Berserk Button / YouTube Poop

Many YouTube Poop characters can be driven mad if just one thing goes wrong...

  • Don't deny Luigi of his spaghetti.
  • Don't throw a brick at The King, say it was nothing, and then say "no.". You'll probably find yourself spontaneously gaining several hundred pounds in the following seconds.
  • If you fire SpongeBob, he will burn down your workplace.
  • Never call Patrick "Tubby" or "Rick".
  • Never mention free food around Mr. Krabs. He will kill you.
  • Don't tell Luigi that he made a stone instead of a football.
  • Don't call I.M. Meen gay. It will lead to a whole lot of trouble.
  • You better tell Yoshi a bedtime story if he asks you to.
  • Cookie Monster won't react kindly when you give him veggies instead of cookies.