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Drinking Game / RebelTaxi

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  • Whenever there's a delay in introducing themselves, drink.
  • If a main member is absent, drink.
  • If there's a guest, take a shot for every time they manage to say something after being introduced and questioned in the beginning.
  • If Nolan complains about being unpopular, drink.
  • If they talk about sex, fetishes, porn, etc.; drink.
  • Take a shot whenever someone is talked down to.
  • If Nolan says he wants to die, drink.
  • Whenever somebody's video is mentioned, take a shot.
  • Take a shot if Pan says "There will be a link in the description."
    • Also if he says "Should I cut that out?"
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    • Then again if he says something that makes everyone else cringe.
    • Lastly, whenever he insists that they're the #1 animation podcast.
  • Drink whenever they ask Izzy if she's still there.
  • Drink whenever Monster Trucks is brought up.
    • Sip a bit more if someone other than Jim brings it up.
  • If they criticise or make fun of someone who's not on the podcast, drink.
    • Take another drink if it's Mr.Enter.
  • Take a shot if they take forever to get to the news.
    • Take an extra shot if they notice it.
  • Drink if Pan wants to get to the news/questions, but everybody else prevents it.
  • Drink if they have a long conversation only for Pan to say "What were we talking about? Oh yeah, (subject from several minutes ago)."
  • Take a shot when Jim ask Pan to cut out a lousy joke he makes that clearly isn't cut out from the podcast.
  • Take a shot any time they criticize Family Guy or Seth Macfarlane.
  • Drink any time Pan or the others believe or thought a missing or return Podcast member has been killed.
  • Drink whenever Pan makes that Stephany Vasquez sounding "aww".

    ''Take a shot every time The Stinger says "I await your (insert item here)." That includes this one. Now drink up.
    I await your hangovers...

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