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  • In his Angry Review of [PROTOTYPE], Angry Joe karate kicks a helicopter.
  • Angry Joe demands a refund for Sonic Free Riders... and succeeds, despite video game stores usually refusing to refund opened, non-faulty games. (He claimed the game was broken.)
  • Getting invited to Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2010 and obtaining an interview, despite (or possibly because of) thoroughly bashing the previous installment!
    • Now while the interview was far from perfect, Joe displayed why he's called Angry Joe and he took to task the game industry's repeated appeal to the Lowest Common Denominator (though some people didn't really see it as "awesome" and thought Joe was being very unprofessional and immature about the whole thing).
    "Not every gamer is a slobbering idiot sitting on his mom's couch!"
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  • Donning his Corporate Commander outfit (sans helmet) and making an anti-SOPA PSA outside of the United States Capitol Building despite snipers gathering on the roof as he was filming.
  • Top 10 Reasons We Hate ME3's Ending. What is really awesome, and sad is that it is not in his traditional hammy performance, but it is completely stoic. You realize real soon that it's not Angry Joe, but Joe Vargas himself.
  • In all his Kinect game reviews, he always has shown his displeasure with the device but in his Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review he ends it with calling Microsoft out on trying for over a year to promote a device that is broken and makes games more difficult to play.
  • Despite realizing it won't change much (and the comments still throwing shit at the poor woman), he spends about ten minutes in his "Top 10 Gaming Controversies" video calling out the sexist reaction to Feminist Frequency, even dishing out a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech near the end.
    • And it's so awesome at least part of it deserves to be quoted:
    Joe: Historically, in a male-dominated gaming industry, has the Damsel in Distress trope been used over and over? You bet your ass it has! Would it be cool if developers continued to explore other stories in addition to those? Yes, it would! Does it sometimes make women feel uncomfortable to be oversexualized non-stop in the games that they play daily? Sure! And maybe that's something that you will never understand or even care about, but do they have a right to say something about it without being called a feminazi, without getting death threats or rape threats? Hell yes, they do! And I'll defend their right to do it against anyone ... So take a breather and realize, it's perfectly fine for women to ask questions, to criticize pointless, exploitative material, and to look forward to more games that elevate their gender to more than just goals and objects to be won or saved, but into legitimate heroes in their own right. And after all that, if you still don't get it, bro, and you think she should die and every feminist with her, it's because, number one, you're a fuckin' idiot. Number two, you couldn't give a shit about anyone but yourself. And number three, outside your mother, you've never had to actually care about what other women think or feel, say a gamer girlfriend, or hell, in the future, your own daughter. Imagine that, and the games she'll play. And like it or not, more and more women are gamers, just like you and I.
    • See why this is number three on his list here.
  • His Guild Wars 2 review. He points out how the avoids many of the annoying tropes common in other MMORPGs, including grinding, loot, and monthly fees. It's also one of his longest reviews, capping at 31 minutes.
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  • The ending of his Dragonball Z Kinect review. Visual Effects of Awesome doesn't begin to describe it.
  • Him being in Paradox Interactive's stream of Dungeonland.
  • In his Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2012, Joe gives a critique of the Greek government for its arrest of the Bohemia Interactive employees under the pretense that they were spies, he points out that anybody that wants a layout of the base they were taking pictures could do so with Google Earth, and berates the government of Greece for imprisoning innocent people to make it look like it's actually doing something.
  • Though not on his own show, him and the Angry Joe Army taking over Lord Vyce's ship on Atop the Fourth Wall.
  • Angry Joe's Superman vs Batman: Top Reasons Why Superman Wins! He shows a deep analysis and understanding of both characters and doesn't say Superman is "better", just that he would more likely win. One of the big ones is the argument that Batman is smarter; he states that he is not, Superman displays scientific knowledge far beyond him, while Batman is more knowledgeable in certain areas. Notably cited; many times Batman survives is due to Plot Armor or bad writing, such as Batman's kryponite ring is often presented as being more effective against Superman than chunks the size of a fist; in arguably their most famous fight, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman only barely survived even though Superman was holding back, and that whenever they do fight in canon and Elseworld stories, Batman only barely survives or is outright defeated. His top reason, in "Hush", one of the most regarded Batman stories, he cites that Batman openly admits that all things equal, Superman would beat him.
    • His ending to the video crosses over into heartwarming. His final verdict? These two shouldn't be fighting. They're best friends, and they KNOW they're stronger together. It ends with him showing a customized Batman Emblem with a Superman S emblazoned inside.
  • Joe got a ton of interviews at E3 2013. The awesome factor comes in when (A), he talked to Major Nelson and asked him some hard-hitting questions about the Xbox One, and that he's a one-man team, and the interviews turned out damn well considering.
    • One question in the interview was Joe pointing out that it's probably easy to flip a switch and turn off the DRM, leading to Nelson rudely grabbing the mic and calling out if he's an engineer. A few days later when Microsoft announced they were reversing the DRM policies, this moment was immortalized here.
  • He does a pretty good Deadpool impression for his review.
  • Just the way Joe utterly slammed Ride to Hell: Retribution. Special credit goes to how he blows his stack with the game's portrayal of women and how they all want to bang the main character... even if it's mere moments after they've been sexually assaulted.
    Joe: That is disgusting, awkward, tone-deaf, shameful, wrong, juvenile, dirty, creepy, insulting, and it's JUST PLAIN FUCKING STUPID!!!
    • After Demon Joe has a long and rather intimidating monologue about how reviewing the game would destroy him and he'd never review again. How does Joe respond? "No." The unfazed look on his face makes it all the more awesome.
    • The end of the review, where Joe kills Demon Joe a second time by giving the game a 1/10.
  • Joe's rant on the technical issues of Total War: Rome II for 30 minutes!
    • Also showing how the preview of the game, with the designer's voice-over stating that it was still unfinished and would get better, and then adding that he has asked the Angry Army and no one could even get it to look that good.
    • Playing the game for over 30 hours before reviewing it despite it frustrating him beyond belief so he could be as fair as possible and get all the bugs listed. And having the balls to accuse other reviewers of only playing an hour or two before giving it a high rating.
    • There was also this amazing quote:
    "I'm gonna be focusing mostly on its problems in this review, so it's gonna feel like I'm being unfair to the game in your twisted point of view. That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, I love this game more than you do because of what I'm about to do. You see, the beauty of what I do is that I don't have to kiss anyone's ass! So what you're about to get is pure honesty from a Total War fan of more than a decade."
  • Given how greatly the Broken Base is on Grand Theft Auto V's controversial content, Joe coming out and saying that GTA V deserved the props for actually trying to tackle scores of issues most games see as too volatile to handle has to say something. Likewise, him blasting the people who believed that scenes of misogyny and Cold-Blooded Torture were somehow MORE controversial compared to straight-up murder.
    • And, while he's made this same point in a few of his other videos, Joe ultimately dismisses the controversy as secondary to how good the gameplay is, and that GTA V's Even Better Sequel credentials were more than enough to invest full-price on.
  • Joe absolutely exploding at EA over Battlefield 4's terrible launch.
  • Joe calling out YouTube over (yet another) screw up. The real cake is Joe asking Google if they're going to give back the money that they gained from the Content ID incident to charity if they agree with publishers who generated revenue off of a five-ten second clip. The pause that Joe gives after that really shows he's not pleased with Google's stance...
    • Then after a few seconds, he snaps and calls them out for being a money-grubbing Mega-Corp
  • In the Stick of Truth review he introduces Corporate Commander to the Dragonshout.
  • Even though Joe loved Titanfall for its Mini-Mecha battles being blended seamlessly with parkour-style combat, he didn't fall into the "Believe the hype." slogan, and brought legitimate criticisms to its absolutely lackluster campaign mode, and lack of private servers or Pilot/Titan customization. All that said, he still thinks that its sci-fi action is definitely a step beyond Call of Duty and Battlefield (in fact part of why he wants more focus on the campaign is because he finds the war set in the game would make for a much better story and setting than the tired invasions of America in the modern military shooters) and can be elevated into the future by its development team into a true Titan of First Person Shooters.
  • Joe being the only one on the TGWTG site to openly praise Man of Steel while the vast majority on the site hated it and gave valid reasons why it doesn't deserve the bashing it got from critics.
  • While playing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Joe gets into a fight with a Warchief named Olgoth the Humiliator... who quickly turns out to be That One Boss given his habit smugly walking off whenever Joe is forced into the game's Heroic Second Wind system. Said system causes Olgoth to hit the combat level cap of 20 and gain an effective One-Hit Kill with his spear. Needless to say, when Joe finally beats him (with decapitation) we cheer with him. It also crosses over into Funny Moment as Olgoth repeatedly beating him causes Joe to undergo what can only be described as a descent into insanity.
  • Calling out Capcom for going mad with copyright claims, a poor release trailer for Street Fighter V and making the game a PS4 exclusive.
  • While it is a very contentious topic, for those who side with Joe in the Nintendo scandal, his calling Nintendo out for their ridiculous copyright claims, pointing out that many fans tend to apply a Double Standard whenever the company screws up in favor of Nintendo in contrast with other companies and makes his refusal to cover their games very justified in the eyes of some.
  • Angry Joe's review of the new Star Wars Battlefront has him chewing out EA for cutting pieces out of the game and forcing gamers to pay nearly double or triple for the experience that we got at the regular price for Battlefront I and II. Whether it will do anything or not, it's nice to hear him tear into EA for it, especially for veterans of the first two Battlefronts.
  • His minute-long wordless segment at the beginning of his Mass Effect 3 review which summarizes his entire opinion purely through body language and facial expressions.
  • How does Joe start his review of Doom? By suiting up as Doomguy and going to Hell to kill not just Demon Joe and Corporate Commander but also a small army of demons and Satan himself! The reason? Making him play Umbrella Corps, which is considered by many to be a hideous spin-off of the Resident Evil franchise.
    Corporate Commander: Oh shit, it's Master Chief!
    Demon Joe: (completely terrified) No, that's DOOMGUY!
    (cue the slaughter)
    • Even more Awesome for Doom itself... Joe immediately says that it's worth buying and has his Badass Seal of Approval at the very beginning of the review. Then it turns into a crowning moment of Funny when it looks like he's gonna end the review right then, but continues on to explain people why he thinks this.
  • Joe calling out Hello Games for their blatantly misleading advertising of "No Man's Sky" in his review.

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