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  • Anytime Grandpa farts.
  • Each time Grandpa tries to fart but shits instead. Resulting a Captain Obvious moment of Hilarity Ensues when he exclaims: "Oh, God, I shit myself (or my pants)!"
  • The video where Grandpa destroys the kitchen over his missing candy. To summarize it, Grandpa is looking in the freezer for some candy he thought he put in there. When he can't find it, he begins destroying all the appliances in the kitchen, including the stove, the microwave, the toaster, the freezer, and the refrigerator. After causing what Michael estimates to be $5,000 in damage, the candy turns out to have been sitting on the counter the whole time.
  • As a Halloween prank, Pickleboy dares Grandpa to summon Bloody Mary in a darkened bathroom. He manages to 'summon' Tina, (his neighbor, not his ex) and freaks out accordingly.
    • Also from the Halloween pranks, insert an obsessive fan that stalks Angry Grandpa's house and literally causes Grandpa to wet himself in fear.
  • The Dewritos video where AGP and Michael try out Mtn Dew and Doritos mixed in a blender
  • Grandpa's got Ebola!
  • Some of Michael's Throwback Thursday stories on his channel, KidBehindaCamera, are pretty hilarious.
    • THE Y2K STORY. Pickleboy talks about how he convinced a paranoid Angry Grandpa on New Year's morning that the end of the world was happening by throwing a breaker switch right after the countdown to the new year ended.
  • Angry Grandpa's week long video series describing embarassing stories from Michael's childhood.
    Neighbor Tina: [Opening the door to Angry Grandpa's bathroom while he's taking a shower.] Whatcha doin' in here?
    Angry Grandpa: (screams, yells while pounding on the side of the bathroom) Get out of here!
    Neighbor Tina: Ah, scub that!
    Angry Grandpa: Oh my god, I'm nekkid!
    Neighbor Tina: Ah, scrub that!
    Angry Grandpa: I'm nakedgetoutofhere!
    Neighbor Tina: Scrub your balls!
    Angry Grandpa: Oh my god, get out of here!
    Neighbor Tina: Scruuuuub your balls!
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  • The ending to Angry Grandpa's Special Guest is great. Angry Grandpa farted and proceeded to stink up the living room] as Michael and Kim try and open a window that's locked.
  • The Mouse Hunt and its sequel.
  • CHINESE FOOD BLOWOUT, especially when Grandpa starts making owl noises at the 1:30 mark after eating sweet-and-sour chicken.
  • This line of dialogue from "Angry Grandpa Gets Robbed":
    Michael: You threw Chinese food all over the damn floor!
    AGP: Oh, fuckin' Chinese! I was gonna watch TV and eat the Chinese! FUCK THE CHINESE NOW!
  • ANGRY GRANDPA'S KITCHEN MELTDOWN! features Michael filming Grandpa as he attempts to show the audience his pumpkin pie recipe. Unfortunately, he cannot find the vanilla, without which he claims "you ain't got no pie." So, he begins breaking all of Michael's plates. The kicker is that Michael does find the vanilla, prompting Grandpa to switch back into "cooking show host" mode as though nothing had happened. Michael, understandably, is still very worked up, so Grandpa breaks more of his plates and throws the pie at Michael.
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  • Angry Grandpa drives into the pool, prompting a funny "DRIVE FORWARD! Go forward!" from Pickleboy.
  • Angry Grandpa trying to remove his Embarrassing Tattoo in ANGRY GRANDPA'S TATTOO REMOVAL FAIL! and PICKLEBOY'S STUPID FAMILY!!. It starts with Grandpa howling in pain and cussing out his daughter Jennifer as she tries to scrub off his tattoo with soap, water, and a sponge. When this doesn't work, he gives Michael a pocket knife and tells him to carve it off of his back. Michael puts the pocket knife onto his bare skin (with the blade retracted) and Grandpa screams and recoils, thinking that he was really starting to cut him when he wasn't. This becomes an In-Universe Funny Moment to Bridgette, who laughs about it for hours later.
  • GRANDPA SHAVED OFF MY EYEBROWS!!, specifically when Pickleboy discovers that Grandpa has shaved off most of his right eyebrow. He screams in shock at his reflection in the mirror, turns to the camera, and screams in pure rage in a ridiculously over-the-top way.
  • PICKLEBOY'S SURPRISE PARTY! (SHOWER PRANK) is hilarious to watch, especially with Bridgette getting back at Michael for all the shower pranks.
  • Cribs Fail Aftermath Michael grabs a phone to call the police and Grandpa destroys it. Grandpa throws the phone on the floor and it somehow bounces off the floor and hits him right in his face.
  • Angry Grandpa Draw My Life FAIL Grandpa draws his life using a whole lot of childish drawings. It ends with him drawing both Michael and Bridgette as fat people.

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