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Warning: you will probably be here FOOOOOOOOOOOOR HOOOUUUUUURRRRRRSSSSS!!!

  • Anytime Joe goes into slow motion speak. Like this.
  • In Angry Joe's preview of Bayonetta, he is thoroughly confused with the automatic play mechanic, where a single button can control the main character efficiently. Then, this happens:
    Joe: What the hell was that? One button controls? Autoplay? Why the hell would you possibly need that..?
    * An image of a guy ringing a large bell that he's holding right before his crotch appears*
    Joe: * Totally disgusted* Aaaugh! AAAUGH! OH MY GOD! Show me some else, quick! Hurry!
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  • One of Joe's negative aspects of Borderlands 2 was that boss drops do not get distributed to every player and his way of complaining about it at the 14:00 mark is hilarious:
    Joe; In a really trollike voice while grabbing purple weapons: *Evil Laugh* MINE! MINE! Itsaah. It's MINE. It's my gun.
    Amanda: Hey!
    Joe: Huh? Wut?
    Amanda: I wanted that! What the fuck?
    Joe: Oooohhh. It's MINE.
  • Not to mention his reaction in... this.
  • Angry Joe's review of Red Dead Redemption is chock-full of them, but one's favorite was when he said that the game offers Poker and the video cut to him, another man, and a Saloon Gal playing poker, to the tune of Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
    • There's also the part where "The Bad" shoots down different versions of Angry Joe.
    Mexican!Joe: *Head pops up from the bottom of the screen, looks around confused* Oya, que passo!? *Is shot* OYAAA!!!
  • Angry Joe's Shout-Out to Penny Arcade in his review of [PROTOTYPE]:
  • Joe's epic freak-out when LordKaT does a Kill Steal on a demon he was fighting in one of Spoony's D&D games.
    Joe: FUCK YOU! We were fighting over here, like MEN!
  • His ENTIRE review of Sonic Free Riders, starting right out of the chute with Joe breaking whatever fourth wall exists on his show when someone off-screen starts to stand up and Joe immediately orders them to sit back down and listen to him rant about the game.
    Joe: "Well, the two player's an abomination unto Goood, Our Lord, and may He have mercy on the souls involved with the creation of this game!"
    Subtitles: For they know not what they do!
    • His complaint about the way the game has you hold hands with your opponent during any two player racing. Cut to Joe and his girlfriend playing, and in the middle of trying to duck and weave, she and Joe slam their heads together.
    Joe: "F*ck, woman that's like the sixth time!"
    • On the menu screen, of all things:
    Joe: "It's like the developers of Sonic Free Riders(pulls out a piece of paper)—didn't get the f@#$ing memo on how to create a menu with Kinect! That or they did get the memo, and they just took it and WIPED THEIR FUCKING ASS WITH IT AND THEN JUST THREW IT IN OUR FACE! (does just that).
    Joe: "'But Joe! They created voice commands on the menu!' OH, REALLY, FOOL?!? Well, maybe YOU can tell ME why THEY require US to say the name of the button but then don't even display the NAMES OF THE F@#$ING BUTTONS ON THE MENU UNTIL YOU HAVE IT SELECTED!!!"
    • On the gameplay itself:
    Joe: "You know what they should do? They should add a mode to the game where you actually control the velocity and direction of your throw-up, because that is what you're gonna do after you play a few matches."
    • On... his eyebrows?
    Joe: "My-my eyebrows are sweating; I F@#$ING HATE when my eyebrows sweat!"
  • Trying to be "Average Joe" at the Blistered Thumbs discussion video. He winced at the Terminator Salvation and Iron Man 2 tie-in games, but doesn't actually flip, but when Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days appears, his Berserk Button was pressed.
    • Then, when he fires Jeff:
    Corporate Commander: (Putting on his best Doctor Claw impression) Jeff, you're fired.
    Jeff: F@$k you.
    Corporate Commander: HEEEEYY!!! That wasn't very nice!
    Jeff: F@$k you.
  • "Ready to play kick-ball, Tiger. I don't like to lose." *cocks gun*
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  • His opening joke for his Resident Evil: Afterlife was simple, yet sublime. Wesker pulls off his sunglasses and throws them in slow-mo at the camera. Gilligan Cut to Joe being hit in the face with the sunglasses. "(Beat) ...What the FU-!? (Cut to Opening Sequence)"
  • Geisha Joe.
  • From the Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Joe continuously wonders why so much content got cut from the game. Each time, cue Corp Commander shruggingly commanding, "Don't need it."
    • Also from that review, Joe is downright confused about some of the choices in the cast line up.
    Corporate Commander: Hmmm, who can be in the new Marvel vs. Capcom lineup? Um, I know! MODOK! I love MODOK! ...What? Put him in anyway!
  • His Darkspawn routine during the Dragon Age II review. All of it pretty good but especially:
    Who shall lead the blight back to glory? Will it be Carl, the Archdemon's brother? Or will it be Stan, that guy down the street who once stole candy from a baby?
    • Hawke's Hidden Romance scene at the end.
  • During his Home Front review, aside from mocking the Acceptable Breaks from Reality and Willing Suspension of Disbelief the game is trying to push on the player, he mentions that flashpoints around the world as battles would make the game better, including stressing for some kind of battle—ANY kind of battle—at the DMZ. What idea does he offer? A DANCE BATTLE!
  • The Man vs. Wild game. Joe runs from a swarm of bees—right into an alligator. Which proceeds to eat him.
    • Better yet, it happens TWICE. In a row.
    • Also Other Joe trying in vain to catch a running deer.
  • Just the way he says this quote in his Thor video game review:
    Joe: Comparing God of War to the God Of Thunder is like comparing the delicious and best cereal ever, FRUITY PEBBLES [holds up a box of Fruity Pebbles] to the off brand [holds up a knockoff brand called "Fruit Rageous"] tastes like cardboard and ass Fruitrageous! They aren't even on the same plane!
  • His description of the video game adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.
    Hagrid: Yer a wizard, Harry!
    *cut to credits*
  • Joe did a bid once where he parodied the famous scene from Ghostbusters (1984)—the moment when the Busters come to the peak of the possessed skyscraper and the ghost asks if they're gods. Joe says yes, but the scene continues as if he'd told her no—with the ghost woman killing them. He protests, shouting that he said that he was a god.
  • Joe and Tons Of Fun in the Left 4 Dead review, arguing over who gets to protect and then repopulate the planet with Emmers, who's actually fighting the zombies.
  • The beginning to his Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Angry Rant, where he realizes that people would blame the game's creation on him due to his sarcastic remark about a sequel at the end of his Marvel vs. Capcom 3 review.
    Joe: (sits in chair, pulls up video on computer, takes sip from cup) (sound effects from the game trailer begin playing, Joe does Spit Take) WHAT?! NO! NO! That was a joke! I-I was joking! You actually did it! You monsters! No, everyone's gonna blame this on ME! ...I'll fix this!
    • He then goes to beat the tar out of Corporate Commander for ruining his name.
    • The absolutely bewildered look on Joe's face when he reads Rocket Raccoon as one of the confirmed new characters.
    • On Spectator Mode.
    Joe: And...oh, but wait, here's the kicker! Here's the kicker! SPECTATOR MODE!...SPECTATOR MODE?!?!
  • In his review of Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, he says that in Co-Opt your partner plays as Sinestro.
    *cut to a clip of Sinestro whipping and insulting an alien*
    Joe: ... when, when he was a good guy!
    *cut to the same clip ... with a green filter*
  • In his Fruit Ninja Kinect review, Joe, dressed as Ermac, slicing a Watermelon in half with a Katana. While staying completely in character
    • It gets even better in the bloopers at the end of the video, he attempts to cut it some more, but fails, resulting in the blade getting stuck, and Joe falling over. Not only that, but it turns out he managed to make a small cut in the table used for the take.
    • Ermac!Joe and Other Joe playing two player mode in which Ermac!Joe randomly decides to chop Other Joe in the chest and face, knocking him onto the floor. Even funnier when Joe attempts to do a roundhouse kick and only causes himself to fall on the floor.
    • Joe pauses for half a second after chopping the watermelon in half. It's as if, under that mask, he was thinking, "Damn, did I really chop that watermelon in half?"
  • Joe playing Dark Souls and starting to flip his shit at the tutorial boss. A short while later, he stands a much better chance and gets some stress relief from killing it.
  • In his review of X-Men: Destiny, Joe tries to get himself into the Xavier school for the gifted. When Joe shows off his Mutant power, it turns out to be an adamantium mustache.
  • At the end of his review for Batman: Arkham City, he takes the opportunity to do a certain... Batman meme.
  • In his first video about Skyrim he tries to get his friend Jacob to come over and do the LP but he refuses because he's too busy playing Skyrim.
  • Joe attacking Corporate Commander in the Skyrim review. At first, it looks like Joe has become a badass Skyrim warrior, and is about to unleash a Curb-Stomp Battle upon Corporate Commander... Then it's shown that Joe played Skyrim for so long he went insane and made a tinfoil helmet and a broom spear, which he wails away with to ass-all effect.
    • From the same review, his suspicions that Bethesda has a prisoner fetish. Cue the dancing monks!
  • Joe and Amanda play Saints Row: The Third, they do a mission where they've been drugged and stripped naked. Then Amanda finds one of the dildo bats.
  • Everything about the dildo in the actual Saints Row: The Third review. Angry Joe calls a sex shop asking about "big purple ones", they drive to the shop and he orders Other Joe to go in and buy it, then Other Joe shoves it into the shot during the review.
    • Other Joe whacking Angry Joe in the back of the head with it in the middle of the review, causing Angry Joe to corpse.
  • His summary of Soulcalibur V's advertising.
    Joe: Ass! Titties! Ass, ass and Titties! Ass! Titties! Ass, ass and Titties!
    Voice: Dicks!
    Joe: ... what?
    • And, from the very beginning of the review:
      Joe: That's right, you've seen the advertisements! It's finally back! [giant picture of Ivy comes onscreen] BOOBIES!
  • The sneak peek of the Mass Effect 3 extended cut DLC which is a Youtube Poop-like video.
  • After witnessing "I'm Han Solo" in Kinect Star Wars, he doesn't just let out Darth Vader's Big "NO!", he lets out an extended version of it so powerful that it blows up Admiral Ackbar's ship.
  • In his review of Risen 2: Dark Waters, Joe gets a monkey as a pet. When he sets it off to steal something, another character shoots and kills it. An Angry Joe takes revenge on that character.
    Joe: That mother***er killed my monkey!
  • Angry Joe previews Dragon's Dogma:
    Joe: [while his character is shooting a whole lot of arrows] Yaaaay I'm at the Medieval Faire again!
    [Shows an actual photo of Joe at an actual Renn. Faire]
  • The beginning of his Guild Wars 2 Review, where the shopkeeper keeps asking Joe for 15$ because of the monthly fee of World of Warcraft. One can guess how this ends.
  • How about his entire review of MindJack? Some people thought the review is one of his best!
    Angry Joe: What the F**K?! ***! *rage quits very shortly* G***!
    • Not to mention this little exchange:
    In-game dialogue: "He's a big one!" "Well, the harder they come...!"
    Joe: Wait, wh-what?! D-did you-... "The bigger they are, the harder they c**"?... That's disgusting!...
    • When he talks about a boss fight where the boss doesn't attack you (due to a glitch) and you don't attack the boss (you win the fight by shooting its minions).
  • His review of X-COM guest-stars Spoony as both Terl and as the Councilman. He's hilarious in both.
    Councilman: We're taking away your toys...
    Joe: But!
    Councilman: ...and then we're letting the aliens have their way with us.
    Joe: But!
    Councilman: Oh yes, in the butt. The Council has spoken.
    • Commander Joe loses a whole bunch of small countries and keeps wondering what the hell they are and wishing he paid more attention in history class.
  • His reaction to Lucasfilm being bought by Disney.
  • His Dragon Ball Z Kinect review, complete with Lanipator as Vegeta.
    Abridged!Vegeta: "Let me put this in a way you primitive earth-apes will understand: DBZ Kinect is so easy, even Krillin could beat it. It's worth less than a single Raditz [dollar]note , let alone forty dollars. Not even the fucking Dragon Balls could make this damn thing playable. IT FUCKING SUCKS!!! Now leave me alone!"
  • During his Assassin's Creed III review, Joe is clearly not a fan of Desmond and will happily cut to the clip of his father clocking him in the face at a moments notice.
    • His impression of Desmond is hilarious.
    I have a fanny pack!
    • Then there's his impression of Desmond's ancestor, who's a cross between Ezio Audiotore and Inigo Montoya. Who jumps to the future to shiv Desmond after he desynced from the Animus.
  • From his Far Cry 3 review:
    Angry Joe: *as his Jeep comes to a stop after flipping and rolling down an embankment* I made it!
    *Jeep explodes*
  • Tons from his Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review:
    • Suggesting an alternate title for the game to suit its terrible Kinect controls.
    Joe: They should have renamed this game "Steel Battalion: GET YOUR FUCKING HAND OFF THAT!!!"
    • Explaining how immensely frustrating it is to perform a task as simple as pulling a lever to vent out smoke:
    Joe: And when you do this, your guy's freaking out, he's pressing every button, grabbing every [[BLEEEP]] unit in the god[[BLEEP]] cabin, EXCEPT FOR THE ONE THAT YOU WANT!!!
    • Joe having to move out almost everything in his living room to play with the Kinect even remotely properly, except for his big, black computer chair - then he backspaces, saying the Kinect "didn't like" that chair, so he had to swap it out for a backup.
    • He describes how one particular mission doesn't give you any hints for giving out a signal when you see an enemy patrol unit. After trying everything he could think of (waving his arms around, shouting "I SEE THEM!", etc.) and experiencing multiple deaths by trial-and-error, he discovers the solution - simply going back into your mech, and tapping the driver on the shoulder so he can start the engine.
  • From the "Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2012"
    • His parody of Doritogate.
    Hello, I'm Angry Joe, and this is my review of Halo 4. *starts scarfing down Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew* It's a good game, and I got plenty of Bonus XP.
    • The number 1 entry is the arrest of two developers for Arma 3 who were taking pictures of a Greek military insulation. He emphasizes that their arrest was for "spying for Greece's enemies".
  • From the "Top 10 Worst Games of 2012"
    (Unhappy face.) Look at my face. Does this look like a face that about to have fun to you? NO! We're not about to have fun here! We're about to do a lot of yelling. So, turn down your speakers. These are the worst games of 2012!
  • While playing Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011, Joe demonstrates Hunter's Vision.
    Joe: What the hell is this shit?! How am I supposed to fucking see in this shit?! Really?! This is hunter's vision. Really.
    Jeff Foxworthy: Ever hear a group of women talkin' to each other, "Ooh, I really wish I knew what he was thinkin'"? Ladies, I will tell you what we're really thinkin'! We're really thinkin': "I'd like a beer, and I'd like to see somethin' naked." That's ALL we're thinkin'!
    Joe: (snickering) ... Okay, maybe I'm not entirely a redneck!
  • BioShock Infinite and "The Amazing Flying Racists".
    • From the same review, there's Joe dressing up as a little girl. That's not the funny part... in fact, it's rather disturbing. (Perhaps a "funny" disturbing, but still disturbing.) The real joke is at the end of the video, where Elizabeth looks on, making the same exact "Da hell?!?! Uh... no seriously, what the hell?" face YOU probably were while you were watching that scene.
    • Again, many may find it more disturbing than funny, but the fact that the shot of Joe dressed up like a little girl being right after an incredibly well edited scene makes this a hilarious case of Mood Whiplash.
  • "His Superman vs Batman: Top 10 Reasons Superman Wins!", Joe notes one of the arguments for Batman winning is he's a better fighter, which he points out is moot since even with a kryptonite ring Batman breaks every bone in his hand punching Superman.
  • Him and OJ playing Fighter Within, especially the "leg glitch" part and Joe rage-quitting at the end.
  • The Star Trek review has him hilariously mocking Kirk's elasticity during a particularly funny death.
    • During a turret section, Joe keeps getting killed because the ship's shields seemed to get switched off and on, leading him to say that Star Fleet is playing Red Light, Green Light with them. Following that complaint is a skit where Joe as Captain Kirk orders Chekov to raise the shields, then lower them, then raise them, then lower them. Kirk eventually gives the orders so fast that he malfunctions and powers down like a robot.
  • He opens his review of Metro: Last Light describing the bleak post-apocalyptic environment but interrupting it with the fact there's strippers and nudity, launching into a dubstep-fueled segment (with Noisia's Lilith's Club track) cutting between the in-game stripper and Joe gyrating his crotch to the camera.
  • Spoony's cameo in the review of Aliens: Colonial Marines. He initially dismisses the revelation that Hicks is still alive with a light, dismissive "Bullshit" only to descend into screaming Angrish when Joe reveals that the characters don't even try to rescue the other Marines stranded on the planet ("so much for 'Never leave a Marine behind'"), shows how the actual game went backwards from what was touted in the hyped-up demo, and ultimately, how the game was a total trainwreck compared to what it initially promised.
  • The face Joe makes upon seeing the new Dante for DmC: Devil May Cry, which happens to be a video from Blood on the Dance Floor.
  • His review for Ride to Hell: Retribution, showing what happens when Angry Joe lives up to his name-sake. Also a Moment of Awesome when he kills Demon Joe a second time. Just by giving the game a 1/10.
    Joe: I have EXORCISED the demons!!!
    • Also noteworthy that he says the worst thing about the game is that it works, meaning you can't use glitches or broken gameplay as an excuse to stop (although there are videos of the game glitching out on Youtube), so he calls it a legal means of torture.
    • "It's as if all the lines were recorded in the bathroom of the studio by unpaid interns! (cue a cutscene with a toilet flushing over the game's audio)"
    • Alan Rickman reading Shakespearean sonnets over Hot Coffee footage.
    • Joe on the shitty fanservice in this game: "Yay, titties!"
    • After Joe rather bluntly refuses to review the game, much to Demon Joe's chagrin:
    Demon Joe: Uh... Please?
    Joe: ... No.
    Joe: ... No.
    Demon Joe: Oh, I worked really hard! Come on!
    Joe: Fine, I'll review it!
    • "OH GOD, NOT THE fence. NOT THE fence."
    • The very end of the video, where Corporate Commander gets a phone call from a foreign technician and yells directly at him that he doesn't speak Spanish. Made hilariously ironic by the fact that Corporate is played by Joe himself.
    • Joe explaining the long, convoluted, and completely unnecessary method of how Jake deals with an electric fence, with way too many casualties and culminating with Jake producing a domino effect of explosions in an electric plant.
      • The casual manner in which Joe says "The explosions jump over a river".
    • "When you fuck up the bike sound effects in your god*beep* biker game, you know you done fucked it up!"
  • In his reviews of Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, he portrays a rapper named the Notorious J.O.E. (formerly the Notorious An-gar-ee), whose poorly written music consists mainly of him repeating the song title over and over. His songs include "Wipe Dat Ass Ho", "Gimme Dem Big Ass Titty", and the triple-platinum hit "Drop That Dookie". If you thought that was hilarious, wait until you see him as the president.
  • Deadpool's appearance in Joe's review of the Deadpool game. The highlight is when he gets mad at Joe's rating of the game and tries to kill him, accusing Joe of giving hack and slash games 7 and giving Call of Duty a 9.5. Joe points out that he never even reviewed Call of Duty, but Deadpool exclaims "Yes you did. Some guy on the internet said you did and the internet is always right!"
  • The Total War: Rome II review. All of it. Some highlights:
    • Mocking the insanely incompetent AI
      • "I can't even see the fight animations! It looks like a fucking orgy! I mean, I know this is Rome, after all...But come on!"
      • Showing the AI running around in circles set to Gangnam Style at 19:20
      • Before that, showing the AI making multiple charges and then turning around before actually clashing with Joe's army.
      • The ship sailing sideways.
    The men are WAVEring.
    • "Capture the flag! Just like in 272 BC!"
    • All the cuts to an interview with a game designer and game previews, and then cuts back to the actual game. Joe doesn't even need to add anything.
      • Eventually he stops cutting back to the game and starts cutting to The Fox by Yvlis.
    Joff, tchoff, tchoff, tchoff, tchoff, tcho, tcho, tcho, tcho!
  • The opening to the Dragon Commander review... just... the opening.
  • Joe driving around in a little toy car in his Grand Theft Auto V review. Yes really.
  • In the Injustice: Gods Among Us review:
  • Joe trying to get a Dylithium space crystal in Star Trek: Trexels:
  • In the Rambo review, Joe explains that it got a 2 out of 10 instead of a 1 because it made him laugh. He then admits that frankly he's not sure if that's something about the game, or just his mental state after being subjected to it. And then as proof we see a clip from Joe's webcam from when he was playing the game, and he is laughing manically at how the name "Rambo" sounds.
    • The opening. Angry Joe as Rambo (complete with muscle suit) charges (more like walks slowly up to) Other Joe, who is firing full-tilt with an assault rifle. Angry Joe calmly stands in right front of Other Joe, still firing and missing at point blank range, and then Angry Joe shoots Other Joe. Who explodes.
    • The whole thing is an homage to UHF btw.
    • Joe, as Joe Rambo, in a muscle suit. That in itself is comedy gold.
    • The description Joe comes up with to explain how bad the game is.
    Joe: The most accurate description for this game I can come up with is that it's those little disgusting pieces of corn left over in the diarrhea that Time Crisis 2 took after an all-night Taco Bell binge. Yeah, let that colorful image sink into your brain, and be thankful that you didn't actually have to play it.
    • When the Russian enemies start repeating the lines "He's a man, not a god!" Joe starts imitating them out of annoyance, and inexplicably starts doing it in an Indian accent, which is doubly hilarious.
    • Joe repeating Trautman yelling Rambo's first name whenever the player dies:
    Joe: JOHN! JOOOOHN! JOOOOOHN!!! That's what the game says every fucking time you die, I've been listening to that for like six hours. John! Joooooohn!!! This game is so cheap it can't even afford to use voice actors!
  • The South Park: The Stick of Truth review, especially when the review is animated in South Park's signature style.
    Sidebar Message: "SAY WHAT?!"
    Sidebar Message: "Yes. Yes you do."
    Angry Joe: "Oh GOD-DAMNIT!!!"
    Sidebar Message: "And it's made by these guys! (Shows the logo for Ride to Hell: Retribution)
    Angry Joe: "What the...? No. No. NO."
    Sidebar Message: "So you GOTTA review it!!"
    Angry Joe: "...You know what? (Flips off the audience) Screw you guys, I'm going home!"
    (Walks off)
    Sidebar Message: "But JOEEE!!"
    Angry Joe: "Going. Home."
  • Angry Joe gets himself a copy of the Heroes of the Storm game. He decided that for lulz, he's equipping Diablo with a Rainbow Unicorn steed. Watch the hilarity of the Lord of Terror, Big Red Devil riding a colorful pony here
  • In the Titanfall review we start with Angry Joe and Other Joe as infantry, but both eventually call in their titans. The viewer wonders just how the titans will be portrayed while the guys hurl "get ready" jabs at each other. The payoff? Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.
    • The credits show Joe going to call in his titan, only to accidentally knock the magazine off his gun. Cue Other Joe shouting for his men to attack and Joe calling him out for cheating and threatening to tell on him to mom.
    • Earlier:
    Angry Joe: You dead Joe?
    Other Joe: ... Yes?... No. No. ... Are you dead?
    Angry Joe: ... NO!
  • In the post credits of the Metal Gear Solid GZ review Joe once again has the magazine fall out of his assault gun. Then Other Joe comments, calling the magazine a clip, and causing Joe to start lecturing him on the difference between the two.
  • After Joe's show was "brought out" by Disney (technically, Disney brought out Masters Studios, which owns Polaris, Joe's company), he made a video that satirizes the HELL out of Disney's corporate juggernaut image. Complete with being paid (to the sound of Ka-CHINGS!!) for name-dropping Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and having an Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap! moment when he reads a... less than flattering review of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and having his cursewords swapped out with minor insults.
    Joe: That's right, you [motor scooters]!
  • Angry Joe accidentally spitting on the camera during his Xbox One Rant Pt.2
    Sidebar Message: "Oh snap! Did this dude just spit on me?!?"
  • For his Godzilla 2014 review, Joe starts out by playing with a Godzilla action figure in front of his webcam. Then, out of nowhere, special effects of Godzilla breathing his atomic fire breath! "Oh, NOOO! IT'S GODZILLA!"
  • Joe making up his own emotional scene for Aiden Pearce involving him pushing a shopping cart.
    "Oh, the music. It's so sad. And look at the poor Aiden, he's homeless. He's pushing a cart. Ohh. The sad, poor Aiden pushing a shopping cart. This is what it's like become *gasp* oh no, he dropped it. And he would be never picked it up again. So now you'll just push it the rest of your life, you're being pushing a shopping cart, because you're so sad. So, so sad..."
  • Joe and Other Joe doing a little skit in The Last of Us [Remastered] Review. With Other Joe playing as Ellie, refusing to give Joel(Played by Joe) his/her pocket knife all the while smiling and acting cute as Joe is ripped apart by the infected. Only for Other Joe to give him the knife once Joe is dead.
    Joe: *getting torn apart by the infected* Ellie! Give me the fucking knife!
    Other Joe: *shakes his head while smiling and being cute*
    *after Joe dies*
    Other Joe: Here you go *gives knife*
    • Probably done unintentionally, but Other Joe observes both knife safety and etiquette when he turns the knife to pass it handle first to Joe, who is dead.
  • And let's not forget the scene in the The Last of Us review after the above where Angry Joe orders Ellie/Other Joe to put down the pun book to help him fight off some Infected. Finally, Other Joe gets fed up, and pulls out an assault rifle from out of Hammerspace to the sound of (in-game) Ellie roaring.
  • Joe having a missile blow up the Traveler whenever Destiny does something to really cheese him off.
    Delrith: I'm done! I'm fucking done! No, I'm done! I'm done with Destiny! Fuck this game! FUCK YOU! No, I'm done! I'm just so done! I'm DONE! NO! I'm so done! No. I've got more kills! I've got more kills than any of you! More precision kills, more assist than any of you! I do more damage than any of you, and I get fucking shards!"
  • Angry Joe's annoyance at the Working Joe's in the Alien: Isolation Review, the Self-Deprecation makes it all the funnier.
    Angry Joe: I hate working with Joe's, it's a nightmare!
    • At one point during his live streaming of the game, Joe walked towards a door when The Alien came through the door. Both Joe's were ready to die but for some reason, the Alien ignored them and walked past as Joe moved away. The two lost it, commenting that the Alien simply politely asked them to move aside this time.
  • He finishes his Nintendo rant by holding up a fist. Then putting up the middle finger. Then holding up the other hand and doing the same. Then by shoving both of his hands right into the camera.
  • Ironically cutting to images of the Hatred t-shirt while the protagonist expresses anti-materialist sentiment.
  • From their playthrough of Duck Dynasty: The Video Game:
    • "Yeah, shoot that duck! Fuck that duck in the ayass!"
    • During the opening cutscene, Other Joe notices that Cousin Beaux's pants are skin-colored.
    • Joe running into an invisible wall in the water, only to be teleported back.
      Joe: It said enough of that shit. Get your ass out of the water.
    • Joe trying to run away from the Robertsons.
      Joe: (speaking as John Luke) Noooo! Goddamnit, I don't want to be a Robertson! Run, fucking run! Ahh, I can float through trees. Oh god. Help me! Help me, please!
      Joe: (speaking as one of the Robertsons) You gotta pretty mouth boy.
      Joe: (speaking as John Luke) Nooo! Help me! Oh god! (the game teleports him back after flashing a picture of the Robertsons) Oh no, the Robertsons! I can't get away from 'em Joe!
    • During the fishing minigame, Other Joe repeatedly fails and pulls the reel in too early. One particular time, Other Joe says that he panicked, prompting Joe to say he's going to put "I panicked during the Duck Dynasty video game" on Other Joe's gravestone.
  • Most of his Dying Light review, particuarly when he lampshades the Cliché Storm of a Zombie Apocalypse plot. Some highlights:
  • Evolve's avoiding the question of where do these monsters come from.
    Bucket: No one seems to know. *Repeats again but slowed down*
    Angry Joe: What game were you...Where is the rest of the game hiding? (walks offscreen) I'm gonna go find it. What the fuck?!? This is not... No! (comes back onscreen) No, I couldn't find it! I could not find it!!!
  • The Order: 1886: Angry Joe spoofs the QTE events from the game in the beginning, ending in other Joe (disguised as a werewolf) whimpering like a puppy.
    • Also, while praising the visual details and intricate animations of the game:
    HOLY SHIT! *beat* THAT'S A GOOD FUCKIN' LAMP! *screen zooms in on the lamp*
    • Also also, his deconstruction of the Idiot Ball plot wherein Sir Galahad (the protagonist) refuses to explain his actions during his trial:
    "Open your MOUTH and say WORDS!"
    *Galahad stares blankly at camera and says nothing*
    "YOU DUMB SHIT! Fu- fuck it. Fuck it, you deserve to die."
  • Final Fantasy XV: Joe's reaction to Ramuh's summon is priceless
  • Battlefield Hardline:
    Delrith: "That's a nice ass waterfall. It'd be a shame if something were to HAPPEN TO IT". *throws grenade*
    Angry Joe: "Don't do it!"
    Delrith: "Nooooo!"
    Angry Joe: "Damn! That's a strong ass waterfall! Grenadeproof."
    • The beginning of the review has Joe come out in riot gear and start shooting in random directions, before saying "You done fucked it up!" Made even funnier, because before Joe comes out, an in-game officer is yelling at someone to surrender.
    • "And why is there no mentally unstable psychos who respond to "Freeze!" with a HAIL OF GUNFIRE or taking off their clothes and running around naked...You can't catch me copper! You can't get me....Why not?!"
      • Joe's motions during the above quote.
    • Joe mimicking the grunts that criminals make when you arrest them.
    • Joe likens the boat physics to that of Duck Dynasty's.
      Joe: Like driving or should I say skating around the swamp, fucking tagging floating drugs...Duck Dynasty style.
  • Joe & Other Joe demonstrating the bad pathing in Pillars of Eternity, with Other Joe attempting to run through Joe and getting stuck:
    Other Joe: What is this sorcery?!
    Joe: Joe, there's plenty of room, go around me, what is your fucking problem?!
  • In regards to Batman: Arkham Knight, we get this gem after the intro.
    Basically, Batman on PS4 and Xbox One is like-
    Cue epic picture of Batman with just as epic music
    Cue video of Joe in a 60's Batman costume, shaking and moving his mouth randomly as "Chacarron Macarron" plays
    • Similarly, the skits with Angry Joe as Batman and Other Joe as Nightwing and Superman.
  • The intro to Rocket League. That is all.
    • Especially when learn that after all the taunting, they can't even hear each other over the roar of their engines.
    • "Note to self: real-life cars and soccer, they don't mix."
    • Joe losing his shit over all the flags you can put on your car...but they dont have a flag for Puerto Rico, but do have a lot of nations that would be obscure to many people.
      Delrith: Poland, woooo!
      Joe: You have fucking Yemen, and you don't have fucking Puerto Rico! You have f%#$@%# Yemen!
      *silenced briefly while facepalm, and then suddenly shouting*
      Joe: What the f***, Rocket League?! &@#@ %&#! Don't you play me this happy ass music! You got fucking Peru and PANAMA?! You got f%#$@%# Panama! And you haven't f%#$@%# Puerto Rico!
  • His review for the PS4 Godzilla. SO many hilarious moments.
  • In his review of Fallout 4, his skit about how quickly the main character seems to forget about finding his son, going off instead to start a farm.
    • His ripe about partner AI not being improved at all, shown when Joe is sneaking around, only for Cosworth to completely ruin it.
      (While standing in front a laser trap.)
      Joe: Hold up a second, let me disarm this.
      (Cosworth floats right into the lasers)
      Joe: What are you do-?! Alarms go off What the fuck are you- Hallway get loaded with gunfire from sentry turrets Oh shit! Fuck! You fucking do this!
      Joe(gunned down in slow motion): Fuck you! Fuck! Fuck you Cosworth I'll never forgive you!
  • In his vlog for the much maligned second Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, his Big "NO!" at the reveal of Doomsday and his rants about the use of the character. He also delivers some truly epic Atomic F-Bombs.
  • A small one, but in his update for the plane incident, he mentions that he didn't feel any immediate danger, comparing it to a B-52... in World War II.
  • Joe did a 9-hour stream on the game Party Hard, 2 hours of which were spent on the same level. Somewhat funny on its' own, but made absolutely hilarious in the next patch notes for the game, which included:
    - Watched Angry Joe play Party Hard for 9 hours straight, including over 2 hours on the Miami Party
    - Purposely not fixing the difficulty spike in the Miami party
  • Joe opens his review for Star Wars: The Force Awakens by taking off his Darth helmet and glaring angrily at the screen, and we all guess what's coming.
  • The entirety of AJ and Delrith playing Raven's Cry on the "Worst Games of 2015" video.
  • The Layers of Fear review does a bit of a callback joke to Dying Light when Joe talks about Other Joe's real life fear of Ouija Boards.
    Angry Joe: Hey Joe, you wanna play a Ouija Board game?
    Other Joe: [slowly looks up and shakes his head] No. No noooo... Fff- What the fuck, I told you- I'm out, I'm not gonna do it. No. You're fucking crazy. [walks offscreen] That's some black magic! I don't deal with that shit!
  • His XCOM 2 review opens with him accidentally detonating a warhead, wiping out his entire squad.
    Other Joe: This is your leader! This is who you chose to put your faith in!
  • His Umbrella Corps review opens with Corporate Commander chiding Demon Joe, swearing this will be the LAST time he'll resurrect him. Corporate asks Demon Joe what game will destroy Angry Joe, and Demon Joe exclaims "Ride to Hell: Retribution 2"! Corporate brushes him off, saying it would be too obvious. Then cue Corporate seeing Umbrella Corps' "protagonist" Abraham Jackson stuck in Hell, since he's been sent down there after getting killed in one of the Resident Evil games, and quickly offering to make Jackson the star of his own video game.
    • Joe's analogy of what it feels like to play the game is quick, but sublime - it cuts to Joe at Gamestop buying the game, only for Corporate Commander to sprint from the other side of the screen, deck Joe right on his ass, and run off screen, in about the span of a few seconds.
    • His readings of the game's journal entries.
    Joe (in mock child's voice): The zombies are very hungry! And they have been waiting for a long time! Do... do try to stay alive, but I won't hold my breath or anything, okay, bye! Who the fu... *Laughs* Who the fuck wrote this, Joe?! Did you write this?!"
    • Joe ranting about and mocking Abraham Jackson's broken arm, complete with him making ridiculous faces while trying to mimic it as best as he can.
    • In the credits of the review, Demon Joe's raven turns on and starts pecking at him.
  • Angry Joe attempting to give a very short Doom review at roughly only four minutes as a take that moment to his commenters who were demanding a lot more reviews from him at the time.
    Joe: There! There's your fucking Doom review!
  • When reviewing No Man's Sky, the words "Bullshit!" (in Phoenix Wright style) pop up on screen whenever the developers talk about a feature that was to be in the final game (as Joe points out, sometimes only four months before release), and isn't. It shows up so much that you could make a drinking game out of it.
    • His angry meltdown after the game crashed for the first time, especially for the fact that he's been playing the game for 12 hours before the crash happened.
      • And in the "Report Problem" box, he typed in "This game pissed me the hell off".
  • The entire reenactment of the final boss encounter in his Deus Ex: Mankind Divided review.
  • The intro to his Yakuza 0 review starts off relatively standard, with Angry Joe and Other Joe dressed as the main characters (AJ as Kiryu and OJ as Goro), beating up gangsters in a back alley while awesome music plays. Then there's a Smash Cut to the two Joes singing along to the song on a Karaoke Box (with Angry Joe!Kiryu wearing a red Necktie Headband, and Other Joe!Goro wearing the purple do-rag used by Angry Joe's "Notorious J.O.E." persona), complete with the button prompts from the in-game Karaoke mini-game and Gratuitous English galore. Then, just as the song ends, Other Joe barges in as Yakuza 0's infamous "Mr. Libido", almost nude except for his underpants, pelvic-thrusting to the tune of Epic Sax Guy, with Angry Joe!Kiryu and Other Joe!Goro looking disgusted before walking away.
  • The beginning of his review of Power Rangers Mega Battle has Joe, Other Joe, and Crew morph into Power Rangers for the skit at the beginning. Purrluna morphs into the Pink Ranger. Other Joe Morphs into the Green Ranger; Angry Joe attempts to do the same... but Other Joe points out that he's already using those powers. Angry Joe is eventually convinced to morph into the Red Ranger. Their friend Jacob morphs into the White Rangernote ... much to the irritation of both Angry Joe and Other Joe.
  • The brief skit at the beginning of the Mass Effect: Andromeda Angry Vlog Review has Other Joe wearing googly eyes and making ridiculous faces for about half a minute after saying his lines.
  • Aj and OJ playing Road Rage, which is basically the Ride to Hell of 2017. Where to begin??
    • Joe driving his motorcycle through a fence and into a tree. And by "into a tree", we mean he literally glitched inside the tree.
    Joe: Whoa, there's destructible env- [bursts out into hysterical laughter]
  • "Angry Joe vs Olgoth 2.0": Joe is playing through Middle-earth: Shadow of War and he comes face to face with a "new" Olgoth the Humiliator (who had gone onto become That One Boss for him during Shadow of Mordor), unlike the last time, Joe manages to keep the advantage through most of the fight despite Olgoth adapting to his strategies and finally kills Olgoth by cutting him in half which causes Joe to start celebrating the victory over his "enemy"... just for the game to crash during the ensuing cutscene and Joe suddenly stopping his bragging upon realizing.
  • The Angry Review of Call of Duty: WWII opens with Joe & Co. listening to a serious rendition of Eisenhower's "Eyes of the World are on you" speech- only to have loot boxes start falling from the sky.
    • This is quickly followed by recap footage of Joe playing the first level- Normandy Beach. It doesn't go well for him.
    • After hearing the developers repeatedly use the phrase "boot on the ground," Joe looks at the ground in-game. And is completely disappointed that he doesn't see any boots.
    • Joe tries to save a fellow soldier from an enemy he's struggling with by shooting the enemy... only for Joe to realize he also shot his ally.
    Joe: Uh... Can I take that back?
    Joe: (laughs) I am so sick of your overblown bullshit. Your fucking scripted bullshit! Jesus Christ, that lasted a fucking hour! It was borderline parody! That was fucking parody. When there's nothing at stake, there's no fucking tension, and none of what I'm looking at matters!
  • The various clips where DICE is either destroyed by EA or made its bitch while the internet attacks the micro-transaction issues of Star Wars Battlefront II (2017).
    • During the review, while Joe is playing the campaign, one of his AI partners slowly just walks off into the distance, over the sand dunes, away from the Battle of Jakku, all while Joe watches. Set of course to some melancholic music.
      Joe: And that was the last anyone ever saw of Shriv. That's why you've never heard of him. [chuckles] He literally walked home. Now granted, Shriv's planet is not this planet. It is a different planet in the galaxy. But Shriv found a way to walk home that day. True story.
  • At one point in the Dragon Ball Fighter Z review, Joe talks about a combo training mechanic in the game and how it was difficult for him to memorize all the moves, but concedes that it's a fun challenge. Smash Cut to his stream of playing the training and furiously dropping a Cluster F-Bomb over his inability to do the combos right.
  • The beginning for Metal Gear Survive consists of Other Joe stalking Joe while holding the game in a familiar pose. Anyone aware of the kind of game it is and where the trope image comes from knows how much Angry Joe will not enjoy this.
    • "Cuban Energy"
    • Other Joe's Donald Trump impersonation. THAT. IS. ALL.
    • Joe explaining how excellent the timing was for Metal Gear Survive's release to coincide with his decision to briefly lift his "no zombie games" rule.
  • The opening skit for God of War (PS4) has Joe as Kratos and Other Joe as Atreus taking Faye's ashes up the mountain and ending with a final heartwarming speech, only for Atreus to sneeze into the ashes, sending them flying off the mountain.
  • His reaction upon learning of all the DLC for Dead or Alive 5, which combine to create an accumulative price of $1,289.79. Warning: You might want to keep your volume low.
  • The opening for Red Dead Redemption 2 has Joe attempting to assault someone who angered him, only hesitating because a nearby bar owner is watching him. After nearly getting caught twice, Joe just drags him out of town to beat him up there, only to realize that the bar owner is still watching him. Joe then drags him out into the wilderness and beats him there... then realizes the bar owner is still there.
    • Joe's horse riding skills leave something to be desired as shown when he shows a clip of him accidentally riding strait into a rock which sends him careening into the air. During a mountain segment he also focuses more on a pack of wolves over where his horse is currently running, until he goes over a drop that's too steep and goes bouncing down the mountain in fetal position before dying.
  • The end of his review for Fallout 76, in which he voices his concern over the lack of effort shown in the game, before breaking character and going back into his rant over the games ridiculous microtransactions, which essentially results in him rage quitting his review, without giving his signature goodbye. He wanders back onscreen shortly afterward, asking his viewers if they wanna buy his Fallout 76 Collector's Edition Helmet, an item he spent over $200 on.
    Joe: This has to be a wakeup call for this company. There's no love, no care, no effort here at all. An asset flip, f- FUCKING TATTOOS?!?! You're gonna- you're gonna put tattoos in my face at the end of the fucking review for this much money?! Something that was free in Fallout 4?! I CAN'T! F%#%!!! I CAN'T W- I CAN'T WITH THIS S#%&!!! NO! AWFUL!!! %$#&@ @&#$% #%$&@#!!!!
    • There's also his reaction to the Hornet's Nest Hairstyle, where upon seeing it cost 500 Atoms (pretty much $5 in real life) merely looks to the camera while only being able to say this with a blank tone and expression:
  • The entirety of AJ and OJ playing Crying Is Not Enough, a game that's just as horrendous and broken as Raven's Cry, if not moreso. You can view it here.
  • The beginning of his review for Anthem (2019) begins with a loading screen, before Joe comes out all angry...
    Joe: You done fu-
    [Loading Screen]
    Joe: .... You done-
    [Theme starts, lasts longer than usual]
    [Loading Screen]
    Joe: What I'm trying to say is that Anthem has some- [notification box appears, triggering a timer] SON OF A BITCH!!! I'm trying to say that Anthem has some serious problems, EA really needed a winner here and considering that this is Bioware, masters of storytelling, you'd think that the game be a lot better than it really outta but it really is a huge disappointment and the reason for- that is I want to tell- you things- FUCK!
    [yet another loading screen]
    • Joe recounting one his worst experiences in the game which he describes as feeling like being punched in the throat. Cue Corporate Commander doing just that to him and putting a literal roadblock over the review.
      • The roadblock in the game (which Joe was about to talk about before the punch) is a much-hated campaign mission In Anthem where there are 4 tombs and you have to complete a set of challenges to unlock each one. Joe opens one of the tombs, basically saying "this better be worth it", only to walk into... a tomb where there's a body in the middle. You take an item off of it and go back out. Joe's laughing micro-tantrum at this can elicit a chuckle.
  • From Borderlands 3:
    • Alex!Troy and OJ!Tyreen pranking Joe, hiding poop in a loot box that he opens and waking him up in his bedroom with airhorns.
    • Joe ranting about his hatred of Ava, even shooting her in the face with an SMG at one point in the game (to no effect, obviously).
    Delrith: Block her, she can't go to her room!
  • Joe pointing out the egregious Product Placement of Monster Energy in the game Death Stranding where he, dressing up as Die-Hardman gets sick of Alex who plays Sam, leaving empty cans of Monster Energy strewn all over the base.
    [Alex!Sam drinks the umpteen can of Monster Energy, with another can in his other hand, while Joe!Die-Hardman walks in...]
    [Alex!Sam nonchalantly walks out]
    [Joe!Die-Hardman shakes his head in disbelief as he walks out]
    • Other Joe wearing a bald cap being strapped to Alex as a Bridge Baby, there's something really hilarious about a full grown adult like OJ being placed on a makeshift infant carrier on a mountain of a man like Alex all while making baby noises, sucking his thumb and making silly faces with the absurdity not seen since their review of Mass Effect: Andromeda where he does the "my face is tired" routine.
    OJ!BB: (staring at Alex!Cliff from inside his tank) Dada?
    Alex!Sam: (cringes) No...nonono! Nonono!
    • Alex!Sam trying to soothe OJ!Lou, but it's proving difficult...until he finds the solution in the form of a bottle of booze.
    OJ!BB: I don't wanna go, this is stupid! I don't care about all these packages! I wanna go home!
    Alex!Sam: What do you want? What do you want from me??
    [Alex!Sam starts shaking BB in frustration]
    OJ!BB: Are you...are you shaking me?!
    Alex!Sam: N-no! (starts rocking BB back and forth) ♫Rock-a-bye OJ on the tree top♫(OJ!BB still hasn't calmed down) WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!
    OJ!BB: (continues throwing his tantrum) Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger!
    Alex!Sam: Oh, I know! (pulls out a bottle of beer with a straw in it) I've got something for you!
    [OJ!BB stops his tantrum for a moment, intrigued and starts sipping away]
    Alex!Sam: Yeah, nummy nummy! Yeah, beer! Beer good!
    [OJ!BB finally calms down and falls asleep as Alex!Sam resumes his journey.]
  • While discussing the Force voices in The Rise of Skywalker, Alex very quietly asks why Jar Jar wasn’t included.
  • Angry Joe begins the review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows by giving such a blunt, straight-forward summary of his thoughts in the first 5 seconds that one can't help but chuckle.
"This movie was completely fucking stupid, do not go watch this!"
  • Joe's reaction to watching the abysmally panned first Cats trailer, ends with him mocking the movements of the characters by literally getting up and gyrating himself out of his chair, still in his headphones as he "dances" back into his kitchen and they get ripped off his head.
  • Other Joe pops up again in the Resident Evil 2 (Remake) with a certain familiar pose because it is a zombie-game. Doubling with Moment of Awesome, Joe shoves off Other Joe and explains why he'll play it with glee: The remake is a very good remake of the original, considered as the zombie game.
  • From his Predator: Hunting Grounds review:
    • The game freezing during an online match, and it wasn't the first time it happened, either.
    Joe: I hear the Predator! I'm...(error screen appears) frozen?? FROZEN?! NOOO! FUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!!
    • The "Want some candy?" skit, with AJ (wearing a Predator costume) tossing Skittles at OJ from a tree.
    • The human soldier's missions are generic and repetitive; so much so, that playing an online match as a Predator takes at LEAST 6 minutes, because everyone wants to play as one, too.
  • From his The Last of Us Part II review:
    • The intro skit where Abby (performed by Alex) kills Joe as Joel with a golf club while Ellie (performed by none other than Other Joe) watches in over the top horror, looking at the fourth wall and back, emphasizing how the real scene was incredibly forced.
    • Pretty much the entire skits can be included due to how funny and scathing they are.
    • Just his reaction to the end of the game, with him screaming, in disbelief, "A.. AREYA... ARE YA OUTTA YOUR MIND!?!?" It's quickly become a meme in the community.
    • His reaction to Abby's now-famous/infamous sex scene, and subsequent speculation regarding what may or may not have been taking place behind the scenes:
    Alex: Doesn't Sony not allow sex scenes in any of their games? They ban a ton of games from other regions for any sort of nudity...
    Joe: That's right! Yeah, they can't even show fucking panties and shit!
    Joe: So Neil Druckmann must have had to gone to bat; hardcore [for this], like: "No, Abby's getting FUCKED! And I don't care; I want to see Abby get fucked from behind; I want her doggy-style..." and they're like: "Whoa! Whoa, Neil, man. I'm not sure [about that]. I mean Abby killed Joel and, I mean, maybe that's not a great-" "[Neil:]] No! She's gettin' FUCKED, brah!"
  • Ghost of Tsushima
    • You sir, you lack HONOR!
    • You sneak up behind people, to stab them in the back! You sneak around, and steal people's things, without their permission!
    • Other Joe's terrible Haiku's.
  • The meme has come full circle. HE'S A MAN! NOT A GOD!
  • Joe's angry rant on the buggy and glitchy state of Cyberpunk 2077, especially his freak-out over police forces spawning in thin air in the room he was currently in.
    • The part about the character customization gets weird when Other Joe comes in to show off his... "disco balls".
    • The intro skit with Joe as a Principal at a "gaming school", chastising '77 (portrayed as a gifted student) for falling in with the "bad crowd" of EA and other publishers by releasing an undercooked game, which is portrayed as them giving '77 drugs. Making it funnier, the backgrounds for his "office" used are from Archer.
  • Due to the large number of crashes, server resets and glitches that involved a no heads-up display while playing Outriders, Joe has had enough and starts speaking in tongues. His outburst is so great that Alex, when he walks into the room during Joe's nonsensical rant, immediately leaves to avoid any trouble.
  • Joe's quite eager to get into his review of Resident Evil Village and opening skits with Lady Dimetriscu... until she (Alex) comes in with a Shockingly Expensive Bill and that Joe's time with her is up. The bill involves gas, travel, private opening skit... 2 hour lingerie shoot, human bean bag (It's expensive is what it is), sit and stomp (three times!), dry cleaning and hazard pay (It was sticky). Joe's begging her Please Don't Leave Me since she's on on the marketing and trailers, but Lady D is already leaving him with the bill and taking her daughters with her. Joe calls out for OJ once he realizes what happened, but OJ is saying "It's not what it looks like." When OJ comes in, he's limping on crutches as Joe shows him the bill while giving him a What the Hell, Hero?. Joe tells OJ that he blew the budget and he replies "That's not the only thing I blew!"
  • The entirety of the Fast & Furious Crossroads review.
    • Other Joe in a muscle suit with a bald cap, acting as a Broken Record Dominic Toretto.
      Other Joe!Dominic Toretto: When you're here, you're family.
      • Later, Alex explains why: OJ!Toretto slipped and fell in an Olive Garden, and now all he can remember is "When you're here, you're family."
    • The game's story is only FOUR HOURS!
      • A few minutes later: "TRASH. TRRRASH! With three r's."
    • Joe, Other Joe, and Alex cracking up at the game's broken physics and Insane Troll Logic.
    • Joe summing up the gameplay.
      Joe: Missions consist of senselessly and frustratingly driving to a point, and then watching a cutscene.
      And then driving in a straight line, and watching a bad cutscene. And then driving to the left and watching a bad cutscene
      And then driving to the right and watching a bad cutscene.
    • Fly off to the right! Or fly off to the left and EXPLODE!
      • Actually, no it doesn't explode.
    • Joe on the game's character models.
      Joe: Michelle looks like she was in some kind of horrible accident! (cutscene)
      And Vin Diesel looks like a muscle balloon that is about to fuckin' pop!
    • Joe's response to Alex about how he's able to keep up with a missile.
      Joe: My car is really fast.
    • The game's online player count is so low, that it makes LawBreakers look like the most popular game of the year.
    • In the bloopers, Joe corpses when OJ!Toretto offers him a breadstick.
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance
    • Due to the amount of stuff ripped-off from Lord of the Rings, Joe and his friends name their characters; Gibley, Airsgone, Legless, and Boreme.
      • Later, OJ's character suffers a glitch that makes his legs invisible.
    • OJ's other jokes regarding Lord of the Rings.
      "Oh shit, are we about to face off Sourman?"
      "You have SOME power here."
      "We're here, we made it to the gates of Moredoors."


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