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An Angry German Kid with a real hot temper can sure bring a lot of laughs among the world.

  • Note: Because there are SO many videos of the Angry German Kid, these videos are divided by their users.

    Angry German Kid 82 
  • Any time Leopold is beaten up off-screen is just pure gold.
  • Episode #27 & #28: Angry German Kid Kills Chris Crocker/Fred. Mostly the endings, where Leopold personally travels to their homes and proceeds to chase and kill them, with their agonizing screams being heard as the screen goes black and Leopold laughs maniacally.
  • Episode #41: Angry German Kid Goes Camping:
    • The scene with Leopold in the car, with the urge to piss, trying to pursue his parents to pull over. Hilarity Ensues when Harold comments that Leopold went to piss only 20 minutes ago.
    • Leopold accidentally creating a virus in his dad's computer.
      • Even more hilarious when Leopold tries to figure out the password... with one of the guesses being "porn".
    • The ending. Harold beats up Leopold... in the car.
  • Episode #44: Angry German Kid Watches Angry Video Game Nerd.
    • The ending where Harold finds out that Leopold is watching a video with cussing, and then beats him up.
  • Episode #61: Angry German Kid Gets Detention:
    • When Leopold starts watching porn and laughing like a maniac.
  • Episode #65: Angry German Kid Plays Action 52:
    • Part 1:
    • When Leopold loads up Atmos Quake and sees what it looks like, he has a Freak Out! because he's tired of playing "glitchy" space shooters.
    • When he starts up Chill Out:
    Leopold: Don't you tell me to chill out!
    • When Leopold is killed by one of the macaroni enemies in Alfredo:
    • Part 2:
      • When he plays Crazy Shuffle, Leopold screams at the game for being uncreative. The creator couldn't translate the subtitles when he had his fit.
    • When the game crashes after exiting Shooting Gallery.
      • And again when Leopold tries to load Jigsaw.
    • Leopold imitating the sounds of the ninjas during Ninja Assault. He does it just like The Angry Video Game Nerd.
    • When playing Non-Human, he thinks that the green heads in the background are... Elton John heads.
  • Episode #70, #71 and #72: Angry German Kid Babysits His Brothers:
    • Part 1:
      • It starts with Leopold walking along a street in a cartoon city... only for the surroundings to turn into the city from SUICIDE MOUSE. Then he wakes up screaming in class, much to the mirth of his classmates.
      • Leopold hands his essay to the teacher. One transition later, he's in the principal's office.
      • Leopold boldly calls the principal a pedophile then cusses him out after he threatens to call his parents. Cue the beating!
      • While in his room recovering and anticipating another grounding: "Well, at least I don't have to babysit my brothers. They piss me off.."
      • The dramatic zoom-in and sound FX when his parents, after telling him they're going to Red Lobster, tell him that that's what he actually has to do!
    • Part 2:
    • Part 3:
      • The epilogue where Harold watches Suicide Mouse.

    Gene Bernardino Lawl 
  • Episode #5: AGK's dad gets 5 strikes at work
    • Harold just beat the crap out of his coworker.

    Red Bloony 
Season 1 & 2Season 3
  • AGK plays Eversion is a hilarious example of a Let's Play. We have:
  • AGK plays the Binding of Isaac doesn't have a lot of funny scenes but the dream sequence stands out. (link to latter video doesn't include some lines in the final video, so it's best to watch the beginning of the episode instead)
  • Judging by a sneak peek, AGK plays SCP – Containment Breach has a scene where Leopold positions the character to be sitting on a toilet. The line says it all. The episode is now released.
  • AGK plays Sonic 3
  • AGK replays Eversion and SCP - CB. The Eversion part has some funny dialogue but the SCP - CB parts are chock full of jokes:
    • The texture of SCP-173 is abused
    • Leopold talks twice as fast the faster D-9341 goes in the game
    • When spawns near the toilet, the response is hilarious:
    • When 096 is pissed off and fail at killing the player multiple times due to God Mode
    • The papers on the table that aren't able to be picked up. Leopold thinks they glued it to the table
    • You know the 682 document that's in the room with a lot of gas that activates when you go near them because 079 wants it to be kept secret? Since Leopold haven't seen the document and 079 before, he asks if that's a porn stash belonging to the voice.
    • Smoking 420-J near a picture of Radical Larry
    • ANGRY 096 BREAKTIME!!!
    • 096 jogging (a glitch where he runs in place)
  • AGK plays has some hilarious conversations and an RPG fight that's about as weird as EarthBound can get.

  • THIS GODLY subbed vid of him...being played in reverse. This version isn't as nonsensical, but it at least includes the cut-out ending (or beginning?) portion.

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