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Pan Pizza may be one of the raunchiest Video Reviewers around, but there's an undeniable sincerity to his way that really shines through in these moments.

  • Perhaps the most heartwarming and genuine moment from the podcast was when Izzy came out as a transgender girl. The response to her from everyone else was extremely supportive and encouraging, but special mention goes to Pan's hilariously cute comment:
    We finally have a girl on the podcast!
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  • One particular meta-moment that can be found heartwarming is this: After his 90s Kids rant, the infamous YouTube user Benthelooney responded with a PM to Pan-Pizza, saying that he found the aforementioned video hilarious. Pan didn't mind and he allowed him to appear in one of his future videos. But that is not the heartwarming part. The REAL heartwarming part is that, even though he made fun of Ben in the beginning of the said video, he STILL allowed him to appear in one of his future videos. Let that sink in for a moment....
  • In his My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic review, it ended with him giving a letter to Princess Celestia saying that you should make the most of the situation you're given, shows don't need to be vulgar or weird to appease others, not to be ashamed of what ever you like, and that you'd be surprised to find out that other people may share your interests.
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  • In his Top 10 Lovable Jerks list, He puts Loser characters (Daffy Duck, Tom, Squidward, and the Eds), because we actually want them to achieve sometimes. He then states that if someone hates you, you just shouldn't care, and just merely enjoying yourself defeats them. Considering how some of the stories he tells, whether fictional or not, it shows that he does know what he's talking about.
  • The ending to his Guilty Pleasures video, even with the clip from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the allegedly corny song from the soundtrack to Pokémon: The First Movie (the latter of which somehow makes it even more heartwarming).
    Next time you look down on someone for liking something you don't like, especially a kid, you weren't any better at that age. And let's be honest, others are gonna think the same thing on your interests. Maybe you'll outgrow it, or, maybe not. So enjoy whatever you want regardless of what some self-entitled person says.
  • His defense of Cartoon Network, saying how failures like The Problem Solverz and CN Real show that the network is still willing to take risks rather than simply rely on reruns of popular shows.
  • His video discussing the Animation Age Ghetto
  • His blurb on John Callahan (John Callahan's Quads!, Pelswick) during the "Top 10 Ugliest Cartoons" was nothing short of respectful, playing heartfelt music and saying absolutely nothing to harp on his art-style, explaining that he took up cartooning to cope with his paraplegia despite said condition hindering his drawing ability.
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  • His defensive (though obviously tongue-in-cheek) shoot-down of Slut-Shaming in his ''Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt" review:
    "We don't slut shame here! We slut appreciate!"
  • His Top 5 Christmas specials list has two. First, while talking about the Static Shock Christmas special, complimenting it for dealing with strong subjects such as the homeless and religion. Second, while talking about the Hey Arnold! special, he mentions that he not only loves the special for daring to go against the usual Christmas special standards, and go for a more tough and realistic situation, but the show itself for dealing with other heavy topics like child neglect, mugging, and addiction. He is also glad to hear that so many others appreciate Hey Arnold! like him, and that its finally going to get a proper conclusion. Dare he even says to call it the best Nicktoon ever.
  • Even his podcast, which is probably one of the most raunchy and politically incorrect podcasts ever, have a few. Jim is a big one himself. Although he doesn't shy away from the un-PC jokes, he often defends Pan, respects everyone's opinions, and sends Pan hugs through Skype (much to Pan's dismay however).
  • He sounds genuinely sad when Ken announces his departure from the podcast. In the TMNT podcast, after the entire Rebel Gang impersonates him, he says how he's usually annoyed when people impersonate him, but when they do it, he thinks it's hilarious. What a nice guy.
  • The whole Gang gets one in the BEST/WORST US REMAKES, when after getting a message that the podcast has helped someone through hard times, they all genuinely give sincere regards, with Jim saying messages like that make him want to work harder, Nolan wish him better, and Ken regret the joke he made before the message.
  • In The Ghostbusters podcast, after Nolan says no one recognized him without his signature attire, Pan says he'll get him his Pill T-shirt, with Nolan giving him a sincere thank you.
  • In the MARVEL PHASE 1 and PILOTS podcasts, after his "tsundere" friend got in a car accident, he opened up an account where people could donate money to help her out, even saying that he also planned to give her some of the Patreon money. Say what you will about Pan, his personality, his sense of humor, and all that, but when it comes down to things, he's also a good friend.
  • In his My Life as a Teenage Robot, his concern that one of the The Lonely Hearts Club member has a noose around his neck.
  • Inviting a diaper lover to the Podcast shows just how open-minded Pan is about those kind of things.
  • In his 5 Cartoonists Who Hated Their Work video, Pan manages to deconstruct The Perfectionist, by showing how John Kricfalusi's perfectionism wound up destroying his career and stresses how important it is to simply let something you love go and keep improving after.
    Pan: Lots of great cartoons came from artists who could produce great work and make a deadline. John K. could only do half that. People like John K.'s work, people don't like working with John K. In the professional field, everyone has to do their part on time. One person being late screws up the entire production. I know there's that looming threat that your art isn't perfect and you have to go back to change things, minor things most people won't even notice. But eventually you just have to let go. You still have the chance to make more art and keep evolving. If what you made before is horrendous, it's gonna be all the more impressive when you finally create something amazing.''
  • In his video on the Top 10 Worst Animation Moments of 2016, Pan included the abuse given to the animators for Sausage Party, the mistreatment of Harvey Beaks, and the death of [adult swim]'s C. Martin Croker. The last one is made even more poignant because he reveals that his crude form of animation was inspired by Space Ghost Coast to Coast's repeating frames of animation. What's more, Pan even used the same music that played when Toonami was getting cancelled for the first time.
    Zorak: I am the lone locust of the apocalypse, think of me when you look to the night sky.
    • Immediately afterwards, Pan's ultimate worst animation moment of 2016 turns out to be the underperformance of Kubo and the Two Strings and he goes on a huge rant about how he loved everything minus the predictable twist and hated how people would rather see Trolls instead of Kubo. He also disses everyone for not watching Hardcore Henry.
  • His montage in the middle of his Ed, Edd n Eddy review of soundbites from some of the show's more charming and sombre dialogue, scored to "Forever Blue" by Fabrizio Paterlini & March Rosetta. It emphasizes the show's themes of nostalgia for childhood and his own nostalgia for the show itself.
  • Even though they are not dating (yet), Pan and Sheepy's interactions are positively adorable.
  • His Samurai Jack video, especially the montage tribute set to Enico Morricone's "Ectasy of Gold".
  • "Animation Motivation," three straight minutes of clips and soundbites from animated shows and movies all across the spectrum of the medium (2D, CGI, anime, TV, features, etc.) used to convey a message of You Are Better Than You Think You Are. It's easily the most sincere video he's ever made and it lives up to it's name.
  • To avoid the Downer Ending for his "Top 10 Worst Animation Moments of 2017" video (#1 being a mass shooting in the name of a Danny Phantom character), Pan ends the video by mentioning some of the best moments for animation in 2017, giving special notice to the finale of Regular Show as it was the series that restored his hope in modern animation and why he aspires so much to work at Cartoon Network.
  • In a video where he slams and criticizes everything that DXP aired, Pan takes time to praise Waypoint Presents, a documentary series that avoided many of his criticisms with other shows that aired on the block. He favorably compares the series to Toon Heads and is happy that it doesn't rely on trying to be hip with its audience.


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