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(slam, thud) Ding, ding, ding...

WhatCulture Wrestling is a YouTube channel from popular pop culture site WhatCulture. It features a variety of shows, podcasts, and personalities centered around the ins and outs of the world of Professional Wrestling. These shows include:

  • Fast Count - A recap of wrestling news from the past week.
  • Ups and Downs - Simon Miller critiques some moments that happened on the most recent WWE shows.
  • Why? - Simon takes a point of contention or a hot topic and breaks it down as to why something should or shouldn't be the case in the world of wrestling.
  • WCPW - Founded as What Culture Pro Wrestling, now known as Defiant Wrestling; it was basically their own wrestling promotion.

You can find the channel here. You can also check out the main site, which started the channel in the first place, here. For all the info on their own wrestling promotion, What Culture Pro Wrestling, see here.

The shows include examples of: