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Punny Names in webcomics.

  • Ragnarok Wisdom makes one at the expense of Ragnarok Online's character transfer service, where characters can be transferred from one server to another. If a character with the same name already exists, they'll have a suffix added to their name; someone transferring from Sakray would, for example, have "_Sak" added. And this comic... had the character... I Love My Nut with the same name as someone on Sakray...
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  • Eerie Cuties has 14-year-old Brooke Lyn, whose name is self-explanatory (say it fast a couple of times). But, just in case: it's an obvious nod to Brooklyn, NY.
  • In one of the Bruno the Bandit comics, a powerful demon named "Baeshan" appears. Wouldn't be that bad, if his evil followers wouldn't call him "master".
  • A number of the missing humans from Kellwood from Charby the Vampirate and Here There be Monsters such as Wendy Rhodes, Roland Dunhill, and Jess Kiddin.
  • Cher Lita Harper (from Cheer! and The Wotch) is a pun on "cheerleader".
    • By the way, her name as a male was Sonny making her "Sonny & Cher".
  • Several of the character names in Erfworld are puns (e.g. "Jillian Zamussels" — "jillions of muscles")
  • One reader of El Goonish Shive pointed out an unintentional pun on Shive's part with the name Tedd D. Verres (for certain pronunciations of Verres anyway). Appropriate, considering Grace's love of stuffed animals.
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  • Hell Inc: demonic manager B.L. Zebub, main character Doug's boss, is a pretty obvious play on the name Beelzebub
  • Violet Zombie: "Penelope Martinez" dies and becomes the zombie girl "Penelope Mortinez."
  • Penny Arcade has a recurring newscaster named Randy Pinkwood, if you know what I'm talking about. And I think you know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about his penis.
  • Epidemic in the Walkyverse — Whitney Howard Lesse is witless, Ruth Lesse is ruthless, Dick Lesse is cuckolded freely, Leslie Bean is a lesbian, Sydney Yus is not actually insidious, Dick P. comment, and Dina Sarazu scientist (specifically, a paleontologist by training).
    • A subtler one is Faz O. Lee, named for a certain fast food chain who had an ad campaign featuring a kid with an infuriatingly smug grin similar to Faz's own. Not so subtle is Alan, who's an Alien.
    • One of the recurring customers in Shortpacked! is Hughes Assat. Ultra Car is so used to this, she's surprised to hear Jacob's last name (Williams) isn't some awful pun.
  • Crazy dictator Klaus Der Phobia in Building 12.
  • Derek Ulysses Law, the Friendly Neighborhood Vampire from TRU-Life Adventures.
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  • Almost every character in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!. Examples: Hibachi the dragon, Princess Voluptua, Agent Ben and Agent Jerry, Heywood J. Lookathat, Fructose Riboflavin, O. Blivius Bystander, Roofus the roof-repair robot, Mrs. Spitoonelli, Mr. Kreplach, etc. etc. etc.
  • Mina's partner in Magical Mina is a stuffed fox named Mulder.
  • In Octopus Pie, the main character and her brother were named Everest and Rushmore ("Eve" and "Mor" for short). Since their last name is "Ning", that makes them Eve Ning and Mor Ning. Also, Eve's mother is Dawn Ning.
  • The KA Mics: Pops up from time to time. Ironically the Pun Police all have a punny name.
  • From Dominic Deegan we have Professor Runcible Spoon. A "Runcible Spoon" is a spork. Runcible is also a rather "spoony" man, though not a bard.
  • Suicide for Hire gives us a Romeo and Juliet Shout-Out with Tybalt and Rosaline Montlet. Their relationship ends about as well as that of their inspiration, though for different reasons. Also, Tybalt is a cat, in a reference to Shakespeare's Tybalt being referred to as "Prince of Cats". When he asks Hunter what he wants, Hunter responds with "Good King of Cats, nothing but all of your nine lives!"
  • Questionable Content gives us obsessive World of Warcraft player Marigold Farmer.
  • Precocious:
  • Loren Ipsum from Irregular Webcomic!.
  • Ebony Nauss from The Way of the Metagamer.
  • The Fox Sister: Soot Bull in Korean means Charcoal Fire (숫불). He is a black dog.
  • The unseen Leon Diedde in MS Paint Masterpieces dies during surgery. He was literally a throwaway gag and just served to show how much of an ass Colonel Fodder is when he dismisses the death despite being a "little attached" to the man.
  • Karin-dou 4koma features Catherine, a half fire-eating bird and half dog youkai. "Fire-bird-dog" —> "Ka-Tori-Inu" —> "Catherine". Her real name is Inukai Suzume, but no one calls her that.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse: Merkit (Yakon's sister) is a pun on Kermit the frog.
  • Corgi Quest features Privious de la Cage'd, who was first encountered hanging in a giant cage.
  • Ménage à 3 and its spin-off Sticky Dilly Buns have "Chanelle Numberfine" (Chanel No.9, geddit). That's actually a Porn Name (and presumably not the character's birth name), but it's also a pun.
  • PvP has a character named Max Power.
  • So, so very many bad pun names in Princess Chroma. June Summer. April Showers. May Flowers. If it's not an obvious pun, it's probably a Meaningful Name with punny leanings, or at least a punny Bilingual Bonus.
  • Rain: The full name of Randy, who’s just a minor supporting character, is Rand M. Guy.
  • The World is Flat depicts this with an optometry clinic named "The Eyes Have It" in this comic.
  • The eponymous Anna from Anna Galactic.
  • Awful Hospital: Pretty much everyone, even the protagonist (her name is Fern, and she's green...).
  • Uh-Oh, It’s a Dinosaur: Beatrice, who's really into bees. Also Tyrone Asarus and Jill Anjack.
  • Repeatedly lampshaded in Wilde Life by Clifford the Big Red... werewolf, though he insists that it's a family name and his mother doesn't know about his shapeshifting.
  • Barry Ill from Sparklecare, as in "very ill", because he is a patient at the titular hospital.
  • Self-inflicted by the vigilante duo Guinea and Pig from Trying Human, with all the Black Comedy implied. They ran away from Area 51.
  • Angel Moxie: Shugari has a rather sugary personality.
  • Leif & Thorn: Everyone from Ceannis has plant-related names. Leif isn't from there, but his name is a pun on "leaf."
  • Ozy and Millie has the school principal Beau Vine. Take a wild guess at his species.
  • Soil That Binds Us: Dandelion Tuft-Flores is said to "grow like a weed".
  • The Petri Dish features iBall the cyborg made from a whale's eye.


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