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You can liken [playing Trespasser] to babysitting a big, lovable and slightly retarded child. You know he means well, but that doesn't stop him from dropping trou and shitting in the middle of the aisle in Costco from time to time.
Research Indicates, Let's Play Jurassic Park: Trespasser

Maybe you thought Battletoads was a game full of amphibians, but it is actually full of bugs. Those beta testers really should have spent a little more time on this game...

A gruesome software bug LEAPS out at you!
— Message displayed when Angband crashes

pokecapn: I'm constantly terrified playing this game.
medibot: At any moment it could strike out and destroy you.

Knuckles glitches out while climbing a wall
Jon: Ohhh... okaaaay...
Arin: (stomps out)
Jon: Arin, don't leave! Arin, don't- (door slams) ARIIIIIN! I LOVE YOU!
Arin: No, I'm fucking done! I'm fucking done!
Jon: No, you're not-
Arin: This is bullshit! This is fucking bullshit!
Jon: (hysterical laughter as Knuckles continues to spaz out) I can't get off!
Jon: I'm stuck!
Arin: WHAT IS MY LIFE?! ...I can't do it, Jon!
Jon: I can't eith-
Arin: I can't fucking DO IT ANYMOOOOOOOOOORE!!
Jon: TELL YA WHAT, ARIN?! YOU CAN GIVE UP NOW, OR YOU CAN FIGHT IT OUT! Because I certainly can't do it without you, and I know you can't do it without me!
Arin: ...I appreciate it, but look at what we're dealing with, man!
Jon: Arin-
Arin: YOU GOTTA DRAW THE LINE SOMEWHERE! YOU GOTTA DRAW A FUCKING LINE IN THE SAND, DUDE! YOU GOTTA MAKE A STATEMENT! You gotta look inside yourself and say, "What am I willing to put up with today?" NOT! FUCKING! THIS!
Jon: Man, that was a beautiful little moment we just had.

Diabetus: Don't be afraid.
slowbeef: What do you mean "don't be afraid?" Have you not played this?! Have you not been here the past, like, twelve or thirteen hours?! For all I know I could just fall through the floor for no goddamned reason in the next second.
Diabetus: Don't you want something that would be very watchable on YouTube?
slowbeef: That's true.
Retsupurae, "Sonic 06 Makes Sonic Boom Look Like Sonic 06" Part 40

[The Achievement Hunter Team has attached six tow trucks to each other in a circle]
Gavin: Everyone, floor it. Now!
All: GOOOO! Woo! Weee!
[Tow trucks starts moving, then physics engine spazes out and flings everyone everywhere]
All: WOAH!
Ray: My game froze!
Michael: Holy shit! It did?!
Geoff: Oh, my God!
Michael: [Message reads "BrownMan left"] It fucking broke Ray's X-Box...!
Jack: And mine!
Michael: [Message reads "JackP left"] ...and Jack's! Holy shit!
Ray: I'm making a death noise! I need to end the g— Oh, God, I got a black screen!
Michael: We imploded the fucking world!
Jack: We crashed the game! It broke!
Michael: Holy shit!
Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V, "Tow Truckin'"

Is this the fate of retro games?!
Arino, after Comix Zone resetting itself somehow during his LP of said game

Kirito: Geez... leave it to SAO to not only have a boss that glitches out and dies on its own, but also doesn't even flag the goddamned exit to open!
Tiffany: After all we've been through, it ain't even a boss that does us in. It's a damned game-breaking glitch. Can't even starve to death...
Klein: That would be a mercy...
Heathcliff: Now, now, cheer up guys! There's no need to be so melodramatic!
Player: Why not? Did you find a way out?
Heathcliff: Oh no, we're definitely going to die here. But we all gotta die sometime, right? At least we get to do it playing an awesome game!
Player: Pfft, "awesome?" You're kidding, right?
Heathcliff: Huh?
Player 2: Come on, sir... do you really think any of us would still be playing if we didn't have a gun to our heads? You gotta admit, this game is kind of a hot mess.
Heathcliff: "Hot mess." Really. That seems a bit harsh.
Player 3: Well, how else would you describe a game where players could just kidnap NPCs, the crafting system is seizure-inducing, and half the time our teleport crystals - one of our only lifelines - do nothing.
Klein: Yeah, nothing if you're lucky. Eeesh...


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