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Space Fury (J:スペースフューリー) is a 1981 arcade game by Sega, which was ported to the ColecoVision by Coleco.

In the game, you control a ship that must destroy waves of aliens that merge together to form complete life forms that will launch fireballs at your ship. At the end of the first three waves, you get a docking sequence which lets you augment your firepower in three ways.

  • One of the upgrades lets you fire three shots in the same direction.
  • One lets you fire one shot forward and two straight behind.
  • One lets you fire one shot forward, one to the left of your ship, and one to the right.

Whichever one you take third is your power-up for the rest of the game.

The game was eventually followed by a homebrew Platform Game for the Colecovision called Ms. Space Fury, which resembles Jumpman or Miner 2049er more than the original Space Fury.

This game provides examples of:

  • Asteroids Monster: Inverted. The alien segments merge together until they form a complete life form. If all four merge, the complete alien drifts around and shoots fireballs at the player; if the player destroys one or more of the segments, the partial alien makes a beeline for the player.
  • Cyclops: A cyclopian alien head comes onto the screen to antagonize you throughout the game.
  • Endless Game: You play until you run out of ships.
  • Fan Remake: Space Frenzy for the Vectrex.
  • Power-Up: The three upgrades you get to choose from at the end of the first three waves. Whichever one you choose third is permanent.
  • Scoring Points: For shooting aliens (whether completely or incompletely merged incomplete aliens were worth twice as much) and fireballs, and bonus points for time remaining when completing waves.
  • Shoot 'Em Up: Similar to Asteroids.
  • Vector Game: One of the few from Sega, and one of the first vector games to be in color.
  • Wrap Around: You and the aliens can travel off the screen and reappear on the other side.