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  • Approval of God: Ben Ramsey appreciated Pan's video on his filmography, claiming it "brought back memories both good and bad."
  • Big Name Fan:
    • Popular internet hentai animator ZONE is a fan of Pan's videos, and even allowed Pan to draw in a cameo of ZONE's Author Avatar (ZONE-tan) in his "Top 10 Worst Redesigns" video (with ZONE-tan's voice actress, Caxx, even providing her voice for a few lines). This goes the other way around as well with Pan being a fan of ZONE's work, and even inserting a scene from one of her porn parodies into one of his videos (the part one of a series of videos about pilot episodes that failed to be greenlit; the sneaky porn scene is from ZONE-tan's The Modifyers parody), which didn't go unnoticed.
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    • As mentioned in his own admission, Pan is a big fan of Die Antwoord, Death Grips, Jackie Chan among others.
  • Bonus Episode: Every other Tuesday, there's an episode of the Pizza Party Podcast, a sponsored video or an interview.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer:
    • In his Rick and Morty side-mission review, he calls Morty Rick's nephew. Morty's actually Rick's grandson (Pan corrected this in an annotation).
    • In his Top 10 Cartoon Bands video when he is talking about The Archies he brings up how Archie Comics killed off the Archie character even though that comic book was set in a universe separate from the main Archie Comics.
    • In his Jem and the Holograms review he calls Asuka American when she's actually half-German. This was something he also corrected in an annotation. He also pronounced her name "Ah-SOO-ka" instead of "Ah-ska".
    • When talking about the Scary Godmother movies on his "Top 5 HALLOWEEN HIDDEN GEMS Vol 2", he calls Jimmy Hannah's brother when he's actually her cousin.
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  • Creator Breakdown: In the summer of 2017, Pan started suffering from heart palpitations from the stress of going four straight years without a break from making videos. He was forced to rework his process from just working for hours on end until videos are done to working from designated daylight hours so as to avoid further burnout.
  • Fan Community Nickname: Pan officially nicknamed his fans "Honkies".
  • Old Shame: To put it briefly, Pan is very critical of his work and looks back at a lot of videos and even single jokes with regret. To put it even more briefly, any of his videos before the My Little Pony review.
  • Reclusive Artist: For a while, Pan said that he'd only release a picture of himself if he reaches the $5000 mark on his Patreon. He finally revealed his face in the 100th podcast.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Rebel Taxi was picked up by Channel Awesome during the Summer 2014 talent search. However, due to missing a Skype call with their management, Pan was dropped from the site before being able to upload any videos. Considering the chaos which ensued in the proceeding years due to Channel Awesome's mismanagement, firing contributors of note and several others quitting (all of this was before the "Change The Channel Controversy," when every contributor except Doug Walker and Brad Jones left the site), Pan said that he pretty much dodged a bullet.
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    • Episode 69 of the Pizza Party Podcast was planned to be an interview with a porn star. However, technical problems ensued, and we got a room tour instead.
    • In his review for the Top 4 Best or Worst Christmas Specials, he was going to add some audio from a scene of the Boondocks when Big Kid was threatening D-Roc, but the audio on the actual special was already messed up.
    • As mentioned in the 100th Pizza Party Podcast, the episode on Disney XD DXP was originally part of a bigger video about video game based TV shows. However, as he was working on the DXP segment, it became so long Pan decided to just made it its own video.
    • In "Top 5 Best/Worst Modern Cartoons Volume 9", Pan was originally going to review The Dragon Prince, Disenchantment, and Hilda, but he wanted to cover more then just Netflix cartoons.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Pizza Party Podcast Wikia. It's about as serious as Pan himself, and isn't exactly nice to most of the people it mentions. However, don't think that it's nice to Pan either, making constant jokes at his expense, and under the category "Actually Successful" there are only two people and neither of them is Pan. note 


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