faen, and succeeded.)
  • Just Friends (when asked to prove who she is to Sar'nel she mentions that their parents tried to get them to date during the timeskip, though it didn't end up working out.)
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch (normally, the fact that she kicks Yuh'le after she'a already down would be a Kick the Dog moment, but considering what we know about Yuh'le and what she's capable of on top of Ariel's own physical and mental state it loses the sting and is completely understandable)
    • Also taking Kalki's arm for herself an action Ariel explicitly rejected when the unwilling "donor" was one of her fellow soldiers in light of the fact that doing it to the former is Laser-Guided Karma more than anything.
  • Kicked Upstairs (Quain'tana ordered that Ariel was to be kept in the Home Guard and not to be promoted until the District War is over. Ariel disobeys because of circumstances and as an attempt to make Quain'tana proud. Quain'tana is furious, but ends up sending her and her squad to the Raiders as "punishment", though it's clear that the "punishment" part is mostly for show. Once Ariel is gone, she acknowledges to another soldier that she actually would have done the same in her position. This also provides a good excuse to keep Ariel busy and far away from the District War, since the Sharen are likely to become far more dangerous now that Sarv'swati is on the brink of defeat and Quain doesn't want her heir anywhere near danger.)
    • Reassignment Backfire (... which unknowingly gets her into danger anyhow, since first she winds up in Ys, which is under attack by Hermiones, and then after following the airship she ends up in Felde, the Dragon's Nest of Snadhya'rune herself)
  • Kid Hero (by Drow standards, since she was physically only around 7 before the timeskip.)
  • Kill and Replace (by the timeskip her shapeshifting skills have advanced enough that she can pull this off with effort. The first time she tries it in Chapter 39 it fails because she gets the gender of the person she's imitating wrong, but subsequent attempts are more successful in part because she learned the Black Sun language over the timeskip.)
    • In chapter 46 Kalki also fear she's doing this when she takes on her appearance after taking her arm but Ariel angrily retorts that she doesn't want Kalki's place and kicks her head into a mirror.
  • Let's Just Be Friends (Tells this to Faen, since she doesn't think Quain'tana would approve of a relationship between them. However this seems to last all of a page before she gives in.)
  • Like Father, Like Son (Snadhya'rune says this of Ariel and her father in response to Ariel's idealism.)
  • Little Miss Badass (not at all surprising given who her mother is. This statement could apply to both Mel'arnach and Quain'tana.)
  • Living Emotional Crutch (Faen serves this role to her after the timeskip, since despite being older she's still very unsure of herself. Also crosses over with Morality Pet.)
  • Locked Out of the Loop (until Chapter 32, she was the only member of her immediate family that didn't know that her mother is really Mel'arnach, not Quain'tana.)
  • Multicolored Hair (can do it herself using magic.)
  • My God, What Have I Done? (after she kills Maya in a fit of rage during an argument with Yafein she has one of these moments and is horrified by how easy it was to kill again, and it stops her from developing into a full-blown Villain Protagonist. After the 15 year timeskip it's also hinted that one reason she's willing to stick up for slaves is because of what happened to Maya.)
  • Na´ve Newcomer (for the first arc of the story, but this trait seems to have largely disappeared after the timeskip.)
  • The Needs of the Many (after the timeskip, runs into this when dealing with district management.)
  • Not Now, Kiddo (Has this reaction towards Wafay at first, until Faen talks her into listening.)
  • Oblivious to Love (Ariel and Faen are very close friends, but Faen would like to be more. Faen has a strong crush on Ariel to the extent that Everyone Can See It, except Ariel herself. Even after Faen finally manages to kiss Ariel, Ariel remains rather oblivious, to the extent that when Faen tries to snuggle her later, Ariel's response is to ask her if she's all right. There may be a degree of Selective Obliviousness, since when Ariel decides to acknowledge Faen's feelings, she states Let's Just Be Friends, since she isn't sure Quain'tana would approve. She gives in anyway shortly after.)
  • One Head Taller (after the timeskip, with Faen, which is an inversion of when they were younger. Receives an amusing lampshading in one extra page.)
  • Organ Theft (Her shapeshifting abilities can theoretically perform this. She eventually uses it to steal Kalki's arm as revenge for cutting off her own and harming her friends.)
  • Parental Abandonment (she does not have a good track record with parental figures, who are either abusive, distant or imprisoned, with the exception of Vaelia who's now been Put on a Bus, albeit by Ariel herself and now we can add Diva'ratrika as a possible mother figure, leading to jokes that Ariel has a 3/5 chance of stabbing Diva in the back at some point.)
  • Plucky Girl (and how!)
  • Post-Kiss Catatonia (Her reaction when Faen finally grabs and kisses her is to walk to her destination in a confused daze.)
  • Prehensile Hair (Thanks to her shapeshifting powers. She has even been seen to use it to parry a blade in a three on one battle Chapter 46 and Word of God reveals that this is completely unconscious on her part, since she's visibly surprised to see her hair reach up to restrain Kalki to compensate for her severed arm.)
  • Purple Is Powerful (She seems to use purple as her signature color in place of the usual Sarghress red. Word of God also confirms that her hair is not actually pure white and is in fact a very light purple, in fact a lighter shade of Mel's hair color. If she had been surface born she would have clearly purple hair, though it would be several shades lighter than the dyed part of her hair.)
  • Raised by Dudes (partially, though the first ten years of her life were with Syphile, she's said to have visited Kel'noz regularly, and then when he took her to Orthorbbae effectively took over her guardianship, to the point that after the timeskip Ariel specifically says he raised her.)
  • Rapunzel Hair (even more so after the timeskip.)
  • Refuge in Audacity (in chapter 46, the only reason she gets away with shoving a guard off the bridge into the water is that the person she's impersonating, Kalki is that unpredictable and the guards are just used to putting up with her antics)
  • Reluctant Ruler (Word of God is that the responsibilities of her Val title and all that come with it are not something she actually wants, but something she thinks she has to take up in order not to let people down. Arc 2 of the current storyline consists of her slowly growing into her role as a leader and accepting more of those responsibilities.)
  • Relationship Upgrade (with Faen as of Chapter 44.)
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship (with Faen, and Faen at least would like more emphasis on the "romance" and less on the "friendship", but so far Ariel's feelings on the matter aren't known. After the timeskip it's also implied that the two of them already share a bed, though Ariel still remains Oblivious to Love until Chapter 44.)
  • Sadistic Choice (when she's forced by Quain'tana to choose between killing Mir'kiin, who she knows is an asshole but doesn't want to straight up murder, and fight her cousin Sarnel to the death. She chooses to kill Mir'kiin, and it's strongly implied this gives her PTSD.)
  • Shapeshifter Baggage (Averted, since Drowtales mostly follows the conservation of energy principle. She can only shapeshift within her own mass, or by absorbing material from her environment (which has big limitations).)
  • Shapeshifter Swan Song (When Ariel receives a critical injury and is bleeding to death, she is coached into sealing the wound with her shapeshifting. While struggling to do so, her control slips, and she ends up going through several of the different disguises she has assumed in the past.)
  • She Is All Grown Up (after the 15 year timeskip Ariel is now 30, or 15 physically, and shot up like a weed. Unsurprising, given her family.)
  • She's Got Legs (much of her height seems to be because of her very long legs.)
  • Soldiers at the Rear (Quaintana and the other higher ups intended her to remain a grunt doing homeland defense instead of risking herself as a leader on the battlefield until the District War was over. Due to circumstances, Ariel ends up unknowingly defying this.)
  • Spare to the Throne (If it hadn't been for Laele's possession, Syphile's disgrace and Mel's disinheritance, Ariel would never have a shot at the Sarghress leadership.)
  • Statuesque Stunner (After the timeskip, she's head and shoulders above her entire peer group which is entirely unsurprising given her family and the fact that she is a second generation drow on her father's side. She's also so tall that Faen has to stand on the tips of her toes in order to kiss her)
  • Strong Family Resemblance (After the timeskip, her resemblance to her female relatives becomes really apparent, especially to Mel'arnach and Kalki.)
  • Sweet Polly Oliver (While at Orthorbbae. It takes Snadhya'rune about five years to catch on, but her classmates figure it out within the first week, and are only prevented from spreading the news by not being able to leave. Kel'noz also clues in the other headmasters early on.)
  • Take a Third Option (One of her lessons in leadership. After witnessing a Sarghress soldier treat a looted slave like a foot stool, she gives an idealistic speech about not becoming like their enemies, splitting her team mates along idealistic and mercenary lines and causing the soldier in question to challenge her over the fate of the slave. As Faen summarizes the situation, defeating the soldier in a challenge would only make the others hate her more, losing would make them say she deserved it, and backing down would make them think she is weak. Ariel ultimately defuses the situation by giving the slave the chance to join the Sarghress as a partisan in exchange for her freedom.)
  • Talking Is a Free Action (Mostly averted for her. As of the timeskip, Ariel is prone to giving idealistic speeches in the middle of fights, but her enemies haven't been interested in listening, diverting her concentration.)
    • (However, while her enemies aren't listening, the nearby civilians are and she convinced them to take up arms and Zerg Rush the enemy.)
  • Thousand-Yard Stare (she gets this after killing Mir'kiin)
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl (With Faen, and it helps that she spent about five years disguised as a boy in Orthorbbae. Her tomboyishness, along with Sorane being in the same class helped to disguise her true gender.)
  • Verb This! (says this as she decks Kalki in the face)
  • Vitriolic Best Buds (With Diva after the timeskip, confirmed by Word of God.)
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting (Her signature ability, though she's warned that if she's not careful she could accidentally put a vital organ in the wrong place.)
  • Well Done Daughter Girl (Even though her relationship with Quain'tana can be rocky, she desperately wants her approval, and in Chapter 30 finally seems to get it.)
  • Yank the Dog's Chain (Right after she finally gets acknowledged as Quain'tana's heir, Faen disappears sending her into a deep depression.)

    Syphile Val'Sarghress 

Syphile Val'Sarghress

Ariel's adopted older sister, who herself was abused by Quain'tana and inflicts the same treatment on Ariel. There is little love lost between the two.

  • Abusive Parents (Foster parent, but still.)
  • Babysitter from Hell (When the girl you've raised says that her greatest wish is to kill you, you're this trope.)
  • Bad Boss (was so incompetent at running her district, leaving it to her Beleaguered Assistant Niende, whose name she didn't even bother to learn, that corrupt officers including Maki were allowed to do pretty much whatever they wanted, and the land itself was eventually taken away and given to Ariel.)
  • Butt Monkey (Her entire life is one long series of failures.)
  • Calling the Old Man Out (possibly her only Crowning Moment of Awesome.)
  • The Caretaker
  • Dying Moment of Awesome(Opinion varies, but at the very least her words had a lasting impact on Quain'tana.)
  • Enfant Terrible (Syphile had nightmares about Ariel crawling out of her crib as a baby and eating her face. Since Syphile knew who her parents actually were her calling Ariel 'Little Monster' most of her childhood and general abuse makes much more sense)
  • Humiliation Conga (Chapter 8 is one long string of this, first when she balks under Zala's gaze and brings Quaint'ana's wrath down on her, and then Ariel, who's roughly half her size, absorbing her own weapon and turning it against her, and then getting unceremoniously tossed down the stairs by Mel right in front of Quain'tana and the other devesses. This also pretty much marked the end of her being a threat to Ariel.)
  • It's All About Me (The "Syphile's Great Deed" story shows that even before she got tainted she had some of this attitude, and talks to herself about she's the only legitimate Val'Sarghress left since everyone else is either disgraced (Mel'arnach), adopted (Koil'dorath), a male (Kel'noz) or technically dead/a golem (Laele'aell), which just makes the end result of that story all the more ironic since she single-handedly removes herself from the running.)
  • Jerk Ass (to put it mildly.)
  • Maternally Challenged (Much like Quain'tana, but not played for laughs at all. She thinks leaving Ariel with a dictionary to study constitutes "teaching" her.)
  • Moral Event Horizon (In-universe, the brutal and completely unnecessary way she killed Fuzzy in front of Ariel after locking them in her room for a week without the means for Fuzzy to even to the bathroom properly seems to be the moment when Ariel decided she needed to die, and for the audience it made a lot of people lose sympathy for her.)
  • Neck Lift (At one point Quain'tana physically lifts her off the ground.)
  • Never Live It Down (In-universe, getting tainted and killing Fuzzy are two things that haunt her for the rest of her life) invoked
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves (Part of why Syphile is sent on a suicide mission to assassinate Quaintana is because Zala'ess didn't see any reason to trust a traitor.)
  • Secret Keeper (Subverted. Syphile knew that Ariel's parents were really Mel'arnach and Zhor, not Quain'tana and she was expected to keep this secret. Once she helped Chrys'tel escape, however, practically the first thing she did was spill the secret to her, and by extension to Zala'ess, and Zala has more than taken advantage of this knowledge to try and shame Quain'tana, not that it seems to have worked.)
  • Troubled Abuser (Kel'noz at the very least seems to think so, but even knowing this he notably doesn't excuse Syphile for any of her treatment of Ariel.)
  • Unfortunate Names (Word of God is that the origin of her name, back when the story was an RP, is the word syphilis.)
  • The Unreveal (Readers never learn who her biological parents were. All we know is that her parents were two of Quain'tana's strongest followers which is partly why she is viewed as a disappointment; because she did not live up to the standards met by her biological parents.)
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid (Subverted, since she appears to have always been something of a brat according to one side story, where she alienates one of her friends, who was trying to convince her that tainting herself is a dumb idea, with a low blow about her fallen clan and pretty much turns her only ally against her.)
  • With Catlike Tread (Oh Syphile...)

    Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress 

Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress

Ariel's older sister (or not) who was disowned and imprisoned within the Sarghress fortress and is seen as a dangerous psychopath.

  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg (she's twice prostrated herself before Quain'tana, but in both cases Quain has seen through it and can tell it's an act. The second one ends particularly brutally.)
  • Anti-Magic (She inherited Quain'tana's ability to negate mana arts, though not to the same degree. Snadhya'rune has a strong interest in collecting people with unique abilities. This power is the main reason she created Kalki, in hopes of integrating this ability into her bloodline.)
  • Baby Factory (essentially fills this role for Quain'tana after the timeskip)
  • Broken Bird (With good reason. According to Kel'noz she "lost her mind a long time ago" which is only half-right)
  • Cardboard Prison (her original prison in the Sarghress fortress was like this, and it was apparent that Mel could have escaped any time, and it was only waiting for Ariel that kept her there, and she slipped out with relative ease. After the timeskip she also leaves the Sullisin'rune dome in a carriage clearly bearing Snadhya'rune's sigil without anyone trying to stop her)
  • Dark Mistress (she may wind up playing this role to Snadhya'rune as indicated here)
  • Dating What Daddy Hates (it's implied that at least part of her relationship with Snadhya'rune is based on spiting Quain, since she knows that her mother hates it)
  • Did You Just Have Tea With Cthulhu (Ariel and Mel's first interactions are this, since Ariel has been falsely told by Syphile that Mel is a monster)
  • Did You Just Romance Cthulhu? (she had a child with Zhor, who was originally a dark elf but is now a giant spider)
    • This could also apply to her relationship with Snadhya'rune, who's the closest thing the comic has to a Big Bad. The other Sarghress certainly feel this way about their relationship.
  • Early Installment Weirdness (the earliest versions of Mel, which are now no longer on the main site, suggested that her insanity was actually true while later versions suggest it's largely an act. And while in the current canon there are rumors she's a rapist in the past this was actually shown to be true with Syphile being her most common target, now the worst she's done on screen is kiss one of her female guards as a distraction, and the idea she'd actually rape someone seems vastly out of character for the current Mel)
  • Easily Forgiven (Not Mel herself, but her desire to "not hate anymore" has led to her to be way too generous to Snadhya'rune, and after a moment of anger she pretty much instantly forgives Snadhya for literally throwing her to the wolves.)
  • Establishing Character Moment (this entire scene)
  • Face Palm (yet more evidence that this runs in the Sarghress family)
  • Fallen Princess (she explains to Lulianne that at one point she had her own servants, slaves and even people who call themselves her knights, and was mostly left on her own, but later on an incident (implied to be Sarv'swati's attack on Quain) made Quain take this all away and imprison her for refusing to follow Quain's plan)
  • From Bad to Worse (largely the course her life has taken. She didn't get along with Quain'tana practically from the beginning, but when Laele'aell was born it seems some of the heat was taken off Mel, but when Laele died things only got worse again, and to top it off the child she was waiting for for years was taken away before she could even name her, and she wasn't even allowed to see said child for 10 years, and when she did said child was terrified of her, and didn't believe her when told of her true heritage)
    • It seems to have gotten slightly better for her after the timeskip, since she seems to have more freedom in the Sullisin'rune dome, apparently sees Ariel on a somewhat regular basis and has had two more children with a third on the way. While not ideal, especially since it's implied the children are being raised elsewhere, she seems much happier, though her relationship with Ariel is clearly still somewhat rocky, and eventually Mel decides to leave Chel entirely to meet up with Snadhya'rune in Felde.
  • Gilded Cage (Mel has lived in variations on this over the course of her life, some more gilded than others, and after the timeskip seems to be more or less happy in the Sullisin'rune dome, but after the birth of her daughter she leaves with no apparent resistance from the Sarghress for Chel)
  • Glorified Sperm Donor (apparently she and Kel'noz have no idea who their biological father is. And oddly Mel herself counts as a rare female example towards Kalki, at least in terms of how she apparently fells about their relationship, not helped by Snadhya describing Mel in essentially these terms when trying to comfort Mel about not being there for her growing up, not that Mel had any say in this whatsoever.)
  • Go-Go Enslavement (as more about the relationship is revealed, it becomes evident that the "dental floss" given to Mel by Snadhya'rune is really this)
  • Homosexual Reproduction (she's Kalki's "father" and Snadhya'rune is the "mother", not that Mel knew it)
  • Hammerspace Hair (while not in her hair per se, in chapter 1 she uses her extremely long hair, which falls almost to the floor, to hide a knife that she has hidden on her clothing.)
  • Horrible Judge of Character (Towards the Nidraa'chal, though Word of God suggests it's highly likely that she is deliberately deluding herself. She considers Snadhya'rune to be an enlightened leader, bringing life to everything she touches. She considers Yuh'le, a sociopath that explodes animals for fun, to be a little odd, but a good friend.)
  • Hypocrite (Some of her criticisms of Quain'tana, especially here ring a little hollow when you remember that she's sleeping with the leader of the Nidraa'chal, and Snadhya'rune has pretty much done all that and worse, especially the "obedient drones" comment considering that Snadhya has pretty much literally made obedient drones. She contrasts the beauty Snadhya'rune has brought to Felde with the ruin Quain'tana has brought to Chel, even though she is perfectly aware of the fact that Snadhya'rune runs the Nidraa'chal and thus has far more responsibility for Chel's plight than Quain'tana.)
    • Relatedly, the fact that she's disappointed in Ariel for still idolizing Quain also has an aspect of this considering that there are some subtle indicators that Mel on some level understands exactly how bad Snadhya actually is, but is choosing to ignore it.
    • And she claims that she wants Ariel to be able to choose how to live her life, something Mel was denied, and yet when Ariel does make the choice for herself, Mel doesn't like it and tries to stop her. Kel'noz is also well aware of this and explains this to her.
    • And for someone who claims to dislike violence and not want to hate anymore, her reaction to a captured Sarghress squad leader is pretty violent and hateful.
  • I Have No Son (When speaking to Zhor after the Time Skip, she rejects the idea that she has any children out of anger that Ariel chose Quain'tana over her, as well as to avoid the associated pain of losing her children.)
    • Also so far just implied, but Mel evidently has some mixed feelings about her other daughter, Kalki and has been reluctant so far to even identity as her mother and is unsure of whether she actually is, and dodges the question when implicitly asked to confirm it, with Word of God saying as much. And given that Kalki proceeds to attempt to murder the child she knows is her own, this is likely to increase.
  • Inadequate Inheritor (in most situations Mel would be a shoe-in for the Sarghress leadership since she's Quain's oldest daughter, but due to a variety of factors, the mutual animosity between her and Quain being the least of it, it's implied she's never even been considered a candidate)
  • Love Makes You Dumb ( towards Snadhya'rune. Less on the "dumb" aspect and more on the "naive" aspect however. The fanbase feels that Mel'arnach is so in love that she is blinded towards Snadhya'rune's faults and have begun to think the less of her for it.)
  • Love Martyr (see above, for Snadhya'rune. Even more obvious in chapter 44, where she pretty much instantly forgives her, despite being the one who brought her back to the Sarghress and everything that happened after)
  • Ariel I Am Your Mother (though Ariel didn't know until Chapter 32)
  • Ironic Echo (her first reaction to being told she was Kalki's father was to ask if it was a joke. Later, the first words out of Ariel's mouth when told that Mel is her mother is to ask effectively the same thing.)
  • Mama Bear (subverted in chapter 46. Mel has been so thoroughly conditioned by Snadhya'rune to believe that her lover will fix everything that in the midst of Kalki and Ariel's violent confrontation Mel completely freezes, something Zhor does not hesitate to call her out on)
  • Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold
  • Mommy Had A Good Reason For Abandoning You (several times over. First she did not willingly give Ariel up, she was taken from her, and her children after the timeskip seem to have gone through the same thing. She does leave her infant daughter, but only because she believes she'll be taken as well.)
  • Ms. Fanservice (apparently her rather unorthodox choice of clothing is due to Snadhya'rune's influence, something Zhor points out in chapter 46 since it implies Snadhya sees her as more akin to Kalki's "pets" than an equal)
  • Mysterious Parent (Word of God has refused to answer any questions about who her and Kel'noz's father was, which has led fans to speculate that he's important, and also Mel herself qualifies for both Kalki and Ariel)
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy (despite spending most of her time in what's essentially lingerie hardly anyone seems to notice. This can be chalked up due to drow culture and the fact that most characters are probably just used to her)
  • Obfuscating Stupidity (possibly in regards to exactly what Snadhya'rune admitting to be a Nidraa'chal founder actually means since Mel's body language when asked if she'd ever heard of the Nidraa'chal is defensive, and when directly asked if she wants to join Snadhya in her "business" her response is to evade the question.)
    • Also implied in regards to Wi'am, where she claims to not remember her, referencing how her memory isn't what it used to be, in chapter 44 despite earlier guessing that Wi'am had a hand in creating Kalki and referring to her as someone she's known for a very long time. Might have to do with the fact that Wi'am tricked Mel into giving her eggs to her to create Kalki on Snadhya'rune's request and Mel was visibly hurt by this revelation.
  • Obfuscating Insanity (and it's heavily implied that she either made up the story about her killing men and being a rapist to make people leave her alone, or adopted some slander about her for the same purposes. Notably, Lulianne sees right through it from the get-go)
  • Psycho Lesbian (it's an act)
  • Rape and Switch (A debatable example. While it is heavily implied that Quain'tana allowed her to be sexually abused by her male soldiers, and Mel says that the abuse she suffered made her hate men, she also says that Quain was never able to accept that she preferred women, implying that she was always more attracted to them, and drow have an Everyone Is Bi society anyway)
  • Rape as Backstory (though far from her entire backstory, the fact that Quain'tana apparently did nothing to stop Mel's abuse at the hands of her soldiers and it's implied order it in an attempt to conceive an heir is a major reason for the enmity between them)
  • Revenge by Proxy (Due to her horrible relationship with her mother, she has developed a virulent hatred for all things Sarghress. When Snadhya'rune asks her for suggestions on what to do with a captured Sarghress squad leader, she advises cutting her up, which is pretty disturbing coming from someone who once claimed to be a pacifist and hated violence. She is shown to be deeply satisfied at said squad leader's suffering.)
  • Scars Are Forever (intentionally invoked. After Ariel convinces Quain to let Mel out of the pit in chapter 32 Quain instructs the healers to fix Mel's broken arms but leave the scars as a reminder. Strangely, there's no sign of these after the timeskip when she's shown in short sleeves.)
  • Selective Obliviousness (It is unlikely she would approve of Snadhya'rune's actions if she would let herself acknowledge them. But even after Snadhya'rune confesses to them outright, Mel avoids thinking about it and convinces herself that Snadhya'rune is a wonderful person. Word of God confirms that deep down, Mel herself is not entirely comfortable with the way Snad influences her into being a pet, but calling her out on any of her delusions is a Berserk Button.)
  • Shipper on Deck (after the timeskip, ships Ariel/Faen)
  • Statuesque Stunner (along with her mother she's one of the tallest characters in the comic, and is even taller than Snadhya'rune, best seen here. Word of God is that she and Quain'tana are as tall as their Dark Elf ancestors would have been.)
  • Took a Level in Jerkass (after the timeskip, where after meeting up with Snadhya in Felde she basically declares that she has no children, coldly states that a captured Sarghress squad leader should be cut up, and her only reaction to said squad leader's people getting hit by a mana cannon is to express surprise at how powerful it is instead of showing any reaction to the violence. After watching said squad leader concede, she gives her a rather sadistic smile as her lover asserts her dominance by finishing her people off. She then angrily declares that she wishes the one person who has always been by her side and is arguably the only person who truly cares for her, Zhor, had remained a beast when he points out that her relationship with Snadhya is turning her into a worse person. Something that deep down, she knows is true.)
  • Vague Age (even Mel isn't sure exactly how old she is, but she's at least 300)
  • You Have to Believe Me (Needless to say, Ariel has problems believing Mel is her mother)
    • Possibly averted after the timeskip, where the fact that Mel refers to Ariel as "my daughter" when talking to Faen implies that Ariel has acknowledged Mel, at least in private, though when Mel (again) starts insulting Quain'tana Ariel storms out, indicating that they're not 100% on good terms yet.

    Kel'noz Val'Sarghress 

Kel'noz Val'Sarghress

Ariel's older brother (really her uncle), Mel'arnach's twin brother, Quain'tana's only son and headmaster of the Davya tower at Orthorbbae.

  • Big Brother Mentor
  • Conflicting Loyalty (several types, between Quain'tana and Mel, Quain'tana and Ariel, and his duties at Orthorbbae versus his clan)
  • Face Palm (he's done this several times, and given how his family acts, who can blame him? When he did this in reaction to Ariel rejecting Mel as being her mother it was generally agreed that he spoke for the fans)
  • I Did What I Had to Do (what he says about his more questionable actions, but who knows if it's true)
  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught (his policy, and that of Orthorbbae)
  • The One Guy (among the Sarghress Vals he's the only known male besides Mel's two young sons, who haven't yet appeared on screen outside of the Tions family, who are only related to Quain'tana paternally and thus not "really" Vals by drow standards)
  • Only Sane Man (compared to the rest of his family he definitely comes across as this)
  • Parental Substitute (to Ariel, to the point that when Mel starts insulting him (again) Ariel explicitly says that he raised her)
  • True Neutral (as a Headmaster at Orthorbbae he's supposed to be this, but who knows what he really is invoked)
  • Twin Desynch (there's a heavy implication that he and Mel went through this after he chose Quain'tana over her)

    Laele'aell Val'Sarghress 

Laele'aell Val'Sarghress

The former heir of the Sarghress and leader of the Fallen Legion, sometime before Ariel's birth Laelle'aell was possessed by a demon, and though technically still alive (with the addition of some golem parts) is mainly used as a weapon now. She has had very little screen time, and some information about her is taken from a Daydream story about the early Sarghress/Sullisin'rune alliance, so its canocity is uncertainly.

  • The Ace (she was everything Quain'tana wanted in an heir, which made her fall that much more devastating)
  • Empty Shell (one early character description called her a "container of souls")
  • Follow in My Footsteps (she built up the Fallen Legion on her own, just as Quain built up her first army)
  • Has Two Mommies (Ash'waren is implied to have had a significant role in her upbringing)
  • Mysterious Protector (of Ariel after the Fallen Legion become her bodyguards)
  • Ninja
  • Noodle Incident (it's unknown exactly what happened to her besides a few basic facts, like a demon being involved and a failed exorcism)
  • Pet the Dog / Morality Pet (a subtle one for Quaintana. Its pretty clear that Laele'aell was always the favourite daughter but in this scene, Quain'tana explicitly gives Ariel Syphile's lands instead of Laele'aell's, despite the latter's condition and despite the fact that Syphile had not been formally disinherited yet. Quain'tana even expresses hope that Laele'aell may eventually recover from her tainting as an explanation for her decision.)
  • Person of Mass Destruction (see here)
  • Prophet Eyes
  • The Spartan Way (she had to climb her way up to the top, just like Quain'tana, and essentially build her own army from the ground up)
  • The Voiceless (it's unknown if she's even capable of speaking anymore)


    Servants and Slaves 


Originally a human slave that Ariel fought with in a series of Gladiator Games, Vaelia joined Ariel as her bodyguard even after being freed. Later she joined the Highland Raiders, and appears periodically in short stories at the end of chapters chronicling her adventures.

  • Androcles' Lion (befriends and saves a fairy she dubs "Chu", who helps her with mana related things, and after the timeskip uses of of Chu's descendants for the same purposes)
  • The Atoner (due to selling out her home village to slavers, due to her fellow male warriors Moving the Goalposts on her)
  • Audience Surrogate (in some ways, since Vaelia represents the closest thing to a modern human viewpoint in the comic. Especially evident in the first part of chapter 7 which is told from her viewpoint, and is particularly bothered by the harsh way Ariel is trained while still suffering after Faen's disappearance. She's also apparently the only one who sees anything wrong with Rik's intentions for Ariel, though she was also the only witness to the first Attempted Rape besides Ariel herself and might not even have the vocabulary to describe what happened if she did try to tell anyone else)
  • Badass Normal (especially apparent after she joins the Highland Raiders)
  • Blade on a Stick
  • Disability Immunity (though only the drow view it as a "disability" per se, Vaelia's lack of aura actually works to her advantage since she can't be tainted, and it also helps when rescuing Ilmssyn from Dari'yako since the guards can't sense an aura she doesn't have)
  • Eloquent In My Native Tongue (despite the difficulty she has with the drow language, her inner monologues show her to be quite thoughtful)
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars (has several on her face, but in a few people's opinions they make her hotter)
  • Groin Kick (Attempts this against Jer'kol, but fails since he's wearing armor. She is a bit more successful against a human villager for disrespecting her)
  • Important Haircut (Inverted in a sense. After being freed, she had hair extensions put in to signify she was no longer a slave.)
  • I Owe You My Life (to Ariel)
  • Lady of War
  • Mama Bear (to Ariel, and she's arguably the best mother figure Ariel has, despite not even being the same species! Ironically, at 18 in the initial arc she's actually only three years older than Ariel herself)
  • Matron Chaperone (she assigns herself to this role after seeing what Rik tries to do to Ariel, since Ariel doesn't understand the full implications of what he's trying to do)
  • No Periods, Period (averted quite comically)
  • Put on a Bus (Ariel arranges for her to join the Highland Raiders on the surface, though a side story of her adventures on the surface focuses on her)
  • Offhand Groin Attack (don't piss Vaelia off)
  • Underestimating Badassery (Jer'kol finds out the hard way that even with her hands tied Vaelia is still competent enough to interrupt his first attempted murder of Ariel, and the next time he sees her he makes sure to knock her out first.)
  • Values Dissonance (an in story example, since while the drow see fairies as pests, she sees them as spirits of the Earth) invoked
  • With My Hands Tied (she saves Ariel's life and holds off Jer'kol long enough for Kor'maril to arrive even while being bound in slave shackles.)
  • You No Take Candle (justified, since drow is not her native language, and she gradually improves through the story)
  • Younger Than They Look (surprisingly, concept art of a post-time jump Vaelia reveals that she's only 18 during the first arc, only three years older than Ariel herself, since she's 33 after the time jump and has two young children, one of whom is a toddler)


The scholar in charge of the North Cliff district, he originally served Syphile until her lands were taken away and given to Ariel.

Liriel / Diva

A perpetually drunk, flighty slave that Ariel acquired with Faen after the latter's powers resulted in the death of Liriel's master. She is also the incomplete fusing of Diva'ratrika and her servant, Ragini, and as of Chapter 23 Diva has taken full control, renaming herself Diva. For tropes pertaining to Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika, see her entry under Vel'Sharen. After the timeskip, she tutors Kau and Shala and advises Ariel.

  • Absurdly Youthful Mother (even with the usual parts of this trope pertaining to fae, she takes it one step further by looking the same age as her pre-pubescent granddaughter, to the point of being able to fit into her clothes)
  • The Alcoholic (she has her reasons, mainly suppressing Diva, and being deprived of alcohol allows Diva to fully take control)
  • Bookworm (preserves books, much to Ariel's chagrin)
  • Brought Down to Normal (in a few senses. In Ragini's body she was initially a slave, and while no longer a slave is still essentially a nobody. And her powers, which at one time were capable of bringing down an entire building in one hit, are now very weak compared to before.)
  • Chekhov's Gunman (hello Diva'ratrika)
  • Cloudcuckoolander (viewed as this by most people, but as Diva takes control more and more of what she says is actually true)
  • Foreshadowing (combined with Painting the Medium: In the arena scene right after she is introduced her speech bubbles are green, shading to purple at the edges. The thought bubble with the snide thought about Quain is almost solid purple. Once she gets a beer, the purple tint goes away. This is foreshadowing because Diva'ratrika speaks in purple text)
  • Fusion Dance (the result of this with Diva and Ragini)
  • Hidden Depths (even if you haven't read the spoilered text, the sheer numbers of spoilers about her had probably tipped you off that she's not what she appears)
  • In the Hood (after awakening as "Diva" almost always appears outside in a hood, or pre-timeskip, with a covering over the lower part of her face likely a holdover from her previous incarnation's frequent wearing of veils.)
  • Important Haircut (after she regains control)
  • King Incognito (justified, since shortly after she "awakens" it's shown that her daughters are using a Body Double, and Diva doesn't really even look like herself anymore since she's significantly younger, and tragically means that she can't tell Sil'lice, the one daughter still loyal to her, that she's still alive)
  • Nailed To The Wagon (on account of losing her booze in a dwarf attack, Liriel spends much of the overworld arc in withdrawal and eventually Diva'ratrika breaks through)
  • Parental Substitute (seems to be shaping up to be this for Ariel)
  • Servile Snarker (even before Diva'ratrika awakens she gets away with saying some pretty daring things around Ariel)
  • Spanner in the Works
  • Split Personality Takeover
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight (the fact that she looks like a Dark Elf is mostly glossed over, though Kyo'nne does wonder about it, granted, while asking if she can buy Liriel. Her hair and skin color change also elicits this reaction from Ariel at first, until Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realize that as a shapeshifter herself, it really isn't an unusual sight, and Ariel may in fact wonder why everyone can't do that)
  • Vitriolic Best Buds (with Ariel after the timeskip)
  • Walking Spoiler (this character's very existence spoils two major plot points: one, that Diva'ratrika is dead and two, that she cheated death using Ragini as a conduit.
  • What Did I Do Last Night? (one fan pointed out that after regaining consciousness, she's more or less going through the equivalent of a 15 year hangover, since she remembers very little from the time she separated her aura until she finally took full control)
  • Wise Beyond Their Years (physically she's older than Faen but still prepubescent, but some of what she says definitely shouldn't be coming out of someone her age her physical age, at least, since Diva'ratrika is in fact over a thousand)
  • You Kill It, You Bought It (pretty much how she ended up with Ariel, who was there when Faen's powers resulted in the death of her former master)

    Erelice's Squad 
A squad assigned by Suu'be to follow up on Wafay's concerns about her mother's research consisting of Erelice, the leader, Fil'frae, Brizdra, Vayas'arn and Sabryne. They first appear in chapter 45 and then again in chapter 46, where after accidentally killing Femi to retrieve her research they get subjected to a sadistic Public Execution while Erelice is Forced to Watch.

  • Bifauxnen (Vayas'arn, due to wearing what's more or less a hoodie that hides her figure, having shorter hair and a Tomboyish Name. Some readers didn't realize she was female until Kiel specifically called her "Girl")
  • Body Horror (Brizdra's head is blasted clean off from the jaw up, while Fil'frae seems to be flash fried by the second blast and crumbles after)
  • Compelling Voice (Brizdra, who demonstrates that the actual lyrics of spellsong don't matter as long as the intent is clear)
  • Defiant to the End (Dying from Snadhya'rune's attack, Erelice taunts Khaless to distract her from another Sarghress. Overlaps with...)
  • The Dog Bites Back (Erelice sneaks up on Snadhya'rune and stabs her as payback for what she did to her squad)
  • Face Death with Dignity (only Fil'frae shows a straight version when facing her doom. Sabryne seems to be having a Heroic BSOD, Brizdra regrets ever volunteering and is clearly thinking This Is Gonna Suck, and Vayas just sobs hysterically. Later, Erelice deliberately taunts Khaless into attacking her and only remarks that whatever Khaless does to her it can't hurt her anymore)
  • Forced to Watch (Snadhya makes Erelice watch as her squad is executed)
  • Goggles Do Nothing (Vayas'arn, who does wear them down but usually just has them sitting on her head)
  • Heroic Sacrifice (Fil'frae shields Vayas from the second blast, in the process saving her life. And Erelice taunts Khaless while she's lying broken on the ground from Snadhya's attack, drawing her attention away from Riz'riia)
  • I'm Dying, Please Take My MacGuffin (Sabryne manages to covertly pass Sara'hilana one of the vials of antidote before she is captured)
  • Infant Immortality (Vayas is the only one to survive the execution and escape from Felde altogether)
  • Major Injury Underreaction (Fil'frae shows a remarkably sedate reaction to her hand dangling off her wrist after the first blast from the airship)
  • Mama Bear (the look Erelice gives Kiel when she shoes up to break An'jin out of jail while cradling Vayas' head certainly suggests it not to mention what she does to Snadhya'rune herself, though she pays for it dearly.)
  • Mauve Shirt (all five of them)
  • Ninja (Sabryne, who is a Fallen Legion)
  • Number Two (Fil'frae, referred to as such by Erelice)
  • Public Execution (Snadhya tests her new airship's guns on them in front of the other Nidraa'chal)
  • Spanner in the Works (though they wind up dead or imprisoned, the squad still manages to throw a major wrench in Snadhya'rune's plans and Erelice gets the pleasure of stabbing the Manipulative Bitch par none in the back herself)
  • Survivor Guilt (implied by Vayas' reaction after Kiel attributes her survival to "luck" and Vayas remembers Fil'frae using her body to shield her. Also possibly why Erelice volunteers to be a distraction when Kiel asks and deliberately taunts Khaless into absorbing her)
  • We Need a Distraction (Erelice jumps at the chance to serve as one when Kiel offers. And man does she deliver!)
  • You Said You Would Let Them Go (Snadhya sadistically baits Erelice into thinking that she can negotiate for her squad's release, only to reveal after the fact that she never intended to let them live)


Jiv'kyn and Myo'na

Two soldiers from the Fallen Legion, the clan's stealth experts, who are assigned to act as Ariel's bodyguards after she is nearly killed in Orthorbbae.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Jiv'kyn has a habit of making sarcastic quips.
  • Hero-Worshipper: Jiv'kyn holds Quain'tana in great regard to the point that an omake pokes fun of him for this by having him posses a shrine to her in his closest.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: The two of them are inseparable but there doesn't appear to be any romantic context between them.
  • Ninja: As members of the Fallen Legion.
  • The Pollyanna: Myo'na is rather cheerful for an assassin almost to the point of Stepford Smiler territory.
  • Put on a Bus: When Ariel leaves for the surface to rescue Faen she doesn't take them with her, so they don't show up for a while. After making some brief appearances when she returns, they disappear again after the timeskip.
    • The Bus Came Back: Myo'na has a brief cameo appearance in Chapter 39 where she assassinates the fake Empress.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Considering how inseparable they were pre-timeskip, it seems a bit strange that Jiv'kyn is nowhere to be seen during the Fallen Legion's big appearance in Chapter 39.


A treacherous Sarghress soldier, who for reasons made unclear in-story (though it is implied that he was somehow hired/working for Syphile) tried to murder Ariel. Even though he's killed off fairly early, his actions have a dramatic effect on the story later on, and set an unfortunate precedent concerning people claiming to be Ariel's real parents, as Mel found out the hard way later.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing (He acts concerned for Ariel and even claims to be her father, but was really just trying to get close to her and get her alone so he could murder her)
  • Deadly Hug (Tried to suffocate Ariel with one of these.)
  • Eye Scream (When he took Ariel hostage, she shapeshifted her nail into a claw and poked out one of his eyes.)
  • Kick the Dog (Pretty much literally, since one of the first clues that he's not trustworthy is the state of his wolf, who is initially hostile to Ariel and Faen, and Faen even says that it seems to have been mistreated. It's also an early hint towards his connection with Syphile and her own animal issues.)
  • Killed Off for Real (Ariel kills him off herself in a full page panel)
  • Luke, I Am Your Father (He tried to claim this in order to manipulate Ariel. Luckily Vaelia saw through his attempts.)
  • Meaningful Name (His name is a pun on a term for someone who is an arrogant and dislikeable person. This is Lampshaded in-story when another Sarghress calls him "Jerk Hole".)
  • No Sell (When Ariel tries to hit him with a mana blast, he simply disrupts it before she can cast.)
  • Reassigned to Antarctica (He was sent off to a distant outpost, far away from the Sarghress heir who he tried to kill. It backfires when he carelessly happens to be assigned to the detail escorting Ariel to the surface.)
  • Revenge Before Reason (After his first attempt to murder Ariel fails, he is demoted and exiled to a distant outpost. He takes the next opportunity he gets to take revenge, even though it's pretty pointless by that time.)
  • Underestimating Badassery (He seems to regard Vaelia as a non-entity the first time he tries to murder Ariel, only to get a nasty surprise when, even with her hands bound, she manages to interrupt him by kicking him in the face and distracting him long enough for Kor'maril to arrive and save the day. The next time they meet he does not make the same mistake again and knocks her out before he does anything else.)


A female drow of few words, she nominates Ariel to take over as district leader when she finds out Ariel has become second in charge.


Brandy is a Dark Elf messenger in Koil'dorath's legion as stated on the facebook page for Drowtales.

  • Aerith and Bob (Much like Ariel, her name is as close to real world naming patterns as the series gets)
  • Messenger (Her primary job role for the Sarghress clan is this)
  • Token Minority (Being a dark elf in the midst of a clan mostly made up of drow members)
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight (No one seems to bat an eye about the fact that she's a dark elf, though the fact that the surface colonization movement has picked up in earnest after the timeskip might have something to do with it, and previously Liriel's appearance only resulted in a comment about how odd it was to see someone with dark elf coloring and drow eyes)

Zan'nah Sarghress*

A sealer/blood sorceress and Highland Raider, she was originally a player character from the Relic Hunters RPG. She first appeared in the main comic in Chapter 40. More information on Zan'nah can be found here.

Tur'geis Am'saag Sarghress*

A barbarian mercenary and Highland Raider, he was originally a player character from the Relic Hunters RPG. He first appears in the main comic in Chapter 40. More information on Tur'geis can be found here.

Kev'ren Sarghress*

A cameo character originally from the Relic Hunters game who first appears in the main story in Chapter 40. Described as being someone— serious, quiet with a touch of pessimism. (More information on Kev'ren can be found here)

Sorin Sarghress*

Originally a player character from the Relic Hunters RPG, Sorin makes his debut appearance in the main comic in Chapter 40. (More information can be found on Sorin here.)

Zair'cysparvin Sinin Sarghress*

A member of the Brawlers Squad first seen in chapter 40. (More information can be found here)

Jak'iaah Sarghress*

The leader of the Brawlers Squad, Jak'iaah is mainly in charge of keeping the boys of her squad in line. (More information on Jak'iaah can be found here)


The squad leader of Vaelia's squad during the Colonies story. According to Word of God, he is a former Sharen that arrived at the Sarghress with Sil'lice's troops. He joined the Raiders to stay away from Chel.

Mira'linn Noa'muth Sarghress*

The squad leader who accompanies Ariel's squad to the surface. (More information can be found here)

  • Angsty Surviving Twin (defied in her character description. Despite the fact that she lost her twin brother on her first Relic Hunting mission she doesn't angst about it, though she fondly remembers him and took some time off after his death before she came back to the Sarghress.)
    • Real Life Writes the Plot (the reason for this is that the character of her twin brother actually died in the game, which caused her player to retire the character until she was brought back as a cameo years later)
  • Badass Bookworm (her father was a Sullisin'rune scholar who taught her about his work, and after her brother's death she spent several years with him learning his trade. Because of this she immediately recognizes that Chiri's forehead marking means she's a seer, having studied Ssu heraldry)
  • Canon Immigrant
  • Character Tics (talks to herself, mostly because she was so used to talking to her brother)
  • Dishing Out Dirt
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty (described by her player as "a drill sergeant disguised as a librarian")
  • Jade-Colored Glasses (compared to how she was in the original RPG, which was her very first relic hunting adventure as a Na´ve Newcomer that ultimately resulted in the loss of her twin brother)
  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery (downplayed, but even when in armor a tiny bit of frilly skirt is visible.)
  • Meganekko
  • Player Character
    • Purely Aesthetic Glasses (she doesn't actually need them to see, but she likes to wear them as a tribute to her father's profession.)
  • Mixed Ancestry (her mother was a Highland Raider but her father was a Sullisin'rune scholar. Her hair color and the yellow ribbon she wears in her hair are reference to this.)
  • Prim and Proper Bun


A Sarghress Highland Raider who accompanies Ariel and co to the surface. (More information can be found here)


A Sarghress Highland Raider who accompanies Ariel and co to the surface. (More information can be found here)


A Sarghress Highland Raider first seen delivering news to Suu'be, she later accompanies Ariel and company to the surface. (More information can be found here)

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl
  • Canon Immigrant (from Relic Hunters)
  • Dishing Out Dirt
  • Got Volunteered (in chapter 46 Snadhya has her captured and proposes that Ariel use her as a "donor" to replace her severed arm, but Ariel rejects the idea of using her fellow soldier like this. Riz'riia's player indicates that Riz's respect for Ariel would go through the roof after this.)
  • Opt Out (in chapter 47 Faen says she resigned the moment they returned from Felde because of the trauma she experienced there)
  • Player Character (originally)
  • Red Herring (readers were lead to believe she had been possessed by Khaless, which was why she couldn't remember how she escaped, with even an authors note on one page suggesting as much, only for the next page to show Erelice deliberately led Khaless away from Riz and towards her, and Riz can even be seen running away in the first panel of the next page.)
  • Trauma-Induced Amnesia (the combination of seeing Snadhya'rune go berserk and nearly getting devoured by Khaless, only to see Erelice get devoured instead leaves her unable to remember how she escaped at least for the short term)
  • Tsundere (described as such in her concept art)
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes? (claustrophobic since she was buried under a pile of bodies)

Die'tra Am'saag Sarghress*

A barbarian Highland Raider and mate to Tur'geis Am'saag, first appearing in Chapter 44. (more information can be found here)


    Tions House 

Rosof Tions Sarghress

One of the few male leaders in the worldsetting and Dev'ess of the Tions subhouse, Rosof is the closest thing Quain'tana has to a right hand man and is the leader of the elite Wolfriders. As a result of spending so much time on the surface he is also suffering from mana deprivation and slowly dying.

  • All Love Is Unrequited (to Quain'tana, via Word of God)
  • Badass Grandpa (though he may not be especially old by drow standards, he stands out as this trope because he's one of the few that actually looks old)
  • Cool Old Guy (though most drow men are substantially old, he stands out by actually looking old)
  • Defeat Means Friendship (after Quain'tana beat him at Machike)
  • Eye Scream (lost his eye in his duel with Quain'tana)
  • I Was Quite a Looker (before the mana deprivation set in he was quite handsome, and his descendants aren't bad either)
  • Reasonable Authority Figure (compared to the bull-headed and rash Quain'tana)
  • She Is the King (Gender inverted, since he's apparently formally referred to as the Dev'ess of the Tions house despite being a male. It's speculated that there simply aren't enough males in his position for anyone to have invented any other term)
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl (he doesn't even come up to Quain'tana's shoulder in the present day and wasn't much taller before mana deprivation set in)
  • Token Minority (He's pretty much the only male dev'ess in the entire drow world, but considering that he not only took on Quain'tana and survived, but also managed to make her stop and think even after she'd beaten him and might have just killed him he's one tough S.O.B. Not to mention that he got the Sarghress wolf mounts at the cost of mana deprivation and has been Quain'tana's right hand man for centuries, playing a large part in earning them Val status, so the man has fucking earned it)
  • Turn Coat (albeit Rosof is a more positive take on this trope, but as seen in the Machike takeover side-story, he was originally a member of a female Dark Elf's army, until she was killed by Quain'tana and the latter later defeated him in combat.)
  • Your Days Are Numbered (due to the mana deprivation he doesn't have much longer to live, and knows it. He was shown to have survived the timeskip, however.)

Nei'kalsa Tions Sarghress

Rosof's granddaughter and the heir to the Tions. She's also Sarnel's caretaker as well as being his sister.

Sarnel Tions Sarghress

Rosof's grandson and a peer of Ariel. He is also the brother of Nei'kalsa and biologically Ariel's second cousin as he is Kel'noz's grandson via his maternal lineage.

  • Anger Born of Worry: Faen implies his constant annoyance at Shala's mistakes is because he really does care about her, on top of being her commanding officer.
  • Badass: Spent the better part of a day relentlessly tracking down an extremely skilled fire sorcerer through a maze of sewers, receiving countless burns in his pursuit and never stopped.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In chapter 46 after spending a long time off panel fighting Sasi, he makes his triumphant return to where Kalki is holding Ariel, Kau and Shala and provides a distraction for long enough that Ariel can tackle Kalki and take her arm.
  • Covered with Scars: His multiple encounters with Maki during the attack on North Cliff resulted in him gaining countless burn scars all over his body, amusingly enough shown off when he is lying naked in bed with Shala.
  • The Determinator: Demonstrates this when despite getting burnt by Maki what's implied to be several times he keeps after her.
  • Did They or Didn't They?: Was heavily implied to have slept with Shala after the North Cliff attack. Is shown lying naked and covered in sweat in a bed with Shala a few chapters later, confirming it.
  • Distaff Counterpart: In many ways, to Ariel.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: The scars covering most of his face sure don't make the guy any less handsome.
  • Honor Before Reason: Was taught that the clan is above all else.
  • Jackie Robinson Story: the fact that he got promoted to squad leader, and it seems not everyone's happy about it since he's a male.
  • Just Friends: Quain'tana and Rosof tried to hook him up with Ariel during the timeskip, but it didn't work out.
  • Kissing Cousins: Averted, since even though their family tried to hook them up he didn't wind up going out with Ariel. The two of them are only distantly related through Quain'tana, since Ariel is legally his great aunt and genetically his second cousin.
  • Not So Above It All: It seems that even Mr. Stoic Sarnel isn't above losing his temper when he finds out that Nei'kalsa is trying to set him and Ariel up.
  • Not So Stoic: Going by Shala's word, he did not react well the first time Shala did something to him. Played much more seriously when he's still clearly devastated by her death in chapter 47.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: While all of the Tions seen so far have blue eyes, Sarnel's are best described as this.
  • Ragequit: Ariel even uses the word ragequit when describing how he left in a huff after finding out that his family was trying to set up him up with Ariel.
  • The Reliable One: Is planning to be this to Ariel, much like his grandfather is for Quain'tana.
  • The Stoic: To the point that you can count the number of times he's smiled on panel on one hand.
  • Tragic Keepsake: In chapter 47 he's shown clutching Shala's hairband in the wake of her death.
  • Tsundere: He cares deeply for Shala, but his stoic and serious attitude, as well as being her commanding officer mean he doesn't show it and is less likely to admit it.

    Niz'zre House 

Sang Niz'zre Sarghress

First appears in Chapter 8, she's Kor'maril's mother and devess of the Niz'zre House. Most of the information on her and the other Dev'esses can be found in the Sarghress Dev'ess podcast.

  • Artificial Limbs (all four of her limbs were cut off by the Sharen, so she got replacements)
  • Gray Eyes
  • Dramatic Irony (it hasn't been addressed in story, but fans have speculated about whether she knows that Kor'maril fathered Sil'lice's twins since it's very likely that Sil'lice herself or one of her descendants was in charge of Sang's torture when she was captured)
  • Meaningful Name (Sang means "blood" in French)
  • One Steve Limit (averted as there's also a Sang'oro in the Kyorl)
  • Pintsized Powerhouse (Word of God calls her "small and mean")

Kor'maril Niz'zre Val'Sarghress

Sang's son, he was adopted by Quain'tana in recognition of his deeds.

    Nori'fu House 

Suu'be Nori'fu Sarghress

The Dev'ess of the Nori'fu House and Koil'dorath's mother. She's vocally displeased with the way Quain'tana has been leading the clan.

  • Berserk Button (she manages to hit Quain's by saying Ariel isn't ready yet)
  • Braids of Barbarism
  • Brawn Hilda (even more so than Quain'tana since she has more lines on her face)
  • Curtains Match the Window (though her hair is likely dyed)
  • Make It Look Like an Accident (Quain'tana implies and Rosof outright states that Suu'be and Mandroga would either use Ariel for her own purposes or make her have an "accident" to get her out of the way if she was ever given to the Nori'fu to train, this may have also been part of the Berserk Button mentioned above)
    • She tries it again in chapter 47, suggesting giving Ariel to the Sharen as a hostage part of their peace agreement, and it's not hard to infer she wouldn't be all that upset if something happened to her while in their care.
  • The Resenter (to Quain'tana, and to Ariel because she believes she stole Koil'dorath's right as the heir, and because she thinks Quain'tana has gotten soft as a Val. This is visually demonstrated by how scuffed Suu'be's armor is when compared to Quain's.)
  • Sarcasm Mode (it's hard not to read this into her words here)
  • The Starscream (implied, and Word of God is she'd try to take over if she thought she could get away with it, and Quain'tana knows this but also realizes that it's too dangerous to get rid of Suu'be)

Mandroga Nori'fu Sarghress

Suu'be's mate and Koil'dorath's father. First appears (chronologically) in the Machike Conquest storyline, and then in Chapter 5.

Koil'dorath Nori'fu Val'Sarghress

Suu'be and Mandroga's daughter, Koil'dorath leads the Sarghress Heavy Infantry and was, until Ariel was officially recognized, Quain'tana's heir after Laele'aell's death.

    Yurunhiir House 

Quill'yate Yurunhiir Sarghress

Leader of the Highland Raiders and head of the Yurunhiir House. She's usually out of the fortress and on the surface or hunting for relics.


Quill'yate's grandson and a Highland Raider.

    Mae'yukir House 

Itan'sha Mae'yukir Sarghress

A former Kyorl'solenurn, she is now the Dev'ess of the Maeyukir House in the Sarghress Clan. She was a former Kyorl who was branded a heretic, tortured and banished. She makes her first appearance in Chapter 8 but has had little screentime since.

  • The Big Girl (shown to be rather tall for a drowussu female (note ) at least in comparison with Lulianne. Best seen in this panel where she seems to stand at level with Suu'be.)
  • Eye Scream (the reason her eyes look the way they do is because the Kyorl said she didn't need them since she'd lost her way from the Goddess)
  • Facial Markings (on her forehead there's a mark that looks like a line with other, smaller horizontal lines through it representing how the Kyorl thought that her third eye had been closed to the Goddess, and if Abyte is any indication than it was probably carved in with a knife. While Kyo'nne was with the Kyorl she had a similar mark, but hers was with paint)
  • The Heretic (at some point she came into conflict with the mainline Kyorls, and as a result was tortured and exiled)
  • Knight Templar (Possibly, judging by how quick she is to jump to conclusions about Quain'tana's new heir, but it is too early to tell.)
  • Milky White Eyes (Word of God is she can still sort of see, but not well, and mainly sees blurs of color)
  • Noble Fugitive (after the Kyorl declared her a heretic she ran away to the Sarghress, and thus thinks little of the Kyorl and their ideals. Most other members of the Mae'yukir are either refugees from the Kyorl or survivors of the Dutan'vir.)
  • The Skeptic (Taking Suu'be's comments at face value Itan'sha appears to be this in comparison. When Ariel is declared as the new heir, she immediately supposes the Jaal'darya must have had something to do with it; knowing that Quain'tana is barren.)
  • Spider-Sense (she picks up the release of the demons at the Vloz'ress fortress before the sniper on the roof does, probably due to her Kyorl training)
  • Token Minority (She's the only drowussu dev'ess seen thus far)

Lulianne Mae'yukir Sarghress

One of Mel'arnach's guards, Lulianne is a former Dutan'vir. As of chapter 25 is possessed by Khaless, and chapter 44 confirms that Lulianne is only in control of her own body part of the time. Lulianne was formally thrown out of the Sarghress over the timeskip, but still acts as Mel's guardian.

  • Because You Were Nice to Me (Mel says this to her as she's escaping)
  • Compressed Hair (her series of braids actually hides very long hair)
  • Determinator (Lulianne's willpower proved to be so strong that Khaless only has control of their shared body part of the time, and she even refers to Lulianne as being difficult to wrest control from)
  • Double Agent (in true drow fashion, Lulianne is spying on Mel and reporting to Quain'tana, but at the same time has her own agenda when it comes to bringing back her old clan and now, thanks to being possessed by Khaless, is also a spy for Snadhya'rune too, meaning that in reality she's more like a Double Reverse Quadruple Agent, with even Lulianne herself not knowing about her status as Snadhya's mole)
  • Early-Bird Cameo (her first appearance is in the new chapter 1, but her first chronological appearance happens in chapter 8)
  • Enemy Within (Lulianne's personality starts asserting itself when the fallen leader of her clan, Mikilu, appears, and as a result has to deal with this trope. Khaless attempts to take back control and stab Mikilu, while a very confused Lulianne has to hold her own right hand back.)
  • Evil Costume Switch (her wardrobe after the timeskip, due to Khaless' influence, especially in the pants and Cleavage Window)
  • Fighting from the Inside (When Khaless succeeds in taking back control and tries to kill Mikilu, Lulianne manages to exert enough willpower to cry out Mikilu's name to warn her, and when Snadhya tries to force Khaless to make her kill Mikilu Lu manages to turn her sword on herself rather than kill her clanmate.)
  • Grand Theft Me (Khaless is forced to steal her body, and Word of God confirmed that Khaless' takeover was complete. Chapter 44 however raises some doubt about this when even after being told to drop the act Khaless/Lulianne keeps it up. Snad initially assumes that Khaless is trolling her, but Khaless reveals that when Lulianne's pride is threatened, she becomes especially hard to keep under control. Nevertheless, Lulianne does not seem to be completely conscious of what has happened to her.)
  • Hair Color Dissonance (her original hair color (note ) has been separately described as both pink and brown by different people, while it's much more obviously a pink in her later design.)
  • I Never Said It Was Poison (Mel is surprised to see that Lulianne knows the location of a lift in a place she should never have been before. Lulianne claims that it was just an educated guess. In actuality, it is because she is possessed and influenced by Khaless, who happened to make a slip.)
  • Info Dump (exists pretty much to give characters someone to give these to, which is even lampshaded in story)
  • Killed Off for Real (She commits suicide rather than be forced to kill her former clanmate.)
  • Les Yay (not in the main story, but the chibi pages love to put her in these situations and have her play The Comically Serious to Melinvoked)
  • Letting Her Hair Down (fan consensus is that it makes her even hotter)
  • Made of Iron (at least if this page is anything to go by, or though it seems that was because Khaless had possessed her.)
  • My Greatest Failure (was present when the Dutan'vir Ill'haress was killed by her own guardian, who was somehow tainted and set on her)
    • It's also implied that leaving the Dutan'vir children behind at their urging to look for information on what happened to their warriors, since the children they liked were either taken by the Kyorl'solenurn or sold to slavers. The fact that Khaless uses Sael's face to throw Lu off also suggests this.)
  • My Name Is Inigo Montoya (does this in chapter 46 immediately before stabbing herself in the stomach as a final declaration of her own identity)
  • Noble Fugitive (from the Dutan'vir, and after the timeskip was thrown out of the Sarghress, allegedly for letting Mel escape, though this may just be a cover)
  • Nonhuman Humanoid Hybrid (by her own words, fourth generation half blood)
  • Out-of-Character Moment (post-timeskip, Lulianne gets several moments that just do not jive with her previous characterization, like asking Mel if they should take a detour so they can spit in Quain'tana's direction and wishing that both the Sarghress and Sharen will drown in a sea of blood, not to mention how she's gone from very modest armor to a Stripperiffic outfit. Justified since this is probably Khaless's personality shining through rather than the real Lulianne.)
  • The Plot Reaper (after hearing the truth from Sha'sana, there was pretty much no way that she'd survive, and indeed Khaless' takeover ensures that she won't be telling anyone about what she found out. Word of God even states that "Lulianne is gone but served her purposes", which turned out to be only partly true since something of Lu is still left and sometimes able to take control of her body again. Nevertheless, she doesn't seem to be entirely self-aware, and thanks to Khaless's influence, she is completely unaware of the fact that she is even possessed and has done nothing to avenge her clan or sabotage Snadhya'rune's schemes.)
  • Pride (as a former Dutan'vir, despite her clan's fallen status. This is also what has kept her at least partially in control of her own body, since Khaless says that Lulianne is particularly hard to subdue when her pride is threatened.)
  • Protectorate (seems to latch onto Mel pretty quickly and consider her this)
  • Purple Eyes (formerly)
  • Retcon (a minor one, mainly her hair was originally a much darker pink, while her appearance in the new chapter 1 has her with the much lighter hair seen in subsequent chapters)
  • Sensible Heroes, Skimpy Villains (provides a one-woman version of this trope in her wardrobe before and after the timeskip, thanks to Khaless)
  • Seppuku (stabs herself in the stomach rather than be forced by Khaless and Snadhya'rune to kill Mikilu)
  • Spanner in the Works (Khaless's willpower is much stronger than hers, and what is left of Lulianne does not even seem to be entirely self-aware any more. Nevertheless, thanks to Khaless, she is in an extremely sensitive position of the Nidraa'chal, and when her pride is threatened, she is occasionally even able to overpower Khaless, making her a big risk to Snadhya'rune's plans.)
  • Taking You with Me (says this to Khaless, but Lu survives, albeit possessed by Khaless.)
    • Also possibly what she was trying to do when she stabs her own stomach rather than kill Mikilu.
  • Tomato in the Mirror (After Khaless consumes her, Lulianne is reduced to the 2nd strongest personality in her own body. Khaless often acts through her, using Lulianne's personality as a mask, with the Lulianne personality being completely unaware of her possession. When Lulianne's pride is threatened, she actually manages to retain a degree of control. But it isn't until she reunites with Mikilu and hears Snad gloat about the impending doom of her fallen clan that she starts to realize that something is wrong with her.)

Abyte Mae'yukir Sarghress

A former Kyorl'solenurn Warden in-training. First appears in Chapter 31, on patrol with Tir'ade.

  • Ass Shove (she humorously refers to having "a stick up my ass the length of Chel" before she went to the Mae'yukir)
  • Bifauxnen (her armor, short hair and general build led to a lot of Viewer Gender Confusion before it was clarified in her first appearance where she refers to formerly being a Kyorl Warden, an all female rank, but some were still confused)
  • Blade on a Stick (her weapon)
  • Break the Cutie (during the Nidraa'chal War, where she was tainted, and the Warden who was responsible didn't even apologize and carved the heretic mark into her forehead)
  • The Empath (though in her own words her empathy is pretty weak and not strong enough for her to have gotten training as an Inquisitor)
  • Facial Markings (like Itan'sha, her forehead bears a heretic mark, which was forcibly carved into her forehead by the very same warden who was responsible for her getting tainted in the first place)
  • Mythology Gag (the little cartoon wolf holding a letter in its mouth on her satchel was previously on the site's front page as the donation button until it was redesigned)
  • Plucky Girl (and how! Just read Break the Cutie above and marvel at how she's managed to keep a positive attitude)
  • Sexy Mentor (to Tir'ade given how blatantly she flirts with him)
  • Traumatic Haircut (after she was imprisoned for becoming tainted she was shaved bald, and she's kept her hair short in the Sarghress. Like in real life having her head shaved was likely for both the humiliation/dehumanizing factor and to control things like lice in prison.)

Rek'mar Mae'yukir Sarghress

A half-blood Mae'yukir, he first appears at the beginning of Chapter 16, has a crush on Lulianne.

Durlyn Mae'yukir Sarghress*

A cameo character that first appears in Chapter 40. (His concept sheet can be found here )

Nuru'lara Mae'yukir Sarghress*

A cameo character who first appears in Chapter 44 as the Sarghress representative to Ys. She is the sister of Ari'nara Kyorl'solenurn. Her concept art can be found here

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