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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. These are examples of things which can, with some imagination, be thought of as fitting those archetypes.

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American Awards
The LeaderThe Oscars
The LancerThe Golden Globes
The Big GuyThe Emmys
The Smart GuyThe Grammys
The ChickThe Tonys

The LeaderIndex finger
The LancerPinky finger
The Big GuyMiddle finger
The Smart GuyThumb
The ChickRing finger


The LeaderSight
The LancerHearing
The Smart GuySmell
The Big GuyTouch
The ChickTaste
Sixth RangersBalance, Temperature, Proprioception and Pain

    Cardinal Points 
Four Directions, Lakota style
The LeaderSouth (represented by red)
The LancerNorth (opposite South, they always fight)
The Big GuyEast (lazy)
The Smart GuyWest (the home of the Wakinyan)
The ChickCenter (with shades of Sixth Ranger)
Sixth RangerAbove, Below

    Console Wars 




The LeaderEnglish
The LancerMaths
The Big GuyPhysical Education
The Smart GuyPhysics
The ChickMusic
The Sixth RangerArt and Languages

Ivy League Universities

The LeaderHarvard
The LancerYale
The Big GuyPenn
The Smart GuyColumbia
The ChickBrown

The Claremont Colleges

The LeaderPomona
The LancerPitzer
The Big GuyClaremont Mckenna
The Smart GuyHarvey Mudd
The ChickScripps

    Elemental Powers 
The LeaderQuintessence/Aether
The LancerFire
The Big GuyEarth
The Smart GuyWind/Air
The ChickWater


The LeaderFire
The LancerMetal
The Big GuyEarth
The Smart GuyWater
The ChickWood

RPG/Video Games

The LeaderElectricity/Lightning or Fire
The LancerElectricity/Lightning (if The Leader uses Fire), Fire (if The Leader uses Lightning)
The Big GuyEarth
The Smart GuyAir/Wind
The ChickWater

    Food and related 
McDonald's extra value meals
The LeaderBig Mac
The LancerMc Chicken
The Big GuyQuarter Pounder
The Smart GuyFilet-O-Fish
The ChickChicken Mc Nuggets

Italian Food

The LeaderSpaghetti
The LancerLasagne
The Big GuyPizza
The Smart GuyRavioli
The ChickBruschetta

Most famous cultural food types

The LeaderFrench food
The LancerGerman food
The Smart GuyItalian food
The Big GuyIndian food
The ChickJapanese food
Sixth RangerChinese food

Pizza types

The LeaderPepperoni
The LancerCheese
The Smart GuyVeggie
The Big GuyMeat
The ChickHawaiian

The Food Pyramid

The LeaderGrains
The LancerDairy
The Big GuyMeat and Poultry
The Smart GuyFruits and Veggies
The ChickSweets and Condiments

The Salad

The LeaderLettuce
The LancerSpinach or Kale
The Big GuyOnions
The Smart GuyCarrots
The ChickCroutons
Sixth RangerDressing
Sixth Ranger TraitorTomatoes (the ex-vegetable)
The MentorThe Bowl
Token Evil TeammateThe Fork

    Major Film Studios 

Rock Band Instruments
The Leader/Big GoodLead Vocal
The Hero/The LancerLead Guitar
The LancerBass Guitar
The Smart GuyKeyboard
The Big GuyDrums
The ChickRhythm Guitar

    News Media 
FOX News newscasters and anchormen
The LeaderBill O'Reilly (most neutral character in the lineup; most watched show on cable news)
The LancerSean Hannity (similar to but not quite like the Leader; does the things the Leader will not)
The Smart GuyJuan Williams (smart guy who foils the rest)
The Big GuyGlenn Beck (literally)
The ChickGreta Van Susteren

FOX News Channel's The Five

The LeaderEric Bolling
The LancerAndrea Tantaros
The Smart GuyGreg Gutfeld
The Big GuyBob Beckel
The ChickDana Perino

The Weather Channel newscasters and anchormen

The LeaderJim Cantore
The LancerMike Seidel
The Smart GuyDr. Greg Forbes
The Big GuyStu Ostro
The ChickStephanie Abrams

MSNBC Nightly lineup

The LeaderLawrence O'Donnell (well, he does get The Last Word)
The LancerChris Matthews (his views sometimes tend to go in the opposite direction from the others')
The Smart GuyAl Sharpton
The Big GuyEd Schultz
The ChickRachel Maddow

    Other Games 
Rock–Paper–Scissors Lizard Spock
The LeaderScissors
The LancerLizard (while scissors are manmade and inanimate, lizards are natural, animate, and don't use manmade things)
The Smart GuySpock
The Big GuyRock
The ChickPaper (Unlike the others, it doesn't physically attack its opponents, preferring a form of passive resistance.)

The Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game Elemental Heroes

The LeaderElemental Hero Avian
The LancerElemental Hero Sparkman
The Big GuyElemental Hero Clayman
The Smart GuyElemental Hero Bubbleman
The ChickElemental Hero Burstinatrix

States Of Matter
The LeaderSolid
The LancerPlasma
The Big GuySupersolid
The Smart GuyLiquid
The ChickGas
Sixth RangerBose-Einstein condensate (It wasn't produced until 1995, although it was theorized to exist before then.)

Chemicals (from the perspective of biological systems)

The LeaderCarbon
The LancerHydrogen
The Big GuyNitrogen
The Smart GuyOxygen
The ChickPhosphorus
Sixth RangerTrace elements
Token Evil TeammateRadioactive tracers

Main Biological Chemicals

The LeaderRNA
The LancerProtein
The Big GuyLipid
The Smart GuyDNA
The ChickCarbohydrate
The MentorWater


The LeaderGravitational Force
The LancerNormal Force
The Big GuyElectromagnetic Force
The Smart GuyFrictional Force
The ChickTension Force
The Sixth RangerNuclear Forces

    Spelling and Grammar 

1996 Chicago Bulls
The LeaderMichael Jordan
The LancerDennis Rodman
The Big GuyLuc Longley
The Smart GuyScottie Pippen
The ChickRon Harper
Sixth RangerTony Kucoc
The MentorPhil Jackson

"The Big Three Era" Miami Heat

The LeaderLebron James
The LancerDwyane Wade
The Big GuyChris Bosh
The Smart GuyShane Battier
The ChickMario Chalmers
Sixth RangerRay Allen

USA's Women's Gymnastics Olympic Team 2012, aka the "Fierce Five"

The HeroJordyn Wieber - the media gave her the most attention, and reframed the marketing around her upset loss in the all around
The LancerGabby Douglas
The Big GuyAly Raisman - the actual team captain, but always framed as being the roughest tumbler
The Smart GuyMcKayla Maroney
The ChickKyla Ross

UFC Weight Divisions

The LeaderLight Heavyweight (most of the major fighters are there)
The LancerMiddleweight
The Big GuyHeavyweight (obviously)
The Smart GuyWelterweight (the most technical fighters are in this division)
The ChickLightweight
Sixth RangersBantamweight and Featherweight

Sports in the US

The LeaderBaseball
The LancerFootball
The Big GuyIce Hockey
The Smart GuyBasketball
The ChickSoccer
Sixth RangerNASCAR

Sports in Australia

The LeaderCricket
The LancerAustralian Rules Football
The Big GuyRugby League, Rugby Union
The Smart GuyTennis
The ChickNetball
Sixth RangerSoccer

Microsoft Office
The LeaderWord
The LancerPowerPoint
The Smart GuyExcel
The Big GuyOutlook
The ChickOneNote
Sixth RangersAccess and Publisher

Apple Macintosh

The LeaderMacBook Pro
The LancerMacBook Air
The Smart GuyMac Mini
The Big GuyMac Pro
The ChickiMac
Sixth RangerHackintosh

The parts of a computer

The LeaderProcessor
The LancerGraphics processing unit
The Smart GuyRAM
The Big GuyHard drive
The ChickNetwork adapter
Tagalong KidCD drive

    TV Tropes 

The Art Mediums
The LeaderLive Action
The LancerTraditional/Flash Animation
The Big GuyComputer Animation
The Smart GuyStop Motion
The ChickPuppetry
The Sixth RangerSprite Animation


The LeaderRed
The LancerBlue
The Big GuyYellow
The Smart GuyGreen
The ChickPurple or Pink
The Sixth RangerOrange, Gray or Brown
Token Good TeammateWhite
Token Evil TeammateBlack

The Holidays

The LeaderChristmas
The LancerThanksgiving
The Big GuyHalloween
The Smart GuyEaster
The ChickValentine's Day

Jewish Holidays

The LeaderShabbat
The LancerHavdalah
The Big GuyRosh Hashanah
The Smart GuySimchat Torah
The ChickPurim
The Sixth RangerYom Hashoah
The MentorYom Kippur
Tagalong KidChanukah

Physical Displays of Affection

The LeaderKissing
The LancerHugging
The Big GuySex
The Smart GuyDancing
The ChickHolding Hands
Token Evil TeammateBiting

The Numbers

The Leader1
The Lancerπ
The Big Guy
The Smart Guye
The Chick3
Token Evil Teammatei

Writing Utensils

The LeaderPencils
The LancerPens
The Big GuyChalk
The Smart GuyHighlighters
The ChickErasable Markers
Sixth Ranger TraitorPermanent Markers
Tagalong KidCrayons


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