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Fridge / The Angry Grandpa

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     Fridge Brilliance 
  • One of Angry Grandpa's complaints following the 1-Million Subscriber Tattoo prank was that his Embarrassing Tattoo, which reads "My Ass Stinks", would prevent him from swimming at a public pool on a hot day. Months later, Michael surprises him with a brand-new house. What does Angry Grandpa's brand-new house have? A backyard pool. Angry Grandpa can now swim in the privacy of his own home whenever he wants to without being mocked, and Michael probably planned this when he found the house.
     Fridge Horror 
  • How much money did Michael and his family have to spend in replacements for appliances / equipment / house repairs from the aftermath of Angry Grandpa's outbursts? A YouTuber named JagdActor1 made a video series estimating the cost of the destruction that Angry Grandpa caused, and the running total reached $20,000 by 2015. Just imagine how much happened in the decades before Pickleboy started filming, given that Pickleboy has revealed that similar incidents have happened in the past.


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