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Rock, paper, scissors, gun.
— Old joke

"The LORD was with the men of Judah. They took possession of the hill country, but they were unable to drive the people from the plains, because they had iron chariots."
The Bible, "Judges" 1:19

"Blah blah blah. Tidal Wave!"'
Rita, Tales of Vesperia, casting Tidal Wave through the Spell End fast casting trick.

"The spider droid is fast, agile, hard to spot; and it can open doors, pick up collectibles, take down enemies, hack most systems, play audiobooks, dice vegetables, and in short can do most things a human can do, with the significant exception of die...there's not much point in recruiting a range of talents when everyone's equally talented at being a spider droid delivery system."

"Goblin Lackey, Entomb, and Frantic Search are banned in Extended. 'What about Grim Monolith and Tinker?' asks a bystander. 'Isn't Mirrodin supposed to be the all-artifact set?' 'Meh,' says R&D. "'How bad could it be?' ... October: Pro Tour: Tinker is held in Tinker Orleans. Tinker Mindslaver Tinker, Rickard Osterberg, Tinker Tinker ban that f**king card Grim Monolith Tinker."
The Ferrett, 2003 in Review

"Foolish girl! I am a druid, I have special abilities that are more powerful than your entire class!"
Leeky Windstaff, The Order of the Stick

Chika: Now, you will learn how to fear the power of Granzon the cheater!
Shu: Chika...where did you even learn how to talk like that?

"I have designed some broken mechanics in my day. The 'free' mechanic from Urza's Saga was mine. Affinity, (based on an earlier mechanic created during Tempest design by Mike Elliott) from Mirrodin was mine. Artifact lands, also from Mirrodin, was mine. Storm was ... no wait, that's all Brian Tinsman's fault."

"If you max out Lightning's combat roles you get her super-fuck-off ability called Army of One. Army of One is the 'win' button."

"Once you learn the Web-Strike, it's like owning a giant Swiss army knife with five hundred different little blades and one that folds out into a minigun. There's literally no reason to use anything else."

A brief interlude. An archer has 15 points in archery, which is pretty good. A warrior jumper on the other hand has 10 points in warrior, 10 points in jumping, and then they have 5 MORE points in archer, which just seems rude. Once per game, they can turn the whole world into a jungle. Long story short, the Warrior Jumper is HELLA OP. Nerf Inc.

"The special weapons take a dramatic drop in quality...For many players who tend to save their special weapons only for bosses, this isn't much of a problem, but it leaves the game feeling less special in comparison to its predecessors if the default gun is the best choice for the majority of the playthrough. Unless you unlock gamebreaker Beat, whose fast, baddie-seeking pecks of death trump almost everything in your arsenal. This mechanical bird of prey homes in on any threat that Mega Man might have trouble reaching, which equals anything not right in front of it. And since bosses aren't immune, Beat can swoop in and peck the baddie until its health is delepted or its energy runs out."'

"Final Fantasy VI... was apparently designed without any real consideration toward balance or challenge. Final Fantasy V's Job System might lend itself to abuse, but Final Fantasy VI's Espers/Relics setup practically begs it. It's possible (and pretty easy) to set up Terra so that she's dual-wielding Excalibur and Ragnarok, doublecasting Ultima, summoning Bahamut, choosing from a list of stat bonuses whenever she gains a level, and retaining her Trance command. For Japanese players who had survived Final Fantasy III and IV, in which fighting as dirty as possible was necessary in order to win, Final Fantasy VI must have been like tossing a hand grenade into the barrel with the fish."

"...the most powerful way to disprove that [all the classes are balanced and equally viable] is to play a C.o.D. (Cleric or Druid). So by all means, if you must win that argument, take you C.o.D. to town. Annihilate the opposition. Make the NPCs and other players scream "Oh no, it's C.o.D.zilla!!!!!" in badly dubbed English. Breathe radioactive fire. Knock down buildings. Then stomp out of the burning Tokyo that is the ruins of the game and swim off into the ocean, seeking a DM with some basic cognitive functions."
Radical Taoist, discussing D&D 3E on the old Wizards of the Coast forums.For those of you wondering why this doesn't apply to wizards... 

Athena: Do I have to go with friends? I can't just do it alone?
Brick: Not unless you wanna die. Or you found a broken-ass combination of loot and want to show off on the ECHOnet.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, "The Bestest Story Ever Told"

"They just gave me Unlimited Bombs! Why would you do that!? That's like the worst idea!... You know what I need to find? I need to find Line Bomb combined with infinite bombs. That would be insane! In fact, I'm gonna do my best to try to find that now..."

"The GT Nighthawk is a superb vehicle that can easily pummel other competitors out of the way and is an excellent choice for aggressive players. Though because of this, many players exploit this car's special ability to take down other cars with relative ease. For no car can match its superiority, unfortunately making it the most hated car in the entire lineup. It accelerates the fastest of any car, it takes down other cars with a turn of its wheel, and no other car can take it down head on, even at half speed."

"Collecting all Chaos Emeralds unlocks Super Sonic to play with, or as I call him, the Destroyer of Souls. I'm serious. [..] He has the best speed, the best handle, the best acceleration, and has a double jump to boot. If you gonna get Super Sonic, prepare to make the rest of the game boring, and prepare to lose friends in multiplayer."
Some Call Me Johnny reviewing Sonic R. note 

Meta Knight is everything, he's all you ever wanted
You could win a set now, even if you've never won it
Clashes he always wins, trade they ain't never gonna
You want him forever any counter pick he's better on it
Aerial is down, press it while I'm jumpin' up
Then hit the B button like I don't give a fuck
I know you wait for it, but you're out of luck
I can do the same thing every single time
I say, Meta Knight da bess, Meta Knight da bess,
Meta Knight da bess, Meta Knight da bess,
Now Donkey Kong is mad, Dedede is mad,
Mario is mad, Ice Climbers are mad
I say, Meta Knight da bess.
Meta Knight Da Bess You Ever Had, a parody of Drake's "Best I Ever Had"

"Come back when you start getting banned from tournaments."

"RBY Mewtwo is the single most powerful Pokemon in any generation. Nothing even comes close to the raw destructive power of this thing. That's all there is to be said about the joy that enters the heart of a 6-year-old when they capture the Uber and can truly call themselves a Pokemon Master. [...] Checks and Counters: Nope. Nothing can fully counter a Mewtwo; some can make it think twice, though."

"A nuclear base 170 Attack powered up by 50% with Intrepid Sword, the fastest unboosted Speed in Ubers, a great defensive typing in Fairy / Steel, Swords Dance, strong physical STAB attacks, and nearly unlimited coverage all makes Zacian-C the best Pokemon in SS, centralizing the offensive and defensive metagame."

"During playtesting, we honestly just thought that Galakrond Shaman was an incredibly fun deck to play and wanted to push it to a level where it would be considered one of the more powerful decks. We pushed too far, it happens."

Sinon: A moving target is that much harder to hit; don't sit still long enough for your enemy to get a bead on you, and get close enough to land a hit.
Yui: That sounds like [Kirito]'s strategy.
Kirito: Only because I can use the Prediction Lines to parry.
Sinon: Says the guy who cut my bullet in half from ten metres based on my eye through the scope. Ever since the third [Bullet of Bullets], people have been blowing their money on Photon Swords and finding out that the kind of reflexes you need to parry a bullet are completely broken. The only other person who came even close to making one of those things work only almost won the second Squad Jam, and neither she nor the winners qualified for BoB.

If the Cultafia does not die immediately in a game, it is almost guaranteed to win. Do not use this.
MafiaWiki [1]

"But one character stands above the rest in terms of power, I am of course talking about the maid robot Poppi QT Pi. As far as Xenoblade 2 is concerned, she is a cut above the rest, the highest ranked Blade in the game and 1st place on the tier list. QT Pi pretty much has no real weaknesses, pretty much anything you want her to do, she can do better than any other Blade and offers unique things no other Blade can on top of that. She fits perfectly on any team and will excel in any role you give her. In short, QT Pi is broken!"


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