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Headscratchers / The Angry Grandpa

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  • Are the videos real, or are they staged? This is what I see from many people in the YouTube comments section and on Facebook.
    • Same Troper above, and it's supposedly been confirmed all reactions and videos are real in one of Michael's latest videos. This isn't a WMG, but I am gonna call Jossed.
  • Is Michael Angry Grandpa's son or grandson? Grandpa seems very old, and Michael doesn't look any older than in his mid-20's. But maybe rapid aging is a thing in their family and Grandpa just looks older than he actually is? Michael's hair is graying really early...
    • Michael is Angry Grandpa's youngest son; he has an older brother named Charlie (IIRC, who is in his late 30s at least) and two sisters, Kim and Jennifer. AGP is named "Angry Grandpa" because his first appearance involved him flipping out when missing opening presents with Jennifer's children. Younger Than They Look is somewhat at play here; AGP is 65 years old, but has health issues related to bipolar disorder, chain smoking, and obesity. Michael, on the other hand, I believe is in his mid-20s (his throwback Thursday stories mentioning him being around 10 years old in 1999), and probably inherits early-greying hair from his parents (unless stress from living with Angry Grandpa is taking its toll).

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