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Athena: Do I have to go with friends? I can't just do it alone?
Brick: Not unless you wanna die. Or you found a broken-ass combination of loot, and you wanna show off on the ECHOnet.

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    Weapons and Equipment 
  • The Ground Pound move is absolutely free to execute, making it extremely easy to just spam the move and Stun Lock any enemy that stays on the ground. Including some bosses. Of course, there are large numbers of enemies that stay airborne and force you to actually aim and shoot but the discrepancy is still very evident.
  • The ZX-1, a Dahl laser weapon whose bullets home in on anything you target. This homing can reach around walls, cover and even multiple floors. Combine that with a large amount of damage, large clip and you have a laser weapon that absolutely obliterates anything that isn't an Eridian Guardian, Powersuit or a boss.
    • Laser weapons in general can be considered this. With the only drawback being recoil, they pretty much fuck up whatever you point it at with astounding quickness. If you want to snap the game clean in half with them, slap one in the hands of Wilhelm with a Blaster class mod, a full five points in Laser Focus and one in Laser Guided. Even bosses will simply evaporate in the face of such a build.
  • For things that are large like Powersuits, the E-Gun is a monster. While it has very high recoil, it comes with a large magazine, slick reload time, is non-elemental, and gets a damage bonus for using the stream continuously. This will absolutely chew right through bosses, up to and including the final boss. Best of all, it's a quest reward, meaning that there's no farming involved.
    • Ol' Rosie is all this, but instead of E-GUN's +214% continuous damage bonus it has a whopping +518% (though it was nerfed to 386% after a patch). Of course, it's Purposely Overpowered, because you need to beat the game on True Vault Hunter mode to get it.
  • The Shooting Star, a maylay shield with ludicrous capacity, ludicrous recharge delay, and even more ludicrous roid damage. At level 40 upwards, its roid damage hits for 40K easily. To put that into perspective, even the Excalibastard crits for about 20K at that level range. Combined with Athena's Xiphos tree, and damage can hit in the hundreds of thousands! Even more ridiculous is when you combine it with Blood Rush, and you can spam Blood Rush until everything is dead, allowing you clear entire rooms in mere SECONDS. The moment The Shooting Star's shields drop, the fun begins.
  • The Shooting Star gets one-upped by another game breaker, the Avalanche. It's the ungodly deadly combination of Maylay, Nova, and Spike shield, with stats only slightly less than the other Legendaries, for example it has 81K Roid damage, compared to The Shooting Star's 90K. It's also ALWAYS Cryo, meaning it will freeze your victims, which is a godsend for melee-centric characters.
  • Certain items from Borderlands 2 were transferred over to The Pre-Sequel, but renamed, or edited to fit the theme, such as the Bitch, renamed into the Fatale, the Pyrophobia turned into an ice version, the Cryophobia, the Black Hole, and, best of all, the Unkempt Harold, considered Borderlands 2's single most powerful pistol, has been nearly recreated as the somewhat inferior 88 Fragnum (the Fragnum shoots a random spread of bullets instead of the Harold's single splitting bullet).
  • In a case of Purposely Overpowered, the Excalibastard is nothing to scoff at. Whilst not as powerful as other Game Breakers, it still packs a punch, having an absurd Elemental Effect Chance, at 40%, increasing melee damage, critical damage, as well as allowing any critical damage whilst wielding this weapon instantly to freeze the victim, regardless of whether it's a shot or melee. If it can be frozen, the Excalibastard WILL freeze it. Aurelia players with the Cold Money Skill Tree will really benefit from this weapon especially with the Wintertide kill skill.
  • The 3DD1.E is quite probably the single most useful Oz Kit in the game. As a legendary item, it gets its own unique effects. First, if your health or shields run low, it has a chance to refill them, preventing all but the strongest attacks from killing you. Second, if you get hit with a melee attack, it has a high chance to zap the aggressor with a stream of electricity. Finally, if you kill an enemy, it has a chance to release a care package that can contain money, health pickups, and ammo. The developers could easily have turned each of these effects into its own legendary or unique item, but instead they all got rolled into a single one. And if that weren't enough, the 3DD1.E's regular stat boosts are also solid. You get extra shields and a high oxygen capacity for more survival, increased laser damage (and we've already mentioned how good lasers are), and increased air control for improved mobility. The only real downside to this thing is that the slam attack is locked to Explosive damage, and even that's not too big of an issue.
  • With the advent of Claptastic Voyage came the new glitched-rarity weapons. These guns have the ability to proc special glitch effects that change the gun's performance. The most popular is the yellow "loop" glitch, which makes the gun automatically fire incredibly fast, either continuously or in short bursts. It works especially well with Wilhelm, whose Vengeance Cannon is affected by the glitch effects as well. That's right. You can now turn the moderately powerful Vengeance Cannon into a fire-spewing machine gun cannon.
    • There's also the green and red glitches, which give the weapon either shotgun mode and ridiculous damage, respectively. A weapon with decent parts and one of these (Such as, say , a Jakobs or Vladof pistol) with one of said glitches active can turn the battlefield into a massacre.
      • For example, a Jakobs pistol with the green glitch can turn into, essentially, a poor man's Maggie, and on Nisha, it's possible to have this glitch act near-continuously by making sure to only reload one pistol at a time. It can make mincemeat of half a boss monster's health (and its shields) in seconds! Or, with a Vladof, you can essentially be wielding a small automatic shotgun with higher damage potential than some Jakobs shotguns.

  • Two of Athena's skill trees have a health regen skill. For Phalanx, it's Vanguard, for Xiphos, it's Bloodlust. Both give a high amount of HP regen, with Bloodlust giving 4.0% HP/second per bleeding enemy, which stacks, and Vanguard also giving a high amount, which increases as the Aspis absorbs damage. Vanguard can also be boosted by the Celestial Gladiator class mod, increasing the heal to Rank 10. At Rank 10, holding out the Aspis for around 18 seconds (Hold the Line at rank 7, ALSO given by the Celestial Class Mod), will heal EVERYONE from near death to full health WITHOUT taking damage. Combined with Phalanx's United Front (which restores shields based on damage absorbed), and you can stand toe-to-toe with even the Raid Boss!
  • Nisha's Riflewoman tree can be easily used in conjunction with the E-Gun to destroy raid bosses, solo. It's pretty much become a requirement with most builds. It doesn't help that the Legendary Class Com negates both Law & Order and most of Fan the Hammer.
  • Claptrap's I Love You Guys! tree, which gives buffs and healing to himself and the team, including damage reduction, extra damage, and quicker reloads. Many of these abilities get bigger boosts from other team members, and multiple Claptraps can stack bonuses. Long story short, a team of four Claptraps will be charging through and slaughtering everything in their paths while high-fiving each other the whole way.
  • One-Shot Wonder stands out among the Action Packages Claptrap can use with VaultHunter.EXE. When activated, firing a weapon expends the entire clip in one go, for massive damage; like many other Action Packages, this one affects the entire team. If you've got a weapon that's already powerful, it'll wipe out pretty much anything you face, especially if you land a critical hit.
  • Jack the Doppelganger is incredibly powerful, with a powerful action skill and three strong and unique skill trees.
    • Expendable Assets, his action skill, puts Axton's Sabre Turret from the previous game to shame. It summons a pair of Digi-Jacks to fight alongside you, shooting at nearby enemies with homing blasts that curve around obstacles. Their health constantly drains, and they don't move around at all, but neither turns out to be an issue; as soon as one dies, a new one spawns next to you to take its place, and they self-destruct if they get too far away. The net result is that once you use your action skill, you're never without a Digi-Jack until the duration expires or you manually end it. Contrast the Sabre Turret, which couldn't be moved at all, wouldn't respawn if destroyed, and required a capstone to manually deploy a second copy.
    • The Hero of This Story is Jack's first skill tree, centered around empowering your already-strong Digi-Jacks. Best Foot Forward lets you extend the duration of Expendable Assets by killing enemies, much like Gaige's Upshot Robot; granted, it comes with diminishing returns and lacks the melee bonus, but it's also a Tier 1 skill versus Upshot Robot's Tier 3. Also in Tier 1 is Bolster, which gives your Digi-Jacks a damage boost the longer they survive, alongside a modest health boost for both them and you. Tier 2 brings Just Compensation, which increases your magazine size and grenade damage the fewer grenades you have on hand; this works nicely with Tier 3's Jack's Cache, which lets you sacrifice stacks from killing enemies instead of grenade ammo when throwing grenades. Tier 2 also copies Gaige's Best Friends Forever tree a second time with You Have My Shield, which gives your Digi-Jacks a copy of your shield just like BFF's capstone Sharing is Caring. The last Tier 2 skill is Take Their Freedom, which heals you and your Digi-Jacks every time you get a kill. Persistence from Tier 5 gives you extra shield capacity and health regeneration while Expendable Assets is on cooldown, making sure you're not completely vulnerable without your Digi-Jacks. Finally, the capstone, Promote the Ranks, lets you summon Badass Digi-Jacks, which boast increased health and damage, along with a powerful missile barrage attack; you're guaranteed to get one when you first activate Expendable Assets, and all other Digi-Jacks have a one-in-three chance of becoming a Badass as well.
    • His next skill tree, Greater Good, takes the polar opposite stance, granting bonuses for letting your Digi-Jacks (and your teammates) die. Tier 1 kicks things off with Collaborate, granting a damage boost for each Digi-Jack that's died; the bonus wears off once your action skill ends, but it's very easy to build up simply by running around. Tier 2 brings Synergy, a kill skill that boosts both your weapon damage and critical hit damage, and Teamwork, which gives you health regeneration whenever a Digi-Jack dies or an ally enters Fight For Your Life. Tier 3's Commitment follows Teamwork by giving you more fire rate and a faster reload speed under the same conditions. Tier 4 brings Winning, another kill skill that restores a portion of your shields and increases your movement speed, along with Optimism, which gives your Digi-Jacks a rather explosive death that leaves their replacements with less health. Tier 5 gets a triple whammy; Potential causes your Digi-Jacks to emit a Shock nova when they spawn and allows you to activate Expendable Assets while in Fight For Your Life, Delegation redistributes a portion of the damage you take to your Digi-Jacks, and Believe is yet another kill skill that improves your weapon damage, fire rate, reload speed, and accuracy. Leadership, the capstone, takes everything to a whole new level by allowing your Digi-Jacks' deaths to count as killing enemies; sure, you can only use this to get a Second Wind once per activation of Expendable Assets, but the real value is being able to trigger all of your kill-dependent skills anytime, anywhere, and you have a lot of them.
    • Last but not least, the Free Enterprise skill tree focuses mostly on your guns and swapping between them. High Frequency Trading from Tier 1 lets you swap between your guns more quickly, while Incentives gives you a reason to do so by granting you extra fire rate for a few seconds. Tier 2's Marginal Benefits gives you a chance to reload all equipped weapons whenever you throw a grenade; if you've invested in the right skills, you'll be able to throw them a lot. Tier 3 gives you something of an equivalent to Gaige's Anarchy in Money Is Power, which gives you extra damage for picking up money, although you'll lose it all if you spend any money or die; at 0.25% damage per stack with a cap of 999 stacks, you'll end up just shy of 250% extra damage from this skill alone. Tier 4 brings in Company Man, which improves your accuracy and critical hit damage for every piece of Hyperion equipment you have on. Tier 5 gets Absolute Advantage, a kill skill that gives your shots a chance not to consume ammo, and Supply and Demand, permanent health regeneration that also helps your teammates, although it does get less powerful the higher your health is. Finally, there's Sponsored By, the capstone, which gives your current gun a bonus depending on the manufacturer of the last gun you had out; Dahl guns give you recoil reduction, Hyperion guns give you more accuracy, Jakobs guns increase your damage, Scav guns increase your magazine size, Tediore guns improve your reload speed, Vladof guns increase your fire rate, and Maliwan and Torgue guns add on elemental damage of the previous gun's type, potentially making for some crazy combinations.
  • Athena's Ceraunic Storm skill tree can get very powerful, very fast. To start with, the signature skill of the tree can give up to 400% (actually 399.6, happy?) bonus damage to elemental weapons, and is available from level 4. With points in the right skills, Athena can achieve up to 700% fire rate, easily enough to hit the fire-rate cap on even the slowest weapons, as well as no longer requiring to use ammunition. Combined with a rocket launcher (or anything that isn't Jakobs, really), Athena is nearly unstoppable.

  • If you have Borderlands and/or Borderlands 2 save data present, when you create a new character it will get two high-quality weapons and 30 moonstones right off the bat. This has given rise to an exploit: if you start a new game, but exit the character select screen, then load another save, the bonus items and moonstones will be transferred to that character. This means you can quickly and easily farm for moonstones and max your ammo or abuse the Grinder. The weapons will also scale to the character's level. The weapons, not designed to be scaled, become terrifyingly deadly at higher levels. If the shotgun, Bullpup, pops up as corrosive, it can make the much maligned RK-5 go down in 30 seconds or less.
  • Jack's Melee Override skill, Merger, can be combined into a glitch with his action skill, Expendable Assets, for some CRAZY shenanigans. Activate Merger and with the correct timing, activate Expendable Assets. Enjoy a CONSTANT STREAM OF SCALING MELEE ATTACKS while still being able to shoot any gun you hold. For even better usage, combine with any melee enhancing gun and watch as everything falls before you WELL into mid to late TVHM. And while wielding the Excalibastard, which has the added effect of freezing on critical hits, will make any critical hits with the wrist lasers, will 100% freeze any enemy that CAN be frozen. You can't trigger the Excalibastard's singularity effect without disabling the glitch, but it's fast and powerful, and can constantly freeze freezable foes.
  • There's a glitch (no pun intended) where the yellow weapon glitch can be transferred to all of your other equipped weapons. This requires a glitched Jacobs sniper rifle with the yellow glitch. After applying, the sniper no longer needs to be equipped for this to work. This works well with any character, but with Nisha and using One Fer Each of Ya to dual wield the Luck Cannon... holy hell! Especially during Showdown!
    • Since the yellow glitch persists after reloading a Jakobs sniper rifle, you can reload from yellow... only to get the red glitch and have a hysterically overpowering sniper cannon. It's ridiculous.

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