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    Dorn Il-Khan 
Dorn Il-Khan
Do not annoy me with such simplistic notions of morality.
Voiced by: Gord Marriott

Dorn Il-Khan, a half-orc blackguard, was born in the Spine of the World, Dorn fled to Luskan with his human mother when a rival tribe annihilated his father's savage people. Dorn's ruthless strength soon won him a deadly reputation and the attentions of a band of mercenaries. After he is betrayed by his fellow soldiers of fortune and imprisoned, he swears an oath of revenge that can only end in his betrayers' death. He encounters CHARNAME when two of the people who betrayed him attempt to rob the CHARNAME. He offers to join the party because he has heard of their skill as warriors.

In Baldur's Gate II he is forced to come to terms with his blackguard patron, a glabrezu demon called Ur-Gothoz, being a demanding and somewhat ungrateful master, and the player can help to determine his course from then onwards.

Associated tropes:

  • Abusive Parents: His father was cruel and violent towards him in an effort to "toughen him up." It worked, more or less.
  • Affably Evil: Statistically has a very high charisma score, and his conversations, even laced with blood and violence, demonstrate his capacity for charm.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: After assassinating a number of high-ranking paladins, traffiking with demons, breaking into a heavenly place to clear his name from a scroll of divine retribution and slaughtering many servants of the gods over the course of his personal quests, when he is finally dragged before the courts he is only convicted of a single village massacre, even though he tells the player he's done it several times.
  • Bad Boss: Ur-Gothoz' constant demands for minimal returns have begun to grate on Dorn's nerves by the time he meets the player again. In fact, he eventually gets so fed up that a marilith called Azothet is able to tempt him into ridding himself of his master. Using a summoning ritual, he can bind the demon's power to an Abyssal Blade and wield it in battle.
    • However, the player can turn this on Azothet instead, which draws Ur-Gothoz' attention. He initially is annoyed Dorn went behind his back, but is pleased by his display of initiative as well as his defeat of Azothet - a thorn in the glabrezu's side - and gives him a powerful mask as a reward while promising to be a better boss.
  • Bash Brothers: Can easily become this with an evil CHARNAME. He, Sarevok and Korgan Bloodaxe all get along famously as evil warriors of different stripes.
  • BFS: His stats favor big, two-handed weapons.
  • Bi the Way: Dorn can be romanced by both male and female protagonists.
    • Depraved Bisexual: He implies that dark power turns him on and CHARNAME's status as a Bhaalspawn is part of his attraction to him/her. Conspicuously, Dorn is also the only Love Interest not turned off by his/her transformation into the Slayer.
  • Black Knight: The Blackguard is basically an evil paladin (in fact, it is implemented as a 'kit' — IE, modification — of the paladin class).
  • Black Swords Are Better: His starting weapon is a black greatsword.
  • Blood Knight: Though he usually has some end in mind when enacting them, Dorn enjoys violence and cruelty for their own sake.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: To the extent that he has to mention it whenever he displays standards.
  • Cool Sword: His starting sword, Rancor, is a +1 two-handed sword that has a chance of giving Dorn a +1 increase to his to-hit rolls for 24 hours every time he kills someone with it.
  • The Corrupter: Likes to act the part, anyway. He approves of an evil CHARNAME carrying out murder as part of their father's legacy and tries unsuccessfully to exhort Imoen to do the same. If romanced he will encourage the player to take Bhaal's power for their own and become a god or goddess, asking only that he be made an avatar of their power and will in the realms. He also makes efforts to convince Neera she enjoys battle and killing as much as he does, encourages Cernd to embrace the more destructive aspects of druidism and makes half-hearted attempts to corrupt other paladins into blackguards serving his patron, even offering Rasaad power to pursue his Dark Moon enemies and avenge his brother.
  • The Dragon: To his patron Ur-Gothoz. Will generally fulfil this role to CHARNAME in an evil party as well.
  • Dynamic Entry: Starts off by killing off three people that were supposed to ambush you, and takes care of the others almost as quickly.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Subverted. It seems he did love her when he was a child; when he grew up, however, he came to believe that Love Is a Weakness and abandoned her.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Most of the time, Dorn doesn't get any moments to show there's a line even he won't cross. There is one, however; when you take him to meet Gromnir in Throne of Bhaal, Dorn mentions they were in the same tribe of orcs in youth, but that Gromnir got himself exiled because even the orcs were disgusted by him - and so was Dorn.
    Dorn: While our human blood made both Gromnir and me outcasts in our own tribe, he was always different. He took to slaughter a little too eagerly. That I, of all people, say this should tell you something of Gromnir's depravity. He celebrated his victories in excessive and disgusting fashion - and bear in mind, I was told this by someone whose mouth was stuffed with raw pig fat at the time.
  • Evil Weapon: Rancor can't be used by anyone with a "Good" alignment.
  • Fantastic Racism: He claims his mixed parentage has caused him to suffer abuse and prejudice at the hands of a bigoted world that despises him for his heritage; the humans hate him for his orcish blood, the orcs for his human blood. Although Dorn is evil, not to mention a blackguard, it seems he's telling the truth, as even good companions visibly address him by his race rather than his class kit. In Throne of Bhaal, an illusion of his former companion Kryll mentions that Kryll was the only one to see past his tusks before Dorn met CHARNAME.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Son of an orc warrior and his concubine.
  • Human Mom Non Human Dad: Contrary to stereotypes, many half-orcs in Faerun are the product of functional, happy families. Dorn Il-Khan is not one of those half-orcs.
  • If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten: Compared even to Korgan, Dorn's personal quests will test how low an evil CHARNAME is willing to go before feeling bad, from massacring an entire wedding congregation to cover up the murder of a priest to slaughtering an entire camp of Helmite knights and clerics on Ur-Gothoz' orders. And in Throne of Bhaal it only gets worse.
  • It's Personal: His old adventuring party left him for dead as a scapegoat for their joint misdeeds. Ever since, Dorn has been out for their blood.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Essentially introduces himself by slaughtering a bunch of people trying to steal your money in the name of revenge. He also proposes making Irenicus suffer as his victims suffered. And boy, did they suffer.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Inverted. Oh so inverted. Dorn may be a deeper shade of evil than other evil companions, but his presence and conversations bring out an unusual level of wittiness in CHARNAME. When you meet him in Shadows of Amn, he will even comment on this by admitting to be glad "you haven't been strangled with your own wit", and occasionally he will tell you to give it a rest.
    "Let your glib tongue rest a moment, CHARNAME."
  • Life Drain: In addition to his blackguard powers.
  • Mutually Exclusive Party Members: He and Anomen can't be in the pary together without coming to blows sooner or later. Keldorn is heavily turned off by him as well.
  • Neutral Evil: In-universe He is ruthlessly self-interested and enjoys cruelty, but has little attachment to the broader ethical extremes of freedom or order.
  • No Sell: If romanced, Bodhi will try to kidnap him at one point, just like the original romanceable characters. Unlike the originals, Dorn either just shrugs off the attempt with his class immunities or his patron intervenes (depending on if Dorn's Shadows of Amn questline has been done, and the player's decision at the end of it).
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Played straight, but later averted. In the first game, his rage is largely directed at richly deserving parties. That is empathetically not the case in the sequels.
  • Poisoned Weapons: One of his class abilities.
  • Power at a Price: Dorn is rather open in his willingness to trade away anything for power and strength. His party banters usually involve exhorting others to do the same. Or, in Hexxat's case, to make him a vampire.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Goes both ways. The good gods of Forgotten Realms are none too fond of Dorn, which draws him frequent attention from some of the most powerful paladins in Faerun, when he's not hunting them himself. When his name is added to the Scroll of Retribution, a divine hitlist, Dorn leads the player into Lunia, the heavenly location of the scroll, to erase his name from it, fighting crusaders, solars and even silver dragons along the way.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: His reason for questing is to get revenge on four people who betrayed him. His first major scene is him killing two of them.
  • Rules Are For Humans: He is a non-human Paladin (Blackguard is a Paladin kit), and only humans could become Paladins in 2E (and Baldur's Gate). His "patron" makes an offer to extend the same exception to Mazzy, assuming she is willing to become a Blackguard herself. Mazzy tells him to go (back) to hell.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: He is often dead serious in some of CHARNAME's wittier moments, and occasionally gets tired of his/her antics, see above.
  • Super Strength: Has an excellent (and legitimate for Half-Orcs) 19 strength.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Apart fom his being the victim of anti-half-orc bigotry, Dorn was in a relationship with a woman called Kryll, one of his old mercenary companions, before he met the player. Her betrayal stung Dorn badly. And worse, the Master Wraith reopens this wound by summoning an illusion of Kryll to torment Dorn as part of the Break Them by Talking scene.
  • Wedding Smashers: His first quest in Shadows of Amn is crashing a wedding in Atkathla to assassinate Bollard Firejaw, a high-ranking priest, in Ur-Gothoz' name. Once he's dealt with the mark he will advocate slaughtering the congregation to cover their tracks.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Dorn is bitter and angry when confronting his former companions in the first game,
    • Et Tu, Brute?: But especially so when confronting Kryll, with whom he had a relationship before she betrayed him.

Casting wild magic is like playing a flute by ear. In magical terms, I can play a pretty mean tune, but when I miss a note the flute shoots fire at everyone.
Voiced by: Nicola Elbro

After a dangerous wild surge maims her fellow students, the half-elf wild mage Neera is forced to flee her home village and wander the High Forest. Even there, her capricious spells threatened the highly flammable woods, forcing the mighty treant Turlang to banish Neera from his domain. Eventually the Red Wizards caught up to her and attempted to kill her for the purposes of research. After being on the run from the Red Wizards for several weeks, she meets CHARNAME in Beregost and asks for his protection. She is on a quest to meet a mentor to teach her how to control her wild magic. In Baldur's Gate II she has set up a hidden refuge for wild mages where they work together to survive and try to evade a sect of the Red Wizards called the Order of the Eight Staves.

Associated tropes:
  • Action Girl: By virtue of being a wild mage.
  • Action Survivor
  • Anguished Declaration of Love: Just before the final choice of Throne of Bhaal if romanced.
  • Anti-Magic: Vicross, leader of the Order of the Eight Staves, can totally shut down Neera's wild spell casting.
  • Bare Your Midriff: In her official artwork.
  • Break His Heart to Save Him: She leaves Avrum (a scribe she was involved with in between Baldur's Gate I and II) because she doesn't want her wild magic to cause him harm. She tries to pull this on CHARNAME in a romanced epilogue, but he's a little more persistent.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Refuses to tell a CHARNAME that's romancing her that she loves him until the PC chooses to accept or refuse godhood.
  • Chaotic Neutral: in-universe She isn't a bad person, necessarily, but she isn't terribly altruistic either, and for all her protests she rather enjoys the random nature of her powers.
  • Critical Hit: As a Wild Mage, her spells have a chance to have a "Wild Surge," occasionally causing a magical equivalent of this. However, it also occasionally causes...
    • Critical Failure: Her spells might be dramatically reduced in power or cause an effect that's actively detrimental to the party. Casting Chaos Shield and its derivatives can mitigate the possibility of failure, but not eliminate it completely.
    • She even comes with a staff (made by Neera herself) that replicates the effect — Neera wanted it to cause fire damage to whomever it strikes. There's a 10% chance that it does... and a 10% chance that it causes fire damage to the wielder.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Seems to enjoy her Wild Magic for the most part, but it causes her a lot of trouble, starting with her getting kicked out of her hometown.
  • The Exile: Exiled herself after setting a fellow mage on fire accidentally.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Half-elf, and to her chagrin no one seems to remember it.
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend: If romanced, she insists that she and CHARNAME are not actually together. When Bodhi tries to kidnap her as a way to demoralize you, she exclaims, "We're not a couple! It's complicated."
  • Inept Mage: Nine times out of ten she's fine, but every once in a while one of her spells will make most of your gold disappear, or accidentally kill the entire party.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: Occasionally what happens to you, your enemy, or the party. An in-story example is when she blows up the guard in front of the Red Wizard Enclave, even if you've solved the issue non-violently.
  • Magic Misfire: Part of being a Wild Mage.
  • Mutually Exclusive Party Members: With Edwin, because he's a Red Wizard and she's a Wild Mage.
  • No Sell: If romanced, Bodhi will try to kidnap her at one point, just like the original romanceable characters. Unlike the originals, Neera manages to temporarily Wild Surge herself off the scene, thwarting the ambush.
  • Not So Different: With Vicross, autharch of the Order of the Eight Staves and fellow wild mage.
  • Not Staying for Breakfast: If romanced, tells you she has a habit of this. She pulls it on CHARNAME in the epilogue, who just decides to follow her since he knows where she'll be going.
  • Old Master: Seeks one out to help tame her wild magic, on the basis that anyone who lives to old age with wild magic is both badass and wise. Turns out he's neither, just somewhat lucky.
  • Pet the Dog: Her introduction scene in Shadows of Amn involves her rescuing a little girl who is also a wild mage from her Red Wizard kidnappers.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: When the Order of the Eight Staves raid the Wild Forest and kill several of the mages within.
  • Random Effect Spell: Her whole shtick as a wild mage is that ANY spell she casts can become this, but the wild mage-only spell Reckless Dweomer takes this to its logical conclusion by forcing a wild surge.
  • Running Gag: Red Wizards confusing her for an elf and her immediate and angry correction.
  • Sad Clown: Jokes a lot, but her exile, wild magic, and the Wild Forest getting raided clearly get to her. Actually says in-game that this is the case.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Unless CHARNAME is as whimsical as she is, they will generally end up this way in a romance. She can also become this in banter with Rasaad, Dorn or other serious male party members.
  • Simple Staff: Subversion. Her staff is not only enchanted so it's a Quarterstaff +1, but it will also deal extra fire damage to Neera's opponent or herself.
  • The Battle Didn't Count: Twice during her personal quest in Throne of Bhaal, both times (in the same fight, even!) with Szass Tam.
  • Third-Option Love Interest
  • White-Haired Pretty Girl
  • Wild Magic
  • Will They or Won't They?: They Do.

    Rasaad yn Bashir 
Rasaad yn Bashir
In the face of lies, we offer truth. In the face of hatred, we offer compassion.
Voiced by: Mark Meer

Rasaad yn Bashir is a human Calishite Monk who worships Selūne, goddess of the moon. At a young age he and his brother, Gamaz, managed to scrape by on the streets by begging and stealing, until they tried to steal from a monk of the Order of the Sun Soul. After that, they were taken into a monastery where they were given physical, mental, and spiritual training. They traveled to the Sword Coast to investigate the disappearance of several Order of the Sun Soul monks, but Gamaz was killed by Shadow Thieves. Rasaad traveled to Nashkel to reaffirm his faith and spread the word of Selūne when he meets CHARNAME.

Later, it turns out that his brother Gamaz had not actually died fighting the Shadow Thieves, but was saved by a Dark Moon monk named Alorgoth. Gamaz then became a servant of Shar and leads the order in Baldur's Gate.

By the time of Baldur's Gate II Gamaz has been killed and Alorgoth has gone into hiding. A new cult called the Twofold Trust, which preaches that the Sun Soul goddess Selune, goddess of the moon, and the Dark Moon goddess Shar, goddess of the night, are facets of the same deity, the Twofold Goddess, has emerged. Rasaad's interest has been piqued by this cult because he suspects their leader, Collus Darathon, is actually Alorgoth in disguise. His undercover investigations have earned him the suspicion of his fellow Sun Soul and cost him many friendships, so he requests the player's aid in uncovering the truth.

Associated tropes:
  • Acquitted Too Late: Sort of; he was arrested for fighting off Shadow Thieves in the street. Because he was arrested, he couldn't tend to his brother's wounds. Rasaad was released the next day but by then his brother had died. Oh, if only...
    • Shows up in one of his endings as well — In 2, Rasaad is believed to be a traitor by his Sun Soul chapter. If kept on the pure path of a Sun Soul monk and not romanced, Rasaad will return to Calimshan to proclaim his innocence, and after this being rejected and refusing to leave, fight off what the stories say was over a hundred Sun Soul monks, with the leader of the chapter herself striking the final blow. The attackers realize something was wrong when they, after his death, note that not a single one of his attackers were killed — and indeed one of the monks responsible for determining his guilt turns out to be a Dark Moon monk.
  • All Monks Know Kung-Fu
  • Always Second Best: His brother Gamaz was the best Calishite Monk in combat. Rasaad was the only one who could get close to beating him, but always lost to "some spectacular strike." Later, Rasaad admits that he was actually the stronger of the two, but held back because his brother felt that winning was important.
  • Babies Ever After: A sad example. In Rasaad's romance epilogue, he and CHARNAME retire to Cloud Peak to build a home for themselves, where she bares him seven children. Rasaad teaches his kids the skills and philosophy of the Sun Soul and has a modicum of happiness earned... right before Alorgoth sends assassins to kill him and CHARNAME. The success of the killings is then offset by the seven children, who are trained Sun Soul monks and the grandchildren of Bhaal, Lord of Murder, launching a campaign of revenge that rocks the Dark Moon to the core.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Not the best choice for him out of the gate, like all second edition monks. Later on, however, once his fists turn into the only 1d20 weapons in the game...
  • Bash Brothers: With a monk CHARNAME. If the player chooses to be a Sun Soul monk, Rasaad will pick up on this and even has a unique dialogue from it.
  • Bittersweet Ending: His questline will either end with the problem solved, but at great personal cost, or with the problem abandoned at a lesser personal cost. His character ending in Baldur's Gate 2 concludes with either his innocence only being proven at the cost of his own life, with he and his wife (the player) dead, and their children forced into a life of vengeance... or with Rasaad abandoning the idea of returning to the Sun Soul monks and settling down as a new leader of the Twofold Trust, attracting monks tired of the more dogmatic Selūnite and Sharran orders. And in all endings, on the bitter side... no matter what, Alorgoth lives on to do harm to others.
  • Cain and Abel: A reasonably complex and nuanced version, but he's clearly the Abel, even if he ends up living.
  • Deal with the Devil: During the events of Baldur's Gate II, Dorn brings Rasaad an offer of power from his "patron." When Rasaad refuses, Dorn tells him he will live to regret it. Considering that two of Rasaad's endings conclude with his death, this is rather prescient, though Rasaad claims that he would rather do the right thing than the expedient thing.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: His brother Gamaz can't bring himself to kill Rasaad and still tries to get him to join the Dark Moon monks. Doesn't stop him from getting initiates to attempt the job for him...
  • Evil Counterpart: The Dark Moon cult compared to his Sun Soul sect, and going along with that the Dark Moon kit is the opposite of his Sun Soul kit. Gamaz becomes one of these to Rasaad, in a more specific sense.
  • Evil Former Friend: Over the course of Shadows of Amn he meets two old friends - the Sun Soul master of combat and a monk called Hammerhelm - who were Sun Soul monks like him until they joined the Twofold Trust. Unless the player reins him in Rasaad will react pretty badly to these discoveries.
    Rasaad: "Better I should be struck blind than live to see Hammerhelm's fall."
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Despite being a Sun Soul monk in-game, he has the generic monk kit instead of the Sun Soul kit. There's a mod to fix this.
    • An official Patch later changed this as well.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: By Shadows of Amn, Rasaad's investigations into the Twofold Trust have brought the emnity of the Sun Soul upon him, and it's heavily implied Alorgoth is ramping this emnity up to hamper his progress by framing him for dark deeds (like slaughtering the entire branch of Sun Soul monks in Athkatla).
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Mark Meer also did Male Commander Shepard. He's literally had enough of the enemies' disingenuous assertions.
  • Karma Houdini: Rasaad's multiple attempts to find Alorgoth and kill him invariably end in failure. In fact, unless Rasaad becomes the leader of the new Twofold Trust, Alorgoth will have the interfering monk killed, either by framing him using a spy or sending assassins to kill him and CHARNAME, depending on whether or not his romance path was taken.
  • Katanas Are Just Better and Sinister Scimitar: Starts with a point each in the Katana and Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō weapon proficiencies. They make fair initial weapons for him before he gets a few levels under his belt and his bare hands start outstripping any weapon.
  • Lawful Good: In-universe He's a kind and decent man concerned with justice and proper conduct. The Sun Soul kit has this as a strict requirement for players as well.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: His brother chased off after a bunch of Shadow Thieves with no back-up. He killed three of them, but then died himself. Turns out his brother lived because he was saved by a Dark Moon monk named Alorgoth... and he blames Rasaad for his near death.
  • Light 'em Up: The Sun Soul monk kit has various sun-based powers that cross over with Playing with Fire.
  • Magikarp Power: Rasaad starts off as pretty terrible, just like all second edition monks monks. As he levels up, he becomes much better, getting multiple attacks per round, immunity to disease and slow, and getting the Stunning Blows ability. Rasaad isn't very good at least until level six, and he still might be behind a few of the stronger party members. Come BG 2 Enhanced Edition, he takes this trope to its full effect, again, just like all second edition monks.
  • Mistaken for an Imposter: Rasaad is convinced that the leader of the Twofold monks, Collus, is Alorgoth, who corrupted Rasaad's brother Gamaz, leading to his death. He believes this despite everyone (possibly including the player character and definitely including multiple characters that have met both) telling him it isn't possible. It turns out that Rasaad is right.
  • Mutually Exclusive Party Members: Eventually with Viconia. They go through the first game and initially the second just philosophically sniping at one another. The problem comes when Rasaad's questline in Shadows of Amn starts — if you follow up on it, Viconia leaves as it involves fighting against servants of Shar, her patron deity. Presumably the ones in the first game got a pass under 'were idiotic enough to attack CHARNAME' and Sharran social-darwinistic tendencies. If you don't, Rasaad leaves to do it himself.
  • No Sell: If romanced, Bodhi will try to kidnap him at one point, just like the original romanceable characters. Unlike the originals, Rasaad remembers to use his undead-fighting powers, forcing Bodhi to back off.
  • Nice Shoes: Comes with a pair of boots named the Moonlight Walkers that give +2 to AC. One has to be a human monk or mage of Lawful Good alignment to wear them.
  • The Power of the Sun: The Sun Soul monk kit can use Flaming Fists and other fire-based attacks, at the expense of not being able to use Stunning Blows or Quivering Palm. This supposedly stems from harnessing the power of the sun (as befits their name).
  • Religious Bruiser: Rasaad is a deeply spiritual man as well as a kung fu master.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: The humorous path through his romance casts him and CHARNAME in these roles. He can also be this in banter with Neera or Imoen.
  • Solar and Lunar: Rasaad's branch of the Order of the Sun Soul monks worship the moon goddess Selūne (though it's not a perfect example of this trope, since the emphasis is on similarities rather than differences between the Sun and the Moon).
  • Third-Option Love Interest
  • Token Good Teammate: He's the only Good-aligned character added by the Enhanced Editions of all six characters, and the only Lawful one.
  • Warrior Monk: A very East Asian flavor for a Middle Eastern character, but it's not unheard of in the Forgotten Realms.
  • We Can Rule Together: His brother invokes this when you challenge him at the Dark Moon temple. Doesn't stick.
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: His reaction to compliments from Dorn and his patron Ur-Gothoz.
    Dorn: For most of your life, you have walked in Selune's light. Now, you have embarked down a path of darkness. He sees great potential in you.
    Rasaad: I wish I could say I found that flattering.


Voiced by: Sereana Malani

Click here to see her actual appearance. 
A BG2EE-only thief who needs the Bhaalspawn's aid in entering the Tomb of Dragomir, a vampiric warlord. Dizzy and out of sorts, the woman makes frequent references to "The Sleeper" and how she "must awaken". When you get to the end of the tomb, the real Hexxat reveals herself and consumes the blood of the woman known formerly as Hexxat (whose real name was Clara), killing her. From there, Hexxat offers to join your group - after you meet her in the Copper Coronet in 2 hours.

Associated tropes:
  • Actually a Doombot: The Hexxat players meet initially is just a proxy called Clara, hypnotized by the real Hexxat into seeking out Dragomir's tomb for questionable reasons.
  • Affably Evil: Hexxat is not a good person, by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, being a vampire who only targets and consumes attractive young ladies, she could even be described as a serial killer. Yet, when talking with other party members, she is never less than courteous and polite, even when others are being very confrontational with her, and she manages to avoid provoking fights with good-aligned party members most of the time.
  • Darkest Africa: Hexxat comes from Chult, the analogue to Sub-Saharan Africa in Forgotten Realms. Specifically she comes from the capital city, Mezro.
  • Death Is Cheap: Once the real Hexxat joins the team, "dying" will only reduce her to her vapor-form for eight hours, after which she will come back. Unfortunately, she doesn't bring her equipment with her, and having to carry it for her can be a pain. That said, a long map transition or quick rest will do the trick.
  • Death Seeker: What she wants most is to be human again, even though she knows becoming mortal will immediately kill her since she's over two hundred years old.
  • Emotionless Girl: She doesn't have a very broad range of emotions.
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Vampires: Defied. Hexxat still drinks the blood of the living to sustain herself.
  • Gay Option: For ladies.
  • Has Two Mommies: She was raised by her many aunts because her mother was always away from home.
  • Humans Are White: There are some party members with non-white skin, like Yoshimo, but Hexxat is the only black human you can recruit.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Her pursuit of Viconia is halted by the latter's heterosexuality (and Viconia hints that, even if this were not the case, Hexxat's undeath would be another discouraging factor).
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Hexxat is only romanceable by women, and has many flirtatious interactions with her contact, Cabrina.
    • She'll also - very directly - express an interest in Viconia if both are in the same group.
    • Lesbian Vampire: As a result.
  • Magikarp Power: Initially, Hexxat is fairly weak in terms of both stats and abilities. Her replacement is an incredibly powerful Jack of All Stats, with literally superhuman scores in her physical stats and good scores everywhere else. Once you finish her quest and remove her Weaksauce Weakness...
  • Mutually Exclusive Party Members: Has more party conflicts than anybody else in the game, which is appropriate considering what she is. Not only will Keldorn, Anomen and Valygar react pretty messily if you keep her around, but even the otherwise pretty tolerant Mazzy and Aerie will likely fight her to the death.
    • [[This takes on a particularly tragic turn when Jan reveals his niece Yanna was one of Hexxat's victims who was hypnotised and brought to Dragomir's tomb.]]
  • Neutral Evil: in-universe She's mostly concerned with watching her own back, and she'll watch the back of anyone else in the party as well. That said, she will do absolutely anything to stay alive, up to and including draining young women of blood to sustain herself after dominating and luring them to Dragomir's Tomb.
  • No Sell: If romanced, Bodhi will try to kidnap her at one point, just like the original romanceable characters. Unlike the originals, the kidnappers gives up the attempt as soon as they get a closer look, as Hexxat is alread a vampire.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her father is never mentioned, but her mother actively neglected her by becoming married to her job as a cleric of Ubtao, the island god of Chult.
  • Pet the Dog: For all her sinister nature, Hexxat can be surprisingly kind when she feels like it.
  • Polite Villains, Rude Heroes: Many if not most of the good guys despise Hexxat largely for being a vampire, but also for being evil and use extremely pointed words to show their hatred. Hexxat, to her credit, never responds in kind.
  • Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!: Her attitude to Nalia's high-minded ideals. Voicing this attitude earns her an angry retort from the offended party.
  • Walking Spoiler: Sorry about all the spoiler marks, but Hexxat has a big secret that completely changes her character nature. That picture up there? That isn't Hexxat. She's Clara, and her quest leads to her death and the recruitment of the actual Hexxat, a black vampire thief.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Sunlight will vaporize her if she doesn't wear a special cloak that weakens her abilities. Finishing her quest removes this limitation.

Secret Party Members

    Enhanced Edition SPOILERS 

Baeloth Barrityll
Wait, this isn't right! You fool, I am not fully revived! I am diminished, damaged, and DANGEROUSLY DETERIORATED! Why, I've even lost some of my perspicacity!
Voiced by: Mark Meer

Baeloth Barrityll, also known as Baeloth the Entertainer, is the newest NPC in the Enhanced Edition (available as of patch 1.0.2012). A Chaotic Evil drow sorcerer, Baeloth is the chief antagonist of the Black Pits, but he can be recruited in the campaign storyline once your main character reaches level 5.

Associated tropes:
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: See his quote above. If Neera is in the party when you encounter him, she lampshades it.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: A classic example: he wished to be protected from death, so Najim had him resurrected on the surface with most of his powers diminished. Needless to say, he wasn't amused by the result.
  • Chaotic Evil: In-universe.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Even if you haven't played the Black Pits, he'll still refer to his current circumstances as the result of being defeated by a bunch of "cheaters" and ask for your protection.
    • Of course, it was not your defeat of him that led to your alliance, and indeed he still is sore about it in the Black Pits 2, where he spends most of his time rewriting the the deeds of the "cheaters" to look bad while in disguise as an historian. Then he reveals himself and laughs madly as he teleports you 'home'.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Along with Rasaad, voiced by Male - Commander Shepard.

     Enhanced Edition II SPOILERS 

Wilson the Bear
Growl. Growl growl.

A grizzly bear of refined taste and delicate sensibilities, Wilson spent his first five years living an idyllic life in the wild. This was shattered when he was captured by a man named Jolstead, a cruel trapper who sold his animal victims to the highest bidder. Though imprisoned and forced to live in deplorable conditions, Wilson nevertheless retained his innate optimism for the future and a remarkably gentle nature for a bloody great bear.

Wilson willingly joins your party if you free him from his handler during Rasaad's questline after having talked to Zaviak, an anachronistic hippie wild mage from Neera's safe zone.

  • Bears Are Bad News: Wilson is one tough bear on the battlefield.
  • Beary Funny: Has some moments of this.
  • Fluffy the Terrible/Aerith and Bob: Even CHARNAME can't believe his name is Wilson, which prompts the bear to growl that Wilson is a perfectly normal name for a bear.
  • Heroic Bear: In the epilogue, Wilson returns to the natural world intent on righting wrongs and bringing peace. The rest of his life is spent pulling off various acts of goodwill and badassery, including kicking the entire species of lions off their pedestal, convincing his fellow bears to stop eating fish (being made a saint by the salmon as a result) and bringing an end to the age-old conflict between cats and dogs; eventually he dies peacefully in hibernation at the age of 37.
  • I Am X, Son of Y: Dialogue implies that he is Wilson, son of Wilson. This makes Wilson the bear actually Wilson Jr. the bear. Or, possibly, Wilson Wilsonson the bear.
  • Lethal Joke Character: He has poor stats in everything except Strength and Constitution (both 18), can't wear anything, and can't equip any weapons. However, he gains proficiency points in his claws as he levels up and his they eventually become +5 weapons, his strength stat increases naturally at some levels until his has 23 strength, his health regenerates and his regeneration rate gets better as he levels up, and he eventually gets 5 attacks a round. All this makes him a perfectly viable, if very different party member.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: His Throne of Baal description is Wilson, the Bear Paragon. Heck, just being known as Wilson the bear is pretty terrifying, in a very literal way.
  • Noble Savage: Implied to be perfectly honorable, polite, and respectful, despite being a bear.
  • The Pollyanna: Hilariously, his in-game biography implies he's one. See his character description above.
  • Secret Character: Obviously.
  • Super Strength: Starts at 18 (although by the time you recruit him it'll probably be 19), but his strength grows as he levels up all the way up to an astounding 23. This is in a world where 25 is the best stat you can have and 18 is peak human strength. Good thing Wilson isn't human.
  • Team Pet: He may be a party member, but he qualifies well enough.
  • True Neutral: In-universe. This alignment is standard among animals, who lack interest in either good or evil and are usually driven by instinct.
  • The Unintelligible: And, true to the trope, CHARNAME has no trouble understanding him.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Few people deign to comment on, or even notice, your giant bear companion.