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Berserk Button: Web Original

  • Many of the members of Achievement Hunter have their own Berserk Buttons, usually displayed during Let's Play Minecraft.
    • Ray hates the cake item. He'll smash it on sight and once dug out of his own home when Gavin and Geoff sabotaged his home to shoot cake out of the walls. Also, as a fan of Sailor Moon's Tuxedo Mask, don't mess with the roses. Just don't.
    • Gavin Free is a troll, no ifs, ands or buts about it. But, stoop down to the point where you're cheating and he'll take offence at that. As well, as an Ill Boy, Gavin doesn't entirely enjoy a Groin Attack.
      • By extension, do NOT joke about animal cruelty.
    • Geoff is well known for being the creator of Achievement Hunter, as well as being the hard-drinking, foul-mouthed, walking storyboard of Rooster Teeth. He also has a daughter he loves dearly. So when he heard about the trailer for Dead Island containing the death of a little girl, he got about fifteen seconds in before he stopped the video, Googled the company, and proceeded to call them out on it.
      • Also, don't ruin something he put a lot of work into. He'll drop his controller and start pounding the shit out of you. In Real Life.
    • Everything is a button to Michael, though don't mess with his wife, Lindsey.
    • Though part of the larger Rooster Teeth family, don't mention Las Vegas to Gus.
  • In GACKT Game Center GACKT's most hated game is Xevious. Just remembering it makes him angry
  • Flocculencio in The Series whenever anyone mentions the name of his nemesis, Justin Pickard. Particularly noticeable considering Flocculencio is usually one of the more laid-back and sedate characters, but this makes him go Ax-Crazy.
  • It might seem redundant to give the Angry Marines a Berserk Button, as they're always angry, all the time. But something that'll really set them off is Heresy. Any mention of Heresy within earshot will have them grabbing their weapons and attacking the nearest object, looking for the source of the Heresy.
  • The Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society:
    • Don't call Akai short or insult one of her favorite characters.
    • If you enjoy life, don't ever threaten Lily while Avak is in earshot.
    • Don't take Stephen's hat. Ever.
  • Don't dig up Linkara's old fanfic, force him to listen to you read it, and then have the temerity to insult Doctor Who. When Bennett the Sage pulled this stunt, Linkara escaped the ropes holding him into a chair and started laying a smackdown.
    Linkara: Oh, bucko did you push the wrong button.
    • Apparently, a comic adaptation of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan getting the movie's famous KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!! scene incorrectnote  is enough to cause Linkara to just absolutely lose it.
  • Brazilian blog about home video "Blog do Jotacê" has quite a few, helped by the local distributors being so prone to employing them:
  • Maffew of Botchamania seems to have a minor one, which is misuse of the phrase "Couldn't Care Less."
  • Smash Kingdom:
    • Don't ever try to continuously fart near Mewtwo, or else, even at the cost of his own job, he will end up mind-wiping you, as Wario learned the hard way.
    • There are 2 things that Ganondorf does not tolerate: Vaati implying that Ganon's time as a villain is up, and villains not getting the hint that they were not accepted into the group. He blows them up to the shock and horror of his comrades.
  • Shandala from Broken Saints has a common one: family. She's the sweetest, most caring person in the world but bad shit happens when you mess with her various adopted family members.
  • Do not go on the Mass Effect RP site Cerberus Daily News and try to sell slaves, unless you like having armies of enraged mercenaries trying to kill you.
  • Chakats. Let's count the buttons, shall we? Harming children in general? BEATINGS. Kidnapping/harming one of their own kids? WORSE BEATINGS. God help you, killing one of their own kids? You'll be lucky if there's enough of you left to bury.
  • The Cinema Snob has a few berserk buttons...
  • The Great Clement really, really, really hates Sonic '06.
  • Both Cactuar and Tonberry from the Final Fantasy series by Crazy Boris have theirs.
    • Tonberry is eventually pushed to such a breaking point by Cactuar's stupidity that he sets the poor idiot on fire— twice— in "Gil Quest".
    • Cactuar goes ballistic upon being called "Fatty" by a cop in "Final Fantasy: Fugitive", and proceeds to morph into a giant, psychotically violent, needle-throwing version of himself. If a fleet of fighter jets arrive, he turns back to "normal" self, but saying "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" and runs.
    • He also gets really pissed at Aerosmith for misspelling his name in "Resident Cactuar".
    • And whatever you do, DON'T mention Mary Kate and Ashley around him...
    • In another one of Crazy Boris' animations, Dimwit Quest, don't even think about trying to take Jim's bag of Powdered Sugar.
  • In the Ranger Up military humor series The Damn Few, if you say the word "pirate" around Sealy, he starts blazing away with a submachine gun. (Arguably a Damn You, Muscle Memory moment, as Sealy doesn't actually get angry.)
  • In Darwin's Soldiers, a group of thugs at a food court insinuated that Aimee, who has robotic arms, was a cripple. Seconds later, five of the thugs were dead.
    • In the 3rd Darwin's Soldiers, the Horseman of Death just killed Neku's girlfriend Hailey. This was a very, very bad idea. Neku is now in a hyper mode that BURNED HIS SKIN OFF, and is now out to slaughter the remnants of Dragonstorm. And anything that gets in his way.
  • In Database Rangers Power Reviews Just as in Power Rangers RPM, never, ever say the word "spandex" around Dr. K, especially regarding the suits' material. Just don't.
  • Do not hug Dracon. He doesn't need a hug. He needs you to stay far away.
  • Do not compare EmptysAwesome to Josh Peck.
  • Make sure to never play on Cobblestone with Da Nugget of the GI Proz
  • Many Epic Rap Battles of History have a competitor concluding a verse with a particularly close insult, only for their opponent to issue some really nasty stuff. Mr. Rogers vs. Mr. T is one particular example; Rogers goes from his usual cheerful politeness, where the worst insult he issues is towards Mr. T's haircut, to a Creepy Monotone where he threatens to dismember his opponent and drops a Precision F-Strike, when Mr. T accuses him of child molestation.
  • Anna Demorah, in Felarya, tends to be somewhat cranky, but she'll leave you alone... unless you make the mistake of smoking in front of her. The fact has come up so often in fanfiction that it's rather killed the original humor.
  • Fighting Leaf does not approve of jokes made about a child's death, even if it's fake, especially ones made by the villain.
  • In Freddie Wong's short Don't F With My Cream, two robbers who knock over an ice cream parlor learn a very painful lesson when they mess with Freddie's ice cream.
    • The two guys whose fighting ends up destroying the work of the Sandcastle Sensei also don't get out of things unscathed.
  • Gordon Freeman, at least as interpreted by Freeman's Mind, isn't the most stable of individuals by any means, but what really sets him off are bugs, which he will chase while flailing away with his crowbar before pulling out an MP5 or shotgun. He also gets upset when confronted with yet another locked door or dead end.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Goku takes Christmas very seriously. Do anything to jeopardize it, and you may not live to see New Year's.
  • The Game Grumps have a few of these.
    • Jon hates it when Arin belches. He yelled at Arin for it in Pokemon Emerald #13, and stormed off for a bit when it happened in Kirby Super Star'' #17.
    • Jon will actually devolve into angry cursing mid-sentence if Arin belches. It almost makes him physically ill in Part 30 of Sonic 06.
    • One of the Grumps has never seen The Lord of the Rings. This revelation causes the other Grump to cough blood. (Sonic #57)
      Jon: It's just like, "durr, I haven't seen Star Wars..!"
      Arin: What the fu— There's a lot of people who haven't seen Star Wars!
      Jon: FUCK THEM!
      Arin: Corey didn't see Star Wars, and I just showed it to him last night!
      Jon: Corey hasn't seen Star War— (indistinct) GET OVER HERE YOU PIECE OF SHIT! I'm gonna go beat him up!
    • In Pokemon Emerald episode 13, Jon and Arin talk about how one night, they went to Disneyland during grad night and, while riding Star Tours, most of the grad night students were yelling obnoxiously about how awesome they were. At the end of the ride, Jon, who had politely asked them to quiet down before, ends up yelling at them for being rude and disruptive throughout the whole ride.
  • In The Gamers Alliance, Belial is a reasonable and polite fellow even to his enemies. However, those who insult his loved one Razia in front of him will quickly regret ever opening their mouths.
  • From the Global Guardians PBEM Universe: Never, ever mention the fact that Dreamcatcher's father died in an insane asylum after a life of villainy if you value your sanity. Dreamcatcher, as the name might imply, can manipulate your nightmares so you regret ever mentioning his father in the first place.
    • Want to press Eightball's Berserk Button really, really hard? Make fun of Bamm-Bamm's condition or use any variation of the word "retard" in his presence. Go head. I double-dog dare you.
  • The Hitler Rants videos, particularly the commonly-used bunker scenes, involve Hitler himself melting down over anything, no matter how trivial. He also doesn't take well to the antics of Hermann Fegelein or Jodl's objections.
  • In I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC, Green Goblin is a huge fan of Willem Dafoe, his film portrayer. So when the Joker says "I'm grateful Dafoe didn't play me in the Tim Burton movie," he promptly gets his ass kicked.
  • Jeff, the hero of Ewen Cluney's anime-inspired story "Interesting Times," is a nice guy, if something of a Weirdness Magnet. But that comic collection that he maintains? Don't mess with it. You will not like him if you mess with it.
  • Blogger Joe Mathlete will take a lot of nonsense from Marmaduke creator Brad Anderson, but one thing he will not stand for is an inaccurate depiction of the Moonwalk.
  • YouTube "Top Ten" writer Josh Scorcher (a.k.a "The Fiery Joker") hates it when his fans flame people that he made video responses to.
  • It's best not to call Pinisu-chan a donut. She's a Large Bagel.
  • Go on, compare Firestorm to his dad. I dare you.
  • A number of characters have one of these in The Mad Scientist Wars, most noticeably Andrew Tinker. No matter how tempted you are, or how true it is, do not call him 'girly' or refer to him as female. The last guy got pinned to a wall by his neck.
  • NEVER refer to Super Sentai as Power Rangers to Matoi.
  • Kora, leader of the Media Whorz round table has no tolerance for bad movies using legendary quotes from great movies. When Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne film used a quote from The Godfather, he got angry enough to break.
  • In the Snob spinoff Midnight Screenings, Jake's button is puns.
  • J from Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl hates when people touch her stapler. She ends up being forced to go to an anger management people with other people whose pet peeves include e-mails written in Comic Sans and people who don't let the microwave time run out.
  • Do NOT brag about torturing Sonya Blade in front of her partner, because Jax will punch your eye out (and this is before he gets his bionic arms).
    • Threatening the family of General Hanzo Hasashi (AKA Scorpion) is likewise a bad idea. As for killing them, well you might want to get your affairs in order. Not even death will stop him.
  • In Matt Santoro's web series, whenever someone criticizes Apple, Eugene tries to attack them with a lightsaber.
    • If anyone leaves a troll comment on one of Matt's videos, Big Shine will beat them up.
  • MLP Analysis:
    • Do NOT mention A Canterlot Wedding in AnthonyC's presence.
      • More specifically, do not bring up Luna's suspicious absence.
      • He was also quite ticked off by Equestria Girls turning the Mane Six into high school students.
    • Furthermore, don't ever mention Friendship is Witchcraft in the presence of Voice of Reason.
  • Mob Squad:
    • Being a Nervous Wreck, Cooper panics at just about anything, but the death of another mob (or the sight of its killer) will make him... well, act more like a typical Creeper.
    • If you're a Player Character, do not look Cameron in the eyes. (Justified - he is an Enderman, after all.) Unlike most Endermen, though, he just gets PO'd, and can easily be pacified by amazing him somehow (which isn't hard to do). It takes two glances to unleash his demonic fury. God help you if you do that.
  • MSF High Forum: Fortunately, Mitchell (as an obvious example) keeps this strictly to real life, never letting it interfere with his duties as a GM. (Mainly, it's people who try to start R Ps over IM while he's working on MSF High, though he often simply logs off and cools down. He has gone into Angrish before, however.)
  • Do not admit that you liked Fallout 3 or Brotherhood of Steel on No Mutants Allowed.
  • In Noob Sparadrap of all people has three of them. Insulting his grandmother and hurting his friends are already bad enough, but if you really want to anger him, kill these pets he's constantly talking about. Preferably via burning the bag that contains them all.
  • Season 3 finale of Noob reveals that Sparadrap has three of these: do not insult his grandmother, do not hurt his friends, do not kill his pets.
  • Don't tell The Nostalgia Chick that she has to only review "girly" stuff.
  • The Nostalgia Critic does not appreciate Batman & Robin creating the Bat-credit card BAT-CREDIT CARD!!! The full rant is available here.
    • Linkara mentions this at the end of the review of Superman IV as a retort after the Critic makes fun of his special effects. The Critic promptly descends into Angrish and Firing in the Air a Lot. (In fact it's such a berserk button that Linkara is able to get this reaction from a hallucination of the Critic in one of his own videos.)
    • So much that most of the times Doug went to conventions, there'd be at least one person who asks about the Bat-Credit Card, and then Doug would go into a comical rage and 'beat up' the asker. Creator Backlash has settled in really hard though, as he'll only do it once at each con (even said he would never do it again when he thought he could be done with Critic for good), has called it the worst part of his job and it's actually given him a Twitchy Eye. However, he still personally likes the joke when he looked back to it.
    • Neither did he take Doug well in his childhood.
      • A recent Running Gag involves Douchey McNitpick playing the Doug theme when the Critic orders another piece of music he doesn't like to stop playing.
    • Because of his past experiences, he hates it when kids get mistreated in any way. He really gets disgusted during the Baby Geniuses review when he realized they must have pinched or otherwise put some mild abuse on the baby actor to get him to cry.
      Whatever you did to make that kid cry, it wasn't worth it.
    • Don't tell Ma-Ti that Heart Is an Awesome Power.
    • Doug Walker got extremely agitated over the presentation of a deeply serious, hotly debated, very adult topic like abortion showing up in Twilight Breaking Dawn, a movie that's part of a series he enjoys because of what he feels is its poor presentation and good only at "manipulating its target demographic." You can even see the anger seeping through during the bum review, and Chester A Bum NEVER gets angry at a film.
    • Speaking of Doug, go too far with insulting him while Rob is nearby and the big brother anger will flame you to a crisp.
    • The best way to have Channel Awesome virtually obliterate you from existence? Talk smack about "dodging a BJ from Lindsay", as ThatAussieGuy apparently learned the hard way.
      • Apparently though Dan Rizzo was doing a bunch of corrupt things behind everyone's back and abusing his admin powers, so he was already skating on thin ice at that point, that was just the final straw.
    • Doug is furious with the very idea of the "State Home For The Ugly" from The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, as shown here. Apparently the anger shown in the NC review wasn't played up for laughs, since he goes into a legitimate boiling rage while discussing the film after remaining relatively calm when discussing the other ones. He then delivers an especially brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech at the film by saying it was worse than Manos because at least that was made by a farmer with no budget and wasn't intended for kids. He further goes on to say that the only good thing about the movie is that because there is nothing remotely good about it that it'll be quickly forgotten.
    • During his review of King's Tommy Knockers, he started ranting about how the deputy's husband not only was cheating on her with some woman at the post office, but also throwing away food she made for him, laughing at her behind her back, and sleeping with his mistress rather than looking for a missing child. He must have strong values if all of this bothered him.
  • Obscurus Lupa really, really hates "All Just a Dream" endings. And Gerry.
  • The characters of Off The Page And Into Life have a couple:
    • Gail: Terrence and being told her birth parents didn't love her.
    • Terrence: Gail, short jokes, and being called "Terry."
    • Henry: When Gail and Terrence fight.
    • Emily: Don't accuse her of being unfaithful to her girlfriend. She will rip you to pieces no matter how young you are.
  • In Paw and Co's review of Dragonball Evolution...Y Ruler Of Time, didn't take Emo Teen Goku too well, he especially didn't appreciate referring to Energy Blasts such as "airbending".
  • PieGuyRulz and sharp objects have an...interesting relationship.
    I jump straight onto a thumbtack sticking up. I am terrified of needles. This was a very bad experience for me. If he (his roommate) had been there, he would have heard my wrath.
    — Pie Guy describing an incident in college.
    Especially for someone like me, whose terrified of needles and sharp objects, seeing the very real pain of getting a splinter on SpongeBob is just so agonizing.
  • DesuDesBrigade
    • Professor Otaku is prone to bringing himself to the brink of sheer breakdowns, but more often than not reigns himself in. However, MD Geist and Sorcerer Stabber Orphen Revenge have seen him lashing out at his hated foes of Moe and stupidity rather loudly.
    • Vixen wound up in such a rage that she denied her traditional Chill-out Food a mere 10 minutes into New Moon. The terror that was wrought on the universe will never been erased.
  • Unless you want to unleash Tranquil Fury, don't insult JesuOtaku's boyfriend Nash in the comments on their videos (especially for using an e-cigarette without knowing what they are), or directly attack him, his taste in music and his fans on the chat for his live radio show. The reaction you'll get can be best described as Linkara's reaction to Lian Harper's death in Cry For Justice, but directed at YOU!
  • In Project Million, Diamanda Hagan is not pleased when Critic TV dismisses her invasion of Channel Awesome as nothing special.
    • Cin Wicked blows a fuse over the Canadian music groups on display at Disneyland.
  • Most Protectors of the Plot Continuum agents have a Berserk Button of some form or another. Common causes are messing with favourite characters, breaking the English language, trivialisation of child abuse, or misogyny, which offend the PPC community as well as in-setting.
  • It's well known that ProtonJon of Let's Play fame hates Invisible Coin Blocks. Naturally, people sent him tons of Mario Rom Hacks with egregious levels of invisible coin blocks being used in tedious ways. Initially when he's angry he sounds like Ren from Ren and Stimpy, but over time it gets less comical and more like Regan from The Exorcist. Eventually Jon got so ticked that he responded by creating an incredibly tedious rom hack level himself with nothing but invisible coin blocks, and promised to make more levels with other things that irritated him if people didn't lay off some of these tricks. Here's a video of another Let's Player going through the level. To quote a youtube comment:
    The way Proton Jon's insanity drove him to make a level full of invisible coin blocks is similar to how Jack Torrence typed all those pages of "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".
  • Rather Vocalized Illusion. The mere mention of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic sends Bhaalspawn into a frenzy.
    • Also, mentioning love around the Psychosocialist has a similar effect.
  • While Hellsing920 is normally a pretty cool, calm and collected person, if he goes through a movie in his Reaction & Review series and someone gets their junk mutilated somehow, he will go off.
  • Red vs. Blue has a sequence where Caboose intentionally pushes his own Berserk Button.
    Caboose: My name is Michael J. Caboose and I hate babies!
    • Epsilon has two: being called "a thing", and the mere sight of Agent Washington.
    • You can call Tex many things, but for the love of God, don't call her a shadow.
    Tex: What did you just call me?!
    • Um... Nice Tex? Good Tex?
    • Also, don't mention Tex to Carolina. That's guaranteed to get you a smackdown for the ages.
  • LPing a game slowbeef likes is a good way to get him on your bad side. He seemed a lot more irritated at the videos of Contra III, Snatcher, and Policenauts.
  • All three members of The Runaway Guys have one:
  • RWBY gives us Yang Xiao Long. To whit: you pull out a lock of her hair, make sure you bring a shoe box with you, because you'll be going home in it.
    • While she doesn't get violent, Blake Belladonna can barely contain herself when faced with Weiss Schnee's Fantastic Racism against Faunus. Her ear-blistering and very emotional arguing seems to be completely against her established character at first, and then shortly afterwards it is revealed that Blake is not only a Faunus but a former White Fang member as well. No wonder she took Weiss' comments so personally.
      • Blake has a serious bone to pick with Torchwick, the Big Bad of the series who had the White Fang working under his control to run a bunch of Grimm into downtown Vale. She spent the entirety of the second volume brooding and worrying, which culminates in her glaring daggers at Torchwick when she fights him again in the volume finale, holding her blade against his throat for the second time and knocking him unconscious with a kick to the throat.
  • Sonia, from The Saints, hates the in-universe book and film series Bone Eclipse.
  • SCP objects are not immune to this:
    • SCP-076-2, code-name "Able" is Ax-Crazy nearly all the time, but if he ever sees the symbol on SCP-073's (code-name "Cain") head, he goes utterly berserk and drops everything to attack Cain.
    • SCP-096, code-name "Shy Guy" is normally passive and no threat to anyone. However, if anyone sees it's face, in person, or through a photograph or video footage, it enters a screaming fury and runs towards the viewer at breakneck speed intending to tear the unfortunate person limb-from-limb, and nothing will stop it. It doesn't flinch at high-power weapons and will tear through concrete to get to you. Because of this, 096 is a huge threat to the public if it escapes; if an image of it's face was put on the news...
    • SCP-457, the so-called "Burning Man", hates water.
    • SCP-516, the "Intelligent Tank", despises traitors to its country, and will blow them up without its usual restraint.
    • SCP-682, code-name "The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile", has pretty much all Earth life as its Berserk Button.
    • Finally, SCP-953, code-name "The Polymorphic Humanoid", doesn't appreciate being called a kitsune. Also, furries piss her off.
  • SFDebris has a few of these:
    • Being a family man, his anger is prevalent in the VOY episode "Real Life" during the clumsy use of a dying child as a plot device.
    • He has a low tolerance for 'zany' scenes of childbirth. His "Annoying Character" award for "The Begotten" went to everyone involved in the childbirth B-Plot. Everyone.
    • Episodes with Star Trek's "Prime Directive," are known to make him especially furious. He compares it to "Watching a child burn to death trapped in a car, and listening to it scream and beg for help... and then calling yourself a hero for letting it die."
    • He absolutely hates Good Old Ways aesops, pointing out how technology has improved our lives. He can tolerate scientific flubs and technobabble, but insinuating that cavemen are morally superior really grinds his gears, to say the least.
  • Shiny Objects Videos: Do not sit in Daniel's spot.
  • Slender Man has two: When people claim he doesn't exist and when people make fun of his suit.
  • Smosh's SHUT UP! Cartoons had this in episode 3 of "Zombies Vs. Ninjas." One part had Tanzy trying to stop the haters from hating ninjas, but when the man said, "We hate you," Tanzy went on a cursing rampage, cursing the man out with every swear word she has.
  • The end of the Something Awful WTF D&D article about very immature mature content in Exalted has Zack Parsons flip out spectacularly upon seeing the (admittedly atrocious) Lillun comic, declaring that everyone working for White Wolf should be "fucked with sticks of dynamite" and that anyone who donated to the third edition kickstarter should "burn in hell"...apparently not realising that nearly all Exalted fans, and the entire current writing team, absolutely despise that part of the Infernals book, sometimes to the extent of ripping those pages out of physical copies.
    • Their review of Maid RPG has them joking and laughing about the RPG and it's quirkiness, but as soon as they get to the page that has stats and NPC behavior advice for the ghost of a little girl and said advice revolves around what to do if the PCs seduce her, they drop the idea that it's just a harmless anime-inspired RPG and start calling it out.
  • Oh, yeah, and don't praise any Sonic the Hedgehog game past 1999 on Sonic Retro. You will be trolled.
  • Please don't ask Carlyle a Dark Knight question on ACOCO. He will flame you on air.
  • Don't tell The Spoony One that he is in your spot. He will go crazy. He couldn't handle living with Sheldon Cooper.
  • A few characters have at least one in Survival of the Fittest. For example, in v3, Darnell Butler has his protectiveness towards women extend towards being compelled to attack anyone he sees severely mistreating one, and Bobby Jacks becomes uncontrollable when called a murderer, causing a fight at the senior year's bonfire and, eventually, driving him to murder Tyson Neills. Especially notable since this seems to be the only thing that can make Bobby actually snap or get angry at all.
  • Tales Of MU:
    • Mackenzie Blaise has one in her "little sister," the golem girl Two. Even joke about hurting her, and you got a very angry demon girl after you. A lot of the readers feel the same way.
    • Unassuming little Hazel Callaway breaks bones whenever somebody speaks ill of her mum.
    • Steff has a large half-ogre boyfriend who is very, very protective of her.
  • The crew of Talk Radar does not appreciate people who call them biased, or ones who imply that they've accepted money for review scores. Many of them went to journalism school and see lying to their readers and listeners one of the worst things they can do.
  • In Tech Infantry, Erich Von Shrakenberg has a bit of a thing about aliens, and about rebels who compromise humanity's unity in the face of the alien threat. And then there's Hex, who alternates between flipping his lid whenever someone calls him "Hex," and flipping his lid whenever someone calls him anything but "Hex."
  • The Sonic Amigos:
    • Don't you dare harm Tails in front of Sally, or else she will get mad, and use her angry demonic Voice to strike fear.
  • In There Will Be Brawl, Mario gets angry when anyone insinuates that he is/was/will be a plumber.
    "There is only one fist that bruises the face of my angel!" *Cue a screaming Oh, Crap from the two henchmen as Falcon does his thing.*
  • As Mr. Prick found out in To Boldly Flee, never make short jokes to 8-Bit Mickey. You'll find yourself on the business end of a weed whacker.
  • "EENIE MEENIE MINEY MO LOVER?!?! How stupid do they think I am?!"
  • Danny, the Tourettes Guy, has a fair number of Berserk Buttons. When it comes to Danny...
    • Do not wrinkle his Randy Travis poster, piss the toilet sear, or hide his keys.
    • Do not talk shit about Total cereal.
    • Do not mess with his tomatoes.
    • Do not talk about his dick without his permission.
    • Do not blare loud music.
    • Danny's father has a big Berserk Button of his own: he will kick your ass if you compare him to mall Santas.
  • Ghost of True Capitalist Radio has so many of them, ranging from: Stupid Statement Dance Mixes, "audio splicing," anything to do with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, playing Christmas music, insulting his family (especially his granny), etc.
  • TV Trash: Chris "Rowdy" Moore (the character, at least) has gotten pissed off at a lot of bad TV. He finally went over the edge during his review of "Road To The Multiverse", in which a Disney styled sequence turned into a stab at Walt Disney's rumored Anti-Semitism, by having Mort BRUTALLY assaulted. He goes into the other room to scream, and he comes out with a rant that makes "The Reason You Suck" Speech he gave to Seth MacFarlane just two episodes later seem MILD by comparison.
  • Derek the Bard has a laundry list of them: Damaged library books; stupid weaknesses; people trying to steal from, infiltrate, or otherwise harm the Library; Adaptation Decay; deus ex machina abuse; lazy writing...
  • The Large Beetle from Water Human takes rather poorly to being called "little".
  • Dante is generally a very calm and reasonable guy. But God help you if you touch a hair on any of his friend's heads. Example; when the SAMNITE killed Sarai, he tore the thing to pieces with his bare hands, threw the pilot into a skyscraper, and went on a rampage inside the Corporation base that killed an unknown amount of highly trained soldiers!
  • Longram from We Are Our Avatars hates genocide and anyone who inflicts misery on the innocent. Reckless Gun Usage is another as he demonstrates this by confiscating Pinkie Pie's plasma gun during an incident in battle.
  • A couple characters have these in Worm.
  • Nolan North's presence in a game is something that will easily earn the ire of Yahtzee. He claims to not hate the man himself however, just his voice.
  • Any abridger hates being nagged when their next episode will be. No really, they DON'T like it. They'll even have the characters deliver the aesop of patience in the abridger's stead if it gets out of hand.
  • Internet Trolls find a community's berserk buttons and mash them repeatedly. Some Genre Savvy web users have become wise to this and act overly cordial and friendly, which ends up making the trolls themselves angry. This is surprisingly uncommon, though.
  • YouTube "Top Ten" writer peanut3423 (a.k.a. "The Autarch of Flame") does not like it when people reference his double top 5 countdown, which he views as his worst countdown to date. So much so, his first episode of "Hades Riffs" is about that very list.
    • Whether it has to do with that countdown or not, he seems to take issue with pros who make rookie mistakes in their work. Like a voice actor in RWBY checking his mic on the job.
      Hades: "You left the sound of an adjusting microphone in your PROFESSIONAL, SOLD-ON-BLURAY WEBSERIES!! *sigh* We'll tolerate you..."
  • YouTube microwave guru Kenny Irwin (known also as "dovetastic", "dove" for short) is generally very cordial and accepting of dissenting viewpoints, even thanking people for taking the time to watch his video that clearly disliked it. And if you find his dislike his narration, he won't argue with you since he dislikes his own voice. He also supports other microwave shows. However, there are two ways to push his berserk button. The first one is by claiming that he's copying Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This, a show that started almost a year and a half after his did. The second one is to insult his religion. Any comments about destruction of the Qu'ran or hateful comments about Islam in general will also draw his ire. Repeatedly insisting that he's copying the other major microwave show or insulting Islam will result in being permanently blocked. He's stated repeatedly that it's not Jon or his microwave show that he dislikes, it's the fanboys that spam other microwave shows with hateful comments.
  • You better drink Julian's Hot Kool-Aid.
  • In the My Little Pony Meets, Do NOT harm Applebloom and Spike in front of Batman and Rarity, Joker and the Diamond Dogs learned this the hard way.
  • In Lightning Dust, three characters are confirmed to have one:
    • Do NOT kill or nearly Klaus/Lightning Dust's family. Ever.
    • Crystal Eye's is harming an innocent. He can and WILL go Beware the Superman on you.
    • Hurt Klaus in his father, James Melfton's presence, and you will die.
  • The Shadow of X really hates lag. And it is prominent in his Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and his Digital Devil Saga 1 and Digital Devil Saga 2 videos.
  • From the Yogscast, as well as the Yogscast Minecraft Series:
    • Lewis Brindley can sometimes go into a rant when he gets annoyed by a certain religious aspect. Simon Lane calls him out on this. Similarly, repeatedly RDMing someone in Trouble In Terrorist Town or Garry's Mod note  appears to set him off. After Turpster kills him one time too many this way, Lewis resolves to hunt him down and kill him in the next round, regardless as to whether or not either of them are innocent. Turps clearly didn't expect Lewis to actually go through with it, and Lewis threatens to extend the vendetta further.
    • Simon Lane has a Played for Laughs variation. Bringing up the Bees in Minecraft attached to the forestry mod gets him screaming mad in just a few seconds. He blames them for the Jaffa Factory series getting the hatchet (even though there were more legitimate reasons).
    • After Sjin betrays Kim Richards for Sips and blows her up, she understandably develops a hatred for SipsCo and angrily reminds Sjin about it on a frequent basis.
    • Rythian is really tired of being asked when the next episode of The Blackrock Chronicles will be out.
    • In The Little Wood gets very defensive over Lapis Lazuli, and so much as saying anything bad about it is a prime way of getting your butt kicked.
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