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  • Acting for Two: Used in many of his reviews, such as his Dragon Age: Origins review as Darkspawn Joe and Warden Joe. Also used heavily in his review of reasons why Empire: Total War rocks, forming a two opposing regiments from just two people. He also plays Corporate Commander, though you wouldn't be able to tell ordinarily what with CC's mask.
  • Colbert Bump: If Joe uses another reviewer as a research source, expect that person's subscriber count to rise shortly after.
  • Follow the Leader: His style obviously shows some inspiration from The Angry Video Game Nerd. This was parodied in the first Channel Awesome anniversary crossover in which Joe gushes about meeting his chief inspiration and idol... only for it to turn out to be Benzaie's sidekick Beary.
    • The Angry Army has been accused of being a ripoff of PewDiePie's "Bro Army", despite the concept being Older Than They Think.
  • Real-Life Relative: He has featured his younger brothers in a few reviews.


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