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  • Awesome Ego: King Ross.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • You either find King Ross to be hilarious and entertaining or you find the catchphrases and the character annoying.
    • As a lot of viewers still prefer WhatCulture's "Worst of" and "Things WWE Wants You to Forget" lists, Simon has seemingly been put into this role at the start of 2017. Some have taken to calling him the "Roman Reigns of WhatCulture" due to his cheery optimism going against what fans want to see, as well as his being far more frequently seen than anyone else. Others have no problem with him and they still like the videos regardless.
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  • Better Than Canon: Probably the most common YouTube comment in any of the "How WWE Should Have Booked" videosnote  is some variant on "Why isn't Adam the main writer for WWE?!" The fact that Plumpy was the head writer for WCPW and WCPW itself had a very successful run under that name just adds to the thing.
  • Broken Base:
    • There is no middle ground with WhatCulture Wrestling. Depending on who you ask, it's either fun and entertaining or complete shit.
      • Any crossover video where a WhatCulture personality leads to a war in the comments. For example, Adam's cameo in OSW Review episode 65's Ad Break Questionarium was very negatively received by the OSW fanbase who didn't watch WhatCulture.
    • The "Fake Pacitti" storyline was either a hilarious way of advancing the arc, or incredibly frustrating to watch, with no genuine update on Other Adam's health.
  • Cargo Ship:
    • Adam Blampied with Cardboard Adam Pacitti.
    • There's also Adam Blampied with the original Cardboard belt. He actually made out with it during one of the BX vs. Pacitti Club matches while Jack was off checking on a pizza delivery.
    • Due to being separated from it for so long, King Ross developed this with the "good" tripod that would stay standing even during his John O'Clock introductions.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Bingley the puppy, an adorable little fluffball that first showed up in their list of "10 Wrestlers Who Did Porn" in an attempt to shame viewers into watching the video without thinking dirty thoughts. Since then, he occasionally pops up on screen in other videos whenever they mention something particularly sexual (and is sometimes even used as a Scenery Censor) and is constantly mentioned in the comments by the viewers to the point that he's possibly the channel's Mascot.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
  • Fanfic Magnet: Jack, especially after his fanfic-reading forfeit.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • Simon Miller, the "tweener" of BXnote  vs. Pacitti Clubnote , is the only remaining guy of the originals in the WhatCulture Wrestling channel.
    • A relatively short-lived running joke painted Blampied/Plumpy as being sexually attracted to dogs, after he had made an unfortunate comment regarding Cody Rhodes' dog during a WCPW show. Becomes less funny with the accusations of sexual harassment of Plumpy, which Plumpy himself confirmed.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In the '10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Batista' video Adam Blampied describes WWE Management as "The sort of people who probably use the word Cuck unironically." Fast Forward to 2019, and Corey Graves literally calls Mike Kinelis a 'Beta Cuck' live on RAW.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: In one of Adam's Pipebombs, Plumpy talked about how Joseph "Toots" Mondt should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Cue 2017, and arguably the most important third of the Gold Dust Trio, Mondt, was inducted into the Legacy Wing.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • "10 UFC Stars That Would Be Perfect In WWE" predicted Ronda Rousey's arrival to the 'E in the Royal Rumble 2018.
    • Before WCPW was ever an idea, Adam Pacitti interviewed Wade Barrett (real name: Stu Bennett) for the channel. So basically, the first WCPW GM interviewed the first Defiant GM.
    • In "10 Things WWE Want You to Forget About CM Punk", Adam came up with a whole bunch of different silly full names for CM Punk, one of which was "Chick Magnet Punk". Later legal filings showed that "CM" actually does stand for "Chick Magnet", dating back to earlier in Punk's career as part of a tag team "The Chick Magnets".
    • In "How WWE Should Have Booked: Ending The Streak," Adam Blampied had John Cena be the one to beat the Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania paired with the culmination of a Face–Heel Turn for ol' Big Match John (something that will, likely, never happen). Fast-forward to the road to WrestleMania 34, although the streak has ended, WWE are booking in an almost exact manner the same things that Adam had stated in the video (from Cena calling out Taker to no response, Kane taking offense to Cena calling Taker a coward, and a match booked between the two on an episode of Raw), except that Undertaker squashed John in their match. note  Seems WWE took some notes from this video.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: At 4:33 of "10 WWE Stars Who Peaked Too Early" at the end of Michael McGillicutty's poke-evolution into Curtis Axel, we got a small Easter Egg: Adam Blampied's face! The same Plumpy who formed part of the core-5 who departed from WC to form Cultaholic and who got the boot after the sex scandals!
  • Ho Yay: Jack and Sam's interactions have inspired fanfiction, as have Adam and other Adam's. Adam himself even wrote fanfiction about Jack and Ross and Roman Reigns. This is contributed by Twitter interactions, such as this tweet and this tweet.
  • Lighter and Softer:
    • In 2016, the channel tried to focus less on the worst, goofiest, and most shameful aspects of pro wrestling and stuff WWE wants you to forget about certain wrestlers and more on "best of" lists and highlighting the positive work of specific wrestlers. Of course, there's still King Ross and his satirical "WTF Moments" segment. And there's Andrew Soucek too. Still, the channel seems to be making an effort to remind viewers that wrestling is cool, even if it can be occasionally sucky, illogical, Narm-y, or all of the above.
    • Aside from the bigger focus on "best of" lists, which included Top 10 favorite wrestler lists from everybody, Adam Blampied also started outright excluding Chris Benoit from most lists citing that WhatCulture had talked about him and what he did quite enough.
    • Averted when they did a "10 Things WWE Wants You to Forget About JBL". As a result, the vast majority of the WhatCulture staff were blocked by JBL on social media.
    • Following the exit of the "WhatCulture Five" (Blampied, Pacitti, Jack the Jobber, King Ross, and Sam Driver) and their subsequent formation of Cultaholic, the new channel focused on the paradigm shift mentioned above, with its founders outright stressing that they were going to generally avoid making negative lists. Likewise, Simon Miller and the newer guys – Jules and a couple more guys named Adam – are also continuing their focus on the best of wrestling, while mostly saving the negative, snarky lists for WhatCulture's premium members.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • One could say this was invoked with Brock Lesnar, whenever he's mentioned in Top 10 lists by Adam Blampied. Remarks on the man's physique and sheer brute strength border on the level of Chuck Norris Facts!

      And it's not just Blampied; Adam Pacitti also acknowledged Lesnar as this, because he's, quoting Pacitti, "one scary motherf*ker."
    • Similar to Lesnar, Blampied pushes Vince McMahon to this level whenever he has the chance to talk about him.
  • Mis-blamed: Fans blame Adam Blampied's firing on Whatculture and often call for his return. In actuality, Adam quit Whatculture, was fired from Cultaholic, and retired from making videos of his own volition, making a return impossible.
  • More Popular Spin Off:
    • As its name suggests, the channel was originally just an offshoot of the WhatCulture YouTube channel, itself a branch of the WhatCulture website. However, it continuously grew in popularity to the point that it overshadowed the main channel and the website.
    • WCPW/Defiant is this to WhatCulture Wrestling as well, making it a Cyclic Trope. The high quality of the booking and matches don't hurt.
  • Narm Charm: Whenever Adam sings an acapella rendition of a wrestler's entrance theme. It sounds as daft as hell, but completely hilarious.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Both Kenny and Simon started off being very unpopular, but fans warmed up to them a bit as time went by. With Simon it got to such a level that most fans disillusioned with WhatCulture Wrestling and eager to jump the Cultaholic ship say that Simon is "the only good thing of WhatCulture Wrestling" after the departure of the core-5.
  • The Scrappy: Andrew. He's boring, his voice is incredibly irritating, he rambles too much and is overly critical. And, in one video, he called the much-maligned Vince Russo a legend, without any sign of irony or sarcasm in his tone. Many, many negative comments spring up when he appears. It dosen't help that he lacks any sort of personality while all of the other members of the channel have their own spin and personality to the top 10 videos, while still being quite informative. Andrew robotically delivers most of his lines with weak attempts at humor that fail more often than not.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: "Top 10 Reasons Vince McMahon Isn't a Genius" due to being done by Andrew rather than Adam, who makes a sport of making fun of Vince whenever he pops up.


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