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Nightmare Fuel / Epic Rap Battles of History

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  • Mr. Rogers comes off as incredibly unnerving during his battle against Mr. T, delivering his lines in a calm and monotonous fashion which quickly morphs into the most disturbing Tranquil Fury ever once Mr. T accuses him of pedophilia.
    • When Mr Rogers delivers his final line Mr. Mcfeely can be seen standing outside the window with a baseball bat. Which gives some unfortunate racist implications of Mr. Rogers trying to run Mr. T out of his neighborhood.
  • Bill O'Reilly's eyes when he says he's evil.
  • There's something very off-setting about Justin Bieber. His giggles and the fact that he looks creepy, insane and evil at times makes him seem like a creepy doll.
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  • Dr. Seuss can be quite disturbing as The Voiceless Marionette Master that he is. Despite being in a participant in a rap battle, he never says a word, only grinning and glaring menacingly while summoning his creations to battle for him.
  • Darth Vader in the Season 2 rematch when he removes his helmet.
  • HAL 9000 intrudes on the battle between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. He's appropriately eerie, boasting of his superiority in that infamous monotone of his. The most terrifying thing about him is that he does not seem to move on his own, nor does he emote.
  • The sight of Dumbledore's scorched hand can be forever seared into your memory, especially for viewers who don't know Harry Potter.
  • After Steve Jobs dies in his battle with Bill Gates, Gates seems to go insane, especially compared to his previous Tranquil Fury... just look at his last verse:
    Now there's no one that can stop me! THE WORLD IS MINE!
    • The especially creepy part is how he seems to realize this mid-verse, going from yelling at Steve's death to "I'm alone now, with nothing but power and time... and no one on Earth who can challenge my mind!" His sudden change is frightening.
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  • Skrillex briefly turns into a "Scary Monster" that looks kind of creepy.
  • Stalin's portrayal is quite... unsettling. Most of his lines are part of a long, thorough death threat towards Rasputin and everyone he knows. What makes this worse was that he wasn't any better in Real Life.
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2's high pitched voices, creepy look and Ax-Crazy lines make them scary.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come is as dark and creepy as he is in the book, albeit averting The Voiceless in favour of Evil Sounds Deep (or rather morally ambiguous). He's not once played for laughs either, and there's only a second's indication that he'll turn up. Nice Peter even invokes this in the Behind the Scenes video.
    Boo! You're gonna die, with no one to love you and no one to cry!
  • Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King invokes this, starting with an eerie reversed bell toll and leading into the two horror writers' aptly creepy environments. Poe in particular has his own personal moments of creepiness, with his impression of Beverly Cleary during his first verse and his Gross-Up Close-Up at the beginning of his second.
  • Jack the Ripper vs. Hannibal Lecter invokes this so well that it might just become this in realtime, with plenty of jump scares throughout, including one near the end of the video. Jack begins by gleefully bragging about all the pain and heartbreak his murders caused and the fact that he got away with all of it. Lecter's verses are only slightly less disturbing, with his voice starting off calm and composed but slowly becoming more and more manic as the rap goes on.
  • Hitchcock may have been the master of suspense, but it's Stanley Kubrick that makes his fortunately brief verse in "Spielberg vs Hitchcock" a bit demented. Combining his signature Kubrick Stare with the command of the other directors try to get their raps right by doing them again 127 more times, and declaring that they will learn to love him, as well as having Kubrick watch the other directors from a director's chair with visuals similar to the ending scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey flashing behind him, and it can make Michael Bay's dramatic entrance on a helicopter at sunset a welcome reprieve...even though it's Michael Bay.
  • RoboCop vs. The Terminator has the latter suddenly mimicking Ellen Murphy... in her own voice. Hearing that voice come from the Terminator after several lines of his normal voice is... jarring.
  • Walt Disney, God-Emperor of Disney World, talks about working his employees to the bone for billions of dollars with a delirious smile on his face. He only stops smiling to mock artists for begging him to stop.
    • The above is amplified by the fact that he looks disconcertingly like Mr. House, who, in turn, looks like Big Brother.
    • The final shot is particularly terrifying, as it shows hundreds of oppressed artists working in what Disney refers to as his "empire of joy". The implication is that Jim and Stan are soon going to join them. They look suitably terrified.
    • The worst thing about this is that this horrific man has no humanity in him... because he isn't Walt Disney anymore. This is simply Walt stripped of all humanity, corrupted by his own corporation and transformed into a souless, demonic shell filled with the entire dark side of Disney.
    • Furthermore, probably one of the most disturbing lines he has is "I'm owning this battle!/In fact, I own this whole SERIES!!!" This has astounding implications since Epic Rap Battles of History is sponsored through Maker Studios, who are, in turn, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Even though this is a satire of Walt Disney and his company, Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter are, in fact, a part of this "Empire of Joy".note  And watching that video just benefited the Empire of Joy a little bit more...
    • Walt also never calms down during his verse and is always screaming in the Voice of the Legion, with an army of equally screaming doppelgangers behind him.
  • Caesar's face as he delivers his final lines.
  • George R.R. Martin shoving his crotch into the camera, after a running start, is definitely flinch worthy.
  • J. R. R. Tolkien's face when he says that both Martin and Jon Snow know nothing is a Nightmare Face. Especially since said shot was done in a dark... place, lit only by the fire of his pipe match.
    • At the announcement of the contestants, J. R. R. Tolkien is first missing from the foreground, then he appears with a little smile, waving a bit and putting something into his pocket. What is it? The One Ring.
  • Julia Child, the woman who brought French Cooking to America, casually decapitates animals while doing most of her lines, from slicing a fish's head off to RIPPING the head off of a chicken.
    • And for the rest of the battle after decapitating the chicken (which is mercifully brief), she wears what can only be described as a very Uncanny Valley-ish Slasher Smile. Then she takes out the hammer...
  • Ivan the Terrible using many sneaky tactics to murder Alexander and Fredrick the Great, but the kicker was Catherine beheading Pompey before he can even start his rap and casually makes it a Russian v Russian battle.
    • Alexander the Great deserves a mention for gleefully boasting about torturing his enemies until their vocal cords tear from screaming. Kind of makes you think maybe Ivan let him off easy...
    • The primary beat throughout the battle, played during Ivan, Alexander, and Catherine's verses, makes the entire battle seem hauntingly bleak. And in a way, the jarring contrast with Frederick the Great's theme makes it even more unnerving.
  • "Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton":
    • There's something somewhat disturbing about watching Donald Trump in the video, mostly because his lines seem so ridiculously mean spirited, and yet they also sound like something the real thing would actually say.
    • His general movement is a bit unnerving. He's hunched over, constantly staring at Hillary and doesn't really do anything. Compared to Clinton, who was a lot more active in terms of movement, Donald looks a little... off. Even the dab he does, while played for laughs, is a little uncanny.
    • Hillary Clinton makes some really unnerving faces, particularly during her verse when she starts attacking Donald for his offensive sexual comments and suddenly starts shouting. Even Lincoln commented on her creepy smile.
  • The Easter Bunny's mouth becomes a giant black hole for some reason when he says "wall".
  • Mark Zuckerburg's portrayal is outright creepy with his eyes locked in a permanent, wide-eyed Thousand-Yard Stare and a rather soft-spoken, almost Kermit-like voice. Easily the most unnerving part of his rap is claiming to be the CEO of "KNOWING WHAT YOU THINK, INC." while three copies of him stare right into the camera.
  • Season 6 gives us the King of Nightmares himself, Freddy Krueger. Not only does he look absolutely terrifying, but his very presence oozes fear with every lyric.
  • Just like Jack the Ripper, real life monster Vlad the Impaler makes some quite disturbing boasts about his crimes.
    Imagine forests of corpses, dripping on a buffet.
    You call that a nightmare? I call it a Tuesday!
    I butcher men, women and children like cows!
    Put more meat on swords than Fogo de Chao!
  • If the previous battle didn't frighten you, Peter and Lloyd decided to follow it up with a battle between two of the most notorious killer clowns in all of fiction: The Joker vs Pennywise, and it's as creepy as it sounds.
    • Pennywise starts its verse in frightening fashion, by having several wall-eyed copies of itself pop out from out of nowhere, each with a Death Glare creepy enough to visibly intimidate The Joker.
    • And this isn't even It at its creepiest, as later in the same verse, it opens its mouth to reveal the Deadlights, which are all its head still speaking the verse.
    • Much like Krueger before it, the title card is quite unnerving, showing Pennywise just standing in the rain, its face obscured by the signature red balloons, before moving them aside to reveal a Slasher Smile.
    • While the Clown Prince of Crime is more Laughably Evil than his opponent, he can still creep some people out, whether it's his constant Slasher Smile and Evil Laugh, getting visibly mad when Pennywise threatens to kill Batman as a child, or making a casual reference to beating Jason Todd to death, complete with mimicking slowly beating someone to death with a crowbar.
  • Surprisingly enough, J. Robert Oppenheimer rather than Thanos is easily the scarier part of their battle, with an Uncanny Valley audio distortion and My God, What Have I Done? thousand yard stare that will seep into your soul.
    • Oppenheimer's Cold Ham delivery is particularly ominous, every syllable conveying all the rage, terror, pride, and shame that would come with a reputation such as his to the point where he sounds genuinely unhinged, and it's all filtered through this creepy Radio Voice reminiscent of his famous "I am become Death" broadcast.
    • That's not to say Thanos himself is not an intimidating presence in the battle. He has a perpetual Face Framed in Shadow with an eternal Death Glare seething with sheer fury, his Infinity Gauntlet primed and ready as he gets increasingly angrier. He also gets a major case of Adaptational Villainy as he proudly brags about the atrocities he's committed instead of being the Draco in Leather Pants MCU fans know him as. His proudly evil nature, enraged delivery, glowing Infinity Stones, and the fact that he's easily twice the height of the average human all give the impression that Thanos could crush Oppenheimer like a gnat at any moment with nothing to stop him. (Of course, that's if you can take Thanos seriously after the Fortnite line...)
    • And there's the terribly awesome fact that Oppenheimer doesn't back down, all helped by a heavy dose of Reality Subtext. The absolute worst the MCU could throw into a battle pales in comparison to the man who actually created the worst weapons in mankind's history.
    • There's also the implication that like Walt, Oppenheimer isn't human anymore. With the glitching atom and atomic blasts in his eyes, it's as if he actually has become Death.
    • At the end, The narrator is reduced to dust with a whimper after a telltale "snap" in the instrumental track.

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