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  • The ending to his second video about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting is him hugging his grandchildren and telling them that he loves them.
  • In GRANMA AND GRANDPA - THE SITDOWN, he talks with his ex-wife, Tina. He seems to be somewhat nicer to her, and he shows his gratitude to Michael.
    Angry Grandpa: [to Tina] I wish you luck, I don't need luck. [Points to Michael] I've got Michael. And if I didn't have Michael, I would have nobody. Michael is my best friend.
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  • ANGRY GRANDPA LOVES ANIMALS!. Grandpa sneaks in Walmart (where he was banned) to buy several bags of food for an animal shelter and proceeds to spend time with the animals... one of which is a cat, an animal that Grandpa has historically hated. From a man who would yell at, scream, and rage at cats, seeing him hold one gently in his arms and feel sorry for it is a rare treat.
  • The video in which Angry Grandpa gets a house which was the big planned "prank" by both Michael and Bridgette It's just such a heartwarming thing to see his reaction. You can watch it here
    • The next video hits the feels when Michael and Bridgette get the flag that was draped over his father's casket as an addition on the house. Get some tissues.
  • The fact that Michael, Angry Grandpa's son, donated to a youngins(the nickname given toward fans) gofundme page due to the fact the fan committed suicide. You can see the post here on Facebook and here's the youngins GoFundMe
  • In SPECIAL TUESDAY MAILBAG!, Angry Grandpa, Michael and Bridgette pitch in money for shipping Grandpa's Army bracelets to a fan who wanted to cheer a friend up whose mother had been shot and killed as a hostage in a bank robbery.
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  • In WHY WE DON'T DO A REALITY SHOW!, a gaming company had seen the infamous PS4 video, so what do they do? They send Michael a hand held gaming device as a gift.
  • GRANDPA'S SPECIAL DELIVERY, where Angry Grandpa decides to hand-deliver a package to one of his young-uns.
  • From Michael's KidBehindACamera vlogs, OLD B!TCH BEHIND A CAMERA!!. Michael recalls how he was buying Fallout 4 at Target when the cashier commented that she wished she could afford it. So Michael bought her a copy of the game!
  • ANGRY GRANDPA'S DREAM CAR! where Michael and Bridgette buy a car that Grandpa lost when he was 16 years old.
  • In GETTING MY LIFE BACK!!, several moments shine through:
    • Grandpa's daughter, Kim, bringing Grandpa out of a coma by telling him that she loved him.
    • Grandpa's doctor deciding to trust the research that a close family friend made and finally giving Grandpa effective medication for the Dumping Syndrome he contracted after his gastric bypass surgery.
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    • Grandpa's message to his viewers at the end, telling them that he loved both his fans and his haters.
  • Near the end of the footage of Grandpa's funeral included in Michael's vlog, Michael holds up a picture that someone made for Grandpa - a hammer with a halo over it.
  • On November 1, 2019, Bridgette gave birth to her and Michael's daughter, Mia Nicole Green.

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