Characters / Dawn of War

This character sheet includes the major characters in the Dawn of War franchise.

Notice: Being one of the series in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, some of the tropes related to their own races will also apply to them. Also, this sheet will contain some unmarked spoilers for earlier installments.

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    Imperium of Man: Space Marines (Blood Ravens) 

Captain (later Chapter Master) Gabriel Angelos

"In this dark place, in this dark hour, we will stand against the enemies of the Emperor. And they shall know that not even here, on this desecrated, infernal rock, will we suffer the existence of the heretic."

Voiced By: Paul Dobson (Dawn of War, Chaos Rising and Retribution)/Brian Dobson (Dawn of War II)

One of the major characters throughout the whole series, Gabriel Angelos is the esteemed commander of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company, which played a vital role in the defense of Tartarus. With the aid of Inquisitor Mordecai Toth, he defeated the Sorceror-turned Daemon Prince Sindri. Despite his victory, Angelos inadvertently released a powerful daemon of Khorne from the Maledictum, an act which he has long sought to correct.

Like many of the Blood Ravens, Gabriel was born on the planet of Cyrene, from whence the Chapter often drew recruits. Gabriel was an accomplished leader of his peers before he even entered his teen years, and passed the Blood Trials set by the Blood Raven Chaplains through working in tandem with fellow initiate Isador Akios.

Gabriel was also responsible for calling forth an Exterminatus upon Cyrene, after he became convinced of the taint of Chaos that nestled itself amongst the population. While he has not regretted his decision to call forth the Inquisition, he has always regretted that he did not see the rot before it spread.

Gabriel is amongst the greatest heroes of the Chapter and held as the crowning example of the glory of the Blood Ravens' past. During the events of Chaos Rising, he and the Force Commander uncovered the taint of evil within their own Chapter and defeated the Black Legion under Lord Eliphas the Inheritor. Gabriel was branded a renegade for the temerity of standing against the traitors. Now, he gathers his forces for the final climactic showdown with Azariah Kyras, who has thrown in his lot with the very same daemon Gabriel released decades ago...
  • A Father to His Men: He seems to value his brothers' lives if his outburst towards Inquisitor Toth is any indication.
    Gabriel: "You lied to me and cost me men!"
    Toth: "Better they die, their blood pure! If you feel warranted in handing out recriminations, then their deaths are on your head! I warned you to leave this world, to leave Tartarus for the warp storm."
    Gabriel: "Your words still ring untrue, Inquisitor. I know you were here before we arrived."
  • Anti-Hero: Is quite firmly a Unscrupulous Hero, like most protagonists in this universe. He calls for the annihilation of his homeworld without hesitation, though he comes to regret it afterwards.
  • Arrested for Heroism: Well, not arrested per se, but being declared as a traitor and renegade to your Chapter for disobeying orders to abandon your recruiting worlds is not that far off.
  • The Atoner: For the Exterminatus of Cyrene, and later, the releasing of the daemon in the Maledictum.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: By the Golden Throne of Terra, YES.
  • Awesome Mc Cool Name: Go on, say his name. It'll boost your muscle mass by 40% and give you a beard even if you're a woman.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: The ending of the Space Marine campaign in Retribution.
  • Badass: Let us count the ways:
  • Badass Baritone: Paul- and Brian Dobson voiced this character.
  • Badass Boast: At the end of his monologue in the final mission of Retribution, Gabriel describes himself rather modestly;
    "Such is the final testimony of Gabriel Angelos. Captain of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company. Savior of Tartarus. Bane of the Black Legion. Servant of the Emperor."
  • Badass Cape
  • Badass Grandpa: Gabriel is a 300 or so year old Space Marine captain who has, among other things, single handedly banished a Daemon Prince back to the warp.
  • Badass In Charge: Of the 3rd Company and later, the entire chapter if the Space Marine campaign in Retribution is canon.
  • Big Good: In Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising.
  • Bling of War: As Space Marine Captain, he gets to wear quite a lot of bling.
  • Blood-Splattered Warrior: In the Retribution opening cinematic.
  • British Accents: Sorta, Paul does give him one.
    • He even made fun of this during the recording sessions for the original game. View-able here.
  • The Captain: Obviously.
  • Church Militant: Goes with being an Imperial Soldier.
  • Cool Starship: The Third Company Battle Barge, the Litany of Fury.
  • Cool Sword: Had a Power Sword before taking up his iconic hammer.
  • Crutch Character: When you get him in the final level of Dawn of War II's campaign, he can grant invulnerability to multiple units. By this point though, you're unlikely to need it.
  • Cyborg: After being struck down by Kyras, should you complete the Space Marine campaign, his coronation as Chapter Master will have him almost completely rebuilt with cybernetic implants.
  • The Determinator: Even above normal Space Marines. It takes a lot to remain pure and faithful when your best friend, half of your chapter, and even your Chapter Master have turned to Chaos right in front of you.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Did you just send a Daemon Prince screaming back to the Warp?
  • Drop the Hammer: Wields the Daemonhammer named God-Splitter.
  • The Fettered: In Retribution, Gabriel cannot directly take the fight to Kyras without shedding the blood of fellow Blood Ravens (though how many of them are actually loyal and simply doing their duty is difficult to determine), which is a cardinal sin to most Space Marines. As such, he is left with no other alternative to report Kyras' actions to the Imperial Inquisition. When Kyras throws his lot completely with the Alpha Legion and ascends to Daemonhood however, Gabriel leads the Third Company against him on Cyrene
  • The Good Captain: He's not only a great warrior, but like other 'nice' Space Marine chapters he makes the extra effort of rescuing civilians from certain death if possible.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Standard for "heroes" in Warhammer40k. Gabriel will kill you brutally if he has a good reason for it, but that's about as good as you can get here.
  • Hammer Of Plot Advancement: The Daemonhammer Mordecai Toth gifted to him at the climax of the Tartarus campaign proved to be integral in overcoming Sindri Myr, who had ascended to daemonhood through the powers of the Maledictum Daemon. Fitting, as God-Splitter was always intended by the Inquisition to destroy the Daemon of the Maledictum.
  • The Hero: In Dawn of War.
  • Heroic Willpower: He can defy the whispers of daemon princes.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Isador, up until you know, the whole betrayal thing..
  • Honor Before Reason: Gabriel Angelos will settle the matter adhering to the Commandments of the God-Emperor, regardless of what happens.
  • Hurting Hero: Over Isador's betrayal and the Exterminatus of Cyrene.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Calling down Exterminatus on Cyrene, his own homeworld.
  • In-Series Nickname: Called "Gabriel of the Hidden Heart" by the Harlequins of Arcadia in the Dawn of War novels. Of course, Gabriel thinks lowly of this. As would any zealous warrior of the Emperor.
  • Kick the Morality Pet: The Exterminatus of Cyrene perhaps counts. If you were less than fully righteous in your triumph over the Black Legion, he sends you and your squads on a Crusade of Absolution to the Eye of Terror without support in what most likely will be your heroic demise. This being 40K, he's got good reasons for it.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: About as close to a hero as you can get from this setting.
  • Knight Templar: Without a second thought, this man called down the complete and utter destruction of his own homeworld when he was convinced that the people had abandoned the Emperor. The only thing he regrets is that he didn't root out the cultists sooner and harder. He also seems to be aware of this in Retribution and sort-of acknowledges it's a flaw.
  • Large Ham: Has his moments, such as this:
  • Made of Iron: Crushed by a blow from a Daemon Prince and still manages to survive.
  • Mangst: He genuinely mourns Cyrene, his homeworld. Not that it was destroyed, but rather that he couldn't do more to stop the taint of Heresy. In true 40K fashion, however, he does not allow it to distract him from giving the God-Emperor's enemies a righteous ass-kicking.
  • Meaningful Name: Gabriel Angelos, The Emperor's Angel of Death.
  • My Greatest Failure: He comes to regard the Exterminatus of Cyrene as this, also Isador's fall to Chaos.
    Gabriel: How could I have not seen this? Why is it I am blind when it matters the most?!
    Isador: Are you referring to these traitorous guardsmen, or the destruction of your homeworld — Cyrene?
    Gabriel: I should have seen the rot before it spread. Instead I was blind for far too long. I put my own world to the torch, I killed with the Inquisition's eager sanction and watched too many innocents die in a holy fire storm! And yet, here I am again at yet another door step... with the executioner's blade in my very hand.
  • Narrator: He's the narrator for each of the opening mission logs in Dawn of War, each of the opening cutscenes in Dawn of War II, and the entire Tyranid campaign in Retribution. But the last one's because the Tyranids don't really have characters capable of giving exposition in the missions themselves as the other campaigns do.
  • Necessarily Evil: Standard for the Imperium, but he at least regrets the evil part.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Though things were already set upon a hard road thanks to Ulkair, it is reasonable to assume that road would have been easier had Gabriel heeded Macha and not destroyed the Maledictum.
  • Older Than They Look: Looks to be in his sixties, really in his three-hundreds.
  • One-Man Army: In the tutorial mission for Retribution, he and Jonah Orion fight through dozens of Chaos Cultists and Chaos Space Marines who are defending Azariah Kyras, since the tutorial is basically the final mission from Gabe's perspective.
  • Only Mostly Dead: In the Space Marine ending of Retribution, he survives the mother of all pile drivers from Kyras and is saved via bionic replacements. He goes on to become the new Chapter Master.
  • The Paragon: Pure and noble even in the face of extreme heresy.
  • Perma Stubble: He has this as of Dawn of War II.
  • Rated M for Manly: Come on, if you've faced a Bloodthirster, a Squiggoth, an Avatar of Khaine, a Hive Tyrant Alpha, a kiloton or so of Chaos, Orks, Eldar and Traitor Guardsmen, and 2 Daemon Princes and took almost all of them down, nobody will doubt the size of your balls.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Definitely over 300, judging by the number of service studs he has (each stud is awarded for one century of combat).
  • Real Men Love The Emperor: Like all Space Marines, Gabriel is a faithful and devoted servant of the God-Emperor of Man.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: From Dawn of War II onwards.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue to Isador's red.
    Isador: I do not care for all this sneaking about.
    Gabriel: I know old friend. You've always favoured the direct approach.
  • Shoulders of Doom: With giant golden eagles stuck on 'em! See Bling of War above.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Two epic ones to Isador and Kyras. See Large Ham for the latter, for the former:
    "I betrayed NO ONE! Innocents die so that Humanity may live, I ended their suffering, as I will end yours!"
  • Supporting Leader: He's this from Dawn of War II onwards.
  • Sword and Gun: A Power Sword (later God-Splitter) and Bolt Pistol in Dawn of War. He throws away the Bolt Pistol after Isador's execution. It returns as a wargear drop in Dawn of War II named "Left Hand of Gabriel".
  • Warrior Monk: Comes with being a Space Marine.

Brother-Librarian Isador Akios

"Through the destruction of our enemies do we earn our salvation."

Voiced by: Mark Oliver

The 3rd Company Librarian in Dawn of War, and Captain Angelos' friend and confidante, having gone through the Blood Trials together during induction into the Chapter.

Brother-Captain Davian Thule

Voiced by: Scott McNeil (Dark Crusade)/Fred Tatasciore (Dawn of War II, Chaos Rising and Retribution)

Captain Davian Thule is the leader of the Blood Ravens 4th Company, from which the Force Commander and his sergeants hail from. Like Gabriel, he is notable as one of the greatest living heroes of the Blood Ravens having began his rise to glory after slaying the Chaos Witch Morgana whilst a mere initiate. He was also a famed Devastator Marine before he became a Captain.

Prior to the Kronus campaign, he was sent to the fortress world of Cadia, which had come under attack from the Iron Warriors Chaos Legion. His forces defeated the traitor marines, but the Black Legion was en route to reinforce them. Ready to oppose the traitors, he was commanded to withdraw by Chapter Master Azariah Kyras himself. At first he refused but was forced to do so on pain of excommunication. He withdrew, but the Imperial forces managed to drive back the Chaos Legions anyway, though at a terrible cost.

He then fought the Kronus campaign and clashed with the Dark Apostle Eliphas the Inheritor. After a brutal battle, Thule and his warriors defeated the Chaos Space Marines. Thule then uncovered artifacts of the Chapter which revealed a truth... one so terrible that he ordered them destroyed. Thule also fought and defeated an Imperial Guard regiment, the 1st Kronus Liberators led by Governor-General Lukas Alexander, a decision which haunted him ever since. His refusal to vilify the guardsmen eventually led to a falling out with Chapter Command and he was assigned to custodianship over the Chapter's recruiting worlds in subsector Aurelia.

During the Tyranid invasion, he was wounded and returned as a mighty Dreadnought. He also fought in the events of Chaos Rising. He is slain by Eliphas the Inheritor during the Chaos campaign of Retribution, however, it is not known whether this is canon.
  • A Father to His Men: Davian was incredibly protective of his fellow brothers, always fighting with them on the lines and genuinely caring for their safety. Very few Blood Raven lives were ever lost under his command.
    • However, when accused by Kais of having no regards for casualty, Thule simply responds that getting emotional over men lost is a sign of weakness.
  • Back for the Dead: He returns in Dawn of War II, only to be taken out by a Tyranid Warrior early on. He comes back as a Dreadnought. Again in Retribution, as the first boss of the Chaos campaign, and he doesn't come back this time.
  • Badass: Sweet Emperor´s tits, yes!
  • Badass Baritone: Especially after becoming a Dreadnought.
  • Badass In Charge: Leads all the Blood Raven forces present in the Kronus campaign and the 4th Company before and afterwards. Also commands the defense of subsector Aurelia until he gets mortally wounded by a Tyranid Warrior.
  • Badass Grandpa: He is at least 200 years old, as shown by his two service studs.
  • BFG: Wields a few in Dawn of War II onwards including after being interred in a Dreadnought, should you choose to equip him with one.
  • Big Good: In Dawn of War II until he is mortally wounded by a Tyranid Warrior. Played straight when he permanently leaves your party if your squads are too corrupted in Chaos Rising.
  • Bling of War: Has some pretty fancy armor, as befits a Space Marine Captain, until he gets interred in a Dreadnought. He gets the bling back once he's become a Venerable Dreadnought.
  • Bring It: His reply to Gorgutz saying he'd mount his head his "pointy stick", "You'll meet my bolter first, filth." Gorgutz was amused.
  • The Captain
  • Continuity Nod: He got his bionic eye after he was injured fighting the Necron Lord in Dark Crusade.
  • Cool Starship: Operates from the Litany of Fury in Dark Crusade.
  • Cool Sword: Can wield one called Alexian's Blade in Dark Crusade. The same sword later shows up in Dawn of War II as a wargear drop.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: In Dawn of War II. He gets better in Chaos Rising, though he still speaks slowly.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy: He has shades of this in the Dawn of War II campaign. In the beginning at least, he knows enough to see that someone is agitating the Orks to conflict and also that taking out the threat to Aurelia will require only a hotshot commander and a group of badass veterans.
  • Drop the Hammer: Can wield a Daemonhammer in Dark Crusade. Doesn't keep it for Dawn of War II, sadly.
  • Gatling Good: His Assault Cannon can rip almost anything to shreds, even vehicles.
  • The Good Captain: From Dark Crusade to the first quarter of Dawn of War II.
  • Humongous Mecha: As a 'nought
  • Large Ham: In Dark Crusade. He's more restrained in II.
  • Man in the Machine: A very, very badass man in a Dreadnought sarcophagus.
  • The Men First: He adheres to this method of thinking, as shown when the Blood Ravens on Calderis face an unexpected and rather large Tyranid attack, his orders are for all Blood Ravens not under attack to withdraw.
  • The Mentor: Is something akin to this for the Force Commander.
  • One-Man Army: After becoming a Dreadnought in II, he's widely regarded as the most powerful character next to Cyrus. His Assault Cannon Barrage and Mighty Strike can lay waste to entire armies. He can hold most bosses in melee except the absolute strongest. In Chaos Rising, he can use a multi-melta, giving him a Melta Sweep attack that can bring down most bosses easily, except Ulkair.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: Gets a Teleport Pack in Dark Crusade.
  • Warrior Monk: His job.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: He calls you out in Chaos Rising should you be Slowly Slipping Into Evil.
    Davian Thule: Commander... you must step back from madness... Do not... make yourself into... my... enemy.

Brother-Captain Indrick Boreale

Voiced by: Scott McNeil (gameplay quotes recycled from Thule)

The commander of the Blood Raven forces deployed for the Kaurava campaign detailed in Soulstorm, and infamous for his accent and lines. Also the most famous (and only known) user of the Steel Rain strategy.

The Force Commander

Incoherent yell (singleplayer) / "I am death. I am fearless. I AM INVINCIBLE!!" (multiplayer)

Voiced by: Brian Dobson (multiplayer)

The main character of Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising. He was never given a name in the games, though he is referred to as Aramus in the novelization. One of the youngest Force Commanders in the Chapter's history, he was promoted for a great victory in the Hadrian campaign, where he silenced enemy artillery deep within the mountains without losing a single squad member, before the events of the games. Was promoted by the Chapter Master over the protests of other high ranking Blood Ravens, despite never having met him in person. Does not speak, except in multiplayer.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: While certainly true in the campaign, his initial promotion to Force Commander is hinted at as a plot by Kyras to put an inexperienced commander in charge of the Blood Ravens. His initial victory in the Hadrian campaign occurred after Kyras confirmed his promotion—said promotion just didn't go into effect until after the battle was won.
  • An Axe to Grind: Can wield them.
  • Badass: Yup.
  • Badass In Charge: Commands the Blood Ravens strike force attempting to save subsector Aurelia.
  • Bald of Awesome: Averted, being one of the rare non-Space Wolf Marines with hair, hence the Fan Nickname.
  • BFG: Can wield these if you invest in his Ranged discipline tree, and the Assault Cannon he can wield regardless of his specialization while in Terminator Armor.
  • Bling of War: Early on, not so much. With high level armor though, he's got more bling than anyone else on the strike force.
  • Chainsaw Good: He can use Chainswords and they are his default melee weapon.
  • Commanding Coolness: With extra Force!
  • Cool Starship: He operated from two Strike Cruisers, the Armageddon in Dawn of War II and the Retribution in Chaos Rising—the former having been rendered inoperable due to explosion-related issues.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Punching out Eliphas and Ulkair probably counts.
  • Drop the Hammer: They are his strongest melee weapons in Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising, and according to Retribution, he used a Thunder Hammer to banish Ulkair. This Hammer, called Hammer of the Nameless, is available as a reward for the second to last mission in the Space Marine campaign.
  • Everybody Calls Him Commander
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: His base ability, "To Victory".
  • Gatling Good: A ranged Force Commander is ludicrous with a Terminator assault cannon. With Battle Cry active, he has an ultra high chance to instantly explode any infantry class unit. This essentially gives you another Cyrus. With the right damage bonuses, he can saw buildings in half solo.
  • The Hero, since he is the Player Character.
  • Heroic Mime: As the loading screen for the first mission says, he is a man of few words.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: He can be customized into a master of melee or a dealer of death from a distance. He can also wield almost any weapon in the game. With the correct wargear, he enters Lightning Bruiser territory.
  • Jet Pack: Can be equipped with Jump Packs and starts with one in Chaos Rising, giving him the 'Assault Jump' ability.
  • Made of Iron: With the proper wargear, he can take more punishment than even the Dreadnought, and is still a close second without them.
  • No Name Given: He does have the name Aramus in the novels, but they had many conflicts with the games' canon and were finally relegated to Canon Discontinuity when a piece of wargear that belonged to him showed up in Retribution referred to as "The Hammer of the Nameless".
  • One Riot, One Ranger: He's the only reinforcement sent to subsector Aurelia. It's more than enough.
    Such is your reputation, the Chapter expects that you alone will be enough to tip the balance of the fight and save Calderis.note 
  • Sword and Gun: Starts out with a Chainsword and Bolt Pistol.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: One of his Commander Items is a Teleport Pack, and he can also get variants for Terminator Armor.
  • Warrior Monk: A point which his lack of dialogue supports.

Tactical Sergeant Tarkus

"I stand with my brothers, Eldar witch!"

Voiced by: Ian Gregory

Tarkus is the venerable sergeant of the strike force's tactical marine squad. A veteran of centuries of campaigning, Tarkus is a rock solid second-in-command. A loyal adviser, superb tactician and fearsome warrior. Tarkus served with distinction during the Kronus campaign.

When Davian Thule and his troops collapsed the Necron tombs under the Thur'Abis Plateau, he stayed back to guard the captain's retreat. While doing so, he met a Necron Tomb Spyder in single combat. He grappled with the monstrosity and shoved a krak grenade down its throat, and the resulting blast destroyed the beast, and blew off Tarkus' arm which he then replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic, as well as scarred his face.

For his valor, he was decorated with Terminator honors. During the First Aurelian Crusade he served alongside his brothers and under the Force Commander. He slew thousands of aliens, including the Eldar and their leader, Farseer Idranel, crushing her skull with his Terminator Power Fist. Tarkus' hatred of the Eldar goes back decades, wherein he was deceived by an Eldar ranger into walking into a trap which led to the deaths of his men. In his own words, he owes them 'a debt of blood and fury'.

During the events of Chaos Rising, Tarkus served once more and with tremendous skill against the terrible forces of the Black Legion. He also serves Captain Diomedes as "The Ancient" during the investigation of Chapter Master Kyras, whilst under a vow of silence taken as penance for his actions during Chaos Rising.
  • The Atoner: For a sin he committed which is apparently killing the traitor and he also feels responsible for the death of his past squad mates after he trusted an Eldar Ranger who then led them into a trap. Thus, Tarkus' hate for the Eldar grew to a level which only the Ordo Xenos could rival.
  • Badass: He throttled a Necron Tomb Spyder and shoved a krak grenade down its throat. Later, after his drop pod is shot down in the first mission of Chaos Rising, he rises wounded from the wreckage and delivers a righteous ass kicking to the traitor Guardsmen responsible.
  • Badass Grandpa: He has two service studs, which means he has served for at least 200 years. He's not as old as Gabriel, but he's probably one of the most senior members.
  • Bald of Awesome: He probably lost his hair a long time ago.
  • Berserk Button: Eldar in general should really just frak off when they get a sighting of him. Also, the mere presence of traitors is enough for him to exhibit some Tranquil Fury.
  • BFG: Can wield Heavy Flamers in Terminator Armor and heavy weapons in Retribution.
  • Bolivian Army Ending: In the novels, he supposedly dies when he infiltrates a Tyranid hive ship to manually deliver the biotoxin. His last scene shows a Norn Queen and a horde of Tyranids bearing down on Tarkus, who is alone and equipped with naught but a combat knife and one frag grenade.
  • Chainsaw Good: He can wield Chainswords if you invest in his Strength discipline tree.
  • Cool Sword: He can also wield Power Swords in addition to Chainswords once you move further up the Strength discipline tree.
  • Evil Weapon: A corrupted Bolter named The Blighted Bolter used in the purge of Victory Bay. It's present in Dawn of War II as a normal Bolter which boosts melee damage, and in its corrupted form which only he can use in Chaos Rising, which grants a large boost to his Strength discipline and to his melee damage. It also shoots warpfire.
  • The Heart: In a more gritty way than usual, considering he's the ideal Space Marine. If he's the traitor, the squads from the first game take it particularly hard. Avitus and Cyrus scream at him over the vox channels and Thaddeus is stunned that the best of them could fall.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Pretty much the most tactically versatile of all the marines under your command throughout Dawn of War II and beyond. Fitting, as he is trained for such things and is the most experienced member of the group. Taken to extreme lengths in Retribution, as he can fulfill the role of a Tactical Marine, Devastator Marine, Assault Marine or a combination of the three and can wield almost any weapon available.
    • Justified in that space marines go through Scout, then Assault and only then Devastator duty before they (can) become Tactical Marines. In other words, he's done it all before.
  • Jet Pack: 1 point in his Energy discipline tree in 'Retribution' lets him use a Jump Pack and the 'Assault Jump' skill. Can't be used at the same time with heavy weapons.
  • Kill It with Fire: He can wield Flamers normally and Heavy Flamers in Terminator Armor.
  • The Lancer: He's a rock solid second in command.
  • Necessarily Evil: If he's the traitor in Chaos Rising. He wanted to use an Evil Weapon to save the chapter.
  • Old Soldier: Dude has seen some serious battles over the years, but hasn't lost his faith.
  • Only Sane Man: Along with Cyrus, he's likely the most levelheaded member of the strike force.
  • Rated M for Manly: The character in general, his wisdom, tenacity, loyalty, honor and strength and wrath make him this. Also, his speech to Diomedes after his Heroic BSOD is sheer, smoldering manliness.
    Tarkus: "There was another like you, Diomedes, and we served together on Kronus. During the Tyranid invasion, we became fast friends. But Kyras called to him, and he went. It corrupted him, and he despaired, betraying us to the Black Legion. I slew him... Captain Diomedes, I look to you now and see the same signs... I will not risk that! I will slay Kyras myself, and if I must, you as well. Though our past glories may be lies, Kyras has not taken our one true duty from us! No one but the Emperor may relieve us of that!"
  • Remember the New Guy?: Canon says he's been around since Dark Crusade at least.
  • The Reveal: He is The Ancient of Retribution's Space Marine campaign, making him The Atoner as well (see above).
    "No, there is much left to say. And I will break my silence to say it."
  • Sergeant Rock: Not only a survivor of FOUR Imperial Crusades, but an inspiration to the younger Blood Ravens.
  • The Stoic: Not to the extent of Cyrus, as he is far more emotive, but Tarkus is more than capable of keeping his composure under any number of circumstances.
  • Submissive Badass: Prefers to serve a commander and is content in his position as sergeant. To paraphrase the man himself, "It is a Space Marine's duty to obey.". Don't think he can't frak up the enemies of the Emperor with extreme prejudice, though.
  • Sword and Gun: If you invest in his Strength discipline tree. He also uses a Power Fist and Storm Bolter or Heavy Flamer in Terminator Armor regardless of specialization.
  • Tragic Villain: Should he become the traitor, his reasons for doing so are among the most tragic and heart rending in all of video game history. He only wishes to save the Chapter any further death and dishonor and strikes a deal with Chaos to do so, offering his own soul in exchange while completely aware of the consequences. (Most people who fall to Chaos go insane as a result of what have they done.)
  • Warrior Monk: The best example among the Commander's strike force. He should be the company Chaplain, Emperor-Damnit!
  • Why Won't You Die?: His I Shall Not Fall passive makes him unkillable as long he is in Tactical Advance. This would continually drain his Energy, but there are weapons that allow him to recover the lost Energy during combat...

Scout Sergeant Cyrus

Voiced by: Steve Blum

A grim warrior and stern teacher, Cyrus is the instructor of the Chapter's initiates. Though among the most decorated of the Chapter's veterans, he voluntarily remains as a scout sergeant to train the next generations of Blood Ravens. As such, he is fiercely devoted and protective of those who trained under him.

Cyrus also had the honor of serving in the Deathwatch, the military arm of the Ordos Xenos. During that time, he came into extensive contact with the Tyranid swarm. Such experience served him well during the First Aurelian Crusade, wherein he contributed great tactical advice to the Force Commander which carried the Blood Ravens to victory.

Cyrus endured the loss of the majority of the 10th company, many of whom he had trained, and many others who died due to Captain Indrick Boreale's mishandling of the Kaurava campaign, which led him to label the campaign as a terrible mistake never to be spoken of again. It also left him somewhat embittered against Chapter Command, a weakness that is exploited by the forces of Chaos to turn him from the Emperor, should he be the traitor. However, this is non-canon.

Cyrus is secretly reassigned to Diomedes' command, and is subsequently drawn into the investigation of Chapter Master Azariah Kyras. Having been one of the Heroes of Aurelia, he knew that Kyras was a heretic, and has been trying to convince Diomedes of this since his reassignment. However, like any teacher his age, he knows that it will take time for Diomedes to accept this.

Cyrus favors unorthodox tactics and stealth, rather than brute force. This viewpoint brought him into conflict with many Blood Raven commanders, such as Indrick Boreale, although Davian Thule saw the merit of such things. Despite this, Cyrus is respected highly as one of the finest soldiers and strategists of the Chapter. A single nod of approval from Cyrus means more than a dozen commendations to those he has trained.
  • A Father to His Men/Papa Wolf: Don't try to harm his initiates. You won't live to regret it.
    Cyrus: *seeing his scouts being taken to the Warp* "KILL THAT CHAOS FILTH!! KILL THEM ALL!!"
  • Badass: In general, too.
  • Badass Beard: Also manages to keep his hair!
  • Badass Cape: With higher level armour.
  • Badass Teacher: To his Scout Marines.
  • BFG: His Sniper Rifle is about as big as he is. (And remember, while his light armor makes him look smaller than his companions, even scout marines are giants; he's probably seven feet tall or so.)
  • Boom, Headshot: His 'High-Powered Shot' ability. One Hit Kills any infantry unit, aside from bosses, though it'll still do quite a bit of damage.
  • Cold Sniper: Rather stoic... unless you start gunning down his initiates, then he gets pissed.
  • Demolitions Expert: He's an expert with explosives, including but not limited to; Demolition Charges, Proximity Mines, and Remote Detonators.
  • Difficult but Awesome: He's difficult to master, but he's absolutely essential to beating the game on Primarch difficulty.
  • Guttural Growler: It's Steve Blum.
  • Magikarp Power: In the early game, Cyrus is basically just a weaker version of Tarkus that can cloak. Fully leveled, especially once he can use explosives without breaking stealth, and he can solo entire missions on his own.
  • Odd Friendship: One of the sniper rifles that he can find was sent to him by a Space Wolf battle brother who he befriended during his time with the Deathwatch. Normally Space Wolves hold the Blood Ravens in contempt due to their heavy use of psykers and less agressive battle tactics. But this Space Wolf/Deathwatch brother is so loyal a friend that when he found out about the Blood Ravens future problems, he sends Cyrus a hand-crafted sniper rifle to help tip the balance in his favor.
  • One-Man Army: See Gamebreaker on the YMMV page.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: One of his weapons choices, and he can use high explosive rounds with them.
  • The Smart Guy: Knows the most about Tyranids since he served in the Deathwatch.
  • Sniper Rifle: A weapons choice, and his default weapon in Retribution.
  • Stern Teacher: Though he cares for his pupils.
  • The Stoic: Never loses his cool, unless his initiates are in danger.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: If he's the traitor in Chaos Rising. He wanted to use the power to purge the chapter of incompetent leaders.

Devastator Sergeant Avitus

Voiced by: James Horan

The fearsome devastator sergeant of the Force Commander's strikeforce. Avitus' greatest weapon is his unmatched hatred for the enemies of the Emperor, which had first flared in his youth, where his village was continually exploited by a corrupt Guardsman regiment. These events had left the young Avitus with a seething hatred for the Imperial Guard, decrying them as weaklings and cowards.

He and Davian Thule first met each other when they faced the terrible Chaos Witch Morgana whilst they were mere initiates, and it was Avitus' suppressing fire that held down the heretic long enough for Thule to slay her. From that day onwards, Avitus had gained a great respect for his future captain.

He would soon serve Davian Thule once more during the Kronus campaign, where he would distinguish himself once more during the assault on Victory Bay when the Blood Ravens fought the 1st Kronus Liberators led by Governor-General Lukas Alexander. Two of his close friends were killed in the assault, but Avitus' skill won the day. But his terrible rage had only grown, where once he would have barely tolerated the guardsmen, he now felt nothing but the blackest contempt for them all.

After the Kronus campaign, Avitus was assigned along with the rest of his company to defend the Chapter's recruiting worlds in subsector Aurelia. He fought during both Aurelian Crusades, unleashing his fury upon the Tyranids and the Black Legion. The events of Victory Bay had long haunted him, and it proved enough compromise to allow his heart to be darkened by those events. As such, Azariah Kyras came before him and ordered him to aid Eliphas the Inheritor in his efforts against the Blood Ravens during Chaos Rising.
  • Axe Crazy: Has some shades of this especially when under Chaos influence.
  • Badass: Voiced by James Horan, has a big gun, battle scars, capable of slaughtering thousands? Oh yes.
  • Badass Baritone: It is jokingly said that while those in his squad do not fear the alien, mutant, or heretic, they certainly fear Avitus.
  • Badass Grandpa: Like Tarkus, he has two service studs, meaning he has served for at least 200 years.
  • The Berserker: He tends to get quite angry in the heat of battle, VERY, VERY ANGRY.
  • BFG: Pretty much every weapon he can use, even by Space Marine standards.
  • The Big Guy: Though an incredibly less jovial type.
  • Black Comedy: Overlaps with Deadpan Snarker.
  • Blood Knight: "The Ork is dead. Find us worthier opponents in the future."
  • Commander Contrarian: His solution to every problem is murder, tactical sense be damned. It catches up to him...
  • The Cynic: Everything he says.
    Avitus: You are purging yourself of a weakness, Thaddeus. But there are more to come; you cling to hope, which brings with it only despair. We are weapons. There is the Emperor and there is war. Nothing more."
  • Deadpan Snarker: More often than not.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: He plays this on Tarkus as he dies.
    Avitus: "I want NONE of your pity, Tarkus!! But remember this day... because you are looking at your own future. One day, you will see through all the lies... and then the dead.. will come for you, as well..."
  • Et Tu, Brute?: If you play a game where he isn't the traitor, he takes the treachery of the guilty party very badly. It's worst if it's Tarkus, though, not the least because he keeps acting like a Friendly Enemy the whole time.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Though player actions determine who the traitor actually is in Chaos Rising, Avitus is the canon betrayer.
  • Freudian Excuse: He hates the Imperial Guard because his hometown was oppressed by a corrupt regiment. This is not helped by the loss of two of his friends in the assault on Victory Bay during the Dark Crusade.
  • Gatling Good: He can wield an Assault Cannon while in Terminator Armor.
  • Glass Cannon: Can shred anything at range, but is a sitting duck if he gets caught in melee. Terminator armour remedies this to an extent.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has several large gashes on his face. It's amazing he still has his face.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Defied. In his traitor scene in Chaos Rising he is the only traitor (besides Jonah, who is possessed) who is completely aware of what he's doing and unwilling to justify it in any way.
  • It Has Been an Honor: To the Imperial Guardsmen accompanying you, of all people, during the final mission of Dawn of War II. He even becomes less abusive towards them in Chaos Rising.
  • Nietzsche Wannabe: He's basically a glimpse into how things will be with Kyras. Avitus exclaims that virtues like 'honor, duty, brotherhood' are nothing but lies and delusions, used by weaklings to justify destruction. On his deathbed, he sums the universe of 40K rather aptly.
    Avitus: It matters not who lives and dies... blood is shed as it has always been... there... is nothing else... in this... forsaken.. existence...
  • Remember the New Guy?: Much like Tarkus, the canon says he's been around since Dark Crusade.
  • Suicide by Cop: His reasons for betrayal may be to evoke this. In essence, he is furious and shattered that all the battles he has fought and all the lives he has shattered and all the brothers who have fallen by his side were all in service to a heretic. As such, he is incapable of justifying the death he has inflicted upon others now and is disgusted with the dishonor of the chapter. As such, he doesn't want to live any more.
  • Tragic Villain: Learning that Kyras was a heretic shattered his sanity. Even as he lies dying he is unrepentant for any of the deeds he has done and is unable to justify any of them. He is ultimately a soldier broken by unending war and despair, which makes it all the more heroic that his comrades do not.
  • Unstoppable Rage: His usual state when in combat, especially strong against Araghast the Pillager.

Assault Sergeant Thaddeus


Voiced by: Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

Thaddeus leads the Assault Squad in Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising. One of the youngest Space Marine sergeants ever, he is also the first Blood Raven to come from Meridian in a long time. Brash, exuberant, and enthusiastic, he is also the idealist of the strike force. Ironically, he's a former ganger. Of course, by 'idealistic', we mean relatively. In any other setting he'd be rather grim.
  • An Axe to Grind: He can use Power Axes.
  • Badass: With certain skills, Thaddeus can shred enemies with a never ending series of Assault Jumps whilst being invincible the whole time.
  • Big Damn Heroes: How he introduces himself right after delivering the above quote.
  • Bizarre Alien Psychology: In one of the odd comments he makes after a mission, Thaddeus notices that after becoming a Space Marine, he's losing touch with his original hive-ganger self. Where he use to get a rush from combat, he find that his mind is instead clearing during battle and that with each battle his devotion to the Emperor is growing in an increasingly inhuman way. He feels a sense of pride but also a bit of sadness. Cyrus and Tarkus comment that this is a natural process for a Space Marine, that all of them will grow apart from humanity.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Certainly more upbeat than his brothers.
  • Chainsaw Good: Prefers using a Chainsword in combat and it's his default weapon.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Thaddeus just seems to vanish by Retribution.
    • Maybe he's off with Vanilla Ice on a penitent crusade.
  • Cool Sword: Can wield quite a few, from Chainswords to Power Swords.
  • Drop the Hammer: Can wield a Thunder Hammer paired with a Storm Shield when wearing Terminator Armor.
  • Glass Cannon: He can deal quite a lot of damage, especially with his 'Assault Jump' ability, but he won't last long in prolonged combat. Terminator armor does rectify this to an extent, but he'll still be rather fragile.
    • On the other hand, he has skills that can make him invulnerable for a surprisingly long time and depending on what skills he has, he can repeat this invulnerability in succession. Combine that with his jump/teleport ability and he becomes a true Lightning Bruiser.
  • The Heart: So much that Avitus occasionally calls him out for it.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: If he becomes the traitor, he did it because he trusted the word of a daemon.
  • Hot-Blooded: Enjoys a good fight, and as a young Space Marine is not nearly as jaded as Cyrus or Avitus.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: If he's the traitor in Chaos Rising, claims he made a Deal with the Devil (specifically Ulkair) in order to save you from the hive fleet. According to Jonah, he's been suckered.
  • Innocent Bigot: Thaddeus has no hatred for the Eldar and actually wouldn't mind becoming allies with them to save Meridian, but if you fend off an Eldar attack on a Imperial shrine, sometimes Thaddeus will wonder why the Eldar are attacking an Imperial shrine when they should instead be building temples to the Emperor so that he may forgive them of the sin of being a xeno. Cyrus then replies that being a xeno is one sin that the Emperor cannot forgive...
  • Jet Pack: His entire shtick as an Assault Marine is using Jump Packs to get in and out of combat.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means; 'courageous heart'. Fitting, considering what he acts like...
  • Naïve Newcomer: Even at the age of eighty he plays that role.
  • Older Than They Look: He looks like he is somewhere in his thirties, but he's actually at least 80 years old.
  • Power Fist: Can wield one.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: Thaddeus sees the purpose of the Space Marines as protectors of the human race, especially the downtrodden average hive-dweller. This puts him at odds with Avitus.
  • Sword and Gun: Wields a melee weapon note  and a pistol note .
  • Take A Levelin Badass: In Dawn of War II, the Merciless Strike skill of his was a pain to use. The problem was that he'd go into a protracted wind-up animation before doing a single Razor Wind, so most foes would simply wander out of the way. But in Chaos Rising, you can upgrade that skill so that instead of doing a wind-up into a shockwave, he and his fellow assault marines will charge or teleport attack into their opponent for a wide-area knockdown attack. They then immediately follow it up with Razor Wind attacks by ALL the members in the party. This practically guarantees that the enemies will be hit and greatly increases the damage. In medium levels of difficulty, this will usually pulverize regular enemies in a single attack.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: 'Assault Jump' is replaced with 'Teleport' when he's using Terminator Armor.
  • This Cannot Be!: His final words in Chaos Rising should he become the traitor.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: About as idealistic as a Space Marine can be.
  • Wolverine Claws: Can wield them in Chaos Rising, and they come in regular and Terminator variants.

Techmarine Martellus

"Speed the bolt that brings death to our enemies!"

Voiced by: Steve Blum

Martellus provides support and intel in Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising, and is a playable hero in Retribution. The voice of reason, he remains calm and collected even in the most dire of circumstances (unless it involves damaged machinery).
  • Ascended Extra: From a support character in Dawn of War II, to a possible traitor in Chaos Rising, and playable character in Retribution.
  • An Axe to Grind: He gets an extremely good power axe called Brennan's Will to use in Retribution.
  • Badass: Considering he managed to survive his Thunderhawk crashing into the Tyranid infested jungles of Typhon, repaired his own heavily damaged bionic implants, survived against the masses of feral Tyranid without support for a year and then holding off an army of Black Legionnaires until help arrives in order to protect an irreplaceable technological device....
  • Badass Baritone
  • Berserk Button: The only time he actually gets angry in the entire series is when he hears that a Land Raider has been taken by traitors, aside from his non-canon fall to Chaos.
  • Cyborg: As trained by the Adeptus Mechanicus, he has quite a few bionic implants in order to achieve the 'purity of a machine'.
  • The Butler Did It: Non-canonically. If you preserve your entire squad free of corruption throughout Chaos Rising, Martellus— a relatively minor NPC in this campaign— turns out to be the traitor. Avitus is the canonical traitor, though.
  • Cool Helmet: One of the few hero Space Marines in Dawn of War that defies Helmets Are Hardly Heroic.
  • The Lancer: To Captain Apollo Diomedes in Retribution.
  • Lightning Bruiser: If fought in Chaos Rising, he uses a powered up Chaos Predator tank, which is fast, can take a ton of damage and packs a ton firepower and some very damaging special attacks.
  • Machine Worship: As a Techmarine, he is part of both the Blood Ravens and the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • Mission Control: In Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising. Decides to get his hands dirty in Retribution.
  • Mr. Fixit: As with all Techmarines.
  • Real Men Love The Omnissiah: Unless he's the traitor.
  • The Smart Guy: He's a Techmarine, he knows stuff.
  • The Stoic: Unless you misuse a sacred warmachine of the Emperor of Mankind. After which your ass is grass.

Librarian Jonah Orion

"My powers are ours to share."

Voiced by: Alan Shearman

Jonah Orion was once a student of the late Isador Akios. Due to Isador's fall to Chaos, suspicions arose that Jonah himself was tainted. It was only due to the support of Gabriel Angelos and Azariah Kyras himself that these doubts were put to rest. During the Tyranid invasion, he was one of the psykers tasked with battling the mighty Hive Mind as Captain Angelos made for sub-sector Aurelia. Of the dozen Librarians, Navigators and Astropaths accompanying Angelos, only Jonah survived. Although still bearing the scars of his ordeal in the Warp, Jonah has served with honour, and his psychic abilities have allowed the Blood Ravens to root out several leftover pockets of Tyranid infestation.

He continued to serve with great valor during the Black Legion invasion, bringing his tremendous psychic powers to bear against the Black Legion. His extensive knowledge of the influences of the Warp also served to keep the Blood Ravens from the worst of Chaos' cunning. When the Black Legion was eventually routed, he and his brothers were branded as renegades by the traitorous Chapter Master Azariah Kyras. Jonah now serves once again in the Third Company alongside Captain Gabriel Angelos.
  • Badass: He endured a mental battle against the Hive Mind itself. Do not fuck with this man. However, if he's the traitor in Chaos Rising which canonically, he isn't, the scars from that battle make it easier for the daemon to possess him after Kyras gives away his psychic hood's access rites.
  • Badass Bookworm: Par for the course for a librarian.
  • Badass Grandpa: One of the oldest members of the Force Commander's strike force. He even adopts a bit of paternal role to Thaddeus. Especially if he turns traitor (non-canon).
    Jonah: *regarding Thaddeus* So young to bear the burdens of a Space Marine...
  • Berserk Button: Do. Not. Harm. His. Battle Brothers.
  • Demonic Possession: If he's the traitor in Chaos Rising. The daemon possessed him thanks to Kyras selling off the codes to circumvent his psychic hood, though the mental scars from his battle with the Tyranid Hive Mind left him vulnerable.
  • Fighting from the Inside: If he's possessed, he wrestles with the daemon inside him long enough to let his friends kill him.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: If he's the traitor, he manages to prevent the daemon from mending him so that he can be put down. It's left ambiguous whether or not doing so costs him his soul to the Warp.
  • Killed Off for Real: In the final mission of Retribution.
  • Magic Knight: Give him a Force Sword and he'll make short work of most infantry.
  • Psychic Powers: With the death of Isador, he is likely the most powerful Psyker left in the Third Company and possibly amongst the most powerful in the Chapter aside from Azariah Kyras himself.
    • Barrier Warrior: Can use them offensively and defensively.
    • Healing Hands: He functions as a medic with some of his support abilities.
    • Kill It with Fire: His psychic firebolt attack is as damaging as an RPG.
    • Shock and Awe: His aptly named 'Smite' ability. It launches lightning bolts at the enemy.
  • Real Men Love The Emperor
  • Scary Black Man: An angry black man with a vaguely English accent, being voiced by Alan Shearman anyway.
  • Sixth Ranger: He first appears in Chaos Rising.
  • Sole Survivor: Of the Librarians who fought a mental war with the Hive Mind during the last mission of Do W II.

Captain Apollo Diomedes

"With blood and fire, we shall cleanse this black stain from the Chapter's honor."

Voiced by: Keith Szarabajka

Perhaps the greatest warrior in Blood Raven history, Captain Apollo Diomedes is Captain of the Honor Guard and Champion of Azariah Kyras. Having previously commanded the Chapter's First Company, his rise to greater glory occurred on the ravaged penal world of Obscurus, where he handily defeated the forces of the Chaos Sorcerer Anupharis the Cruel and Warboss Manstompa Megakilla on the same day. For this victory, Diomedes rose to captaincy of the Honor Guard. For two centuries, he has led the Chapter's elite with honor and skill.

Captain Apollo Diomedes is the stern right hand of Kyras, unwaveringly devoted to the word of the Chapter Master and acting as his emissary to the most far-flung battle brothers. His loyalty, bordering on fanaticism, has led him to overlook some of the Chapter Master's darker decisions... such as his order to cease operations against the Black Legion and to brand Gabriel Angelos a renegade. Although he was exposed to evidence of Kyras' fall to Chaos, he refused to turn against his master and continued to believe in his innocence though he did not interfere further in the efforts of Gabriel Angelos and the Force Commander.

10 years then passed, and Captain Diomedes faced a crossroads... either to admit that his entire life has been a lie, in service to a heretic and take up a last stand to redeem all he loves or to continue down his path and stand idly by... If his Chapter is to survive, Diomedes must now overcome his own pride...
  • Ascended Extra: Yeah, the boss you took on the third to last mission of Chaos Rising is now the hero of Retribution.
  • The Atoner: In the second half of the campaign, he decides to atone for the sins he committed while serving Kyras, who has now been revealed as a traitor to the Imperium.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He is the Captain of the Honor Guard, who are Elite Mooks even among Space Marines.
  • An Axe to Grind: Not just one-handed Power Axes, though he can use those too. Oh no, should you buy the Collector's Edition, he can utilize a 2-handed Power Axe. Up until one finds a Thunder Hammer it would be wise to stick with this weapon.
  • Badass: Chapter Master Azariah Kyras calls him the greatest warrior the chapter has ever seen, and this is not completely flattery.
  • Badass Baritone: Without his helmet he has a very manly voice.
  • Badass Grandpa: 4 service studs means 400 years.
  • Bald of Awesome: God Emprah, just look at that dome.
  • Break the Haughty: By the Emperor, the first half of the Space Marine campaign is rather adamant on kicking him in the teeth and turning his entire world upside down. See Heroic BSOD below.
  • Byronic Hero: A very prideful and arrogant man. Which stems from his fear of Kyras' heresy, for if that were true, it would basically mean that his entire life has been wasted. And he has lived a rather long time.
  • Character Development: Going from a pawn of Kyras, to realizing not all is as it seems, to finally seeing the monster Kyras is and despairing, to gathering his courage to redeem himself and his chapter. He also ends up as being much less dogmatic and Lawful Stupid as the campaign progresses.
  • Cool Helmet: A large bit of his appeal amongst the fanbase. A shame he loses it, though.
  • Determinator: It takes a lot to power through when you see your beloved Chapter Master fall to heresy and goad you about it.
  • Drop the Hammer: Gets several Thunder Hammers to use in Retribution.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride. It's what blinds him to Kyras' treachery.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: His base ability, 'To Victory'. Taken to ridiculous levels when upgraded.
  • The Hero: The closest thing Retribution has to one.
  • Heroic BSOD: In Retribution. Kyras' actions throughout the game broke his faith in the Chapter Master into atoms, and he couldn't stand the fact that he was serving a traitor all along. He gets better.
  • Honor Before Reason: It is true that even if we defeat the traitor we face condemnation and death. But it is not for pride or favor that we serve, but for the Emperor Himself; and the purpose He has granted us. And if we shall die fulfilling that purpose then so be it. None shall find us wanting.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Generally acts like an arrogant, obstructive and downright unreasonable bastard, but underneath is an honourable and heroic soul who is torn at a crossroads.
  • Jet Pack: Has a Jump Pack in Chaos Rising and can be equipped with one in Retribution.
  • Knight Templar: He's absolutely devoted to the Chapter Master with the sort of fanaticism that Space Marines usually reserve only for the Emperor. Cyrus calls him out on this.
    Cyrus: "Diomedes, you have been in service to Kyras for centuries, and as such, know him better than any of us. Let me ask you this; do you maintain Kyras' innocence because you know him to a faithful and virtuous servant of the Emperor? Or is it instead that the shame of a life spent in service to a heretic is too much to bear?"
  • Lightning Bruiser: While he doesn't hit as hard as say, Eliphas in Retribution (though he has more health, oddly), he's certainly much faster, especially with a Jump Pack. He hits pretty hard too.
  • Meaningful Name: Named after one of the greatest warriors of Homer's Iliad, and one who managed to wound two Olympians on the battlefield. Fitting, as Diomedes is among the greatest warriors of the Blood Ravens, if not the greatest.
  • Obstructive Zealot: He starts out as one in Chaos Rising. He mends his ways in Retribution.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The second half of the campaign is him slaughtering Kyras' forces, destroying his interests and finally taking the battle to him, and gentlemen, it is glorious.
  • Say My Name: Upon finding irrefutable proof of Kyras' heresy. It's not the standard over-the-top scream, it's an incredibly well acted whisper of contempt.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Gives 2 particularly epic ones to Kyras. In the second, everyone joins in.
  • Spiritual Successor: Considered one to Indrick Boreale of all people by the fandom. Thankfully not for his tactical aptitude but his habit of yelling out whatever he's doing and curius accent.
  • Unwitting Pawn: And how. In two consecutive games, even.
  • Warrior Monk: A four hundred year veteran of countless wars.

Chapter Master Azariah Kyras


Voiced by: Peter Giles

Azariah Kyras was once the apprentice and student of the then Chapter Master Moriah. The most significant event of his life was when he and his brethren gathered on the world of Aurelia to defeat the daemon Ulkair. Moriah struck the Unclean One, wounding him viciously before succumbing to death. Kyras still stood, and shackled the vile daemon at the heart of the planet, though not before Ulkair cast Kyras to the Judgement of Carrion, where he was trapped for centuries. A 5th Company strike team under Apothecary Galan was eventually dispatched to the Space Hulk, wherein they found Kyras, holding his own against the ravenous daemons who infested the craft.

Kyras joined forces with Galan and escaped the craft by methods that were never disclosed. Though many saw his return as an omen of favor from the Emperor Himself, Gabriel Angelos was always more skeptical, fearing that there was a darker hand than the Emperor's that brought forth Kyras' return...
  • Apocalypse How: Pulls off a Class 6 on Typhon, and attempts an X-2 on the rest of the sector.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: His daemon prince form, it's so big you don't even see his whole body (which doesn't seem to have formed yet) and even without he makes the largest units look like toys.
  • Ax-Crazy: To an amazing degree.
    "It must be... magnificent. To hear a planet writhe and scream. To feel it convulse beneath your own feet. Witness it dying with living eyes. Perhaps I may share this gift with every last living soul in the galaxy... Until then..." Evil Laugh
  • Badass: He bound Ulkair, survived alone on a derelict, daemon infested Space Hulk for centuries and became Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens. 'Nuff said.
  • Badass Grandpa: Likely over a thousand years old.
  • Battle Aura: Even his portrait is glowing with a scary red aura.
  • Big Bad
  • Big Red Devil: He becomes a Daemon Prince.
  • Blood Knight: He worships Khorne, what do you expect? When you undo his invulnerability, he laughs and challenges you to come forth and face him in combat.
  • Break Them by Talking: Oh, he's a master at this.
  • Breath Weapon: One of his attacks as a Daemon Prince is breathing fire.
  • British Accents
  • Combat Compliment: To Eliphas, Kyras enthusiastically applauds Eliphas' vicious combat ability and the thousands he has slain to reach him. Claiming that he has earned the right to an audience with him. Eliphas is also the only person he compliments, which should really tell you something.
  • Creepy Monotone: It must be heard to be believed.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: When you see him in Chaos Rising, he looks like a Chaos Space Marine, even though he is allied with the Blood Ravens. His chatbox in-game is the above picture. Ultimately subverted - that time he spent in the Warp really wasn't good for his sanity.
  • The Dreaded: His alliance with the Daemon from the Maledictum puts the fear of him into several characters. Even the Tyranid Hive Mind views him as a threat, to the point it sends the Swarmlord against him.
  • Demonic Possession
  • Evil Laugh: Does a light cackle after leaving the player to die on Typhon. In the Ork campaign, he outright laughs hysterically at Orks being sent after him.
  • Evil Plan The entire storyline of Dawn of War II and its expansions were orchestrated by him to bring about the Exterminatus. All in the glorification of Khorne, namely, unremitting bloodshed. Tells you enough about how brilliant this guy is, really.
  • Face–Heel Turn
  • Final Boss: Of Retribution.
  • For the Evulz: He understands that there is no greater purpose to Chaos, only it's own glory and reveling in the bloodshed and he could not care less.
  • Genius Bruiser: A follower of Chaos Undivided who worships Khorne above all others. (like Eliphas) , a berserker, bloodthirsty... and an incredibly skilled strategist and self-disciplined in the extreme.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom
  • Hellfire: Much like Eliphas below, after he pledges himself to Khorne and becomes a Daemon Prince, many of his attacks involve warpfire. This includes meteorites, and breathing streams of flame.
  • Large Ham: So much so, that you literally feel you have been blasted by a hurricane! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!! LET... THE GALAXY... BUUUUUURRRRRRNNNNN!!!
  • Motive Rant: See Nietzsche Wannabe.
  • Meaningful Name or Name's the Same: He has the same first name as an important figure in the Blood Raven's history: Chapter Master and Chief Librarian Azariah Vidya, the Great Father.
  • Nietzsche Wannabe: Before his ascension to daemonhood, he makes a speech to his followers about how the universe is fundamentally meaningless and it is only through brazen savagery and violence can they be freed of insubstantial concepts such as duty or purpose or innocence, honesty or deceitfulness.
  • Obviously Evil
  • Omnicidal Maniac
  • One-Winged Angel
  • Power Echoes: His voice is always with a reverb.
  • Psychic Powers: Which are so powerful that he can bring Eldar Warlocks and Autarchs to sheer agony through his telepathy and nothing else. And apparently, he can guide Hive Fleets.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: LET... THE GALAXY... BURRRRRNNNN!!!!
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: His natural eye colour is red.
  • Shoulders of Doom: They only get bigger when he ascends to daemonhood.
  • Stationary Boss: He doesn't move. But he can still decimate your entire army handily.
  • True Final Boss
  • Walking Spoiler: There's a lot of covered text for a reason.
  • Warrior Monk: Yep. He becomes an evil one later on.
  • We Can Rule Together: He extends this to Eliphas, who responds in a manner that can be politely summed up as; "I am not to be bargained with."
    • He also offers this to Diomedes before Typhon got exterminated, with Apollo's response being to thank him for revealing the corruption he had been so blind to.

    Imperium of Man: Other characters 

Inquisitor Mordecai Toth

"On Tartarus, there are no coincidences. There is only the storm that winnows the faithful from the heretic."

Voiced by: Michael Dobson

Inquisitor Toth is the original bearer of Captain Angelos' Daemonhammer, God-Splitter. He attempts to convince the Captain to leave Tartarus, as he suspects that Angelos is vulnerable to the taint of Chaos, due to the Exterminatus of Cyrene. When he is proven wrong, he grants his Daemonhammer to Captain Angelos, and assists the 3rd Company.
  • Badass: For all his faults, he does fight well.
  • Because I Said So: He tries playing this on the Blood Ravens 3rd Company, Gabriel ignores him.
  • The Cameo: His model can be seen for a few seconds in the Space Marine victory cinematic in Dark Crusade, although it's not specified whether it's actually him or if they just didn't see the point of creating a new Inquisitor model for the four seconds one appears on screen.
  • Cool Sword: Wields a Power Sword after he gives God-Splitter to Captain Angelos.
  • Demonic Possession: Some fans have speculated that it's the cause of his order to destroy the Maledictum in the first game.
  • Drop the Hammer: The God-Splitter, before he gave it to Angelos at the end of Dawn of War.
  • Kill It with Fire: He's an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor.
  • Large Ham: "BURN, FOUL CREATURE!!!"
  • Mis-blamed: In-Universe, he wrongfully suspected Gabriel of heresy when it was actually Isador. He grudgingly apologizes about it.
  • Scary Black Man: Subverted in that most of the cast don't really find him scary at all. And those who do only do so due to his bureaucratic power.
  • Sword and Gun: God-Splitter (later a Power Sword) and a Plasma Pistol.

Colonel Carus Brom

"Hold the line! In the name of the Emperor you will not falter!"

Voiced by: Mark Oliver

Commander of Tartarus' Imperial Guard garrison, Colonel Brom assists the Blood Raven's 3rd Company in the defense of that world. Only appears in Dawn of War.
  • Badass Cape: As part of his character outfit.
  • Badass Normal: No visible enhancements, but he fights pretty damn well.
  • The Cameo: His model is used for the new, unnamed Governor-General in the Eldar ending of Soulstorm.
  • Colonel Badass: For the Imperial Guard on Tartarus.
  • Face–Heel Turn: He turns to Chaos in the novel and promptly dies for it, which isn't necessarily canon in the games.
  • Sword and Gun: A Power Sword and a Bolt Pistol.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: To his men. He's no stranger to field executions but he's smart enough to work with Angelos and is generally quite competent.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: In the books, he ends up turning to Chaos offscreen, alongside several of his men, before returning and leading a counterattack against the Blood Ravens. He ends up running into Gabriel Angelos and dies not too long afterwards.
  • You Have Failed Me: A variation in which he guns down a pair of fleeing Guardsmen for cowardice.

General Sturnn

"To each of us falls a task, and all the Emperor requires of us guardsmen is that we stand the line and die fighting. It is what we do best; we die standing."

Voiced by: Paul Dobson

General Sturnn leads the Cadian 412th regiment of the Imperial Guard on their latest assignment, to recover an Imperator-class Titan that fell in the defense of Lorn V, as chronicled in Winter Assault. A grizzled veteran, he does not give up easily.
  • A Father to His Men: Sturnn genuinely and dearly cares for the men under his command and avoids sending them on suicide missions if it can be helped. He also tells them that he is honored to have led them to battle.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: As an ordinary human, he can tear Chaos Space Marines apart in close combat!
  • Badass One of Dawn of War's greats.
  • Badass Normal: He doesn't have any special powers or augmentations, he's just an old man who has seen decades of the worst fighting in the galaxy, and survived.
  • The Determinator: This man will get the job done. Sod the Khornate Space Marines, sod the Ork WAAAGH!!, sod the Eldar witches, sod the Necron Warriors. Another world, another glorious victory in remembrance of the Immortal God-Emperor of Man.
  • Enemy Mine: With the Eldar, though eventually he either turns on them or is turned on.
  • Four-Star Badass: General Sturnn kills the enemies of the Emperor with naught but his grit filled stare.
  • Killed Off for Real: By the Eldar after the Necrons were driven off, according to the Hammer of the Emperor sourcebook for Only War.
    • Which contradicts a piece of wargear in the Imperial Guard campaign of Retribution, which states that he succeeded in capturing the Titan.
  • Large Ham: He can out ham an Eldar, which is saying something.
  • Rousing Speech: He gives more than a few.
    "Although the Golden Throne of Terra orbits a distant star, far from here, the Emperor's Hand is on your shoulder, always. You have fought and displayed loyalty and bravery far and above your calling as Guardsmen. You have faced the full brunt of an Ork WAAAAGH! as well stared down the horrors of the Warp in the fallen Space Marines. And in that, I am honored to have led you. Our task remains, however. There is still work to be done. The Titan is ours, but its Machine Spirit is injured. The Titan Crew is in place, leaving us to defend the Titan while the crew brings its armaments online. For that, we need energy to power the weapons systems. Now, go... THE FIGHT IS FAR FROM OVER!"
  • Wolverine Claws: His Power Claws, with a Bolter attached.

Chaplain Varnus of the Ultramarines

We have weathered fiercer storms than this! Hold the line, damn you. You will not embarrass the Emperor today by dying!"

Voiced by: Scott McNeil

A Chaplain of the Ultramarines, he was aboard the Thunderhawk that was carrying the crew for an Imperator-class Titan that fell in the defense of Lorn V. He assists General Sturnn in recovering said Titan, as chronicled in Winter Assault.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: At least as far as the Ultramarines go, not for the entire campaign.
  • Badass: He kills a Bloodthirster by himself. An impressive feat, as they're capable of devastating star systems single handed.
  • Badass Preacher: Its his job, and he does it very well.
  • It Has Been an Honor: To Sturnn after successfully defending the Titan.
  • Sword and Gun: His Crozius Arcanum and a Bolt Pistol.
  • Warrior Monk: An excellent example of one.
  • You Shall Not Pass: His defense of the Titan crew while awaiting Sturnn's arrival. He and his men actually survive, unlike many examples of this trope.

Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander

"Enemies of the Imperium hear me; you have come here to die. The Immortal God-Emperor of Man is with us, and we are invincible."

Voiced by: Brian Dobson

Commander of the 1st Kronus Liberators regiment, Imperial Governor of Kronus, and was embroiled in the Dark Crusade. He was tasked by Segmentum Command with hunting down Farseer Taldeer of Craftworld Ulthwe for her actions on Lorn V, and securing the planet as well. Is canonically defeated by the Blood Ravens.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He's governor of the parts of Kronus under Imperial command, and the leader of the Liberators. Not quite enough to save him, but give him credit for not backing down even in the face of certain death.
  • Defiant to the End/Honor Before Reason: He'll keep fighting even when it becomes apparent he'll lose, because he figures it's better to die fighting. Even if he's fighting against the Blood Ravens, who are nominally on the same side.
  • Four-Star Badass: He's the general of the Liberators, it's to be expected.
  • Killed Off for Real: Canonically killed by the Blood Ravens. Though an Imperial Commander with his same model is killed in Soulstorm's introduction cinematic.
  • Power Fist: One of his eventual upgrades.
  • Rousing Speech: Gives a good one when Victory Bay is invaded. It certainly makes one hell of an impression for him.
  • Wolverine Claws: His starting weapon, though he will eventually replace it with the Power Fist.
  • Worthy Opponent: Thule saw him as such, despite having to kill him and his Guardsmen. He in turn saw Thule as this.
  • Vindicated by History: An in-universe example, given in an item description in the Retribution IG campaign. Given the elements of treachery and heresy within the Blood Ravens as of Chaos Rising and Retribution, many within the Imperium have re-evaluated his decision to oppose them, and he's seen a lot more positively now.

Governor-General Vance Stubbs

"Commissar, I would like to see this city built up again. I would like to see towers and spires of gleaming white, I would like to see our men on parade routes, not tours of duty!"

Voiced by: Brian Dobson (gameplay quotes recycled from Alexander)

General Stubbs is the newly appointed Governor of the Kaurava system, and commander of the 252nd Kauravan Conservator regiment. Having just taken command of the system before the Warp Storm arrived, Stubbs hopes to reconquer the Kaurava system for the Imperium. He is believed to be the victor of Soulstorm, at the price of losing 100 Baneblades.
  • A Father to His Men: A tough but fair commander who would rather his men be on parade tours than tours of duty.
  • Badass: One of the few leaders in Soulstorm who doesn't have his head stuck all the way up his arse. Supposedly, he is the canon winner of Soulstorm's conflict.
  • Four-Star Badass: He whips into shape a historically terrible military unit and leads them on a total purge of the Kaurava system.
  • General Failure: The Memetic Mutation of him "losing 100 Baneblades" has made some people jokingly claim he was thisnote . Still awesome though.
  • Wolverine Claws: One of his default weapons.

Canoness Selena Agna

"Then we shall purge it with fire. I have yet to find a cinder that was not faithful in its praise of the Emperor."

Canoness Agna leads the Order of the Sacred Rose forces that have come to Kaurava to cleanse it of heretics and xenos by burning everything, just to be sure. Proud and fanatical, she is an exemplary member of the Sisters of Battle.
  • Church Militant: Unfortuantely, she doesn't come across as the sharpest tool in the shed.
  • Cool Sword: A power sword specifically.
  • Kill It with Fire: To the point where during her defeat cutscene, she immolates herself along with any enemy soldiers nearby.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Why Stubbs attacked her Convent, no other action would have resulted in them keeping their lives.
  • Sword and Gun: Like many Imperial Commanders.

Governor Gregor Vandis

Governor of the Hive World and sub-sector capital, Meridian, Vandis is the primary obstacle to the Blood Ravens for gaining access to Angel's Forge. He's secretly a worshipper of Chaos, and rebels against the Imperium in Chaos Rising.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Vandis is part of House Vandis, one of the noble houses which rule Meridian and which Thaddeus claims is only interested in it's own self-preservation. Fully becomes this when he and House Vandis ally with Chaos to reclaim control of the planet.
  • Dirty Coward: Flees the sub-sector once it becomes apparent that the Tyranids are there in force.
  • Face–Heel Turn: He joins the Black Legion in Chaos Rising.
  • The Ghost: He is never seen or heard in either campaign, only alluded to.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: He not only laughed off the possibility of a Tyranid invasion until it was too late, he also hoarded Blood Raven relics.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Disappears completely during Chaos Rising.

Administrator/Governor Elena Derosa

"The Blood Ravens are here! The Emperor's Angels of Death fight with us!"

Voiced by: Christine Dunford

Administrator Derosa is Governor Vandis' liaison with the Blood Raven strike force. She appears obstructive, but she is merely following orders, and when the need was apparent, she took action. She is appointed Governor of Meridian in Chaos Rising to take Vandis' place after he abandoned the sub-sector.
  • Badass Normal: She can tell a Space Marine to be quiet and listen, that takes ovaries of adamantium.
    • Avitus even states that she'd make a good Sister of Battle.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: She's just following orders though. She gets better and becomes...
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Is never mentioned in Retribution.
    • It's very likely she was killed when the Traitor Guardsmen overran Meridian during Retribution's story.

Inquisitor Adrastia

Voiced by: Kirsten Potter

A friend of Gabriel Angelos, she is the one he turns to to halt the Exterminatus of the subsector. A member of the Ordo Hereticus, she is willing to use any means necessary to investigate the charges leveled against Chapter Master Kyras, including working with Xenos and wielding forbidden weaponry.
  • Badass: She fights pretty well if she needs to.
  • Badass Longcoat
  • Comically Small Bribe: She tries to hire Bluddflagg by offering him a fight with three imperial regiments... Which, even if she was planning to pay him in the first place, would be a fairly paltry thing to offer considering she's hiring him to fight a (much tougher) space marine chapter first. In an inversion, Bluddflagg was willing to do it just for the fight and her hat.
  • Cool Sword: She can wield a large variety of swords, including one that used to belong to a certain Inquisitor named Gregor Eisenhorn.
  • Enemy Mine: She's willing to hire Orks and Eldar to investigate Kyras.
    • Hoist by His Own Petard: The Ork campaign ends with Bluddflagg ambushing her, berating her for trying to fool him and stealing her hat.
  • Jerkass: Well, that's what you get when you denigrate the existence of an entire sector to a mere distraction, Inquisitor.
  • Nice Hat: Kaptin Bluddflagg thinks her hat is so nice that he names it as his price for agreeing to be a mercenary under her employ. She evidently thinks it's a Nice Hat too; she refuses in shocked outrage, which makes the Ork mad and causes him to refuse to work for her.
    • In the Ork ending he steals it from her.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Lacks anything as devastating as Merrick's artillery strikes and the massive buff Lord Bern's Summery Execution gives when maxed out.
  • Psychic Powers: She has some, including her base ability, 'Hammer of the Witches'. Nothing like a Librarian, but still.
  • The Spock: She encourages pragmatism to the good Lord-General Castor. She is very adamant that her investigation be carried out by the book.
  • Sword and Gun: A Force Weapon or Power Sabre and Inferno Pistol. The pistol can be upgraded to a Bolter-Stake Crossbow if you invest in her Offense discipline tree.
  • Tsundere: As only an Inquisitor could be.

Lord General Castor

"The Imperium will win here. No other solution is tolerable."

Voiced by: Richard Doyle

General Castor commands the force requisitioned by Inquisitor Adrastia for the investigation of Kyras. A veteran of many wars, he is a pragmatic man, leading and inspiring his men through fear if need be. His only goal is to win the war and secure the subsector for the Imperium.

Sergeant-Major Merrick

"Well, we came out here to make war, didn't we?"

Voiced by: Scott McNeil

Sergeant-Major Merrick is the soldier's soldier, and is a veteran of the defense of Angel's Gate, and the poisoning of the Tyranid Hive Mind. After that, he served for a decade throughout subsector Aurelia, including the Chaos incursion, until he was drawn into the investigation of Chapter Master Kyras.

His concerns for the safety, well being and general dignity of his fellow Guardsmen often puts him at odds with his more pragmatic commanding officers. Merrick is no weaker for this humanity, a great soldier and fearless warrior, he does what the Emperor commands of him though he is weary now, and sarcastically claims that were he a smarter man, he would have left the sub-sector years ago.
  • Ascended Extra: His appearance in Chaos Rising gained him a lot of fans, leading to his ascension to playable character in Retribution.
  • Badass: Like all Imperial Guardsmen, he has massive balls of steel.
  • Badass Normal: Consider the fact that he lived through the Tyranid invasion in Dawn of War II, the Chaos incursion in Chaos Rising and a decade of constant combat until Retribution with no augmentations at all.
  • BFG: He has to set them up first, but being able to carry and operate these by himself makes him quite the Badass Normal.
  • Captain Smooth and Sergeant Rough: Rough to Castor's smooth.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He's prone to making snarky remarks about the weight of his equipment and the odds of his survival.
    "Give us a target, this ammo's heavy."
    "Sure, I'll lug all this a lil' further."
    "(after receiving an upgrade) Of course it would be even heavier."
    "Sure, I'll fight a Dreadnought..."
  • Death from Above: Can call in artillery strikes with the right wargear. This can allow him to decimate whole armies.
  • The McCoy: Easily the most emotional of the Imperial Guard heroes and the most sensitive to the deaths of Guardsmen. He even calls Inquisitor Adrastia out on gambling the lives of the sector in order to amass 'proof' of Kyras' (obvious) involvement.
  • A Million Is a Statistic: Averted, so hard. It amounts to both a Crowning Moment of Awesome and Heartwarming for the character.
  • Permission to Speak Freely: The one time he actually asks is so out of character that Castor is actually taken off-guard. It also represents the moment he realises you can win.
  • Rated M for Manly: He fights hard, holds honour and humanity above mere victory and generally sees those serving with him as his brothers. He also has the balls to hold a gun to his general while the Political Officer is right behind him, all too ready to pull the trigger.
  • Sergeant Rock: He can beat any alien or heretic he fights and can hold a gun to Castor's head during the scene mentioned in You Bastard below even when Commissar Lord Bernn is standing right behind him with his gun pointed at Merrick.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: His relationship with Castor becomes this.
  • You Bastard: He accuses Castor of this when he allows the Imperial Guardsmen stationed on Typhon to die when it undergoes Exterminatus.
  • The Worf Effect: In the Tyranid campaign, he's the first victim of the Tyranid Hive Tyrant. This is shortly after telling his men that Tyranids, if you know what you're doing, are no dangerous than Meridian Razor Slugs. Fans compared his death there to that of Robert Muldoon.

Commissar Lord Bernn

Voiced by: Keith Ferguson

Commissar Lord attached to the force lead by General Castor for the investigation of Kyras. He exemplifies power and bravery, making him a natural leader. Like other commissars, he's willing to execute his own men, however, he's just as willing to lead by example.
  • Badass: Best of the Imperial Guard heroes at melee combat, and the toughest of the group as well (but you'd be forgiven for thinking that is not worth much).
  • Badass Boast: Delivers quite a few. Helps inspires the troops, after all.
    "Be like General Tarsus of yore, bulletproof and free of fear!"
    "We are the dukes of our destinies, bestowed victory by our Emperor!"
    "No fear! Only victory!"
  • Badass Longcoat: Standard issue for commissars.
  • The Generic Guy: Has no role in the story and nothing is known about his personality outside his combat quotes.
  • Nice Hat: His Commissar Cap.
  • Power Fist: Can be equipped with one.
  • Sword and Gun: He starts with a Power Sabre and a Laspistol.
  • The Voiceless: Outside of combat.
  • You Have Failed Me: When using his basic skill, named "Inspire Courage".
    "Behold the price of failure!"
    • Amusingly, it still kills Guardsmen when the ability is maxed out despite the buff it grants making the army immune to damage.


Warboss Orkamungus

"Bah! We'll keep 'em more than busy. We'll keep dem dead."

Voiced by: Paul Dobson

Warboss Orkamungus led the Orks ravaging the planet Tartarus. It is eventually revealed that he had made a deal with the Alpha Legion to serve as a distraction for the Blood Ravens in exchange for weapons and the chance to fight the Imperium's finest. He is eventually killed by the Blood Ravens, ending the Ork threat on Tartarus.
  • BFG
  • Everyone Has Standards: He refused to let Sindri boss him around, making it clear that he was only in on their bargain because he wanted to fight the Space Marines.
  • Large And In Charge: Standard for a warboss.
  • Not Worth Killing: His opinion of the Alpha Legion, asserting that they weren't worth the hassle because if they were, they wouldn't need him and his boyz to do their fighting for them.
  • Power Fist
  • Reliable Traitor: He was planning to turn on his Chaos allies after he runs out of regular Space Marines. Sindri was perfectly aware of that.
  • Starter Villain: He only appears in a single mission, his WAAAGH! is only your primary concern for four total and the Orks become a disorganised mess without him (albeit one still able to massacre the civilian populace).
  • Unwitting Pawn: Of Sindri, as was everyone else.
  • V Illain Respect: He considered the Space Marines Worthy Opponents and struck a deal with Sindri purely for the chance to fight them.

Warboss Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter

"Wrong, ya git! Da greatest war machine iz da Ork WAAAGH! We don't need no tinker'traption to be strong, we iz strong!"

Voiced by: Brian Drummond

Warboss Gorgutz is one of the most popular characters in the series, and has appeared in all the expansions for the original Dawn of War. Gorgutz's first appearance has him attempting to start a WAAAGH! on Lorn V, when that fails, he flees to Kronus, and tries again. When thwarted this time, he flees once more to Kaurava.
  • Badass: It comes with being an Ork. Furthermore, not only has he been able to curb his losses, but he's managed to raise over 3 WAAAGHS! and inflict significant damage against his opponents.
  • Bad Boss: The first thing we see him do is kill a Meganob for suggesting they run, and he later kills a random Ork just because he's angry. The after action report for him defeating the Tau states that he killed his subordinates for failing to retrieve Au'nel's skull. In fact, this is pretty much a recurring theme with him.
  • BFG: Any gun he uses.
  • Contractual Immortality
  • Deadpan Snarker: He's the biggest source of Dawn of War's humor.
    Gorgutz: You looks like an oomie dats needs some feeding, metal boy.
    Macabee: We exterminated all life on this planet before, and we shall do so again.
    Gorgutz: Dat woz before me Waaagh! got 'ere. Now, we is da wuns doin' da 'sterminating!
  • Genius Bruiser: He's pretty smart as far as Orks go.
  • Joker Immunity
  • Karma Houdini: He's escaped death three times over the course of the series, and it's likely he'll come back for more.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: His base is overrun, and given Orks' Blood Knight tendencies you'd expect him to keep fighting on and go down in a blaze of glory befitting of a Warboss. Sucker. He'll retreat and activate the Self-Destruct Mechanism rigged all over his base.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: One of his killing blow animations is this, where he slams his victim to the ground before pounding them to mush and slapping them away.
  • Large And In Charge: Even outright invokes this.
  • Large Ham: Especially for an Ork.
  • Laughably Evil: A chunk of his appeal is because of this.
  • Made of Iron: Is by far the most durable commander in the campaigns he appears in.
  • One-Man Army: All of his upgrades and wargear give him an insane amount of DPS and health, allowing him to take on entire armies. The only commanders that can beat him are the Necron Lords in both campaigns (who are considered Gamebreakers), the Chaos Lords (Eliphas and Carron have lower health and DPS than him but have knockback immunity while he doesn't and can give themselves a huge DPS bonus with daemon strength) and Caerys due to bug in the game letting her kill him in one shot with her gun.
  • Power Fist: The Power Klaw he uses for his main weapon.
  • Power Up Let Down: The final ranged wargear upgrade he gets in Dark Crusade actually does LESS damage than the one he gets before it.

Warboss Bonesmasha

Warboss Bonesmasha is the supreme leader of the Ork WAAAGH! in subsector Aurelia, and is certainly tough enough for the job, being capable of fighting off even the elite veterans and Terminators of the Force Commander's strike force. He is one of 2 bonus bosses in Dawn of War II.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: This guy is easily the strongest boss in the vanilla Dawn of War II campaign besides the Avatar.
  • Bonus Boss
  • Demoted to Extra: If you didn't take him down in Dawn of War II, you can in Chaos Rising. He's not a boss though, he's a simple enemy whom you, by this point, can take down in one hit.
  • Graceful Loser: He takes dying pretty well, saying "So much for me boss pole" (he stated at the start of the fight that he intended to put your helmets on it).
  • Large And In Charge
  • Unwitting Pawn: Of the Eldar.

Kaptin Bluddflagg

"I like yer hat, by da way!"

Voiced by: Patrick Seitz

Kaptin Bluddflagg is the leader of the Ork Freebooterz in subsector Aurelia. Unusually for an Ork, he's more interested in loot than in fighting, though he's perfectly happy to indulge in both. Also uncharacteristic for an Ork, he understands subtlety, and knows how to pick his fights for maximum profit.
  • Ax-Crazy: Like all Orks.
  • An Axe to Grind: Prefers Chainaxes.
  • Badass: Yes!
  • Badass Boast: He delivers a pretty good one to Autarch Kayleth:
    Kapt. Bluddflag: "Oi, Twiggy! What do all ya boyz and a smashed up jammy paste have in common? Come 'ere, I'll show ya!"
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: His relationship with Adrastia has shades of this, which is especially impressive in light of the fact that "he" is an asexual fungoid who reproduces via spores.
  • BFS: The cutlasses he can wield are almost as long as he is tall.
  • Blood Knight: Like all Orks. He especially likes to fight Chaos Marines and Space Marines; as they are "dead 'ard".
    Kaptin Bludflagg: *Upon hearing that Kyras has no reinforcements* "Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll be an ambush or sumfing!!"
  • Chainsaw Good: Aforementioned chainaxes.
  • Cool Sword/BFS: His ultimate weapon, the Kaptin's Kutlery, is a huge cutlass-shaped choppa that's stated to have been his favourite weapon, which he lost at the beginning of the story when his Krooza was shot down.
  • Eyepatch of Power: It's even stuck in his skull.
  • Genius Bruiser: By Ork standards, anyway. Behold his intelligent deduction of Kyras' whereabouts!!
    • He also manages to identify Adrastia as an Inquisitor based on her appearance - which is impressive since most Orks don't have any concept or understanding of a uniform since Large And In Charge is biologically enforced for them.
    • He's also apparently literate and capable of elementary calculus. Which for an Ork is pretty amazing. Definitely the smartest member of his own crew.
  • Handicapped Badass: He has only one eye but that doesn't stop him from being a dangerous Ork warboss.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Prone to this. Orky logic is best logic.
  • Large And In Charge
  • Large Ham: Oh, Patrick Seitz certainly enjoyed voicing this character.
  • Laughably Evil:
    Kayleth: Before I slay you, Ork, tell me: have you seen any humans infesting this jungle?
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Doesn't have the same balls-out melee power as Eliphas, nor Diomedes' resilience and speed.
    • Magikarp Power: However, if you invest in various offensive, defensive, and energy upgrades for his WAAAGH ability, he becomes unarguably the best support hero in the game, except maybe Bern.
  • Nice Hat: His pirate hat. He also gets Adrastia's in the Ork Campaign's ending.
  • Ninja Zombie Pirate Robot: He's a Scottish Ork Warboss Space Pirate Captain.
  • Power Fist: Can use Power Klaws.
  • Psycho for Hire: For the Inquisition in Retribution.
  • Rule of Cool: Why is there an Ork Space Pirate in such an epic, dramatic and serious story? No reason, its just awesome.
  • Slasher Smile: Just look at dat big toofy grin!
  • Space Pirate: Don't 'e look da part? He's even got the accent!
  • War for Fun and Profit: His motivation in life is this. He's strange for an Ork, as he seems to care more about the "profit" part than the "fun" part (though he's still a massive Blood Knight).
  • What the Hell Is That Accent?: A bizarre mixture of general 'orky' lower-class accent with a bit of cornish (stereotypical pirate), scottish and irish thrown in.
  • You Got Guts: When he is about to defeat Autarch Kayleth in the first mission.
    Bluddflagg: You got guts skinny, I'll give ya dat. And dey're getting all over da place, look!
    Kayleth: Gibbering slime! Silencing you is reason enough for your death!

Mister Nailbrain

"I've set me gitfinda to Panzee. Dere over dere!"

Voiced by: Keith Ferguson

Mister Nailbrain is both the first mate and the engineer of the Freebooterz' Kill Kroozer. Somewhat unhinged, as befitting a Mek, he's an essential part of the crew regardless.
  • BFG: The heavy weapons specialist of Bluddflagg's crew. Odds are the weapon he uses will be much bigger than him.
  • Combat Medic: He has Ork Fightin' Juice to heal people, while he also has a gigantic machine gun.
  • Genius Bruiser: In the sense that apart from Bluddflag himself, he's the only member of Bluddflag's crew that seems to have any brains. Hence why he outranks Spookums and Brikkfist despite being smaller than them (Ork hierarchy normally being determined by size).
  • I'm Taking Her Home with Me!: His reaction to a Battlewagon. He even promised to take it on walks (or "rukks," short for/a pun on ruckuses).
  • The Lancer: Bluddflag's second-in-command.
  • Mission Control: He takes care of intelligence gathering and weapons manufacturing.
  • More Dakka: His default Big Shoota, and Dakka Deffguns.
  • Mr. Fixit: He's a Mad Mek.
  • Number Two: First mate to Bluddflagg.

Kommando Spookums

Spookums is Bluddflagg's bosun, and the most dangerous kind of Ork, a sneaky one. He revels in stealth operations, and enjoys spreading terror throughout the enemy ranks. Also the only not-so-hammy Ork in the team.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: His name is Spookums.
  • Grappling-Hook Pistol: One upgrade gives him one. It somehow also allows him to un-KO other heroes before yanking them back towards himself.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: His upgraded offense tree allows him to throw a ridiculous number of stikkbombs, smoke bombs, melta bombs, truck tires...
  • Mad Bomber: His Offense discipline tree mostly focuses on giving him the ability to throw around a large number of stikkbombs and other explosives.
  • Magikarp Power: His default equipment and abilities are largely ineffectual. However, upgrade his stealth and offensive abilities and give him explosives and an energy boost, and he will dominate entire missions on his own.
  • Ninja: He's an Ork ninja with a preference for explosives.
  • Noodle Incident: As his quote reveals, he once tried to hide in lava.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: His Rokkit Barrage ability if he's using a rokkit launcher.
  • Playing Possum: What he claims to be doing after you revive him from being down-but-not-out:
    Unconscious? Nah, dat was just a trick!
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: His default weapon. Well, the Ork equivalent at least. He enjoys it because the range he needs to enter to use it gives the pleasant side effect of painting his face with blood. His ultimate shotgun is called "Red Paintbrush".
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: Ironically for being a stealthy character, his most powerful abilities involve him using explosives. His higher level armors even show stikkbombs strapped to his chest and land mines strapped to his back.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Which actually makes a lot of sense (even more ironically) when thinking about it. Orks lack the aiming ability for one hit sniping techniques and an Ork who is stealthy is usually not as strong as his kin in melee, making the traditional stealth special attacks of other races unusable for him. Appearing out of nowhere and throwing a massive amount of explosives is actually the best stealth attack option for an Ork.

Stormnob Brikkfist

"Wot I wouldn't give ta strap one a' dem huge zog-off planet-krumpin missiles to me back..."

Brikkfist is Bluddflagg's other bosun, and is far more traditional in his methods.
  • Axe Crazy: The axe craziest of Bludflagg's crew.
  • An Axe to Grind: Likes big chainaxes.
  • Badass
  • Boisterous Bruiser: From what little lines he has, he seems to be one.
  • Drop the Hammer: Likes hammers too.
  • Dumb Muscle: He's, not very smart. It's pretty clear he leads other Orks because he's bigger and stronger, not because any actual ability to lead.
  • Large Ham: Practically screams every line he has.
  • In Love with Your Carnage: Reacts very positively when he sees Kyras crush Gabriel with his giant, flaming daemonic fists.
    Now DAT was a right proppa' smack!
    • He also wanted to strap a bomb used for Exterminatus ON HIS BACK because of how huge they were.
  • Jet Pack: Or rather a huge rocket strapped to his back, like all stormboyz.
  • Theres No Kill Like Over Kill: Achieves this by Stormboy standards with one of his top-tier skills. He essentially launches himself up to the clouds, screaming "WAAAGH" all the way. His voice fades and then slowly returns, ending with him landing on your target with a massive explosion. He is completely unscathed and ready to smash anyone who somehow survived his meteoric reentry. THAT is how you use a jetpack, ladz.
    • Mind you, that's because these jetpacks are all he has. The first thing he says when he sees Exterminatus missiles coming down is he wants one of those strapped to his back instead.

Warboss Smashface

" You'd betta be lying to me boy, and you'd betta be dead, before I get dere, because I don'ts like getting lied to!"

Warboss Smashface is leading a WAAAGH! on Calderis. His convoy is attacked by the player-lead faction for supplies. Shows up in the final wave of the convoy, and is killed by the player faction.
  • An Axe to Grind
  • Bad Boss: Promises to smash everyone's faces after the battle. Curiously enough, his Number Two is more worried about the fact that they'll have to gather up more equipment than the boss death.
  • Insane Troll Logic: His belief that driving over the shiny bridges brings good luck. While this occasionally works for Orks, it didn't work for Smashface. Guess enough of his Boyz didn't believe him.
    • Perhaps he figured they would be ambushed on bridges without any cover at all, which IS good luck for Orks?
      • Gold is universally accepted as a lucky color for Orks, but the trukks never get the chance to go over them (the game encourages the player to destroy the golden bridges ahead of time, funneling the convoy along bottlenecked alternative routes).
  • Meaningful Name: He threatens to smash his Boyz' faces when they fail him.
  • Mini-Boss: You get to fight him at the end of the mission. Given how easily he goes down you might not even notice.

The Mad-Mek

"Oh, I getz it. You's come ta steal me tellyporta! Well nothin' doin'! It took me better'n a decade ta squeeze da juice outta... dat fing back dere. Should only be anodder decade or so before I get ta zzzap me outta dis BUG. INFESTED. 'ELL'OLE!!!"

An Ork Mek who got trapped on the Space Hulk Judgment of Carrion sometime after Chaos Rising.
  • BFG: Carries around one that will absolutely demolish any vehicles that come his way.
  • Large Ham: Out hams a cast of hams in about three lines.
  • Mad Scientist: He's an Ork Mek. It's a job requirement.
    • He's a little crazier than the standard Mek, actually. He's been stuck on the Space Hulk for slightly more than a decade trying to build up energy to escape, under constant attack by Tyranids all the while. He isn't happy in the slightest and hates the Space Hulk. Might be the first Ork ever who isn't happy about having a perpetual war.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: "Oi! Trespassahz! Invadahz! 'ooligans and ne'er-do-wells! [...] Now piss off!"
  • Teleporters and Transporters: Can teleport anything that strikes him in melee combat off in a random direction. Abuses this to hell and back in his boss fight.

    Forces of Chaos 

Lord Bale (Alpha Legion)

Voiced by: Scott McNeil

Bale is the official leader of the Alpha Legion forces on Tartarus. He prefers more direct methods to Sindri's webs of deceit, but the promise of power is enough to overcome his bloodlust. Is killed in single combat with Captain Angelos. SIIINDRRRIIII!

Sorcerer Sindri Myr (Alpha Legion)

"All power demands sacrifice."

Voiced by': Scott McNeil

The real leader of the Alpha Legion forces on Tartarus, Sindri is manipulative, cunning, and deceitful. He orchestrated the events of Dawn of War in order to elevate himself to Daemon Princehood. It looks like he succeeds, but is defeated by Captain Angelos. He is one of the most popular characters in the series.

Lord Crull (World Eaters)

"Behold your new God!! Is he not terrible to behold?!"

Voiced by: Michael Dobson

Leader of the World Eater forces on Lorn V, Crull is a champion of the Blood God. He is on Lorn V to find and corrupt the Imperator-class Titan that fell in the defense of the planet. He is canonically killed by Gorgutz.

Lord Eliphas the Inheritor (Word Bearers ->Black Legion)

"Come forth to bear the Word of Chaos!"

Voiced by: Paul Dobson (Dark Crusade)/Steve Blum (Chaos Rising and Retribution)

Ancient and incredibly powerful, Eliphas the Inheritor is amongst the greatest enemies of the Imperium of Man. His history stretches far, far enough back to the days of the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy. As a fledgling Chaos Champion, he led the heretical Word Bearer forces against the loyalist Ultramarines on the world of Kronus. Despite the terrible bloodshed, the Word Bearers were routed and for his failure Eliphas was damned to the Basilica of Torments; a horrific punishment for those who have failed the Dark Gods.

Eliphas suffered the daemonic torments of the Basilica for a millennium. After his atonement, he was released to the land of the living, and had grown stronger from his punishment. The Inheritor then spent his time redeeming himself in the Eyes of the Chaos Gods, ascending to the station of a mighty Chaos Lord. His growing standing among the Word Bearers also granted him the title of Dark Apostle. With his new powers, he forged a new warband to follow him in the reaving and slaughter of the Imperium and their false god.

Eventually, he returned to Kronus, having been summoned there by heretical cultists and set about slaughtering the planet in glorification of the Chaos Gods in what was his 'Dark Crusade'. He would have succeeded had it not been for the opposition of Captain Davian Thule and the Blood Ravens 4th Company. Eliphas was once again defeated at the Demos Peninsula, and was judged by a Daemon Prince of the Word Bearers to oblivion and was sacrificed.

Yet, the Chaos Lord's vengeful spirit drifted in the Warp, eventually Eliphas struck a bargain with The Great Unclean One, Ulkair, who restored his body to the living world. He then joined forces with Araghast the Pillager, a Chaos Lord of the Black Legion and became his second-in-command. Eliphas and Araghast then attacked the Blood Ravens recruiting worlds in subsector Aurelia. They were eventually beaten back once more by the Chapter's finest, though at a great cost.

However, Eliphas had made another bargain, this one with Abaddon the Despoiler himself, who restored his tremendous power and gifted him with an ancient suit of Chaos Terminator Armor. Eliphas was now granted his newest mission: the destruction of Azariah Kyras.
  • Arch-Enemy: For Davian Thule, and the Blood Ravens in general.
  • Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence: Becoming a Daemon Prince in the non-canonical Dark Crusade and in the ending of Retribution's Chaos Campaign is a twisted example of this.
  • Awesome Mc Cool Name: His name is awesomely evil.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: As both a Chaos Lord and Dark Apostle, Eliphas earned his title through many feats of dark bravery and heroism as well as thousands of sacrifices and as such, is amongst the most powerful beings in the galaxy.
    • Authority Equals Asskicking: The absolute best melee hero of Retribution in terms of raw damage and tanking potential. Show me something else in the game that can rip through Assault Terminators that easily.
  • Axe Crazy: Like all Chaos Marines, really starts showing it in Retribution. *shiver*
    *on Orks* Their pitiful souls will do little to sate the Chaos Gods. But oh, how they bleed.
  • Back from the Dead: In Chaos Rising, much to the shock of Davian Thule. Cyrus postulates that Eliphas' death was a deception, Davian is quick to shoot that theory down, he saw Eliphas torn to ribbons by a Daemon Prince, after all. Jonah finishes the conversation by saying that his ability to escape the clutches of daemons and the Warp speaks of Eliphas' tremendous power.
  • Badass: One of the most badass characters in the series (tied with Angelos). All the other leaders aside from the Necron Lord fear him to some extent, and his lines and voice acting were the best out of all the characters. Aside from that, in gameplay terms he was the most powerful hero, as he did the most melee damage out of everyone and had knockback immunity and morale draining. In Chaos Rising, he was also the second most difficult boss, aside from the Final Boss, Ulkair. Additionally, in Retribution he dealt the most damage out of all the melee heroes. Badass indeed.
  • Badass Baritone: When voiced by Paul Dobson and Steve Blum.
  • Badass Cape: Made of human skin.
  • Badass In Charge: There's a reason why Abaddon resurrected him to lead the Black Legion in Aurelia.
  • Badass Grandpa: He's been around since before the Horus Heresy. Which makes him at least 10,000 years old. Arguably, he's the oldest member of the regular cast.
  • Badass Preacher: As a Word Bearers Dark Apostle he is an evil version of this. He retained some shades of this as a Chaos Lord of the Black Legion, as well.
  • Bad Boss: He never misses an opportunity to tell Neroth and Kain how pathetic they are.
  • Bald of Evil
  • The Berserker: Has a skill in Retribution called Berzerk. Also his fighting style in general, he tends to forgo all manner of subtlety in favor of making massive, frenzied, devastating strikes while hamming it up as much as possible.
    • A quote from the developers about him - "there isn't much subtle about Lord Eliphas when he gets into combat; except perhaps the biting jibes he uses against loyalists"
  • BFS: The Daemon Sword, his most powerful weapon, is about as long as he is tall, and he's 10ft tall while in Terminator Armor.
  • Big Bad: One of two main candidates for Dark Crusade, the other being the Necron Lord of Kronus. In fact, the name of the expansion comes from the name of his campaign to take back Kronus.
  • Big Red Devil: His final upgrade in the Chaos campaign in Dark Crusade turns him into a Daemon Prince. It's also what he ends up as in the Chaos ending of Retribution, after Khorne elevates him to daemonhood.
  • Blood Lust: Given that he worships and highly honours Khorne, Eliphas exhibits a fixation on bleeding his enemies out in Retribution.
  • Black Knight: All he's missing is a black daemon steed.
  • Blood Knight: OH KHORNE YES. He becomes this in Retribution, having fully turned to worship of Khorne, the God of Blood Knights. Note, he always had these tendencies and did seem to invoke Khorne often, but Retribution turns it up to eleven. He tends to have a great deal of fun in battle now, often screams the infamous Khornate battlecry and decries his opponents as weaklings for not coming in close. Also, when Gabriel is struck down by Kyras, he only laments that he will never face 'the great Gabriel Angelos in battle' and he will just have to settle for taking more pleasure in killing Kyras.
    Davian Thule: "We don't fear you, heretic."
    Lord Eliphas the Inheritor: "I should hope not, Captain. Fearless foes are much more satisfying."
  • Blood-Splattered Warrior: Lord Eliphas' Terminator armour is covered from head to toe in the blood of his enemies.
  • British Accents: In Dawn of War II.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: Varius is described as being a bodyguard for him. Given that Eliphas could fight and come close to defeating the Force Commander and his strike force (the same individuals who alone defeated a HIVE FLEET), destroy a Venerable Dreadnought and who annihilated several Imperial Guardsman units with a single attack in his first appearance in Chaos Rising, this trope is in full effect.
  • Carry a Big Stick: Daemon Mauls. He can demolish almost anything with them, though his Cool Swords are nicer. The Skull Breaker, the weapon you get from the Chaos Collector's Edition, is also the best weapon out of all the collector's edition weapons and is very nice to use until you get something better.
  • Clipped Wing Angel: Turning him into a daemon prince in "Dark Crusade", which gives him the same stats as a multiplayer daemon prince and causes him to lose all his wargear upgrades. He gets more health and does deal more damage against vehicles, but much lower damage against everything else, lowers his health regeneration and takes away his really useful banner of chaos ability. Just to note how much weaker he is, if they both have all their wargear and are fully upgraded, Eliphas is the only of two commander in "Dark Crusade" that can take Gorgutz, the other being the Necron Lord (assuming he has his lightning field upgrade), but Gorgutz will beat him if he's a daemon prince.
  • Cool Helmet: He had one in Dark Crusade (which actually serves a weapon in melee), love and respect for it was so great that there exist multiple mods to give him a helmet in Retribution. And it makes him look even more awesome.
  • Cool Sword: He can equip the best weapon in the expansion, known as the Daemon Sword. It deals the highest damage out of all the melee weapons in the game and grants vampiric regeneration.
  • Covered with Scars: His face is, anyway. We can only wonder what the rest of his body looks like ever since the Basilica of Torments.
  • Dark Is Evil: First he was a Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers, then he became a Chaos Lord of the Black Legion.
  • Deadpan Snarker: A true master.
    "Such inspiring courage! Perhaps we'll mount your corpse on a golden chair and make an idol out of you as well."
  • Death Glare: His standard expression, just look at that picture.
  • Degraded Boss: In Retribution, he's fought at the end of the first level of the Blood Ravens' campaign and he's nowhere nearly as strong as he was in Chaos Rising.
  • Determinator
  • Demon Lords and Archdevils: As an Exalted Chaos Lord, he's sorta the human looking version of one of these. He ends up as one proper in the Chaos Endings for Dark Crusade and Retribution
  • Demoted to Dragon: Was The Dragon to Araghast and is now this to Abaddon, at least where the Blood Ravens were concerned.
    • Dragon with an Agenda: Was this to Araghast.
    • Dragon Ascendant: In a sense, while he does take Araghast's place and his forces, carrying out his agenda isn't quite his main objective. That said, he is still utterly committed to slaughtering everything in Aurelia.
    • Dragon-in-Chief: He's a far more powerful warrior than Araghast, despite being weakened as he is. And he is the one who seems to handle the Black Legion's operations against the Aurelian sector during Chaos Rising.
  • The Dreaded: Amongst the Blood Ravens, he is feared for his cunning and power. All the other commanders (other than the Necron Lord) on Kronus were also somewhat scared of him, even the normally haughty and arrogant Farseer Taldeer of the Eldar.
  • Eldritch Abomination: He was summoned to Kronus after 8 sworn cultists of Chaos ritualistically murdered each other in such horrific manners that the temple in which they did so was described as an 'abattoir of blood'. Eliphas emerged from a warp portal shortly after with his daemonic army at his back, signaling the beginning of the Ninth Inheritance.
  • Empathic Weapon: The Daemon Sword he gains in Retribution has a daemon within it that hungers after blood and killing almost as much as he does. Hm, must be a daemon of Khorne.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Was relatively subdued compared to the other Chaos Lords but was capable of being hammy when called to do so. In Retribution, he growls and roars out every word.
  • Evil Laugh: He likes doing these occasionally. None more glorious than in the Chaos ending of Retribution.
  • Establishing Character Moment: In Chaos Rising, that would be appearing behind an Imperial Guardsman line from a warp rift and killing them all with a single sweep of his Power Sword.
  • Evil Overlord: In Dark Crusade, Chaos Rising and Retribution.
  • Evil Weapon: Every weapon he can equip is this in spades.
  • Eviler Than Thou: To Kyras, in the most epic way possible.
    "Do not be so quick to make foolish offers, daemon. Araghast once thought I would be an asset to his cause, look to what has become of him."
  • Face Deathwith Dignity: When killed in the Blood Raven's campaign Retribution, he mocks Apollo for still being blind to the truth about Kyras.
  • Facial Horror: In Dawn of War II.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: He loves this trope, as do most Chaos Marines. Bloodthirster faces carved on one shoulderplate, another daemon's head on one greave, he wears this trope very well.
  • Faux Affably Evil: To his loyalist 'brothers' anyway. To everyone else he's a terrifying, bloodthirsty psychopath.
    • Exemplified by the new voice acting by Steve Blum. Where Eliphas can almost seamlessly go from genteel and aristocratic to raging and bloodthirsty. Oftentimes in the same sentence.
  • Flaming Sword: The second most powerful weapon he can equip, the Bloodletter Hellblade.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: He can get one of these as an ability. Fittingly enough, it's called 'Out of My Way!'. It even tosses his own men around.
  • Genius Bruiser: He's a worshiper of Chaos Undivided who worships Khorne above all the other Gods. So, he's a nigh unstoppable warrior and a hurricane of bloodthirsty rage. He is also a master manipulator and tactical genius, all of which he uses only to help him kill.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: His face is positively mutilated!, likely as a result of the 1000 years of torture he suffered in the Basilica of Torments. Who knows what the rest of him looks like. See Nightmare Face belows.
  • Guttural Growler: As voiced by Steve Blum.
  • Hellfire: His Khornate abilities invoke this trope. Let the Galaxy Burn, indeed.
  • Humanoid Abomination: As all Chaos Marines.
  • Hero Killer: In the first mission of the Retribution Chaos Campaign, where he kills Davian Thule. In gameplay, he's also very good at eliminating powerful individual units due to his ridiculously high melee damage and attack rate.
  • Incendiary Exponent: Fully upgrading Eliphas down the Khorne track during his appearance in Retribution will surround him with a perpetual nimbus of Hellfire, that all who see him may know the wrath he will bring.
  • Infinity+1 Sword: The Daemon Sword. It's pretty much the best melee weapon in the game.
  • Infinity–1 Sword: The Bloodletter Hellblade.
  • Large And In Charge: While clad in Chaos Terminator armor. Outside of it, he's the same size other space marines.
  • Large Ham
  • Lightning Bruiser: Of the large, fast, hard hitting variety. While not particularly 'lightning' due to the Terminator armour, he still hits extremely fast and extremely hard. He can also move about the battlefield quickly when he receives his charge ability. It also helps that his charges also deal a ton of damage to whatever is unfortunate enough to get in his way.
    • Spending points in Kain's energy tree until you get warp tainted allows turns him, and the entire Chaos army, into lightning bruisers. Combine this with Khornate Chaos Worship and Eliphas (and his army) with move like lightning and hit even more ridiculously hard.
  • Made of Iron: In Retribution, he can easily take more punishment than any other playable character due to his suppression immunity, high armor rating and health draining abilities. It compliments his staggering damage dealing capacity well.
  • The Magnificent: The Inheritor.
  • Meaningful Name: Named after a notable French occultist known as Eliphas Levi, or possibly Eliphas Dow, the first man to be executed for murder in the state of New Hampshire. Fitting in both cases, Eliphas originally came from a Legion of proficient daemon summoners and worships Khorne, the God of Murder (among other violent things).
  • Monochromatic Eyes: His ingame model and 'talking head portrait'. His portrait shows him with Glowing Eyes of Doom, though.
  • Multi-Melee Master: Eliphas can wield Daemon Swords, Power Swords, Daemon Mauls, and Lightning Claws. And he is incredibly proficient with each one of them.
  • Mark of the Beast: He can equip the Mark of Khorne, which allows his cultists' worship to massively increase his damage and speed. The Mark of Nurgle which allows for healing. The Mark of Tzeentch which allows for stealth. And also the Mark of Chaos Favour (if you have the DLC), which gives him the full favour of all the Gods and all the advantages that implies. Hilariously, it also means he almost as favoured by Chaos as Abaddon is.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Chaos Lord Eliphas the Inheritor, named after a warlock and a murderer- Hey, where are you running off to?!
  • Never My Fault:
    • He blames his troops for his defeat on Kronus. The Daemon Prince doesn't believe a word of it.
    • Later, after the Exterminatus of Typhon, he points the finger at Neroth for Kyras outwitting them, even though killing all the Eldar was his idea.
  • Nightmare Face: Behold.
  • Non-Entity General: "Stay my hand again, and you may lose yours." Eliphas will not take shit from you, even if you are the player.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: One of the things on his agenda is just killing everything he sees. He does so by the end of the Chaos campaign in Retribution.
  • Outside-Context Villain: In Retribution; the intro basically states that with Eliphas coming back from nowhere right in the midst of a Chapter-wide civil war, the loyalist Blood Ravens are pretty fucked.
  • One-Hit Kill: Unsurprisingly, the Khornate ability aptly named Favor of Khorne gives him a chance to do this. However, by mid and late game his auto attacks are so fucking powerful he can already one shot most races heavy melee units so this seems a bit redundant. However, FoK works against bosses and buildings, so it's useful in taking out high priority enemies like the Deranged Chaos Champion who are tougher than usual. FoK also summons forth a Bloodletter unit for a short period to fuck things up. So not only do you kill a high priority unit, but you also gain one of your races most powerful heavy infantry. Enjoy.
  • One-Handed Zweihänder: He wields the magnificently large Daemon Sword, Bloodletter Hellblade, and Power Swords in one mighty hand while in the other he wields a very large Hand Cannon. It is possibly unwise to engage in a arm wrestling match with a Chaos Lord.
  • One-Man Army: BY THE SKULL THRONE OF KHORNE, YES!!!. Highest damage out of all the melee heroes totaling at 223 - 300? Hell yeah. Self healing that renders all damage dealt to him meaningless, YES. An Area of Effect ability that one shots an entire army around him and heals him to near full? He can one shot entire squads, even Terminators, AND can solo BOSSES and MISSIONS. See Game Breaker on the YMMV page.
  • Over Shadowed By Awesome: Not Eliphas himself, but his Tzeentch tree of abilities in Retribution, while not terrible, only makes him more mobile, so it's typically ignored in favor Khorne for the melee damage and Nurgle for the durability.
  • Perpetual Frowner: He has two facial expressions, bloodthirsty rage or horrific sadism.
  • Power Echoes: As a 10,000 year old Chaos Lord in great favor with the Dark Gods, Eliphas' voice has an incredibly audible echo.
  • Power-Up Letdown: Never get the upgrade that turns him into a Daemon Prince in Dark Crusade, as it makes him identical to a regular daemon prince, which decreases his overall melee damage, health regeneration, and loses of all his wargear abilities, while only giving him some extra health in return.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: He has a lot of them. Particularly the one he gives to the Deranged Chaos Champion while Typhon is getting the shit blown out of it by the Inquisition.
    *upon seeing enemies* Ready to make offerings to Khorne.
  • Primal Stance: He's always hunched over, as if poised to attack. Being an bloodthirsty Chaos Lord, that's probably the reason.
  • Psycho for Hire: To Abaddon, basically.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: He indulges in this from time to time.
    "I! AM! YOUR! DOOM!"
  • Real Men Love The Chaos Gods: One of the most noteworthy features of Eliphas' character is his fanatical devoution to the Chaos Gods and his enormous (though dark) piety. Unsurprising considering he was a Dark Apostle; but that he retains all of it after switching legions is very telling of his faith. Which is owed to, in no small part, by the fact that he has Lorgar's geneseed. Even Ulkair, a Greater Daemon, is impressed with Eliphas' faithfulness.
    Lord Eliphas: Your failure does not speak well of your abilities, Kain. Offer a prayer to the Ruinous Powers. Perhaps they will take pity on you.
  • Religion of Evil: Was a Cleric in said religion.
  • Resurrected for a Job: Why Abaddon restores him.
  • Shoulders of Doom
  • Skeletons in the Coat Closet: Eliphas is rather fond of putting the skulls of his kills on his armor.
  • Spikes of Villainy: ... he's a Chaos Lord. Oddly enough, however, subverted in his highest level amour. Which, while ornate, lacks the many large spikes of his lower level gear.
  • The Starscream: Was this to Araghast, and oh how the fanbase wishes he'd do this to Abaddon.
    • Fitting, as he is now voiced by Steve Blum, who also does the very similar voice of a certain Starscream
  • Submissive Badass: To the unnamed Daemon Prince in Dark Crusade and Abbadon in Retribution. Typical of Chaos Marines, he's far more frightened of his superiors than of his enemies.
  • Tin Tyrant: He nails the aesthetic.
  • Unstoppable Rage: In combat, he shows us his Khornate virtue and gets very, very, very angry while he rampages throughout the battlefield.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Visibly starts losing his cool in Retribution when he starts taking damage.
  • Villainous Valor: The two instances where the Blood Ravens have faced Eliphas have both been incredibly difficult and brutal battles. They rightfully regard him as a powerful and dangerous foe because of that. It is also helped by Eliphas being the second most difficult boss in Chaos Rising besides Ulkair, even to Terminator geared players.
    • In Retribution, even Kyras is impressed with Eliphas' strength.
  • Villainous Willpower: Eliphas has this in spades, certainly more so than most Chaos Lords, since he endured a thousand years of torment and emerged more powerful for it, and then rose in the esteem of beings as terrible, demanding and capricious as the Chaos Gods.
  • Villain Protagonist: Of the Dark Crusade and Retribution Chaos campaigns.
  • Villains Never Lie: Aside from the Blood Ravens claims to the contrary, Eliphas never actually says anything to them that could be construed as a falsehood. In fact, he's one of the few characters who utterly straight in the series. And this is only further substantiated by Davian Thule destroying whatever records he found after pacifying Kronus; hinting at the very least that he was somewhat truthful in his hinting that the Blood Ravens had darker origins than anyone had ever realized.
  • Voice of the Legion: Alongside Power Echoes, it sounds like there are a thousand mouths screaming in the background when he talks.
  • Warrior Monk: A very, very, very evil one.
  • Who Dares?: He plays this on Kyras when he contacts him via telepathy on Typhon, shortly before it blows up.
    Eliphas: "Who is this fool WHO DARES INTERRUPT MY CAMPAIGN OF TERROR?!"
  • Wolverine Claws: He gets to use Terminator Lightning Claws in Retribution.
  • With All Due Respect: Gets this early on against Lord Failb- sorry, Abaddon, when he points out that if Kyras is turning to Chaos and sacrificing the Blood Ravens, the intelligent thing to do would be to let him do that and then kill him (Abaddon then objects that it would give Kyras too much power).
    Lord Eliphas: Respectfully, Abaddon, would it not be wise to allow Kyras to destroy the Blood Ravens himself?
  • Wreathed in Flames: One of the many, many, many nasty things he gets when he is fully leveled up as a Khornate Chaos Lord. It'll destroy most infantry that gathers around him without you having to lift a finger. It manifests as a battle aura, around him. This in addition to his actual battle aura, which is a dark red glow around him.

Lord Firraveus Carron (Alpha Legion)

Voiced by: Scott McNeil

Carron leads the Alpha Legion forces in Kaurava, hoping to conquer all 4 worlds for Chaos. Infamous for his hatred of Rhinos, a.k.a. METAL BOXES, (which his army also fields).
  • An Axe to Grind: Can wield a Khornate Chainaxe.
  • Artistic License – Religion: In-Universe, Carron is hideously inept at worshipping Khorne. He spends his time constructing temples, while Khorne favors bloodshed and killing as forms of worship. He also at one point refers to being a hand which will strangle the enemy, strangulation being a rather bloodless form of killing. Add on his Dirty Coward nature while Khorne is a god of battle and slaughter, and you have perhaps the worst Khornate Chaos Lord in all of 40k.
  • Berserk Button: METAL BOXES!
  • Dirty Coward: Despite being a champion of Khorne, in the (canon) Chaos Defeat ending, he basically bursts into tears as his fortress is blown apart and flees...while the notoriously cowardly and weak cultists stay and fight to the bitter end.
  • Kill It with Fire: Carries a flamer that he uses in melee along with his other weapon that inflicts massive moral damage and instantly break the moral of anything he's in melee with unless it's immune to that.
  • Large Ham
  • Sinister Scythe: Can wield a Manreaper.

Lord Araghast the Pillager (Black Legion)

"Blood Ravens, hear me! I am Araghast the Pillager! Master of hounds, the lash of the Black Legion!!!"

Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore

The mighty and terrible leader of the Black Legion warband in Aurelia; Araghast the Pillager is an exalted champion of Chaos and Lord of the Black Legion. Feared far and wide for his terrible savagery, he has conquered and slaughtered a thousand worlds in glorification of the Dark Gods, a claim which is no idle boast. He led the Black Legion warband against the Blood Ravens during the events of Chaos Rising and reveled in the ruination of their recruiting worlds.

Eventually, he challenged the Chapter's finest heroes to face him in combat. The Heroes of Typhon met him on planet Aurelia, and though he fought with great strength and skill once they caught up to him, the Chaos Lord was defeated by the Blood Ravens and betrayed by his second, Eliphas. With his last breath he struck out against the Loyalists and fell, after which, Eliphas took command of his warband.

Is remembered fondly amongst the fanbase and cries have risen for his return.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Thousand acts of dark bravery and he slaughtered a thousand worlds. Yup.
  • Axe Crazy
  • Badass: Araghast's claim to have destroyed a thousand worlds is no idle boast. note  Araghast is not to be underestimated.
  • Badass Baritone: Fred Tatasciore voiced this character.
  • Badass Boast: Among the most badass ones ever given.
  • Badass Cape: Much like Eliphas', it is made of human skin.
  • Badass In Charge: Araghast kicks ass and leads his warband through example, which is why the fandom loves him so much.
  • BFS: His power sword.
  • Black Knight
  • Blood Knight: "YES!!! FIGHT ON FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!"
  • Cool Helmet
  • Death Glare: His standard expression, just look at that picture.
  • Demon Lords and Archdevils: Powerful Chaos Lords are more or less daemons wrought in the shape of men and are on their way to true daemonhood. As such, Araghast fits this trope.....
  • Evil Overlord: Of the Black Legion warband up until Eliphas decides to take command.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry
  • Foreshadowing: He's the first character in Chaos Rising to allude to the traitor plotpoint, which is incredibly significant. See Genius Bruiser below.
  • Genius Bruiser: A bloodthirsty Chaos Lord who serves a God who personifies violence. He's destroyed a thousand worlds and can slaughter a dozen Terminators. And yet, he knows enough when to stay his hand from killing his foes and fights with an eye on the long run.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom
  • Humanoid Abomination: As all Chaos Space Marines.
  • I Shall Taunt You: Yeah, he pretty much calls the Blood Ravens and the Emperor cowards and weaklings to challenge them to a fight. Had Eliphas not betrayed him, he would have a decent chance of winning.
  • Kill It with Fire: He uses a Bolter with a Flamer attached for a side arm.
  • Large And In Charge: Terminator armour tends to make you this.
  • Large Ham: /tg/ says it best: "He cannot say anything without a MASSIVE amount of ham and makes up for the lack of hammy lines in Dawn of War 2 on his own."
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Lord Araghast the Pillager, 'ghast' means 'ghastly' and 'pillager' means 'pillager' so- Wait! Where are you off to?!
  • One-Handed Zweihänder
  • One-Man Army: He can put up quite a fight even against Terminator squads. Unless you have Davian Thule with you, the fight could be... difficult, to say the least.
  • Overly Long Name: His full name and title is Lord Araghast, the Pillager of a Thousand Worlds, Master of Hounds, the Lash of the Black Legion, Champion of the Chaos Gods.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Why he lets you get away during your first encounter with him, rather than simply killing you when he has the chance. More specifically:
    Eliphas: You allow them to escape, Lord Araghast?
    Araghast: Because it serves me, Eliphas! If we kill them now, we waste the value of the traitor in their ranks. Your vengeance can wait.
  • Power Echoes
  • Shoulders of Doom
  • Spikes of Villainy: He's a Chaos Lord.
  • Tin Tyrant
  • Villainous Breakdown: After Eliphas betrays him. He recovers from it rather well, comes to terms with the fact that he's about to die, and tries to take as many of your men with him as he can.
  • Villainous Valor: He is without doubt one of the most difficult fights in Chaos Rising. After his Villainous Breakdown, Araghast gears himself and starts wiping the floor (moreso, if you aren't careful) with your squads. Bear in mind, he does this while he is at death's door. You bet this guy's a badass villain.
  • Voice of the Legion: Like Eliphas, it sounds like there's a thousand mouths screaming in the background when he talks.
  • Wolverine Claws: He gets a pair of Lightning Claws in the final part of his boss battle.
  • Worthy Opponent: He sees you in this light during his battle with you.
    Araghast: Very impressive. You have more steel than the rest of your mewling chapter.

    Araghast: Marvelous! I will remember you fondly when I burn your worlds to ash!

Sorcerer Neroth (Black Legion)

"For a thousand years, I have cultivated the power of the Dark Gods!"

Voiced by: Scott McNeil

Neroth is an atypical sorcerer, meaning that he revels in forthright destruction rather than Machiavellian scheming, as Lord Eliphas does enough of the latter for the two of them. He serves as Eliphas second-in-command and advisor, as well as his source of magical knowledge. Neroth's assistance is invaluable, as he is capable of opening a warp rift which acts as the Black Legions only remaining means to traversing subsector Aurelia. Despite his appearance as The Inheritor's servant, Neroth in facts serves the Warmaster of Chaos, Abaddon, and has been sent to keep an eye on the new Lord of the Black Legion, for The Despoiler is most anxious to see his bargain fulfilled.
  • Ascended Extra: May very well be the same Chaos Sorcerer that Apollo Diomedes 'kills' in Chaos Rising.
  • Axe Crazy: "We will bathe this jungle with flame and bury them in the ash."
  • Badass: His Doombolts can decimate most squads with a single strike. In melee however, he's a sitting duck and will go down like a sack of bricks. Keep him at range where he belongs.
  • Black Magic: He's a Chaos Sorcerer
  • The Dragon: Is this to Eliphas.
  • Evil Genius: Subverted, he's knowledgeable in matters of the arcane, but when it comes to practicality he's not very bright. He can't even work out where Kyras runs off to escape Exterminatus, despite an ORK being able to figure it out and there being only one place in the sector the Ordo Maelleus wont think to look.
  • Evil Is Hammy
  • Evil Sorcerer: Natch.
  • Entropy and Chaos Magic
  • Fire Balls: His Artifact of Ahriman allows him to throw these things every second.
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat: His exchanges with Eliphas are an excellent example of this.
  • Kill It with Fire: His preferred method of killing things.
  • Magic Knight: Should you give him a Force Sword. However, by virtue of Eliphas and Kain being unstoppable close quarters rapemachines, you won't get to see the merit of doing so.
  • Mission Control: While Eliphas handles planning the attacks, leading the charge, killing and generally the meat of the warband's campaign of terror, Neroth is concerned with making sure that the Black Legion has an adequate means of transportation. He also provides intelligence on missions.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Neroth might have been the most badass character in Retribution. Alas for him, Eliphas the Inheritor is in the game.
  • Power Echoes
  • Psychic Powers
    • Teleporters and Transporters: This matter is a Chaos Sorcerer's specialty, according to him, anyway.
    • Playing with Fire: He loves setting things on fire. Unsurprisingly, he has a Warp Staff that turns his standard ranged attack into massive fireballs.
  • Pyro Maniac: He absolutely loves burning things and people and will sulk if denied the opportunity.
  • Smug Snake: Towards the end of the Chaos Campaign he begins to make some value judgments about Eliphas' efforts and begins to predict his defeat at Kyras' hands. Noooope. And Eliphas ends up ascending to daemon princehood also. All in all, things don't look good for Neroth.
  • Submissive Badass: Abaddon describes him as knowing his place well. He also takes care not to draw Eliphas' ire too often.
  • Wreathed in Flames: Coruscating Flame let's him do this. Basically a neutered version of Champion of Khorne, which is a passive ability used by Eliphas.

Plague Champion Varius

"And Grandfather Nurgle visited ten thousand plagues upon them..."

Voiced by: Tom Kane

Varius is a Plague Champion of the Black Legion. He has pledged himself as a servant of Eliphas and serves as his bodyguard.

Aspiring Champion Kain

"Battle is my art! Chaos is my master!"

Voiced by: Paul Dobson

Kain is the strongest and most brutal of Eliphas' Chaos Space Marines. He leads from the front, and aspires to to be the favoured of the Chaos gods.
  • An Axe to Grind: Can equip chainaxes.
  • Badass
  • Badass Baritone
  • Badass Creed: See the top quote.
  • BFG: Lascannons and Autocannons.
  • Blood Knight: Even if he has no lines in the cutscenes, Kain loves it when you order him to attack something.
  • The Brute: While Eliphas pretty much does all the fighting himself, Kain's purpose in the group is basically to lead his armies when he's off doing or killing something more important.
  • The Generic Guy: Has no real role other than to serve as a Hero Unit.
  • Informed Attribute: Apparently, stone silence is the new 'belligerent and loud'. To be fair, he's quite loud in battle.
  • Large Ham: In combat and his select quotes.
  • Name of Cain: In the common alternative spelling of the word.
  • Primal Stance: If wielding a melee weapon or any ranged weapon lighter than an autocannon or a lascannon.
  • The Voiceless: Outside of combat, much to the dismay of some. As such, there really isn't much to this character.


"Death comes to all flesh, even that containing an essence as glorious as my own. Such is the way of Nurgle."

Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore

The Great Unclean One that appears in Chaos Rising, he was defeated by Kyras eons ago on Aurelia. Through its influence, one of your teammates as well as Chapter Master Kyras fall to Chaos. He is banished by the Force Commander, but returns as the superheavy unit of Retribution's Chaos campaign.
  • Affably Evil: He acts like that cool grandpa that you never get to spend much time with. Of course, you've probably seen the picture, but the thing is not an act. He is completely sincere in his affability. Made even more frightening in that his gifts are plague and disease and he's ever so cheerful when you receive them.
    • Bear in mind that he's a Daemon of Nurgle, who is also like this — Ulkair himself refers to his master as "Grandfather Nurgle".
  • Big Bad: In Chaos Rising.
  • Damage-Sponge Boss: Has over twice the health of even the closest contenders in Chaos Rising.
  • Degraded Boss: If you release him as the Chaos Space Marines in Retribution, you can use him in the later levels, but since he's controllable he's obviously nowhere nearly as strong as he was before.
  • Eldritch Abomination: He's a daemon of Chaos.
  • Fighting a Shadow
  • Final Boss
  • Large Ham
  • Nightmare Face

The Maledictum Daemon

"Yes.... Flee and know I will soon come to claim you all!"

The Daemon bound in the Maledictum, which was what the plot of Dawn of War revolved around. He is released unintentionally by Captain Angelos. After his release, he was never seen or mentioned again. Until Retribution.

Abaddon The Despoiler (Black Legion)

"The Blood Ravens are MINE! Body and soul!"

Voiced by: Patrick Seitz

Makes an unexpected appearance in the ending cutscene of Chaos Rising should you kill Eliphas during the last mission, and plays a role in Retribution's Chaos campaign as a NPC.


Farseer Macha (Biel-Tan)

"Now we play our parts and pray that we are the better actors."

Voiced by: Nicole Oliver

Macha leads the Biel-Tan forces guarding the Maledictum on Tartarus. After the Maledictum is stolen, she assists the Blood Ravens 3rd Company in stopping the Alpha Legion.

Farseer Taldeer (Ulthwé)

"My fate is here and I shall not flee from it."

Voiced by: Laura Sadiq (Winter Assault)/ Nicole Oliver (Dark Crusade)

Taldeer leads the forces of Ulthwe on both Lorn V and Kronus, to halt the awakened Necron threat. She also plays an important role in the Eldar campaign of Retribution.
  • Badass: For starters, she kills a Chaos sorcerer in single combat.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Eliphas of all people. Of course, your mileage may vary. WILDLY. In Love Can Bloom, a popular fanfiction that ultimately became an Ascended Meme mentioned in a Dark Heresy rulebook, she's the lover of a Vindicare assassin who takes pity on her during her escape from Kronus (after directly refusing orders to eliminate her).
  • Blade on a Stick: Can wield a Singing Spear in Dark Crusade.
  • The Chessmaster: She stacks the odds for the Imperial Guard in Winter Assault, and tricks some Orks and Chaos forces into being meatshields in Dark Crusade.
  • Cool Sword: Wields a Witchblade in Winter Assault and the beginning of Dark Crusade.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Most notably in Dark Crusade.
  • Due to the Dead: Her Soulstone is retrieved from Kyras' remains in the Eldar ending of Retribution.
  • Enemy Mine: With General Sturnn.
  • Face Heel Revolving Door: What her actions in Winter Assault look like to the Imperials.
  • Fantastic Racism: Towards humans, a lot.
  • Last Stand: When her stronghold is destroyed in Dark Crusade. It didn't end well for her. See Never Found The Soulstone below.
  • Heroic BSOD: When she is defeated in Dark Crusade, she renounces the title of farseer and makes a suicidal charge to cover the escape of her remaining forces.
  • Never Found the Soulstone: After she's captured, interrogated, and executed by the Blood Ravens in Dark Crusade, her soulstone is worn by Kyras as a trophy. Until Ronahn retrieves it.
  • Oh Crap!: When the Necron second wave arrives in the last mission of Winter Assault.
  • Psychic Powers: In addtion to her combat abilities, her prophecies were powerful enough to be a major plot point in Retribution.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only major female character in Winter Assault and Dark Crusade.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: "These Imperials test my patience with their incompetence!"
  • Sword and Gun: Her starting weapon of choice in.

Farseer Caerys (Ulthwé)

"Meanwhile, we will appear unseen from 10 directions, and from every one, strike a fatal blow."

Caerys leads the Ulthwe forces in the Kaurava campaign, to stop the Necron threat from spreading further, and to prevent any from awakening them again.
  • Blade on a Stick: Can be equipped with a Singing Spear.
  • The Chessmaster: Would you expect any less from an Eldar Farseer?
  • Graceful Loser: Instead of despairing like the other commanders, she essentially goes "Meh, we lost today. Someone else is going to have to deal with the Necrons now. Let's head back home."
  • Psychic Powers: Standard issue.
  • Smug Snake: Unfortunately for her, she's not really as good as she thinks she is.
  • Sword and Gun: Starts with a Witchblade and Shuriken Pistol.

Farseer Idranel (Ulthwé)

"It is time you learned what it is to face a Seer of Ulthwé the Damned!"

Voiced by: Christine Dunford

Idranel leads the Ulthwé forces that have infiltrated subsector Aurelia, intending to halt a Tyranid Hive Fleet from consuming Craftworld Ulthwé itself. Is killed by Tarkus at Angel Forge. The survivors of her warhost continue to play a role in Chaos Rising and Retribution.

Autarch Kayleth (Alaitoc)

"We slay you for the sake of our kin. You are nothing."

Voiced by: Megan Hollingshead

Kayleth leads the Alaitoc forces attempting to save the damaged Craftworld buried on Typhon Primaris. Arrogant and pragmatic, she assists Inquisitor Adrastia's investigation in order to prevent the Exterminatus from destroying the Craftworld.
  • Alpha Bitch: She possesses all the arrogance of the series' previous Eldar leading ladies and then some with much less refinement, tact or self-awareness to get in the way. Even by her species' standards, Kayleth is cold, curt and pragmatic.
  • Blade on a Stick: Can wield Howling Banshee Executioners.
  • Break the Haughty: Of the trio, she's the most visibly shaken by the Exterminatus on Typhon destroying the planet and the dead craftworld buried under the surface. After all, it's all her fault it happened in the first place.
  • Chainsaw Good: Because Space Marines don't get all the fun.
  • Cool Mask:
  • Cool Sword: Has access to several.
  • Death from Above: Her speciality. The upgraded form of her Jump, Skyleap, lets her jump even further than usual and drop grenades as she falls.
  • Fragile Speedster: She's one of the quickest and most manoeuvrable heroes in the game, able to leap into enemy troops and vault over cover, but she has one of the lowest health values and alone against strong opposition, she will crumble quickly.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: To a far greater extent than the other main heroes. Kayleth's equipment is highly customisable, she can take different aspects and wargear which will let her tackle any battlefield role.
  • Hypocrite: During her Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu? speech against Kyras, she mocks him saying the Eldar outgrew the pettiness humans and daemons had long ago. One barely even needs to look through the lore to see how wrong that statement is.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: In all the campaigns, you have to face the Biel-tan Eldar on Typhon, and removing them results in Exterminatus being called down on the planet. However, it's even worse for Kayleth and her band as not only did they needlessly massacre their own kind, but the resulting Exterminatus destroys the craftworld buried under the surface of the planet, dooming each and every one of the soulstones buried with it to Slaanesh. She does not take this very well.
  • Proud Warrior Race Gal: Emphasis on the "Proud".
  • The Strategist: Not quite a standard example, since she fights on the front line too, but she's the one who plans the battles.
  • Sword and Gun: Her default weapons.

Pathfinder Ronahn (Ulthwé->Unaligned)

"Do remember your ancestry, Veldoran. The only Eldar that lived to this day are the ones who ran."

Voiced by: Keith Ferguson

Ronahn first came to subsector Aurelia as part of Idranel's force. After it was defeated, he renounced his ties to Ulthwe, and wandered the stars, until he joined Autarch Kayleth's warhost. He possesses a distaste for the Eldar's reliance on prophecy, due to past events.
  • Ascended Extra: Made a minor appearance in Dawn of War II during the Eldar attack on Angel Forge note  and is now a playable character in Retribution.
  • Badass: You bet. In one notable instance, he calmly refers to Slaanesh/"the Great Enemy" by His actual name, which causes Veldoran to visibly brick himself.
  • BFG: His sniper rifles are about as big as he is, continuing the tradition began by Cyrus.
  • Big Brother Instinct: His motivation in the second half of the campaign is basically to save Taldeer.
  • Captain Smooth and Sergeant Rough: Provides a wise, world-weary, down-to-Earth (so to speak) foil to the haughty Kayleth.
  • Cold Sniper: Much like his mentor, a ranger killed by the player in one of the early missions in Dawn of War II.
  • Commander Contrarian: He can't go for 10 minutes without snarking at or insulting either Veldoran or Kayleth.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He shows off shades of this when speaking with Veldoran.
  • Due to the Dead: Pays this to Taldeer, by retrieving her Soulstone from Kyras.
  • Hyper Competent Sidekick: To Kayleth. She's an Autarch and he's a lowly Pathfinder, but at Meridian, she dismisses a full-on assault as suicide while Ronahn comes up with a good plan that eventually leads the notoriously squishy Eldar to victory over the traitor Guard there. Makes you wonder who should really be in charge...
  • Meaningful Name: Ronahn sounds somewhat like "Ronin", a Japanese term for a warrior without a master.
  • Psychic Dreams for Everyone: He gets some really pleasant ones! Mostly about his sister Taldeer's soul being brutally tortured by Slaanesh.
  • Ranger: He's a Pathfinder which is like an Aspect Warrior version of a Ranger.
  • The Reveal: He is Taldeer's brother, as revealed in Retribution.

Warlock Veldoran (Biel-Tan)

"We are fortunate your years of running have gifted you with some wit."

Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore

A veteran Warlock, he assists Autarch Kayleth in preventing the prophecy of the Craftworld's destruction from coming true. He interprets the visions of the Farseers, and uses his psychic might to destroy the warhost's enemies.

Farseer Elenwe

Voiced by: Christine Dunford

A master of divination and prediction, she guides Autarch Kayleth through subsector Aurelia, to prevent the realization of a prophecy that would destroy a Craftworld. How she delivers these predictions is unknown, as she never talks outside of battle.

    Tau Empire 

Shas'O Kais

"Do the lives of your soldiers mean so little to you? Are you that mad?"

Voiced by: Lee Tocker

Military leader of the Tau forces sent to secure Kronus, he is merciful, yet deadly. A student of Commander Puretide, he is an excellent commander.
  • Badass: Fully upgraded, he is essentially an invisible One-Tau weapons platform.
  • BFG: Caries multiple ones.
  • Call Back: He shares his name with the protagonist of Fire Warrior.
  • Canon Immigrant: Mention in the 6th edition Tau codex as a classmate of Farsight and Shadowsun.
  • Comically Serious: When assaulting Eliphas' fortress, Eliphas will use his physic powers to taunt the enemy commander. Kais, however, only hears static due to Tau having no presence in the warp (meaning they're virtually immune to mind control), and asks his Fire Warriors to "cut out that com-chatter". Eliphas continues to blather on unaware, while Kais continues to get more and more annoyed.
  • Gatling Good: The Burst Cannon he starts off with.
  • Invisibility Cloak: One of the few commanders that has one.
  • Meaningful Name: It's Tau for skilful, which Kais certainly is if he was taught by Puretide.
  • Mini-Mecha: The XV22 Battlesuit he rides around in.
  • More Dakka: With all his wargear upgrades, he has a Plasma Rifle, a Flamer, a Missile Launcher and a Gun Drone or two, and he can fire all of them at the same time.
  • No Sell: See Comically Serious.
  • Only Sane Tau: He's only commander who exhibits any form of mercy or extends any sort of dignity to his enemies.
  • Token Good Commander: ..also the only commander who isn't Lawful Stupid, a Knight Templar, murderously insane or too alien to understand others.
  • Warrior Poet: Very in tune with Tau philosophy, and like any proper Tau commander, applies this to his strategy.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: As shown by the quote, he is horrified at Davian Thule's disregard for casualties. In response, Thule considers Kais weak for caring that much.

Aun'el Shi'ores

The overall leader of the Tau forces on Kronus, he was sent to bring the world back into the Tau Empire's fold.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Downplayed. He's no Redshirt, but his "lieutenant" O'Kais is much stronger than he is. Fits as he's not a military general.
  • Flunky Boss: He can summon his Shas'vre bodyguards at any time.

Shas'O Or'es'Ka

Military leader of the Tau forces in the Kaurava campaign, he is considered less merciful than his fellow commanders. He uses the unique strategy of Great Strength, Great Strike, which involves hitting the enemy as hard as possible.
  • Alpha Strike: His entire strategy revolves around this.
  • BFG: The Ar'ka cannon, a gun so huge it can hit a different planet, is his fortress' special bonus. In-game, it softens up enemy provinces by nuking it just before you get there.
  • Despair Speech: Should he fail at defending Aun'Ro'Yr, he has a rather surprising outburst about how his forces have lost all.
  • Gatling Good: His primary weapon.
  • Invisibility Cloak: Or'es'Ka gets an upgrade that turns him invisible to most enemy units.
  • Magic from Technology: He thinks this is in effect with the Sisters of Battle. When he defeats the Sisters' Stronghold, he is disappointed when his forces can't find the technology the Sisters used to become invulnerable. Tau don't really understand that it's the Sister's faith that made that occur.
  • Mini-Mecha: The stealth suit he pilots isn't large, but it has a massive amount of firepower.
  • More Dakka: Undoubtedly the best commander in terms of pure ranged damage.
  • Not So Different: Is disturbed by how similar the Sisters' devotion to the Emperor is to the Greater Good's effect on the Tau.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: After destroying the Chaos stronghold, the Tau retreat so that they can pound the province repeatedly with the Ar'ka cannon. He aplies a similar strategy to the Necron stronghold.
  • Worthy Opponent: Considers the Space Marines as such, and declares that if it weren't for the Greater Good, the Tau would have lost.


Necron Lord of Kronus

The leader of the Necrons on Kronus. He doesn't speak at all, so he has Macabee speak for him. He was a servant of the C'tan known as the Nightbringer.

Thomas Macabee

"So come, poor victims of life. We shall grant you tranquility in these crypts."

A former archaeology professor at the Aceria Xenology Institute on Kronus, and part of the expedition that awakened the Necrons, he somehow retained his personality after his conversion into a Pariah, and acts as a spokesman for the Necron Lord of Kronus.

Necron Lord of All Kaurava

"They shall meet their ends. They shall join the army of death."

The leader of the Necrons in the Kaurava campaign. Unlike the Lord of Kronus, he can talk, and serves the Deceiver rather than the Nightbringer.
  • Badass Bookworm/Genius Bruiser: He seems to be more intelligent than the Necron Lord of Kronus, if only because he talks.
  • One-Man Army: Such that he can be upgraded to take on almost any foe.
  • One-Winged Angel: His 'Essence of the Nightbringer' ability. He can also turn into the Deceiver, which isn't as powerful for fighting but still can't be damaged and packs some nasty abilities.
  • Sinister Scythe: Considering how many lives it has ended, it's certainly appropriate.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: It's implied that when he defeats an Imperial faction, he turns the survivors into Necrons.

    Dark Eldar 

Archon Tahril (Kabal of the Black Heart)

"I am the deadly shadow and the bird of prey. I am the poisoned dagger that brings swift death!"

Leader of the Dark Eldar raiders in the Kaurava campaign, he is arrogant even by Eldar standards, and considers all the other commanders in the campaign to be fools (excepting Farseer Caerys and Lord Carron).

Asdrubael Vect (Kabal overlord)

"BEG FOR MERCY! Not that it'll help you."

The leader of the Kabal of the Black Heart and the de facto leader of the Dark Eldar as a whole. As Tahril's master, he attends the battle for the Kaurava system on his Dais of Destruction. He is a special character, being taken from W40K canon rather than being invented for the game.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Averted, as he doesn't leave his Dais, likely since rules for him on foot in the tabletop didn't exist when Soulstorm was made.
  • Bigger Bad: He can be considered this due to the fact that he leads one of the factions in game.
  • Canon Immigrant: Inverted, he was taken from the tabletop game for Dawn of War.
  • Cool Car: His Dais of Destruction, which doubles as the Dark Eldar's Relic Unit.
  • Cowardly Boss: When assaulting the Dark Eldar's base, he'll personally attack your base before retreating for repairs after a certain amount of damage. Of course, this can work to the player's advantage.
  • Glass Cannon: His Dais of Destruction is pretty fragile for a Relic Unit, but it's got the best firepower.
  • Joker Immunity: Regardless of whether or not the Dark Eldar lost in Soulstorm or not, he's probably still alive due to being a character in the tabletop game.


Hive Lord

The Hive Lord is an avatar of the Hive Mind's will, and is attempting to reconnect the feral Tyranids in subsector Aurelia to the Hive Mind.
  • Badass: The only hero used by the Tyranids, and the only one they need.
  • Dungeon Bypass: The Hive Lord is a Monstrous Creature, meaning the game engine considers him a vehicle when it comes to smashing through stuff. This means taking huge shortcuts or counter-flanking ambushes on missions that were designed without vehicles in mind.
  • Expy: Of the Swarmlord from the tabletop game's canon.
  • Flunky Boss: A playable one, no less. It gets better for you the more you level up his attack and energy skills, which allow the Hive Lord to call down increasingly potent squads for free.note  Eventually it gets cheaper to suicide/decompose squads and recall them rather than reinforcing. Makes sense, as 'nids have reserves and plenty of them.
  • Legacy Character: The Hive Lord doesn't travel between worlds. Instead, when its job on each planet is done, it gets broken down at a spawning pool so it's DNA can be assimilated and used to spawn a new, identical Lord where it's needed.
  • Made of Iron: Has more health at Level 1 than many other heroes have at Level 10.
  • Mighty Glacier: Slow, but hits like a battleship.
  • Outside-Context Villain: Similar to Eliphas, Gabriel mentions everyone overlooking the Tyranids in their campaign has doomed the sector.
  • The Voiceless: It's a Tyranid.

The Hive Mind

Voiced by: Lani Minella

The central intelligence that controls the Tyranid forces and directs them in their invasion of the sub-sector.
  • Assimilation Plot: Like in 40k itself.
  • Greater Scope Villain: Being the controller of the Tyranids would make it the Big Bad of the vanilla Dawn of War II campaign and one of the major villains in the game's lore.
  • Large Ham
  • Mission Control: For the Tyranid campaign.
  • Putting the Band Back Together: It plans to reunite the Hive Fleet splinter and let the consumption of the sector continue as planned during Retribution. It takes this into the background and sends the Hive Lord to stop Kyras after it sees the threat he poses to its plans. By the end of the campaign, it has finally succeeded.
  • The Voice: The only characterization a race of alien locusts can get.

Multiplayer Heroes:

This section describes the hero units used in Dawn of War II's multiplayer:

     Space Marines 

The Space Marines are a generalist, Jack-of-All-Stats faction. Due to much of their units being heavy infantry, they are quite durable, but due to their early game expense, they will almost always be outnumbered, which has the side effect of reducing their bleed. However, once they reach the late game and can deploy powerful units such as Terminators and the Land Raider Redeemer, the Space Marines become truly devastating.

Global abilities shared by all the Space Marine heroes are the Drop Pod, which sends a drop pod to the battlefield from an orbiting battle barge to reinforce all squads in the landing area and provide a constant reinforcement point around the pod, Terminator call-in, which teleports a squad of ranged Terminators to the battlefield, and the Orbital Bombardment, which calls down an strike from an orbiting battle barge in the form of three beams which levitate and damage all units caught in their radius before exploding, dealing massive damage and throwing aside those units.

Force Commander

A tanky, melee-oriented hero, the Force Commander is focused around fighting in the front line. His starting skill, Battle Cry, makes all of his melee attacks special attacks to knock down enemy units, and buffs the damage of allied units in a radius for each hit. His wargear increases his ability to support his units, his ability to move around the battlefield, and his prowess in close combat.

His unique global abilities are For the Emperor, a short damage buff to a target unit, and the Assault Terminator call-in, which teleports a squad of Assault Terminators to the battlefield.

  • Badass Cape
  • Battle Cry: His starting ability, which makes his melee attacks more dangerous and inspires his allies to do more damage. He can improve it by buying the Power Sword wargear.
  • Beehive Barrier: The Iron Halo wargear gives him one which causes received damage to drain his energy instead while active.
  • Drop the Hammer: His Thunder Hammer wargear gives him a massive two-handed hammer. Combined with Battle Cry, it sends enemy troops flying with each swing.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: His default weapon and two of his weapon wargears give him a sword.
  • Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me: His Chainsword and Storm Shield wargear, which gives him the Defend ability, giving himself and allies resistance to ranged damage and suppression.
  • Power Fist: One of his melee wargear options. It gives him the Flesh over Steel ability, which stuns vehicles.
  • Sprint Shoes: The Armor of Alacrity wargear lets him move faster by default, and also grants the Sprint ability, letting him move even faster.
  • Sword and Gun: He starts wielding a chainsword and bolt pistol, and one of his wargear options is a power sword and plasma pistol.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: One of his accessory wargear options is a teleporter pack, which gives him a short-ranged teleport ability.


Like the Force Commander, the Apothecary is a melee-oriented hero, but his focus is also on supporting his allied troops due to his passive health regeneration aura and his Heal ability, which restores health to a target allied unit. While not as directly powerful as the Force Commander, the Apothecary can more easily conserve his units due to his healing abilities, giving an economic advantage. His wargears increase his ability to heal, his melee strength, and his ability to control enemy units.

His unique global abilities are Larraman's Blessing, which revives all allied heroes for free, and Angels of Death, which gives all of his infantry a massive damage resistance for its duration.

  • An Axe to Grind: He wields one with the Anointed Power Axe wargear, along with a plasma pistol.
  • Blown Across the Room: The Purification Rites wargear adds this to his Heal ability: when he uses it, enemies near the healed unit are knocked back.
  • Combat Medic
  • Healing Factor: The Sanguine Chainsword wargear lets him heal himself with each attack he makes.
  • Healing Hands: One of the Apothecary's signature abilities. He starts with a passive aura which increases the health regeneration of allied units, and an ability which heals a target. With the Armor of the Apothecarion wargear, he gains the Advanced Healing ability, which constantly heals all allies in a radius while active at the cost of energy.
  • Sword and Gun: Like the Force Commander, he begins with a chainsword and bolt pistol, and retains this with the Sanguine Chainsword wargear.
  • Man in White: Regardless of army color scheme, the Apothecary's armor is always largely white by default.
  • Universal Poison: The Purification Vials wargear gives him grenades filled with this, letting him poison enemy squads with damage over time.


The third Space Marine hero, the Techmarine is the only one focused on ranged combat. Aside from this, he also has the ability to repair vehicles and structures, and to build both heavy bolter turrets and an orbital relay beacon, the latter of which acting like a base in the field. His wargears allow him to specialise against certain enemies, become more durable, and counter enemy vehicles.

His unique globals are Blessing of the Omnissiah, which repairs all allied vehicles, and the Venerable Dreadnought, deploying his unique Venerable Dreadnought to the field by drop pod.

  • Magic Tool: His bionic arm can repair any vehicle or structure or construct a turret or relay beacon with just some sparks.
  • Plasma Cannon: His Plasma Gun wargear, which specialises him to do more damage to heavy infantry.
  • Sentry Gun: One of his tactics is constructing these to defend vital areas such as victory points.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: The orbital relay beacon allows reinforcements to be deployed from orbit into the field via teleport.

     Chaos Space Marines 

The Evil Counterpart to the Space Marines, the Chaos Space Marines feature several direct comparison units, but are differentiated by their use of Heretics as a basic unit. Their units are cheaper and weaker than their counterparts, but they can compensate through Heretic worship, invoking the power of a Chaos God to help their forces in the field. In addition, their roster includes Daemon units which gain additional benefits from worship.

The only global shared by the Chaos heroes is the faction's nuke, Empyreal Abyss, which rips open a hole between reality and the Warp. Units within the abyss take constant damage, with the damage increasing the closer they are to its center, in addition, the abyss periodically shoots out chains which drag units in.

Chaos Lord

Why does anything think I can be killed?!

A heavily-armored, fearsome melee hero, the Chaos Lord is a direct counterpart to the Force Commander. However, while the Force Commander focuses both on breaking the line and supporting his men, the Chaos Lord's focus is on turning himself into an unstoppable combat monster who is also very, very hard to take down. His starting ability is Kill the Weak!, which knocks back all enemy units in direct contact and heals the Chaos Lord for each unit hit. His wargear increases his melee prowess and his durability, as well as disrupting enemy units.

His Heretic worship is to Khorne, increasing the speed of units affected, while his shrines periodically spawn Bloodletter units which linger until their energy is entirely drained while increasing the damage of allied units around them. His globals are Malignant Blindness, which decreases the sight range of enemy units to almost nothing, Bloodlust, which causes his units to inspire each other as they deliver melee attacks, and Blood Sacrifice, which sacrifices an allied troop to summon a squad of Bloodletters.

  • Armor Is Useless: Sort of. He wears Terminator armor but it offers no additional damage resistance compared to any other commander. He does have more HP than most commanders and cannot be knocked back or suppressed though.
    • To put some perspective: loyalist rank and file (not a hero) terminator can withstand 4500 points of piercing (the most regular ranged) damage. Chaos Lord goes down after 1250 damage. This all caused for balance reasons since your hero will fight from the very beginning of the game and Terminators are the toughest and the most expensive late game infantry units.
  • Badass Boast: He practically speaks in these.
  • Beehive Barrier: The Dark Halo, an Evil Counterpart to the Force Commander's Iron Halo which does the same thing.
  • The Dreaded: His Daemonic Visage wargear makes him so dreaded that he weakens enemy units' damage with his mere presence.
  • Drop the Hammer: His Blood Maul wargear.
  • Healing Factor: Kill the Weak! by default, and the Drain Life ability granted by the Mantle of Hate lets him absorb health from an enemy unit. The Icon of Khorne heals him whenever he makes a melee attack.
  • Mighty Glacier: The Chaos Lord is one of the slowest heroes, but once he gets into combat, he is extremely hard to put down and deals out a terrible amount of damage.
    • Chaos Lord can reliably beat every single hero in the game in one-on-one fight with the right wargear. However, the game isn't about duels.
  • Playing with Fire: His combi-flamer's Immolate coats an area in flames, while the Let the Galaxy Burn! ability granted by the Armor of the Inferno lets him unleash a volley of fireballs.
  • Punched Across the Room: If you're fighting a Chaos Lord in melee, expect to see your troops go flying. Not only does his default Kill the Weak! do it, but the Blood Maul's Sweeping Doom and the Destructive Strike from his Lightning Claws hurl enemies away as well.
  • Shout-Out: His Let the Galaxy Burn! ability is named after a famous quote from Horus.
  • Sword and Gun: The Chaos Lords begins with a daemon sword and a combi-bolter, and retains this armament with his Combi-Flamer wargear.
  • Tin Tyrant
  • Wolverine Claws: His Lightning Claws wargear.

Plague Champion

A hero dedicated to the Chaos God Nurgle, the Plague Champion's focus is on durability. He's something of a combination between the Techmarine and the Apothecary, possessing the repair and construction abilities of the former, and the healing focus and durability of the latter. Like the Techmarine, he can construct turrets, but his wargear options focus more on melee.

The Plague Champion's Heretics worship Nurgle, increasing the health regeneration of allied units, and their shrines heal allies and suppress enemies within range at regular intervals. These intervals become more frequent when the shrine is worshipped, along with allowing squads nearby to reinforce in the field. His unique globals are Touch of Nurgle, which causes the target squad's members to explode on death, dealing damage and knockback to enemies while healing allies, Plague of Undeath, which resurrects enemy casualties as zombies who fight for the Plague Champion, and Noxious Cloud, which spawns a controllable cloud of decay which damages everything within.

  • Healing Factor: Aside from his Heretic worship, the Mucus Discharge gives him the Breath of Nurgle ability, healing nearby allies.
  • Mighty Glacier: The Plague Champion is the slowest hero. He does gain a benefit from this in the form of being able to fire at normal speed when suppressed.
  • Power Fist: The Plague Fist wargear.
  • Punched Across the Room: The Pestilent Strike ability from his Plague Fist hurls away enemy units.
  • Sword and Gun: His Plague Sword wargear outfits him with the sword and a plasma pistol.
  • Universal Poison: His Blight Grenades, which are effectively the Apothecary's Purification Vials.
  • Walking Wasteland: With the Icon of Nurgle, he constantly deals damage to nearby enemy units.

Chaos Sorcerer

A dark psyker dedicated to Tzeench, the Sorcerer's focus is on messing with the enemy. While he can deal direct damage, such as with his starting ability, he can also teleport enemy units, lock them in place, and even take control of them depending on his wargear. His starting ability is Doombolt, which unleashes a volley of dark energy bolts which inflict damage to enemy units that they impact with. His wargear primarily gives him new abilities with which to disrupt the enemy.

His Heretic worship infiltrates nearby allies, while his shrines periodically shoot Doombolts at nearby enemies and grant a defensive bonus to nearby allies. His unique globals are Dark Flames, which creates a line of infernal fire to damage enemies caught within, Mass Warp, which teleports all allies to the Sorcerer, and Daemonic Summoning, opening a portal which allows his units to reinforce while also bringing forth temporary Bloodletters to attack the enemy.


A highly specialised and fragile faction, the Eldar initially seem weak at first glance and are very beginner-unfriendly due to the great amount of micro needed for their abilities. However, a player who masters them can reap great benefits, chaining together units to devastate the opposing army. They also possess some of the greatest mobility in the game, with most units having the Fleet of Foot ability, and their Webway Gates giving them the ability to quickly get units out onto the field.

Globals shared by all three Eldar heroes are Webway Gate, which creates a gateway into the Webway, with Eldar units being able to teleport to any gate from any other gate, Autarch, which drops an Autarch to the battlefield in a hail of plasma grenades, and the 'Eldritch Storm'', which summons a powerful psychic storm to devastate all caught within its radius.


The time for mercy is long past.

A fast melee hero, the Warlock's focus is on frontline combat. While more fragile than most, he is also faster and when upgraded, hits very hard. His starting ability is Destructor, a blast of psychic energy which damages a target enemy. His upgrades grant him more powerful offensive spells and increase his survivability.

The Warlock's unique globals are Swift Movement, increasing the speed of allied units, and Distort Field, reducing the ranged damage taken by a target squad.

  • Badass Baritone
  • Beehive Barrier: The Champion's Robe armor grants him one.
  • Black Mage
  • Blade on a Stick: His Merciless Witchblade takes the form of a spear.
  • Blown Across the Room: His Warp Throw lets him do this at range.
    • All melee weapons special attacks send opponents flying, but Merciless Witchblade is notable because of sheer distance of the throw.
  • Boisterous Weakling: Don't get me wrong, he can hold his own in a fight and, kitted out, will slaughter squads. However, in hero-on-hero action he is quite deep down the list.note  And yet he suggests that he can take on Chaos Lord or Lictor Alpha, both of which is nigh impossible.
    '"Let us duel then, Lord of Fools."'
  • Death Seeker: Every time he is killed you will hear "At last..."
  • Flaming Sword: The Immolator gives him one.
  • Healing Hands: His Channelling ability lets him heal an allied unit.
  • Magic Knight
  • Playing with Fire: The Immolate ability granted by the Immolator lets him coat an area in fire.
  • Shock and Awe: His basic ability, Distruptor and basic range attack.
  • Shout-Out: One of his wargears is named Heart of Darkness.


A spellcasting hero like the Warlock, the Farseer's focus is on buffing her troops rather than devastating the opposing army. With her wargears, she can do things such as increasing the damage taken by an opposing unit, reduce the damage taken by an ally, or suppress enemy units. Her starting ability is Guide, boosting the range and damage of an allied unit. Her wargears grant her more abilities to support her army and hinder the enemy.

The Farseer's unique globals are Farsight, revealing an area of the fog of war and detecting infiltrators, and Seer Council, which summons a Seer Council squad to the battlefield.

  • Badass Longcoat
  • Blade on a Stick: The Doombringer and Singing Spear wargears both give her one.
  • Healing Hands: Her Spiritual Rites ability heals her nearby allies.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Unless you're using the Ulthwe DLC Farseer or give her the Ghosthelm wargear, she goes bareheaded.
  • Doomy Dooms of Doom: The Doombringer, which grants the Doom ability.
  • Power Floats: She floats when using Psychic Storm or Levitation Field, the latter levitating everything else too.
  • Praetorian Guard: Her Seer Council serve this function, as their purpose is to protect the Farseer.
  • Red Mage: Her abilities both support her allies and harm her enemies.
  • Time Master: With the Armor of Asuryan, she gains the Time Field power, letting her slow down time in an area.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change: Her Doom and Fortune abilities change probability to cause enemies to take more damage and allies to take less damage respectively.

Warp Spider Exarch

The third Eldar hero, the Warp Spider Exarch's focus is on maximising the race's mobility to insane degrees. He starts with a personal teleport, letting him quickly manuveur the battlefield, and with upgrades, can teleport further and more often, or teleport allies with him. His wargear also gives him the ability to control enemies in various ways, from delivering continuous knockback to phasing units out of reality.

The Warp Spider Exarch's unique globals are Crack Shot, increasing an allied unit's ranged damage, and Spider's Brood, teleporting a squad of Warp Spiders to the battlefield.

  • Blown Across the Room: With his Heavy Gauge Death Spinner upgrade, he gains an ability which causes his ranged attacks to knock back enemy units.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: One of the Warp Spider Exarch's tactics is to harass enemies before escaping via his teleport.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: His initial ability. With upgrades, he can do so at further range and more often, or teleport allies too.


The Tyranids are a powerful but fragile swarm-oriented faction based around the Zerg Rush, appropriate given them being an inspiration for the Trope Namer. Initially their units are dependent on numbers and will inevitably take losses in defeating the enemy, but once they reach tier III, they can unleash powerful monstrous creatures like the Carnifex. One of the faction's unique traits is its use of synapse: certain units provide synapse bonuses to allied Tyranids in range. These bonuses range from damage resistance to increased damage to health regeneration. The Tyranid faction can deal immense early pressure due to their cheap units, but if countered effectively will suffer due to the fragility of their units.

The globals shared by all Tyranid heroes are Without Number, which spawns a small, weak squad of expendable Rippers, and their nuke, Tyrannoform, which causes a formation of seven capillary towers to erupt from the ground, dealing massive damage to any unit they hit. These towers endure, providing a synapse to all Tyranids nearby.

Hive Tyrant

A monstrous creature hero capable of crushing through obstacles, the Hive Tyrant is a powerful close combat hero who provides a basic synapse aura to nearby Tyranids. Its focus is very much on being a durable line-breaker, with abilities focusing it around tying up or disrupting the enemy's most damaging units to allow the rest of the swarm to fight safely. Its upgrades make it more durable, increase its close-quarters power, and give it more disruption options.

The Hive Tyrant's unique globals are Brood Nest, which spawns a brood nest structure which heals nearby Tyranids and allows them to reinforce, and Warrior Vanguard, which calls down a Warrior squad, disrupting nearby enemies while reinforcing nearby squads.

Ravener Alpha

A serpentine Tyranid hero, the Ravener Hero is less durable than the Hive Tyrant and focuses more on ranged combat and manoeuvrability. Its signature ability allows it to burrow, creating tunnels which Tyranids can use to quickly move around the field, and it can also construct Hive Nodes, small structures which protect nearby Tyranids from enemy ranged damage. Its upgrades increase its movement, allow it to fight in physical combat, and harm enemy units.

The Ravener Alpha's globals are Catalyst, which spurs an allied unit to fight harder and do more damage at the cost of damaging itself, and Mycetic Spores, a copy of the Hive Tyrant's Warrior Vanguard which instead spawns a squad of Raveners.

  • Fragile Speedster: While it's fragile in comparison to the tank-like Hive Tyrant, it can get around the field incredibly fast.
  • Snake People: Has this vibe in spite of not being part human.
  • Sprint Shoes: The Strengthened Sinew wargear acts as this, and also gives it the Fleet of Claw ability to move even faster.
  • Tunnel Network: One of its greatest advantages is being able to create one for its forces.

Lictor Alpha

The Lictor Alpha is a very different beast to its fellow Tyranids and even to most heroes. While many heroes want to be fighting alongside their army, it's an entirely viable tactic for the Lictor Alpha to sneak around the map infiltrated, capping points and harassing enemies with both its remarkable starting damage and its signature ability, Flesh Hook, which drags an enemy to the Lictor Alpha while damaging it. Its upgrades can either intensify this by allowing it to infiltrate more and increasing its damage and durability while it fights alone, or change its focus to support its army more directly.

The Lictor Alpha's globals are Stalk, which has the dubious distinction of being one of the most useless globals in the game since all it does is reveal enemy heroes, and Spore Mines, which calls down a squad of Spore Mines.

  • Glass Cannon: Properly used, the Lictor Alpha is absolutely devastating, with high damage attacks, but it cannot take much punishment in return.
  • Healing Factor: Its notorious Feeder Tendrils wargear lets it heal for each blow it lands in close combat.
  • I Work Alone: The Lone Hunter wargear encourages this by increasing the Lictor Alpha's damage and decreasing the damage it takes so long as it's not close to an allied unit.
  • Master Poisoner: One of its other traits is its ability to cripple enemy units with various toxins, decreasing their speed and damage with Toxin Miasma, causing them to take more damage with Corrosive Claws, and dealing area of effect damage with its Toxic Cysts.
  • Stealth Expert: Due to its infiltration, the Lictor Alpha acts like the Tyranid equivalent of Solid Snake.


Though not quite to the same extent of the Tyranids, the Orks are a faction relying on huge numbers of relatively weak units early on but these units becoming more potent as the game progresses, and of course the big guns come in too. The Orks may lack mobility and utility, and their ranged firepower is not so great either, but conversely they tend to be superb in melee as well as mercifully cheap, and all Ork infantry possess the Waaagh! ability which boosts the combat ability of allied Ork infantry based on how many models are in proximity the unit - i.e, a large blob of 20-30 Boyz all activating Waaagh! at the same time will be formidable indeed.

The Orks get two shared globals among their heroes: Call da Boyz! acts like a bigger and better version of Waaagh!, boosting the damage and speed of all your units across the map while also auto-reinforcing the squads around your hero, and their nuke Roks is an inaccurate but very powerful strike, dropping an assortment of Roks ranging in size and destructive force from small to massive. The Orks' global resource works a bit differently from that of other factions too, gradually gaining at a steady rate but needing to spend this resource to use many regular unit abilities, the aforementioned Waaagh! ability being one of them.


The Ork Warboss is often the largest and strongest Ork, and hence, the one in charge. The Warboss is a fairly straightforward melee hero with excellent durability and melee power, with some limited ranged potential and support options. The Warboss is also capable of crushing through obstacles, and disrupting squads and weapons teams with his Stomp ability. In the first few minutes of the match, the Warboss is able to deal with most squads easily and scare them off capping points, but his upgrades increases his already impressive damage output and HP even more, making him a real menace.

The Warboss' globals are "'Ard Boyz" which cuts the melee damage taken by a squad in half, and "Use Yer Choppas!" which drastically increases a squad's melee damage, melee skill and gives them a chance to use a special attack.

  • Berserk Button: While most of the things he fights makes him laugh or call them weak, the Boss really hates Eldar and will let you know it.
    Warboss: I! HATE! ELDAR!
  • Bring It: His default response to being ordered to attack things is some variation of this trope.
  • Cybork: One of his upgrades turns him into this, upgrading his Stomp and giving him a small HP boost.
  • Dumb Muscle: On first impression, the Boss doesn't seem very smart. He makes up for it with a low cunning.
  • Ground Pound: His upgraded Big Stomp does explosive damage and knocks squads back, leaving them stunned for several seconds.
  • Large And In Charge: The Warboss is the boss since he is easily the biggest, strongest Ork around. This is reinforced by him treating a chain-axe/mallet and double-barreled shoota as a one-handed axe/club and pistol respectively, which every Nob has to use with both hands.
  • Mighty Glacier: He's slow and lumbering, but once he gets into melee, the enemy is in big trouble.
  • More Dakka: His Enhanced Kustom Shoota lets him use the "Shoot 'Em Gud" ability, spraying a squad, dealing heavy damage and knocking them back. Always useful for preventing an enemy from capping a point.
  • Power Klaw: One of his weapon options. It's arguably his best melee weapon as it deals tremendous damage to both infantry and vehicles.
  • Spikes of Villainy: His Spiky Armour. It does damage to melee attackers, as well as increasing his health.
  • Stone Wall: The 'Eavy Armour gives him a solid 900 HP increase.
  • Trophy Rack: A possible upgrade. It frightens all enemies within a small radius around the Warboss and lowers the damage they deal.

Kommando Nob

An unlikely leader for an Ork mob, Kommandos are Orks who have learned to employ "kunnin'", specialising in stealth, ambush, assassination and demolition over raw combat prowess. Because Orks lack the aiming ability for one-shot, long-range sniping techniques and Kommandos tend to be physically weaker in melee than their other kin, the Kommando Nob's weapon of choice is a variety of bombs, grenades and rockets. The Kommando Nob can by default Infiltrate, and throw Stunbombs which leave infantry stunned for several precious seconds. His upgrades focus on granting him with a number of different weapons and skills, allowing him to tackle any challenge.

Not only is he a stealth expert, but he can pass on this knowledge to his Boyz with his global ability "Hide Da Boyz", allowing any target squad to infiltrate for 40 seconds. He can also use "Kommandos Iz Da Sneakiest" to spawn a Kommando squad at the target location - this is the only Ork hero who will allow you to spawn this versatile ranged squad in Tier 2, so it's a fairly decent ability.

  • Booby Trap: One of his upgrades. It lets him plant a manually-triggered bomb at any point. Plant two or three of these on a victory point and any of the enemy's unsuspecting units or their hero'll get a nasty surprise if they move in to capture it!
  • Crazy-Prepared: His Extra Equipment upgrade gives him backup ammo and supplies, increasing his HP, health regeneration and energy.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Statistically average in terms of melee damage, ranged damage, toughness and speed, but can be given a lot of different equipment.
  • Knife Nut: His Assashun's Knife increases his melee damage and lets him use a special attack, "Assassinate", which deals a huge amount of damage to a unit and decreases their speed and damage if they survive. This makes him a premier hero hunter.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: His Rokkit Launcha is a perfect anti-vehicle option for late-game, and even though it's not so great at killing infantry, it does blast them around. It also doubles as a Sniper Rifle, as the "Right in me Krosshairs" ability shoots a single precise rocket.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: His Speshul Shoota is a large automatic shotgun. The damage is not really impressive, but it does come with with a 30% chance of knocking the target back. In true Kommando Nob fashion, he can load it with High Explosive Shells, guaranteeing a knockback and dealing even more damage.
  • Stealth Expert: He is this trope for the Orks, and a somewhat unconventional example of this trope too. Also, his "Hide Da Boyz" global lets him turn any squad into this for a brief period.
  • Suicide Attack: His Kaboom ability instantly drops a massive bomb at his feet. The resulting explosion is usually enough to severely damage any enemy squad nearby, but also leaves the Nob severely damaged, and sends the poor sod flying to boot.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: He starts with Stunbombs as standard, and can be further equipped with the more lethal Stikkbombs.


The polar opposite of the Warboss, the Mekboy is a runty git responsible for maintaining all the contraptions Orks make use of. With his decent ranged firepower and plethora of support options, he's a vital part of the Ork mob. He's the most mobile of the Ork heroes, with the ability to Teleport as standard, but he's also the only Ork hero who can Repair structures and vehicles. And speaking of which, the Mekboy can lay down Waaagh! Banners, which increases the stats of all Ork units around them across the board, or Ork Turrets, perfect for holding a chokepoint or defending a key area.

His two unique globals are "More Dakka!", which increases the ranged damage of a target squad for a brief period, and the "Kult of Speed", which increases the speed of all your vehicles and increases their firing rate.

  • Combat Medic: His "'Ave A Taste" ability instantly heals an allied infantry squad, and also restores their energy.
  • Glass Cannon: The Mekboy can really pump out the damage, but with his low HP, he can't take it back.
  • More Dakka: Naturally. His speciality, with his Big Shoota, Deffgun, and global ability of the same name.
    • The Mek also has a good appreciation of the other race's guns, and will either admire the weapon or tell his boyz to grab it after they kill who's holding it.
  • Only in It for the Money: The Mek makes a point of calling dibs on wrecked vehicles, and generally talks like a mercenary under the player's pay. He likes the fighting part of course, but that comes second to getting loot.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: He uses pretty big words for an Ork, and then subverts it by talking like, well, an Ork.
    Mekboy: Ignorant Ork Sods!