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Nightmare Fuel / Hitler Rants

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  • Bossimias' Hitler undergoes psychosis series and Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler: What?.
  • The Silver Universe's Hitler's Shining. Hitler on a trike. Jodl as the twins.
  • Ghost in the Bunker Parts 1 and 2 certainly contain some creepy moments, but the funnier parts of the videos will probably act more as Nightmare Retardant than anything else.
  • Another rather unnerving one is Slender Invades the Bunker. After a camping trip in a certain forest, Fegelein mails Hitler 8 mysterious pages. At that point the lights start going out, and disturbing sounds are heard throughout the Bunker as Slenderman picks off the Bunker's occupants one by one, causing increasing panic for those trapped within as their numbers dwindle. It ends however with a rare awesome moment for Hitler as he alone has the balls to shout "Fuck you!" at Slenderman and call him out on his obsession with the pages.
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  • The Bunker Clown, in which a Monster Clown shows up and slowly picks off each of the bunker staff one-by-one.
  • The Menace of Fegel-Forest also involves the bunker gang along with some of the U-Boat and Stalin Parody crews going up against the Slender Man. Though the edge may be taken off by the fact that Mallory kills the Slender Man.
  • Hitler gets drugged again. Hitler's eyes suddenly go blank, and his hallucinations of Fegelein welcoming him to Hell (or should we say, HEIL?), which is inhabited by dancing demons.
  • Hitler's Nightmare to Remember. Wonky-Tonk-Botty made it clear that the video is pure Nightmare Fuel with little to no humor. Its use of real-life horrors and tragedies makes it very tear-jerking and depressing too. A popular theory in the comments is that it's still antics...but neither Fegelein or Himmler are behind it. Instead, based on the appearance of an operating room in the video, the culprit is Josef Mengele.
    • Perhaps more unsettling is a clip of Budd Dwyer's infamous suicide, screaming cameramen and all. Then there's The Reveal (back in reality) that Keitel has contracted Alzheimer's so bad that he can't remember who he is at all, and has roughly six years to live.
  • Hitler plans a facial plastic surgery, despite being Played for Laughs is really horrifying when you think into it a bit. Fegelein is perhaps depicted here at his most sinister and sadistic, as he straps Hitler down and painfully re-arranges his face, with him screaming all the way. And of course there's a reveal of the final product at the end.
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  • Hitler's Day of Judgment - Really, just imagine being told that you are absolutely going to hell and there's nothing you can do to stop it. The video also ends on a rather And I Must Scream kind of note - Hitler (as assured) is dropped down into hell, with a whole army of walking skeletons waiting there for him.
  • Hitler meets the nuclear bomb has the Reich being nuked by Keyboard Cat. It is one of those videos that somehow completely succeeds in being both funny and disturbing.
  • Hitler is informed he is in G Major
  • The Downfall-Steiner paradox - Steiner from the real world is brought into the bunker. Reality crumbles to pieces as a result. Things get creepier and creepier as the video progresses.
    • Not to mention Hitler's utter horror when Steiner enters the room.
    Hitler: "YOU FOOLS! Reality is falling apart!!"
  • Hitler is informed he's in hell - Those background noises...
  • Hitler reviews extreme slow motion effect - Just listen to it. It sounds like something out of the deepest trenches of hell. Take our advice and don't set the video at 0.5 speed. Unless you really don't want to sleep tonight.
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  • Hitler is informed that the world is ending - The mere idea of the world ending aside, Hitler is shown literally sinking down into hell here.
  • Goebbels' proposal manages to be hilarious, ironic, and completely horrifying all at the same time. Especially if you know what's actually going on in that scene and what Goebbels is actually holding.
  • Hitler is informed by nobody and Günsche informs no one is very funny upon first viewing, but upon later viewings becomes rather...unsettling if you take it out of context and try to imagine why no one's there.
  • Hitler stops time - Hitler pulls a Taking You with Me and freezes time forever to avoid Germany's defeat. His generals desperately beg him not to doom the universe to eternal stillness...and fail.
  • Hitler enters the Red Room, based on the infamous creepypasta. Another work by Wonky-Tonk-Botty, it's as unsettling as it sounds.
  • The Jodl Ghost, Parts I and II. It manages to be genuinely creepy despite Jodl's status as an object of Hitler's mockery.

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