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  • Joe saying how, in his review of the Thor game, he plays these games so that, when the time comes, he can finally find the one good movie game and recommend it to everyone. The genuine sincerity in his voice hit it on the head.
  • His video explaining his issues with the ending of Mass Effect 3. Whilst it's deriding the shoehorned conclusion, it also shows how attentive and caring he was towards the characters and how they related to one another.
    • It's also rather touching when he discusses the Extended Cut of the ending - describing how, while it didn't fix all his issues with it (and going into some detail on the subject), he still respected Bioware a great deal for being willing to admit their mistakes and spend a lot of time and money attempting to fix them.
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  • In his Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2012, he gave a lot of attention to the arrest of the two Bohemia Interactive employees in Greece on rather ludicrous charges of espionage. He even showed the website dedicated to freeing the two men.
  • His defense of Man of Steel can count as this, as it's a film several of his fellow contributors on That Guy with the Glasses have infamously outright hated.
  • In part III of his XBOX One rant, when he noted that a man he interviewed as defending the console, he admitted that there was nothing wrong since the guy he interviewed was just doing his job and wasn't to blame for the system's problems.
  • Saying he didn't like being so harsh on Total War: Rome II because he loves the franchise but doesn't want them to get away with something so sub-par when the previous game, Shogun II, was totally awesome.
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  • His review of Skyrim. He gives it so much pure loving praise, if you already own the game and enjoy it, it is almost impossible for the review to not inspire you to leave the site and play it immediately.
  • In his Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2013, Angry Joe shows his disgust and criticism to the huge sexist reaction of Feminist Frequency, summarizing that women have a right to say what they feel about the gaming industry without receiving death threats and sexist remarks, and that he will defend their rights regardless of whether he agrees with them or not.
    • Similar to that, in his Ride to Hell: Retribution review, his absolutely infuriated reaction to how the game treats women as sex prizes. While it will make you angry about the game itself, it's also quite nice that Joe gets so passionate about sticking up for women in video games.
    • A good quarter of the video is this, where after a lengthy tirade of disappointment over the death threats and threats of rape it goes into something of a CMOH\CMOF where he gives a serious Man Talk.
    "Look, guys. Real talk now, okay? No one's ever gonna take away your porn. No one's ever gonna take away our male power fantasies with badass muscled dudes in badass powered armor, killing countless people and having sex with scantly-clad women. No ones ever gonna take away those games with the ridiculously sexy, and not functional female armor design, and then we Googled it and look at their ass. Many men love this, and guess what, many women like this too! And as long as they sell, they will always exist, so calm the fuck down. And this next thing, it's gonna blow your fucking mind. Trust me. Many feminists, fucking love sex. They love sex in video games, just as much as men, whether is Mass Effect or The Witcher 2 and if done right like in story, it'll have personal connection to games and characters, it's hot!"
    • In short, he expresses that women deserve to talk about what they feel is wrong in certain aspects of gaming, and he himself, personally hopes to see future games that explore different areas besides the typical Damsel in Distress trope, and to have the female gender be elevated to a "hero in her own right".
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  • In his January 18, 2014 update of his battles to reclaim many of his videos after they were claimed for copyright violations, he thanked the companies who had released their claims, companies who were trying to get the claims released, and a general shout out to his fanbase for supporting him through it all.
  • Despite his negative attitude toward Nintendo, he gave his respects over the death of Satoru Iwata over Twitter.
  • In January 2016, an airplane he was flying on started to experience flight issues, which ended up scaring Joe when it happened. So what did he do? He pulled out his cell phone and texted his father that he loved him, and Tweeted to his fans thanking them for helping him do what he loves.
  • Angry Joe's review of the first Titanfall was based on Tough Love - he loved the game's concept and most of its execution. Fast forward to his new Titanfall 2 review where he gushes for 16 minutes straight on how happy he is that the sequel improves upon nearly everything from the first. His positivity is sure to rub off on you.
  • Despite his gripes with Nintendo over them flagging his videos about them, he still gives Breath of the Wild a very glowing review. He does address this in the video (mentioning how this stopped him from uploading it when he wanted to), but he doesn't subtract any points.
    • He would later give the game his #1 spot on his "Best Games of 2017" list, and announced that his love for the game (alongside his #2 game of that year, Super Mario Odyssey) was strong enough that despite his well-justified grievances with the business side of Nintendo, he will continue to review Nintendo games going forward out of the deep respect he has for the development side of the company, even if he has to put in a ton of extra work to get around Nintendo's notorious obsession with claiming Youtube videos depicting their games.

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