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Web originals with their own pages

  • In the Cartoon Hooligans episode "What If Superman Got Sick?!", while Batman is comforting J'onn J'onnz, the rest of the Justice League are visible beating up Superman in the background.
  • This episode of Comicstorian. Watch closely....
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. You could watch Penny and Hammer on their date scene, or you could look in the background and see Doctor Horrible stalking them in a hilariously inept manner, even pretending to be a soup kitchen worker.
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  • The first Nerd vs. Critic battle. After the Nerd chastises the Critic for not shutting the door after coming into his house, just before the door closes, Toucan Sam flies by.
  • This is mainly the idea in SMP films' Epic Nothing Series.
  • Any episode of The Joker Blogs is sure to include many blink-and-you'll-miss-it inside jokes about the DC universe. This comes to its logical conclusion during episode 18, which was in the form of a TV news broadcast. The news ticker at the bottom of the screen consists of nothing but comic book in-jokes (over 25 different Batman villains/allies are referenced), to the point that it mught be necessary to watch the video twice — once to watch the video and the other time to watch the news ticker.
  • Used often in Djy1991's version of Half-Life: Full Life Consequences. One example includes someone in the background randomly firing cans around with the Gravity Gun, whilst John Freeman is reading the email from his Mom.
    • The third and fourth videos, Hero Beggining and Free Man, are filled with this, often involving the GMan.
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  • When Rooster Teeth's Miles Luna and Kyle Taylor did a Let's Play of Doki Doki Literature Club!, the Wham Shot made them scream so much it startled Josh Ornelas, who was working in the background. But then Josh first gives knowing smirks that made them afraid... and then started looking back to check on the two every now and then, which makes the already squirming duo even more disturbed ("just him watching us just makes me know something..."). To make it worse, Josh brings in another guy to watch along with him, doubling the fun while annoying Miles and Kyle further.
  • Thanks to the Machinima nature of Red vs. Blue, you might be able to catch some of the cast doing their own stuff around the set while other characters are talking in the foreground.
    • The most memorable is probably Agent Washington using quite a lot of explosives to dispose of a recently deceased fellow agent's body.
    • When Church is getting the others to fix up his legs, and in the background the red's jeep which he is unknowingly controlling is going everywhere. Soon after it almost kills Sarge.
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    • Unintentional Funny Background Events occasionally occurred in older episodes when characters not currently in use ended up in a shot. Perhaps most notable was a brief glimpse of a blue soldier who looked like Caboose in an early episode, declared to be Caboose's evil brother Cecil, who returns to kill Caboose in one of the alternate finales for season 5.
  • Brad Jones' cats often pop onscreen unexpectedly.
    • During the Cinema Snob review of Nudist Colony of The Dead his cat wanders onscreen and watches as he throws a crumpled up newspaper across the room.
    • The video "Brad Tries... Durian Toffee" could just as plausibly be titled "Brad's Cat Has Fun", given that it hops around on the couch behind Brad, falls down behind it, gets out, and falls back in multiple times.
    • Then there's "Brad Tries Deep Throat energy drink" where halfway through, Lloyd starts going insane behind the curtain.
      Brad: Hmm, wonder if Lloyd's been getting into this drink too.
    • In "Brad Tries Urge", Lloyd randomly pops up from behind the couch.
    • And then there's the funny foreground event in Jillian's review of Eclipse, where Lloyd suddenly pokes his head up right in front of the camera.
    • In "Brad Tries Jones Soda Christmas Packs", the cat has her own show in the background.
    • In "Brad Tries Sperm", Brad has to caution his cat against sniffing the curiously-named canned cocktail he's about to consume, as that would just make the video all kinds of illegal.
    • At the end of the Rock: It's Your Decision DVD-R Hell review, Brad describes just how messed up the movie was, and how it detailed the utter ruination of the main character as he is brainwashed. As he states that he is sure that, ten years later, the main character would hang himself, Lloyd picked that EXACT moment to jump up onto the couch as Brad smiles.
    • In one episode, Lloyd starts meowing quite loudly off-screen, to which Brad reacts by assuring the cat they will drink the drink, which shuts the cat up.
  • This video where the main focus in on the Spy trying (poorly) to do Caramelldansen, while people in the background are doing normal things (at least, normal for Team Fortress 2). However, about a third of the way in, an Engineer spawns in on top of the Spy and starts dancing, before the cameraman kills him. Then, about two-thirds of the way in, another Spy, who has, until this point, been just running around shooting people, decides to get in on the act, and actually does a much better job of Spy Crabbing in the background.
  • In one video of The Tourettes Guy, Danny screams PIIIIIIIIIIIIISS! so loud into his phone, a page on the calender behind him falls onto the previous month.
  • In Zero Punctuation's Super Paper Mario review, when Yahtzee shows the definition of "game" (while complaining about padding), the other tab in his browser is titled "Super Huge Tits".
  • In the Monster High episode "Ghostly Gossip", just at the beginning there is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where behind Cleo, a student is being attacked from her locker by tentacles similar to the image on this trope's main page.
  • Project Million: After receiving a Mind Screw from The Wire, Spazz spends several minutes in the background trying to make sense of it.
  • Ever since the Spoony One got a new dog, you can see her in the background having fun in a number of the VLogs.
  • Desert Bus for Hope 5: Game of Thrones on Kazoo and Guitar challenge has Monty Python horses in the background, as well as a flying stuffed dragon.
  • In this video combining Rhythm Heaven and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, while Pinkie Pie is busy putting her twist on "Munchy Monk 2", Twilight Sparkle can be seen in the background trying (and hilariously failing) to play the trumpet.
    • Mr. Ben's Remix AppleAppleApple is rife with these. There's brick jokes and funny background events aplenty, particularly in the scenes involving Pinkie Pie, naturally.
  • An in-universe example happens in the Five Second Film, "The Worst Extra in Hollywood".
  • A lot of the contributors to Kickassia seem to be trying to out-mug each other, making group shots hilarious for picking out different facial expressions in the background.
    • They keep it up in Suburban Knights. One notable scene is when one group has to search for the next clue, which is hidden in Elisa's basement. As Brad spins a story about them being a group protesting terrible stage shows, you can see the rest of the group behind him giving hilarious hammy grins and head-nodding. The scene later gets some laughs from the reviewers who did the commentary.
      • And later on, when Benzai stops to pray to Crom, look in the background. First you'll see Jaffers chasing Critic with a sword. Wait a few seconds. Then you'll see Critic chasing Jaffers with the same sword, having somehow gotten it off-screen.
  • CollegeHumor:
    • The Originals video "Viral Video Politician" is purposely built with multiple examples going on, and also includes lots of tropes including speaking with a Vader Breath.
    • This College Humor video has a couple:
      • Pat and Dan are playing mummy-tag with toilet paper, and run through the background of several shots.
      • David mentions that "Amir killed one of the busboys":
    Sarah: That did not happen.
    David: Yeah, I made that one up.
    • The second one is funnier, since after Sarah and David say in unison "And that's my impression of a drunk person," behind Sarah, you can see Amir strangling a busboy to death.
  • The dialogue boxes in Cracked's "Revisiting Old-School Text Adventures as a Jaded Modern Gamer.
  • Ever since Doug Walker started doing vlogs of Adventure Time with his friends Jason and Jori Laws, their cat Naruto has been making appearances on par with Lloyd and Oreo.
  • JonTron has unscripted ones in the form of whatever Jacques the parrot is doing for that particular shot, be it taking a flapping leap off elsewhere, weave around as Jon hams it up, or simply nibble on stuff, ears included.
  • In the stinger for Episode 8 of RWBY, crime lord Roman Torchwick is seen poring over his next heist. If one looks closely at the map behind him during the scene, they can see that he's labeled a section of it with "Stupid Cops."
    • In Episode 1 of season 2, while Sun and Neptune talk, a massive Food Fight erupts behind them without them noticing. Jaune gets thrown into a window and slides down it.
      • Later in the same episode, there's Roman's extremely mature expressions when Cinder is chewing out Mercury and Emerald for going after Tukson. Emerald retaliated by stealing his lighter and sticking her tongue out at him, which neither Cinder nor Mercury seem to notice.
  • The lead of the Electronic Music band iVardensphere explains the equipment and methods he uses in making his music. Extremely Not safe for work hilarity ensues in the background.
  • Speed Demo Archives runs the Awesome Games Done Quick charity event, where live speedruns are attempted to raise donations for charitable causes. Speedrunner sinister1 plays the original Punch-Out!! on an actual NES, no mean feat for a game that is already Nintendo Hard. The thing is, he's playing it blindfolded so he has to rely solely on audio cues and pattern memory to play. He actually goes all the way to Mike Tyson himself while blindfolded and using no continues. The editor in charge of the stream sneaks in his own commentary on this feat in the middle of the Super Macho Man fight—he changes part of the run's caption from "Estimate: 1:00:00" (meaning sinister1 is expected to finish the game in an hour) to "Estimate: Jedi."
  • Matthew Santoro:
    • In 20 Haunting Halloween Facts, Matt says, "I mean, come on, ghosts? They don't exist! Never once in my life have I ever seen a ghost. And I never will." While he's saying that, a ghost walks in the background.
    • In Raygun vs. Fire!, Matt says that it would be cool if people had rayguns, because they would be able to put out fires without breaking a sweat. While he's saying that, a fire starts in the background, and Hugo puts it out with his ray gun.
    • In 20 Valentines Day facts, Matt talks about how Verona, Italy receives thousands of letters addressed to Juliet Capulet every Valentine's Day. He says that it must be bad for the girls named Juliet who live there, because their mailboxes will be filled with letters from lonely men who have nothing better to do than to write to a girl who never existed. In the background, Eugene is about to deliver his letter to Juliet, but then runs off crying.
  • In "Halloween Special 2012: Celebrities and Calendars" by sillypplproductions2, Miss Piggy, Froggie, and Geico (stuffed animals) attack the Joker.
    • In "Our April Fool's Day Special 2013," Batman is seen sticking out of Surge's backpack.
  • During Bad Creepypasta's riff on Jane The Killer: The Real Story, Vinnce12 went into rant on how clichéd and poorly-written the story was, until his internet connection was killed off in the middle of his rant.
  • When Linkara is talking to Allen's corpse in part 4 of the Atop the Fourth Wall movie, there's a box labeled "Diamanda Hagan's Minions".
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, after Emperor finally agrees to put Kitten's armour back on and moves on to other things, the Custodian can be heard breathing in relief for a few moments.
  • In Noob: La Quête Légendaire, Omega Zell sees that his idol Fantöm has a new set of armor and decided to take a screencap with him. When the screencap is shown for a few seconds, some other players that happened to be present turn ou to have photobombed it.
  • In Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show, the episode "FARTABET NO JUTSU~!" has Naruto shows Kakashi he can fart the alphabet. While Kakashi and Sakura start talking, Naruto can still be heard farting the alphabet in the background.
  • At the end of Sword Art Online Abridged's sixth episode, Asuna and Kirito are having a heartwarming talk and opening up to each other... while the Villain of the Week is getting beaten to death by his former guildmates on the other side of a tree. Which eventually starts intruding on the "foreground" event.
    Asuna: Dammit, Kirito! I'm trying to be nice and have a moment here! Which isn't easy with some people being SO LOUD!
    Kains: (offscreen) Sorry, Asuna, we're just about done here!
    Bad Guy: (offscreen) Wait, no no no NO NO NO- (sickening crunch)
    Asuna: Ah, that's better.
  • The Google Drawing for "Summer Solstice 2017" has a mouse reading in his den just as a bird from above pecked a hole in his roof.  Meanwhile, if you looked to your left, a worm crawling underground just happened to be millimeters from the mouse's den, crawling away with Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises once it became aware the bird's presence.
  • On lightsen's Twitch Plays Pokémon Animated, the Cerulean Cave guard has a ... bad time.
  • Very common in the works by STBlackST. In RED Team's Usual Day for example, a RED Soldier can be seen plowing Tracer from Overwatch. It's worth noting neither are naked while this happens. Its to the point that for "stu_pidface's_whimsical_shenanigans.pie" he is outright challenging the viewers to find all the hidden stuff happening in the background in the video.
  • This CSGO coach falling off the stage when the camera focuses on the teams duing an e-sports event.
  • Used for incredibly dark laughs in the Markiplier Animated episode about Fatal Frame II: Mark (as Mio) sings a song about how good he is at games, while Mayu can be seen getting thrown into a pit.


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