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  • Adam's clearly heartfelt and sincere expression of appreciation for Sam at the end of this video. For someone who mostly plays a heel and knows how to be good at it, he's really good at showing his appreciation as well.
  • In the apparent final installment of Adam vs. Adam, Adam Blampied and Adam Pacitti wagered that whomever correctly predicted the most match results from WrestleMania 33 would win the rights to be What Culture's only Adam," along with the (cardboard) Undisputed WhatCulture Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. The loser would therewith be referred to as "Plumpy" and be egged by the coronation crowd. Pacitti won, but the live crowd showed Blampied a touching level of support, and when Pacitti did his utter best to be a complete tool about the whole thing, Jack the Jobber opted to egg HIM instead, after which the entire crowd followed suit. This also serves as a Funny Moment, as well as a Moment of Awesome for Jack, on top of the Moment of Awesome for WhatCulture Wrestling at large, having reached one million subscribers. (Of note: Blampied has entirely honored the terms of the wager, introducing himself as Plumpy ever since.)

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