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Drinking Game / The Rap Critic

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  • Take a sip if the subtitles give up on the lyrics.
  • Take a sip if the Rap Critic goes into a speech on a sociopolitical topic for every fifteen seconds of talking.
  • Take a sip if the Rap Critic looks on in disgust and awe.
  • Splash a shot into a friend's face if the Rap Critic has a skit with himself.
  • Take a sip if the Rap Critic's chair is visible.
  • Take a sip for each piece of the Rap Critic's classic ensemble (beard, glasses, leather hat, jacket) that's missing.
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  • Take two sips if the Rap Critic sarcastically endorse a terrible life decision.
  • Take a sip if a rapper deviates from the rap cliches.
    • Take another sip if they immediately revert to type.
    • Down the bottle if they manage to stay on point or if a rapper the Rap Critic respects reverts to cliches.

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