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  • Big Name Fan:
    • Paul Heyman was a fan of the videos and even spoke with Grandpa once. The feeling is mutual, as Grandpa was happy to see Heyman return to WWE after the dissolution of ECW. Becomes even more ironic with The Reveal that Michael actually does work for Paul Heyman as far as doing the graphic design for Heyman's site.
    • Country singer Shooter Jennings is another fan who Grandpa admired and respected. He appeared on the show on more than one occasion and called out Angry Grandpa when his grudge against Michael following the Tattoo Prank interfered with their time together.
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    • Being a member of the YouTube community, Angry Grandpa and KidBehindACamera have gained friends with relatively popular YouTube figures as well:
      • Michael became friends with McJuggerNuggets, who has a show with a similar premise (documenting the psychotic outbursts of their raging father). He even managed to convince Michael to fly out to Vid Con 2016 to meet his fans in person. This was subverted after the Angry Grandpa crossover in November 2016, as Michael broke off their friendship after Jesse attempted to prove that Angry Grandpa was fake, which led to a video where Angry Grandpa and Psycho Dad started a destruction competition of sorts in the midst of an argument.
      • Boogie2988 has made friends with Pickleboy, appearing at Vidcon alongside Michael and appearing in at least one video doing an impression of Pickleboy's KidBehindACamera vlogs.
      • Daym Drops is a mutual fan of Pickleboy. Although Pickleboy's following is larger, Pickleboy has made several shout-outs to Daym and has made appearances in several of his videos.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Angry Grandpa is often shortened as AGP.
    • Angry Grandpa referred to his fans as "Young 'Uns" in "Grandpa's Army".
    • In one daily vlog, Michael (AKA Pickleboy) jokingly refers to his fans as his "Gherkins".
  • Missing Episode: The prank in which Angry Grandpa was tricked into believing that one of his fans sent him a bomb was pulled from his channel... while a follow-up video of him faking a heart attack in retaliation wasn't.
  • Too Soon: A minor example, but ANGRY GRANDPA DESTROYS IPAD PRO!! had a delayed release out of respect to the November 2015 Paris Terror Attacks.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Angry Grandpa Wiki.

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